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Best Baby Beach Tents for Wonderful Family Days by the Sea

There’s nothing quite like a family day at the beach. Beautiful blue skies, sand between your toes and the relaxing sounds of waves crashing can make you feel calm and relaxed. Kids also love the beach - building sand castles, digging trenches, paddling in the water, and of course, ice creams.

It’s important to be aware of the hot sun that can harm you and your children if not looked after properly. Sometimes, even the strongest sunscreen is not enough. If you’re out in the sun on a hot day, the risk of your child suffering from sunstroke or heatstroke becomes a real threat.

Fortunately, there is a complete range of beach tents available for your children. These are great for providing a safe, shady haven from the sun, so your children can play freely without having to worry about the risks of being in the sun too long. With so many different brands of tent to choose from, each with their own set of features, it can be difficult to know which one is best for you.

To start you off, we’ll explore my favorite beach tents that have been specially designed to protect children from the negative effects of the sun. If you are not sure what you’re looking for when deciding on a beach tent for your child, my step by step buying guide to beach tents will provide all the information you need to make the perfect purchasing decision for your family.

My Handpicked List of Favorite Beach Tents for the Sunniest of Days

Get ready to make your next family day at the beach one that you’ll cherish forever. Here are my eight favorite beach tents to create the perfect safe space for your children.

1. Coleman DayTripper Beach Shade Tent

To start my list, I’ve chosen one of the simplest tents available that is not only affordable, but provides you with everything you need for a safe day out at the beach. Specifically designed for beach and camping use, this high-quality tent can be erected easily with just a few poles and pegs, meaning you can get your little one out of the sun quickly.

The highly durable materials are extremely effective at blocking out the harmful sun rays as well as wind and kicked up sand. The front area of the tent sports a low-angle protective shield, improving the shade functions, so your child can safely play from the comfort of this tent.

What's Great About It: In addition to the incredibly lightweight design that allows you to take this tent with you wherever you go, the entrance of the tent includes a specially designed ground mat. This mat is the ideal place to keep your sandy shoes when you are entering the tent from the beach.

2. Baby Nook Travel Bed and Beach Tent with Air Baby Nap Mat

If you’re looking for a high-quality tent with all the features included, the Baby Nook Beach Tent has you covered. Made from highly durable polyester materials, you and your family can enjoy optimal protection from the sun, with a UV protection rating of 50.

The tent can be easily erected thanks to its leading popup design, allowing you to fully step it up in a matter of seconds.

The tent folds away neatly into a convenient carry pouch, making it effortless to put away and transport. All the materials are expertly woven at the seams, guaranteeing durability, and this tent is marketing as one of the best quality beach tents available on the market.

The tent is a handy, lightweight solution that enables you to protect your family, and the specially designed outdoor baby shield adds an additional layer of protection for your kids.

What's Great About It: As the name suggests, this innovative tent prides itself on being a supportive baby nap mat. The portable bed inside the tent gives your baby a comfortable and cool place to rest their head while being protected from the sun.

3. Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Cabana Beach Tent

The Lightspeed Cabana Tent has made it as easy to enjoy a full range of benefits in a tent that can be put up in a matter of minutes. Once up, you’ll find an innovative compression hub system at the top of the tent. This system cools the top of the sun canopy, providing you with a cool refreshing breeze and sun protection of UPF 50+.

Boasting an extremely lightweight design, you can fit the whole family inside, and there’s even room for the dog. Each side of the tent has high-ventilating mesh windows that provide shade and privacy. The groundsheets are made using highly durable PE materials, strong enough to withstand the active feet of your children. Furthermore, the external material is finished with an umbrella rated PU coating, protecting you from the elements, whether it be rain, wind or sun.

What's Great About It: Nobody likes having to squeeze a folded tent into a carry bag. Luckily, the Lightspeed Cabana Tent comes with an over-sized bag that has more than enough room to fit your tent and the poles without having to struggle.

