Best Air Hockey Tables for Kids to Enjoy A New Kind of Sport

Air hockey has always been a favorite with my children. Usually, you’ll find these tables down at your local pier at the beach or in your nearby arcade, and it’s always the first thing my kids want to play with.

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It’s safe to say that it’s easily one of the most popular forms of arcade games out there. So why not bring this awesome level of entertainment to your playroom with an air hockey table that you can call your own?

Most parents in the past would have dismissed these games, saying that these tables are too expensive, but this is far from the truth. Nowadays, air hockey tables are affordable, compact and perfectly designed for you to enjoy the same level of excitement with your family in the comfort of your own home.

My Pick of Some of the Best Air Hockey Tables That Your Kids Won’t Be Able to Stop Playing

Of course, when I first heard about air hockey tables, I didn’t know a thing about them. However, having done all the hard work for you, here are a few of my favorite air hockey tables to help you narrow down your search.

1. Sports Squad HX40 Electric Powered Air Hockey Table

To start my list of favorites, I’ve chosen this awesome, extremely popular air hockey table that gives you and your children the best introduction to the action-packed world of air hockey.

Seriously, you won’t be able to get your kids away from this one, and your house may become the latest hang out for your kids and their friends.

What I love about this air hockey table is that it’s designed for tabletop use, meaning you can set it up in your kitchen, on your dining room table, coffee table or on the floor – it’s completely up to you. This also means that it’s completely portable; perfect for taking over to a friend’s house.

This is one of the most high-powered tabletop air hockey tables available, with a high-output fan which means that the puck has an incredibly smooth surface to glide over during play times. That means it’s going to pick up some serious speed for some of the highest-octane gaming imaginable.

The set is quick and easy to set up, has a built-in manual scoring system so you can easily see who the winner is. The table even packs up conveniently while it’s not in use, making it ideal for whatever size house or playroom you have.

What’s Great About It: What makes this setup really stand out is the fact it comes with everything you need to get started. Included, you’ll find two clip-on goal boxes, two pucks, and two high-quality pushers – everything you need, straight out of the box.

2. Playcraft Sports 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey

Next up, I’ve chosen this huge tabletop air hockey table that creates a truly realistic air hockey experience, no matter what room you set it up in. This 40 inch monster table is perfect for younger and older children alike, and there’s even enough space for mom and dad to get involved for a family battle.

What makes this table stand out from the rest is the beautiful and durable design. The table itself is made from durable MDF hardwood which sits comfortably on any table, all without the risk of leaving any marks.

Likewise, this quality continues when it comes to play time. Inside, you’d find a 100 cfm (cubic feet per meter) air-powered motor that creates the ideal smooth surface for the most intense air hockey games imaginable. All this technology is UL-approved with you and your children’s safety in mind.

​As you’d expect from this table, the set comes with two strikers and two pucks, so you’re ready to start playing as soon as the table comes through your door.

What’s Great About It: There’s something special about this air hockey table that many others don’t have, which is a unique ABS puck catcher system. This means that the puck stops as soon as it passes through goals, allowing for easy and safe retrieval so the game can continue straight away.

3. Playcraft Sports Shoot Out Plus Air Hockey Table

Of course, air hockey is such a popular game with kids and adults alike, and as soon as you see your kids playing, it’s only natural that you’re going to want to have a go yourself. Although slightly more expensive, my second Playcraft entry is a winner for families looking for some fun competition.

This free-standing air hockey table is the perfect permanent addition to any room in your house and is sure to make you the envy of all your friends and family. And there are a ton of features that really makes this table stand out from the rest.

With safety in mind during the most intense hockey battles, the entire edge of the table comes with a 1.5 inch thick side rail. This stops the puck from flying off in any direction and it also means that you can master the art of the classic rebound shot.

Inside the table itself, you’ll find an extremely high-powered fan that provides a perfectly smooth surface for the puck to glide its way to your victory.

What’s Great About It: What I personally love about this air hockey table is the built-in scoring system. Of course, you can choose to use the manual scorers, but to make sure that nobody is secretly adding on points during the game, the built-in electronic scorer comes in handy. This only adds to the already high levels of realism that this table provides.

​4. Mainstreet Classics 35-Inch Table Top Air Hockey Table Game

Measuring in at just less than one meter long, this is the ideal air hockey table for some tabletop fun, no matter what room of the house you want to play in. Sometimes, a larger table can just be too big and space consuming, so why not choose one that’s highly portable and ready to move at a moment’s notice?

And that’s what makes this compact table perfect. It’s easy to set up, highly portable and can fit on most household tabletop surfaces. Failing that, your kids can play on the floor while you’ve still got space for your coffee.

