Best Balancing Boards for Keeping Your Little Ones Happy and Active

I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to keep my child active. We are all so busy these days that more parents choose digital screens and television shows as entertainment. Instead, we should be encouraging our children to spend time outside exploring the world around them.

I admit that digital screens and gaming consoles are hard to compete with, so the best way to encourage your little ones to get outside is to invest in a toy that they’ll absolutely love. After spending ages searching for this mythical toy, I came across the balancing board.

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Balancing boards are fantastic! Most of these boards can be used inside and outside your home. In addition to being incredibly fun, balancing boards are also beneficial to your child’s development, helping improve muscle mass, balance and coordination skills.

If you are thinking of getting a balancing board for your child, but don’t know where to start, the following list features balancing boards that your children are going to love. I have also included a step-by-step buying guide to make sure that you have all the information you need to make a well-informed purchase for your children.

Five of the Best Balancing Boards That Your Kids Are Going to Love

New to the market or just looking for a balancing board that your kid can call their own? Here are my top five favourite balancing boards for kids currently available!

1. Sportime Duck Walker Agility Balance Board

The Sportime Duck Walker is one of the simplest designs available, but it offers a real challenge that your children will love. This walker is for outdoor use only and suitable for children over the age of three. This is the perfect balancing board to help develop your child’s balance and coordination skills, and is a great way for them to exercise and build muscle, without realizing they’re exercising.

Once your child has climbed on board and found their balance, they’ll be able to rock side-to-side, backwards and forwards and spin around. The board itself is made from extremely durable polypropylene plastics and the high-quality design means the boards are virtually indestructible.

What’s Great About It: The developers and designers of this board put a lot of time into designing a safe, multi-functional board. Your child will enjoy hours of fun on this simple walker, and it is easy to take on holiday too.

2. Diggin Wobble Deck Extreme Balancing Game

The Diggin Wobble Board creates a challenge for your child that you won’t get with any other board. The board itself is plastic with electronic components safely secured inside. There are four exciting games to choose from which test your child’s speed, memory, music, coordination and reaction skills.

This means that your child can be physically active and mentally stimulated at the same time. The Diggin Wobble Board is suitable for children aged of 5 and over, and was also the recent winner of Dr Toy’s Best Children’s Product Award.

What’s Great About It: The greatest feature of this ‘wobble’ board is that the base detaches from the games pad, meaning your child can become engrossed with the development games without standing on the board, giving them two play options in one convenient package.

3. Jfit 16-Inch Round Fixed Angle Balance Board

If you’re looking for a balance board that the whole family can use, the Jfit balance board may be just what you need. It is best suited for older children but younger children can still enjoy it with parental supervision.

The Jfit is a simple traditional balancing boards with a 16-inch round board made from high quality, solid birch wood. It also boasts a fixed 14° angle that will test your balancing skill.

The base of the balancing board is covered with a secure non-slip material to help you safely maintain balance. This is perfect for children and adults alike, and can be the used to create some fun quality time together as a family, or to work out.

What’s Great About It: The simplicity of this board is what sets it apart from the rest. Balance is achieved using the half-sphere securely attached to the underside of the board. This board is perfectly suited for indoor and outdoor use.

​4. Carrom Balance Board

Although this board may be a bit pricier than other, this board offers performance and durability worth every cent. Specifically designed for children over the age of 13, this balancing board is a great way to get your teenagers active rather than watching television. Each end of the board has secure high-grip sections that add to its safety.

As well as improving your child’s balance, coordination and other development skills, this board is ideal for outdoor and indoor use, so your child can enjoy it no matter the weather. As the board is designed for older children, you can get involved and make the board part of a family game.

What’s Great About It: This board is one of the lightest balancing boards on my list, and the design is one of the most durable. Made from solid wood, you can stand, crouch, kneel or even sit on the board, so you can use it however you want.

​5. Spooner Boards Freestyle

The Spooner Freestyle is one of the most popular balancing boards available for kids. Marketed as one of the most versatile balancing boards available, the high-quality construction of this board makes it virtually indestructible, which allows you to enjoy it both indoors or outdoors.

Due to its unique shape and design, this board is perfect for younger children who want to practice their balancing skills. Your child has the ability to use the board however they want. They can sit, stand, kneel, crawl, flip, wobble, and tilt, making this one of the best all-round balancing boards available.

What’s Great About It: The edges of this board are curve upwards slightly, meaning you can fully customize your balance for a workout or for fun. Ideal for kids aged 3 and up.

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My Complete Step-by-Step Buying Guide to Balancing Boards

Shopping for the perfect balancing board is no easy task, especially since it’s for your children. Whether this is the first time you’ve heard of balancing boards or you have bought one in the past, follow my step-by-step guide below for everything you need to know about balancing boards, so you can make the best purchasing decision possible.

Location of Use

You first need to consider where you’re going to use your balancing board. Will it have its own designated space inside the house or will be used outside, or both? When shopping for a balancing board, many will be suitable for both uses. Typically, solid wood boards can be used both indoors and out, whereas foam or plastic boards may be more suited for indoor use.

Grip Properties

If your child is just starting out with their first balancing board, find a board with purpose-placed grip pads for their feet. This will help them achieve better balance when using the board, helping them not to slip or fall off.


Many balancing boards are designed with some sort of entertainment feature such as electronic games. If your child dislikes physical activity or you’re looking for more ways to encourage your child to stay active, choosing a board with inviting graphics or entertainment features is a sure-fire way to achieve that.


Balancing boards deal with a lot of wear and tear from everyday use. From jumping falls to tilting all over the place, your child will need a high-quality board that’s built to last. Solid wooden balancing boards are the most durable and rarely break. Treated plastics are also durable and are usually smaller in size, and aren’t as brittle or fragile as untreated plastics. These types of balancing boards are strong and well-suited for children.

Avoid plastic boards that are relatively flat, thin or long, as they can be quite brittle and are the easiest kind of board to break. Always refer to the maximum weight limit that is found on the packaging to make sure that it can support the whole family.

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Family Fun

Balancing boards are great fun for the whole family and it’s an amazing way to get everybody together and active, but you may not want to buy a balancing board for everybody in your household. As mentioned above, choose a good all-around board that’s suitable for younger children but has the weight capacity for adults.


Whether you’ve only just heard of balancing boards or are looking for a board to upgrade to, there’s never been a wider selection to choose from. Balancing boards are the perfect addition for a healthier, happier and more social family.

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