Best Baby Memory Books for Remembering the Best Times of Your Life

We all love to look back on the best times of our lives. Whether you’ve collected old cinema tickets, photographs or bits and pieces from here and there, memories always make us smile.

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With this in mind, you don’t want to end up kicking yourself if you haven’t done the same as a parent. Your baby’s first steps, their first words and all the other ‘firsts’ you’ll get to experience should never be forgotten.

The best way of storing these memories in a safe and beautiful place is by using a baby memory book. Get ready to mark down your milestones with gorgeous memory books that you’ll have for many years to come.

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C.R Gibson First 5-Years Memory Book

  • Beautiful baby books around

  • Include special dates

  • 30 unique page

Lucy Darling Little Artist Memory Book

  • Incredible 48 pages

  • Ton of dedicated pages inside

  • Perfect for keeping track

Pearhead Chevron Baby Memory Book

  • Gorgeous notebook-styled

  • Exclusive ‘Clean-Touch’ ink pad

  • Eleven unique designs

My Absolute Favorite Baby Memory Books That Always Make Me Smile

To help you narrow down your search when choosing the best baby memory books, here are three of my favorites. These stunning books give you everything you need to create the perfect keepsake of your parenting experience.

1. C.R Gibson First 5-Years Memory Book

This can only be described as one of the most beautiful baby books around. This highly-decorative book is perfect for detailing your baby’s life as they grow up. This can include special dates, first words and any special milestones that you want to remember.

Inside, you’ll find a collection of pages which you can explore as you please. There are dedicated pages for both Mommy and Daddy as well as space to record your pregnancy term and for displaying your child’s birth certificate. There is even a space for your family tree and your baby shower lists.

It doesn’t stop there. There are dedicated pages for hand prints, hospital bracelets, dental charts, growth charts and more. In total, there are around 30 unique page types waiting to be discovered and filled in with your memories.

What’s Great About It: As the title suggests, there’s enough room in this book for your baby’s first five years. There are devoted pages for each of your child’s birthdays, and space for all of the major milestones along your parenting journey.

2. Lucy Darling Little Artist Memory Book

If you are in need of a comprehensive and complete baby memory book, the Lucy Darling book could be ideal for you. There are an incredible 48 pages for you to explore and fill. That’s more than enough for recording any of the amazing memories that you never want to forget.

There are a ton of dedicated pages inside, each one designed for all the major milestones that you’ll encounter, perfect for keeping track of just how amazing your parenting experience was.

The book itself is neatly compacted into a 9×9 square, ensuring that it’s a beautiful addition to any bookcase or coffee table. Every aspect of the book is eco-friendly and responsibly printed, allowing you to do your bit when it comes to preserving the planet for your children.​

What’s Great About It: If you need space for all your baby’s unique documents, Lucy Darling has you covered. There’s a selection of dedicated pages inside, including certificates, growth charts and birthdays. All the pages are well designed, allowing you to fill in as much, or as little, as you please.

3. Pearhead Chevron Baby Memory Book

To conclude my memory book list, I’ve chosen this gorgeous notebook-styled memory book from Pearhead. Within this book, you’ll be able to explore and enjoy over 50 pages, each one designed to hold and highlight your memories and photos.

Allowing you to really make this book your own, it comes with an exclusive ‘Clean-Touch’ ink pad. This means you’ll be able to capture your baby’s cute little hand and foot prints without them having to touch the ink itself. This is definitely a plus when your baby’s safety is in mind.​

There are two ink pads included with your purchase, meaning you can capture both a foot and a hand print. Imagine showing your children just how little their hands and feet were once they’ve grown up. This is the perfect memory for you and your children in later life.

What’s Great About It: So that you can really make this book your own, Pearhead has got a surprise for you. There are eleven unique and vibrant designs to choose from. This means you can choose the exact book design that you love, giving you the most personal memory book experience.

Some Key Things to Remember When Choosing a Memory Book

It may seem easy to purchase a memory book. You could simply go out and buy the first one you see. However, that doesn’t always mean you’re making the right decision. Instead, here are some key points to make sure that you make the best purchase.


When choosing a memory book, always look to see how many pages it gives you. If you’re limited to 30 pages, these are guaranteed to fill up quickly. Instead, look for a book that gives you a minimum of 45 pages.

These books will have a large number of dedicated pages that will cover everything that you could want to remember. They’ll even have a space for certificates, documents, and extra photos. The more pages your book has, the more personal you can make it.


As you can see from my list above, my favorite books gives you space to store memories up to ages of five years old. Always check to see what time span your book covers. Some memory books can be very misleading with their marketing.

This is because some books are only designed to store memories of your pregnancy. Some will be designed to only cover the actual birth. Others will be designed for the first year. Ask yourself how long you want to record your memories for. This will make choosing the perfect book a lot easier.

Extra Features

Thanks to modern day advancements, memory books can now come packed with a ton of extra features that you may not expect. For example, the final memory book comes with its own child-friendly ink pads.

This is a gorgeous feature that allows you to enjoy a whole new perspective when it comes to capturing memories. If this is something that interests you, shop around to find the perfect set to suit your needs.


Creating your very own baby memory book is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Once your child has grown up, the chance has gone. This is why it’s so important to decide to start a book as soon as possible.

A couple of years down the line when you look back on it, you can be sure that you’ll believe it’s one of the best decisions you ever made.

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