About BestForTheKids

BestForTheKids was launched with a simple mission:

Helping Parents to Never Settle for the Second-Best for their Kids

Here at BestForTheKids, we take a research-driven approach to produce only the best-on-the-internet level content, in a bid to become the go-to resource for parents online.

Let's accept it, being a parent is hard. Most parents suffer from a much more annoying problem than changing your little one's diapers at 3 AM - information overload.

​Before we launched BestForTheKids, we suffered from information overload ourselves, and felt a real lack of a single hub for useful parenting-related information that is both reliable, yet easy to consume. With BestForTheKids, we took up that responsibility on our own hands.

Often with help from external subject matter experts, we publish actionable parenting tips, buying guides on essential parenting products, how-to articles on various sub-topics of parenting & related gear, and much more. In a relatively short time, our website has grown enough to host:


Parenting Articles


Buying Guides


Ultimate Guides

​In short: we produce easy-to-digest, yet extremely thorough and well-cited articles. Our articles have been referenced in well-known sites like:

  • ​HealthLine.com
  • ElephantJournal.com
  • TakeLessons.com
  • OurFamilyWizard.com
  • Step2.com
  • Fit4Mom.com
  • KidPower.org
  • ELuxeMagazine.com
  • PhysiciansWeekly.com

What You Can Expect

  • Actionable parenting advice.
  • Unbiased product reviews and round-ups of the best products.
  • Age-specific toy & product recommendations.
  • Knowledge about the safety aspects of various kids' products.

What You Don't Have to Worry About

  • Regurgitation of obvious information.
  • Recommending expensive products unnecessarily.
  • Biased reviews in exchange for free products or monetary benefits.

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