​4. Redmon For Kids Beach & Baby Pop-Up Shade Dome

Sometimes, it’s best to choose a shading device that’s easy to use and just does its job, which is exactly what the Redmon Baby Shade Dome offers. An affordable option, the Shade Dome is effortless to set up and provides your family with a large haven from the sun. This tent is made from highly durable plastics that provide your children with a sun protection rating of 50+ UPF.

The tent comes with its own securely connected floor sheet, minimizing the troubles of having to lay one out. Each wall of the tent sports a high-privacy mesh window, while allowing optimal levels of ventilation while you and your family enjoy views of the beach from the comfort of a shaded area. When you’re finished for the day, the tent easily folds up and can be stored and transported in a matching carry bag.

What's Great About It: In addition to the full protection properties of this tent, it’s also one of the most lightweight beach tent solutions on my list. This makes it ideal for any trip away, allowing you to enjoy worry-free time with your kids.

​5. Pacific Play Under The Sea Cabana Kids Tent

Made from durable, high-quality polyester plastic material, this lightweight beach tent is a steal. Ideal for any outdoor environment, this is a tent your kids will fall in love with. The high-quality 190T outer layer is UV treated and boasts vibrant and engaging ‘Under the Sea’ graphics.

At the base of the main tent, you’ll find a waterproof ground sheet and two internal pockets, enabling you to keep your valuables safe and out of the sand.

This tent can be set up quickly with the shock-corded fiberglass poles, which allow you to effortlessly erect and dismantle your tent. Each tent comes with a full collection of poles in a handy, compact carry bag, designed specifically to be taken anywhere with ease, which is great for trips to the beach or camping.

What's Great About It: The front of this simple beach tent boasts a translucent mesh door, giving you privacy, which still providing high levels of ventilation and shade. These mesh doors feature an easy zip system, making it ideal for keeping out the insects while camping.

​6. Babymoov Anti-UV Pop Sun Shelter Tent

Protecting your children from the hot sun when spending a day at the beach needs to be your highest priority. Thankfully, the Babymoov Sun Shelter provides an easy to use, affordable solution that can travel with you wherever you go. This tent has the ability to protect your children against 99.9% of potentially harmful UVA and UVB sun rays, as well as wind, rain and kicked up sand.

The innovative popup system makes the processes of setting up and putting away the tent a breeze, while still being large enough for your whole family. This is a simple yet effective tent that you can trust, which has been created by the experts at Babymoov. Using over two decades of experience in the industry, you can rest assured knowing your little one is protected.

What's Great About It: Despite the solid sides, the mesh entrance allows your child to nap while enjoying optimal levels of ventilation. This helps your children stay cool when using the tent, but also protects them from being bitten or stung by insects.

7. Kilofly Original Instant Pop Up Beach Tent

Portability is a must when it comes to beach tents, and this ultra-portable, ultra-lightweight tent is the most transportable tent on my list. Incredibly easy to set up and take down, this tent boasts a two-peg, no pole setup, meaning you can spend more time with your family instead of fiddling with a tent.

Available in a vibrant and attractive aqua blue color, Kilofly has put your baby’s health first by using completely non-toxic inks and fabrics to create this high-quality product. The front zipper panel can easily be tucked away using the integrated fasteners that allow for easy entering and exiting, while the elastic strap prevents the tent from accidentally popping open in transport.

What's Great About It: The portability of this tent alone makes it great. You and your family can enjoy a spacey haven anywhere you go, while providing your children with a vital element of protection from the sun and other harmful external elements.

​8. Schylling UV Play Shade Ultra-Portable Tent

As the ideal play station tent for your kids to play outside while avoiding the effects of the sun, the Schylling Play Shade boasts an incredible sun protection rating of SPF 50+, blocking out most of the harmful UV rays, protecting your child’s skin.

The easy popup design means you can set the tent up in a matter of seconds, and you can put it away just as quickly. The tent easily fits into an extremely portable ‘Go Anywhere’ travel bag, allowing you to take your tent wherever you go.

Despite the compact size, the Play Shade Tent is easily large enough to accommodate a few toddlers, making it ideal for protecting your children from the sun, wherever you go. The high-quality polyester outer layers are waterproof, and the front entrance can be closed up securely, adding another layer of protection against bugs and other harmful elements.

