Best Baby Monitors in 2017 for the Safety of Your Infant

We consider the best baby monitor as a must-have for parents with infants and toddlers because of their benefits. Modern technology has even made it possible for parents to monitor their babies via wireless devices, thanks to the wonders of Wi-Fi and the Internet.

Parents find that juggling their various responsibilities in their personal and professional lives becomes easier with a suitable baby monitor. For example, they can monitor their babies’ activities even as they are in another part of the house or in the office.

But choosing the best baby monitors based on their budget and lifestyle can be a challenge considering the dozens of choices available. These products also have a wide range of features and functions that can overwhelm parents, especially first-time parents dealing with the sheer number of baby-related things.

We make it easier by presenting these top 10 baby monitors. We compiled our list based on actual testing by our panel of reviewers and from consumer reviews of these products. We didn’t have an easy time either considering the newfangled features offered by manufacturers.

Safest Baby Monitors for Your Little Ones

1. DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor by Infant Optics

The ability for remote viewing is among the most sought-after features of modern baby monitors. The DXR-8’s three interchangeable lenses take it to the next level – each type of lens provides another angle and depth of view. The normal angle lens provides a standard view; the zoom lens provides a closer view; and the wide-angle lens provides scanning capabilities of the entire area. Each lens can be used for specific purposes, such as zooming in on a sleeping baby for possible signs of SIDS.

You will also like the pan-and-tilt control mechanism since you can get different viewing angles via remote control. You can also be alerted when your baby makes a sound, thanks to the sound-activated LED, and when the temperature changes in his room. Your baby monitor can be charged using a USB port and, when fully charged, run on battery for 6-10 hours depending on mode.

What's Great About It: We like that it has interchangeable lens, pan-and-tilt control, and sound-activated LEDs, features that most video-based monitors don’t offer. The best feature, however, is its two-way communication system, a great way to soothe your baby even when you’re still walking toward his room.

2. Security Baby Camera with Night Vision by Hello Baby

Parents sleep better when their baby monitors provide relatively clear and crisp images even in dim to dark light conditions. The Security Digital baby monitor has an infrared imaging technology in its camera, thus, allowing it to pick up images even in low-light conditions. You don’t have to keep the lights on to see your baby’s activities in his room, but a night light is also a good idea.

Aside from its infrared capabilities, the camera also has panning and titling capabilities. You can pan it in a 360-degree manner and tilt it up or down by up to 12 degrees, thus, providing better views. Your old baby monitor with its one-angle view can be so limiting in comparison.

Other features that make this night vision-enabled baby monitor are the lullaby feature to put your baby to sleep; the 2-way talk mechanism; and VOX mode for controlling its settings and making parental reminders.

What's Great About It: We like all of the above mentioned features obviously but these are standard functions in most baby monitors. You will agree, however, that its scalability is its main selling point. You can hook up four other video systems into the existing system. You can now conduct round-the-clock monitoring of the indoor places your baby frequents.

3. Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor with Night Mode

Parents appear to instinctively know when their babies are in distress. But this isn’t always the case so the first baby monitors were audio devices designed to alert parents when babies make a sound. Parents who like audio baby monitors will likely appreciate this Philips product, even if there are no accompanying videos.

But just because it’s only an audio monitor doesn’t mean it’s inferior to video baby monitors. It cancels out environmental noise effectively so it picks up your baby’s sounds quickly and clearly. You will then be immediately alerted when he’s awake or in need of assistance.

You may even feel like you’re actually in the room with him. You also have the benefit of a temperature sensor, five lullabies to put your baby to sleep, and a talk-back feature.

What's Great About It: We wish that it has a video feature for better monitoring of babies. But since its sounds are clear and crisp, even at longer distances, we still recommend it. We suggest using it for babies who may not require as much monitoring as others, such as for older kids in their playroom.

​4. DXR-5 Portable Video Baby Monitor by Infant Optics

As silly as it may sound, parents also choose their baby monitors based on their design. In this case, the DXR-5 fits the bill of a beautiful, functional and durable baby monitor. The summer-inspired pastel blue color blends in well with most baby furniture, too.

Its features are obviously its most important aspects, especially for parents who want nearly 24/7 monitoring of their babies. You can rely on the camera system with its 30 frames/second to broadcast clear and crisp images. This is true even in dim light conditions because of its infrared imaging technology, although it has its limitations, too.

You should be able to enjoy a good afternoon nap or a good night’s sleep without the baby monitor sounding off false alarms. The baby monitor effectively cancels out white noise, static and extraneous noise. You can turn it on for up to 12 hours on its battery juice alone, too, provided that its VOX mode is on.

What's Great About It: We like that it can be used as both an audio and video baby monitor. Many baby monitors can only function well in one and sacrifice performance in the other. You have clear images from the video streaming and crisp sound from the audio system.

​5. VTech DM111 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor

Affordability is also a factor in many parents’ choice in the best baby monitor. The DM111 is an affordable option that still provides for many useful features. Keep in mind that it’s a digital audio monitor so there are no videos here.

