Best Baby Walkers for Your Lively Child in 2017

Probably the most popular gift to give to your baby in his early days is a baby walker. Not only is it a really fun form of entertainment for your baby, it is also an exciting way to help him learn how to use his legs for walking and running, aside from just standing up and sitting down.

While there are mixed opinions on whether a baby walker is safe to use for your baby or not, there is no evidence of it being dangerous to little children, as long as you use it in the proper duration needed to teach your baby how to walk. It is also proven to be extremely helpful in the development of a child’s motor skills.

Since you are in this article, we are going to assume that you agree with the use of a baby walker and that you are, in fact, looking for a good one to give to your baby. It is natural that you want only the best things for your child, especially in such an early and vulnerable stage, so it may be a challenge to find the best quality walker especially if you are a new parent.

Luckily, we have gathered the 15 best baby walkers that you can choose from, depending on your price range and style preference. We have also written a quick review to go along with each item, so that it’s easier for you to pick one.

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

The Best Baby Walkers that You Could Get Your Hands on

1. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Suitable for: Kids 9 months to 3 years old

With this baby walker’s adaptive technology, you child will go from being a crawler to a walker in just a matter of weeks. It doesn’t just help your child learn to walk, it also offers what they call a “play panel,” which plays a wide variety of music, sounds, lights, and buttons to keep your baby entertained.

If you want, you can also detach the play panel from the walker, and reattach it once your kid is able to appreciate its functions. Your baby can emulate pushing a shopping cart, so that he is able to see his legs while walking. It also features two settings on the back wheels that will stabilize the walker as your baby moves. The first setting loosens up the wheels a little bit while the second one holds the wheels so that the walker has more control on its wheels’ movements.

What's Great About It: The Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is made of durable material and is very easy to assemble. It is also entertaining for any child, thanks to its play panel and its music and lights.

2. Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker

Suitable for: Kids 9 months to 3 years old

Fisher-Price’s baby walker will help your child develop his first motor activities steadily, and while having fun. It also offers a play panel that includes a range of fun activities for your baby as he starts to walk.

It’s also just like pushing a shopping cart, unlike other infant walkers. This enables your baby to not completely rely on the walker for movement; he moves on his own while using the walker as his guide. It would have been a lot better if it featured music and lights to keep your baby entertained, but it’s still a fun walker overall.

What's Great About It: This baby walker includes classic activities like flipping doors, sliding beads, turning gears, and spinning panels.

3. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy

Suitable for: Kids at least 1 year old

The Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy lets your child learn how to walk with the help of animal friends. The three alligators swimming in the swamp and fish of different colors painted on the wheels will encourage your baby to keep going. The wooden handles also features butterflies and cattails.

This walker doesn’t only teach your child how to walk, it also teaches him the mechanism of cause and effect because with each turn, the alligators will take turns opening and clothing their mouths, making the activity an enjoyable experience every time. You also don’t have to worry about your child’s safety because of its sturdy, non-skid wheels.

What's Great About It: Melissa & Doug’s baby walkers doesn’t just teach your baby his much needed motor skills, it also promotes agility and balance. It also has a unique way of entertaining the child as he learns how to walk. It has non-skid wheels that will keep your child safe as he learns how to walk.

​4. Joovy Spoon Walker

Suitable for: Kids at least 6 months old

Spoon Walker by Joovy is not just a walker, it is also a high chair. Its ultra-wide base and seat pad ensures that the whole things supports your baby while making him comfortable and safe to master his motor skills.

It also has a large tray that will allow your baby to eat or play with his toys comfortably while learning how to use his legs for walking. The tray is removable and is dishwasher safe. It’s also foldable, so you can bring it with you and let your child learn improve his motor skills anytime and anywhere.

What's Great About It: The walker doubles as a high chair, so you don’t have to take your baby away from his walker when it’s his meal time. It’s large and ensures comfort and support with its padded seat.

​5. Safety 1st Sounds ‘n Lights Discovery Walker

Suitable for: Kids at least 6 months old

Sounds ‘n Lights Discovery Walker is an interactive baby walker that teaches your child motor skills while keeping him occupied and entertained with its toys with lights and sounds.

It includes a decent-sized tray that will let your child have snacks or play with his toys. The tray is also deep enough that it keeps anything (toy or snack) from falling out of it. It has a folding frame that will make it easy for you to bring it along anywhere you go.

What's Great About It: Its lights and sounds engage your child and will keep him entertained as he learns how to walk and doing other fun activities. It has amazing support so your baby is safe. It has a big enough tray that can hold snacks and toys.