What's Great About It: Often times, lightweight tents can blow away in the wind. With this tent, you’ll find several tie-down pegs that enable you to secure your tent in place. If you are experiencing stronger winds, or you can't peg your tent in the sand, around the outside of the tent you’ll find strategically placed pockets that can be filled with sand to weigh it down.

My Complete Step by Step Guide to Choosing the Perfect Beach Tent

With so many features and brands to choose from, it can be difficult to be sure whether you’re making the best purchasing decision for your family. Scroll down to explore my comprehensive buying guide, which gives you all the information you need to know about beach tents.

Material & Quality

The most important part of any tent is the material that it’s made out of. The majority of tents will be made from some level of polyester, a thin yet durable material that is commonly used in tents of all price ranges. As with any product, the cheaper the product is, and the cheaper the materials, the lower overall quality.

When choosing the ideal tent for you, there are a couple of things you’ll want to consider in addition to quality. Firstly, as a beach tent, you’re going to want sun protection. As above, the cheaper the material, the less protection your children will have from harmful UV rays. Always look for a tent with an SPF, UVA or UVB protective layer. This can be added during the production process into the material itself, or the material may have been treated. Either of them is perfect for protection.

When shopping for your tent, check the quality of the seams where the different parts of the fabric connect to ensure that they are of a good quality and are built to last.


As a child, spending a considerable amount of time in a tent to avoid the hottest part of the day can be damaging to your child’s health if there isn't enough ventilation. This is because a closed tent can heat up extremely quickly in direct sunlight. Make sure the tent you choose has ample amounts of ventilation that will allow a steady air flow to aerate the tent.

When looking for good ventilation, look for tents that have mesh doors, windows or dedicated slits designed to improve airflow. The more mesh areas there are, the better the rate of ventilation.

Extra Protection

The sun and heat aren’t the only things you’re going to want to protect your children from. Bugs, wind, and rain are all external factors you’re going to want to consider, especially if your child is napping in the tent.

Mesh doors are essential for allowing you to close up the tent, keeping it aerated but free from insects or bugs. In some cases, the groundsheet of the tent may be separate to the tent body, which may allow sand to creep in. When shopping for the highest level of protection, try to find a tent where the groundsheet and the body of the tent are joined together.


We’ve all been in the position where we are trying to look after kids and communicate with our loved ones while trying to unload bags and belongings from the car. If you’re going to the beach, it’s highly likely that you’ll have a change of clothes for everyone, a picnic bag, spare accessories and toys for your kids. With a tent on top of this, things can quickly become stressful and overwhelming.

When choosing the ideal tent for you, look for a lightweight solution that is easy for you to carry. Some high-quality tents can be extremely compact and lightweight; some even weigh less than a pound (300g).


There’s nothing worse than trying to battle a tent that wants to escape with the wind. If the wind could be an issue for you, look to see how your chosen tent is secured to the ground. You should have several ground pegs included with your tent that will allow you to secure it in place. However, you should also ensure that you position the peg holes in strategic places for the optimal result.

Furthermore, some beach tents come with dedicated sand pockets. This allows you to fill the pockets with sand for extra weight, further securing your beach tent to the ground.


There are several things you’ll need to consider when choosing the design of your tent. If you’re purchasing a tent that’s suitable for the whole family, consider an open-front tent that every member of your family can easily walk in and out of without having to worry about the doors. These tents usually come with an added sunroof, protecting you from the sun while you’ll sit in the comfort of the tent.

Likewise, if your tent is just for your children, a smaller tent with an engaging pattern or design is ideal as your kids can use it for their base while the patterns help your child identify that it’s for them, allowing them to fall in love with being at the beach.


Purchasing a beach tent has so many benefits that your family will love. From encouraging you to take a day off to spend with your family, to providing you with a safe and secure base while you’re at the beach, a beach tent can provide everything you need for a successful family fun day. Consider all the aspects of buying a beach tent to make the right decision, and it will be a decision you won’t regret.

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