Inside this awesome little table, you’ll find a high-powered 110 volt motor that provides the extremely smooth playing surface, all surrounded by a durable plastic frame that can handle the constant puck hits that your kids are sure to give it.

What’s Great About It: In addition to all these amazing features, what really sets this table apart from the rest is the awesome decal graphics it has on it. In the center, you’ll find an awe-inspiring Mainstreet logo as well as some gorgeous lines that make this table look absolutely sleek and beautiful.

​5. Harvil 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey Table

If you’re looking for a stable, compact, and highly portable table that your kids are going to love, there may not be any need to look further than the Harvil 40 inch table. What makes this one of the best air hockey table out there? Well, allow me to explain.

Firstly, this table is made from a high-quality and highly durable fiber wood case, which is all supported on the most stable legs available on the market. This creates the perfect battling arena that your kids are going to love.

Next, you’ll find that the actual play surface of the table is made from a highly polished, white laminate plastic, covered with attractive and vibrant graphics that really helps to make this table look great.

Underneath the hood, you’ll find a high-powered AC 12 volt motor that’s CUL certified for its safety and performance, ensuring that your kids can enjoy this table for years to come.

Finally, this table top is extremely easy to set up and comes with a clear and easy-to-read instruction manual so that it can be up and running in just a matter of minutes. Included with your set, you’ll find two classical-styled strikers and two pucks, so you’re ready to go immediately.

What’s Great About It: The best bit about this already awesome air hockey table is that it’s designed with American people in mind. The table itself is designed by the highly creative and inspirational teams in the US-based Harvil headquarters, ensuring that this is a high-quality product that you will adore.

​6. EastPoint Sports 84” Sting Ray Hover Hockey Table

Although this is the most expensive table on my list, you can tell by the name ‘Sting Ray’ that this is one table that your entire family can enjoy. Designed for older children from the age of around 7 and older, this is the ideal table for your children and family, which you will love playing for many years to come.

Although the largest freestanding table on my list, measuring in at a whopping 84 inches, this is great for an active playroom or even to be set up in your garage for some fast-paced family fun.

What makes this table worth the price is the compound coated surface which is specially designed to withstand the damage from wear and tear that it’ll experience with every game. That means that the surface is scratch-resistant and shines beautifully – a table that is truly designed to last for many years to come.

What’s Great About It: The best thing about this table, unlike many other tables, is the fact that it comes with four pucks and four strikers. That means you have 1 on 1 or 2 on 2 battles, perfect for the whole family and all your friends to get involved at the same time as well as being a great way to spend some quality time with your kids.

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Are They Any Benefits to Getting an Air Hockey Table?

Of course, some parents may think that air hockey tables are expensive, and compared to some other toys for your kids and teenagers, they are. Many would think their money is better spent on an educational toy, a book, or something along those lines.

However, there are many benefits that you and your children can enjoy by getting a proper air hockey table. These are many of the same reasons why you’ll find tables like this in offices and other workplace environments. Here are a few of the main benefits for getting an air hockey table for your family.

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Great for Hyperactive Children

Some children just seem to have endless amounts of energy. They’re constantly running around and keeping you busy which can be, let’s face it, absolutely exhausting as parents.

However, with an air hockey table, this is a great way to relieve some of this energy in a safe and productive way. In air hockey, the game itself requires immense amounts of concentration when you’re trying to keep your eyes on the puck constantly.

Playing air hockey also requires you to make fast and deliberate movements, which will help your child expend their additional energy.

Enhanced Motor Skills

The simple aim of air hockey is to hit the puck in the quickest, most decisive way into your opponent’s goal while defending your own. This requires lightning-fast reflexes and plenty of concentration.

When it comes to children, this is a great way to encourage the development of their hand-eye coordination as well as their reflex abilities. This is a skill that will help them throughout their whole life.

Improve Creative Thinking

One of the biggest benefits that your children will receive from playing with an air hockey table is the aspect of creative thinking. Not only will they have to play and defend their own goal, but they will also have to decide on how they are going to beat their opponent tactically.

This means that they’ll need to engage their creative problem-solving skills to devise a strategy on how to do this. This is such an important skill that is used in all areas of life, from tying their own shoelaces to solving a math problem.

Furthermore, your children will also need to monitor their opponent’s moves to learn their tactics and techniques, another way to ensure that they’ll win.

All this needs to be processed while playing and using their super-quick reflexes, which is why their creative thinking skills will be put to the test.

However, this all happens in a really fun and exciting environment that your children will be happy to be a part of, which is why it is such a good toy to play with.

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Air hockey tables are the perfect modern-day addition to any playroom, garage or room in the house. Whether you choose a freestanding table or a table-top design, you can be sure that you, your children and all the other members of your household, including your children’s friends have hours of fun and games in front of them.

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