What is the Best Age to Potty Train?

Let’s face it; no mother out there ever fell in love with potty training. As they say, potty training is harder than climbing a steep mountain in flip flops. After all, you can take a baby to the potty, but how do you make him eliminate the poop? The balance of power lies in their hands, and they really mess up with our time and efforts. Nevertheless, it’s a necessary evil. So, let’s find out the best age to potty train.

Too Early or Too Late!

Over here, you can’t start too early, and you cannot afford to start too late. Starting off too early would prove to be a tireless affair for you because the baby won’t co-operate. In short, the baby would wear you down, and all your efforts will be flushed down the toilet. Remember, a kid below the age of two can barely control his wee and poo. Starting too late isn’t a smart decision either because diapers don’t come cheap these days. Since cheap ones are hard to come by, families spend up to a grand on diapers each year.

The Magic Age Window for Potty Training

Industry experts suggest that potty training should be incorporated when the baby is ready to control much of the process himself. Well, this makes perfect sense because training them would be much easier when they are self-sufficient as opposed to being too dependent on us. So, there are no rules written on stones over here. Therefore, you will have to gauge for yourself when the baby is ready for training. Consider the child’s willingness over here, and you should do well with the training.

Signs of Readiness

Ideally, your baby should be able to perform some of the basic potty-related activities. Here are some pointers that can help an eager parent. Can they independently use the flush? Can they pull their clothes up and down? Can their wipe their bottom without any assistance? Do they know when they should head to the toilet? These are some of the questions that should receive a positive nod before you join the potty training bandwagon.

Keep it Simple

Remember, you have an uphill task ahead of you. So, why complicate it by starting too early? It’s advisable to dump the age-old tradition of starting early. Most Americans start potty training before the age of 2. Some of them start as early as 1 year. One can go about it, but the fruits won’t be rewarding. After all, it doesn’t make sense to force your baby, when he is not ready, both mentally and physically. So, looks for signs of readiness before starting off.

Last Words

Every kid is different. So, their potty training experience is also bound to be different. Over here, it’s important to set aside any expectations. While some babies might learn fast, others might take a lot of time. In most cases, it takes at least 6-9 months to fully potty train a kid. So, be prepared for both best-case and worst-case scenarios. At the end of the day, it’s imperative that you follow a routine that works best for you and your child.

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