​6. Delta Children Lil’ Drive Baby Activity Walker

Suitable for: Kids at least 6 months old

Lil’ Drive Baby Activity Walker is an infant walker that is designed to look just like a car, complete with realistic car details, to help your baby enjoy every minute of his walking sessions. It has a tray with a removable panel which features a steering wheel, shifter, and lights and music. Once clear, the tray has plenty of room for snacks and toys.

The walker can also be folded for easy storage in any vehicle, so you can bring it with you when traveling. It’s also adjustable in size, so it grows as your baby grows. However, if you have hardwood floors, it may be a problem as it can leave scratch marks all over it. On the other hand, it rolls well on carpeted and tiled floors.

What's Great About It: It has a realistic car design to entertain your kid, the toy panel is removable so you can food and other toys on it, and the height is adjustable so your baby can keep using it even as he grows taller.

7. Delta Children Lil’ Playstation II 3-in1 Activity Center

Suitable for: Kids at least 6 months old

If you want a baby walker that doesn’t just teach your child how to walk but also stimulates mental development, look no further than this one, again by Delta Children. It features music and lights to keep your child entertained, which is essential because of little children’s usually short attention span.

He can spin the toys when he wants to and play with them while he builds strong legs for walking and running. Also, its padded seat allows the baby to rotate 360-degrees so he can use all the toys around him. Lil’ Playstation II is another baby walker that is adjustable in height, so your child can use it continuously as he grows taller. It is also convertible from a rocker to a walker, so younger kids can enjoy it before using it for walking.

What's Great About It: It converts from a rocker to a walker that has interactive toys to keep your child engaged. The toys also helps with the child’s mental development. The height of the walker is also adjustable, so your kid can use it as he grows older and taller.

​8. Fisher-Price Musical Lion Walker

Suitable for: Kids 6 months to 3 years old

Fisher-Price’s Musical Lion Walker makes sure that your child is building strong feet and legs for walking and running without relying completely on it. It has the mechanism of a push cart, so your baby develops balance and coordination as he learns how to walk.

The hands-on activities with accompanying lights and music included will also stimulate your child’s different senses, so it’s not just his motor skills that are developing, but also his mental skills. This also encourages the child to keep walking and pushing the cute lion on his walker. The only thing that is holding it back is that it could have been made to be more suitable for traveling and storage in small places.

What's Great About It: The best part about this walker is that it does not teach your child to rely on anything to walk. It also encourages movement because of the music and and the dancing lights as your baby pushes it along. These extra features will stimulate the child’s mental development.

​9. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Stroll-Along Walker

Suitable for: Kids at least 9 months old

This walker’s wide wheel base and sturdy handle make learning how to walk an easy experience for your child. It ensures that your baby’s first steps are steady and safe. He also has a toy panel that features a roller bar, spinners, and a flipbook to add entertainment as he develops his motor skills.

The walker also plays music when your child presses the wiggly bear’s tummy. A doll that fits the seat perfectly can be purchased separately, although it would have been better if it is already included here.

What's Great About It: Brilliant Basics Stroll-Along features hands-on activities for your child to enjoy as he learns how to walk, and its design ensures that it is safe and supports your child all throughout the experience.

​10. Playskool Step Start Walk ‘n Ride

Suitable for: Kids 9 months to 3 years old

Step Start Walk n’ Ride looks just like a toy, but it is way more than that. It is a beautifully designed walker that is sturdy enough to support your child as he learns how to walk, and has a clicking dial and wheel-locking mechanism that only the parents can navigate, so the child’s safety is ensured.

It’s also convertible to a fun ride, so your baby doesn’t find it boring. The walker features hands-on activities for your child to enjoy and help him develop his senses of sight, touch, and hearing.

What's Great About It: The walker can be turned to a ride, and both modes offer enjoyable hands-on activities that will keep your child entertained. These activities will also help him develop his basic senses and stimulate his mental development.

​11. Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop ‘n Cook Walker

Suitable for: Kids at least 6 months old

Giggling Gourmet Shop ‘n Cook Walker is probably the cutest baby walker you will ever lay your eyes on. It has a push cart mechanism that will help your baby learn how to walk and build strong legs, and it look just like a toy because of the cart’s content.

It comes with a to stove that makes cooking and sizzling sounds, and egg roller that can be spun, and the cook top can be removed to reveal an empty shopping cart that can be filled up with anything, so it can hold other toys as well.