But despite the absence of videos, it delivers crisp and clear audio transmissions sans the static and white noise of radio interference. In layman’s speak, it simply means that you can easily hear whatever sounds your baby may be doing in his room. You can then take prompt and appropriate action, such as coming into his room to check why he’s crying.

You can even clip on the parent unit unto your belt or place it on a table so you can monitor your baby wherever you may be in the house. You can also adjust the sound level, a convenient feature.

What's Great About It: We like that it’s a more affordable option than most of the baby monitors here. The cheap price, fortunately, doesn’t affect its overall performance as an audio baby monitor. It’s still a good buy so we recommend it.

​6. JTD Smart Wireless IP WiFi DVR Security Surveillance Camera

In many consumer products, several technologies can be combined resulting in better performance. This may well be true for the Smart Wireless baby monitor, which combines motion detection, infrared imaging, and Internet connectivity. But don’t worry about dealing with all of these technologies since it’s easy to set up and use, even for the tech dummies.

Basically, the camera of the baby monitor system turns on only when movement is detected (i.e., motion detection system), aside from triggering an alarm via push notification. Even in low-light conditions, the images transmitted by the camera to a mobile device are clear and crisp, thanks to infrared imaging. The images can be sent to a laptop, tablet, or smartphone with Wi-Fi connection.

Plus, you can talk to your infant via the two-way talkback feature. Your peace of mind about your child’s condition while you’re in another part of the house, even when out of it, will be assured. You can soothe your child by talking to him.

What's Great About It: We like the Internet connectivity, obviously, since parents want the ability to monitor their babies 24/7, if possible, but can’t for various reasons. You can access the videos transmitted by the cameras via your mobile device, anytime and anywhere, for as long as you have an Internet connection.

7. LeFun Baby Monitor Wireless WiFi IP Surveillance Camera

Yet another video baby monitor with Internet connectivity is LeFun’s IP Surveillance Camera. You can easily and quickly access the streaming videos from your mobile device provided it has Internet connection. You don’t even have to be in the same house as your baby, a plus for concerned parents.

Every member of the family can also access the streaming videos for as long as they know the password. This is a plus considering that raising a baby takes a family, if not a village.

The high-resolution (720p) images are also one of its selling points. You don’t have to guess too much about what your baby is doing, perhaps even putting into his mouth, because of the sharp images. You can also control the cameras via remote means, such as panning it 360 degrees and titling it up to 100 degrees for optimum views.

The digital zoom feature allows for close-up views although, as can be expected, it has a limited range. In dark rooms or at night, the infrared LED imaging feature kicks in to provide relatively clear images up to 32 feet. The 2-way talk capability is useful in soothing your baby even while you’re not in the room.

What's Great About It: We recommend it not just because of the abovementioned useful features. You will find it so easy to set up and use, even when you’re not familiar with the technologies used. You can even store the images in a micro SDHC.

​8. Philips AVENT SCD630/37 Video Baby Monitor with FHSS

The frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology is put to good use in this Phillips baby monitor. The superior quality of its images coupled with the fast transmission of these images means uninterrupted streaming from the baby unit.

You can see these sharp images on the 3.5-inch control unit. You have a window, so to speak, into your child’s activities while you’re in another part of the house. You can’t, however, connect it to your smartphone since there’s no Internet connectivity, a minus point.

But since the baby unit has plenty of features, the minus point can be overlooked, especially if you’re not into it anyway. These features include infrared night vision, talkback feature, integrated night light, music player with lullabies, and temperature monitor with instant notification.

What's Great About It: We like the sleek design, as well as its ease of assembly and operation. The baby and control units appear to be durable, too, so these should last for a few years. The units are also not prone to overheating, unlike many cheap baby monitors that can be considered as fire hazards.

​9. Motorola MBP8 Digital Audio Baby Travel Monitor

Many parents prefer the ease of installation and operation of audio baby monitors, especially when video streaming isn’t necessary. In this case, the affordable MBP8 by Motorola is a great option to the more expensive audio and audio-video baby monitors in the market.

You can just plug in the baby unit into an outlet in your baby’s room and voila! You can now hear the sounds coming from the baby and the room on the parent unit. You don’t have to worry about radio interference from other electronic gadgets jumbling up the radio transmission, thanks to the DECT digital technology.

Other features to like in this audio baby monitor are the built-in night light and LED indicators for sound level.

What's Great About It: We like that it’s a simple baby monitor to use, just plug and play, in a manner of speaking. But you should set realistic expectations since it’s an audio-only baby monitor.

​10. Mousand New Version Video Baby Monitor Security Digital Baby Video Camera

For many parents, the expense of a full-featured baby monitor is well worth it so the New Version baby monitor is a worthwhile investment. You can keep an eye – and an ear, for that matter – on your child while he’s in his room, whether he’s sleeping, playing or anything else. You don’t even have to be in the same house with him as audio and video streaming is possible on your mobile device, thanks to its Internet connectivity.

The images are sharp and the audios are clear, a must for parents concerned about their children’s activities while they are away. You can even see them in dim light conditions, such as at night, because of the infrared night vision technology with 15-feet capacity.

You also have other useful features that make the extra dollars paid for it worth it. These features include eight built-in lullabies, 2-way talk feature, and programmable temperature monitoring, as well as power conservation (VOX mode).

What's Great About It: We like that it comes in several languages including English, Italian, French and Spanish. You will find that the parent and baby units are also compact in size and light in weight. You can then easily install it in whatever room your baby is in.

Our System for Choosing the Best Baby Monitors

We have to admit that choosing the best baby monitor from among dozens of choices isn’t easy. This is especially true considering that the safety and security of babies and older children may well rest on making the right choice! Nonetheless, we made it easier by adopting a set of criteria in making our shortlist.

Ease of installation, operation and troubleshooting

The best baby monitors shouldn’t add a chore to the already busy lives of parents. These must then be easy to install, the plug-and-play kind, as well as easy to operate when choosing the settings. These must also come with instruction manuals containing clear step-by-step instructions for installing, operating and troubleshooting the baby and parent units.

Portable design

The baby monitors should also have compact dimensions aside from being lightweight. Parents want these products to be portable enough to be transferred between rooms depending on where their babies are at present. The baby unit, for example, can be transferred from the bedroom to the living room while the parent unit can be clipped to a belt or placed on any flat surface.

High-quality video and audio streaming

The usefulness of baby monitors largely depends on the quality of the audio and video transmitted from the baby unit to the parent unit – or in the case of Internet-connected products, to mobile devices. The audio should be clear without radio interference while the videos should be crisp (i.e., with high resolution).

We also considered the capabilities of the camera in considering whether a baby monitor should be included in our list or not. We looked at the panning, tilting and zooming capabilities of the camera, as well as its low-light capabilities. W considered features like audio sensitivity for both audio and video baby monitors.

We considered wireless connectivity, motion detection, and scalability as bonuses to the basic features we wanted in the best baby monitors. We know that these features mean money.

Of course, we also considered the consumer reviews especially from parents like us. In most of these products, we both tested the products and read the reviews for a good idea of their overall performance.

We must also emphasize that your choice will depend on your needs and wants in a baby monitor. You should also carefully consider several factors in your choice, such as security, size and connectivity, among others.

Things to Know About Baby Monitors

All baby monitors are designed for parents to keep tabs on their children, particularly their babies, when they aren’t in the same room with them. The earliest baby monitors transmitted audio signals only, which are still among the simplest and cheapest today. The most popular are the baby monitors that combine audio and video streaming since these obviously provide both sight and sound monitoring.

But if you’re the type of parent who want to keep really close tabs on your child, you can find baby monitors with sophisticated features. These products can track your baby’s vital signs, such as heart rate, body temperature, and oxygen level, as well as his movements and position. You may, for example, have concerns about sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), thus, your need for an advanced baby monitor.

Baby monitors typically have two units for them to work. First, the baby unit has a transmitter that stays in the room where the baby is presently located. Second, the portable receiver (i.e., parent unit) that receives the audio and video transmissions from the baby unit. In Internet-connected baby monitors, the receiver can also be mobile devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

While our forefathers didn’t need baby monitors, we consider it a must for concerned parents for several reasons. Parents find it so useful when their infants sleep in their own rooms, known as the nursery. When an infant wakes up, his parents can be alerted about it, go to the nursery, and address his needs like changing his diaper or feeding him.

Baby monitors are also particularly useful in monitoring infants and toddlers when they are asleep or awake. Parents can perform other chores around the house while still keeping an eye on their children in another part, such as the bedroom.

For parents who work and leave their babies with caregivers, such as babysitters, nannies and grandparents, Internet-connected baby monitors are a great option. The baby’s activities can still be monitored even from hundreds of miles away, thanks to Internet technology.

A few tips about using baby monitors for best use:

  • Place audio-only monitors about 3 to 10 feet away from an infant’s crib so that these can easily pick up sounds.
  • Place the video monitors at a distance that can give the best possible images. Trial and error is a must in this case although it should only take 15 minutes or so of your time.
  • Place the sensors according to the manufacturer’s instructions. These may be placed under the crib’s mattress or on an infant’s body.
  • If there are cords in the baby unit, be sure to place them at least 3 feet away from the crib for safety reasons.
  • Clip the parent unit, if possible, to your belt loop or place it on a flat surface near your working area. Even the best baby monitor will be useless if you can’t hear the sound and see the video on the parent unit.


The best baby monitor is just a tool for keeping track of your infant or toddler. You must still exercise common sense in monitoring his activities, whether he’s awake or asleep, since it can only do so much. Your prompt and appropriate actions are still a must to ensure the overall well-being of your child.

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