The cart wheels can also be locked in place so that your child can play with it without pushing. The shopping cart appearance will encourage your kid to play and also walk around without thinking about it.

What's Great About It: The push cart mechanism lets your child enjoy walking around and building lower body strength. The cooktop is engaging enough to keep your child’s attention to it. The cooktop is removable as well, and the walker can be played with as a shopping cart.

12. Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker

Suitable for: Kids 6 months to 3 years old

Zebra Walker is another walker by Fisher-Price, and another with a push cart mechanism. It helps your child learn how to walk while enjoying himself because of the fun experience of pushing something around and making it move. The walker has a cute cow design in the front to entertain your child as he pushes it along. It also teaches your child how to say the alphabet and count!

Hands-on activities like the roller ball and push-buttons that play music will keep him engaged. It has a handle that is easy for a small child to grasp, and a sturdy wheel base that will make sure that your baby is safe and will not slide around.

What's Great About It: Its push cart mechanism allows your child to walk without relying on the walker, it has a sturdy wheel base for support and safety, and it has several hands-on activities that will keep the child entertained. It also teaches ABCs and 123s.

​13. Kids Embrace Baby Batman Activity Walker

Suitable for: Kids at least 6 months old

This walker is best for kids that can support their own body weight, and are into cars. It features a car design, including a steering wheel, car key, gear shifter, and driving sounds that will play when moved. The lights and vibrations also help with making the experience seem real.

You will also appreciate this walker just as much as your child, because it has a foldable frame that allows for easy storage and travel, an adjustable height so that it grows with your baby, and a high backrest to help support your child and allow him to sit comfortably.

​14. Disney Garden Delight Minnie Music and Lights Walker

Suitable for: Kids at least 6 months old

Little children will surely enjoy this Minnie mouse-themed walker, including its removable swing-open activity trays. Once these trays are removed, it reveals empty trays where your child can put his snacks or other toys. It has a cozy, padded seat that is safe to be washed in a washing machine. It’s also foldable into a compact size so that it is easily stored in the car for travel, and in small storage areas. Its height is also adjustable, so your child can actually use this for a long time because it adapts to growing children.

What's Great About It: It has an adjustable height, can be folded to a flat, compact size for easy storage, has a really comfortable seat, and has Disney character toys that will keep the child entertained as he wheels around.

​15. Chicco Baby Activity Walker

Suitable for: Kids 6 months to 3 years old

Baby walkers with a push cart mechanism are our favorite because they are simply the best. Chicco’s Baby Activity Walker is one of them. It helps your baby strengthen his lower body and leg muscles because he doesn’t rely on a padded seat. It also teaches the child balance and coordination, and the child enjoys it more because of the act of pushing around the walker. He doesn’t even notice that it’s supposed to teach him how to walk, it just appears to be a cute toy. Music plays when your baby pushes the walker around, and stops when your baby stops. This encourages the child to keep pushing for a few more steps. It features holes of different shapes and sizes where corresponding objects can be inserted in so he also learns about the basic shapes. However, the wheels may not work well with tiled floors.

What's Great About It: Another walker with a push cart mechanism, has hands-on features for further learning, and has music playing as the baby pushes it around.

Our Criteria for Picking the Best Baby Walkers

We didn’t just pick these baby walkers according to their appearance. A cute-looking walker doesn’t guarantee functionality. Here are the factors that we took into consideration when picking the best baby walkers to recommend.


While babies need the freedom to explore the world on their own two feet, but they still need some protection so they are safe. A safe baby walker should have a wide base, anti-slipping pads, and a speed reducer to stop it from wheeling around too fast.


Children have a limited attention span, so they need something to entertain them when they need to stop for a rest. Toy attachments, lights, and music help with this. Shapes and textures are also a fun addition.


Babies grow quickly, so it’s best to buy a walker that has adaptive features so it grows with them. An adjustable height setting, adaptable functions like being able to switch from a rocker to a walker, and a padded seat for when they are still unable to lift themselves up are welcome functions in a baby walker.

How to Encourage Your Child to Walk

Praise your child when they achieve something

Tell your child that he is doing really well when he stands up or takes even just a single step. Letting him know that he’s doing something right encourages the child to do more of what he is doing.

Hold their hands

Hold your child’s hand as he walks, especially if he is just starting out. If he can, let go of the other hand to help them practice his balance.

Arrange the furniture so they can hold onto them

Arrange your furniture in a way that lets your child hold onto them, so they can go around with extra security.

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