Best Bath Toys for Toddlers Who Can’t Get Enough of Bath – 2017

Taking a bath with a toddler is more than just a quick dip in the bathtub. You’ll need to make it enjoyable for them so that they won’t put up a fight the next time that you take them to the bath. One of the best ways to encourage them is to get bath toys for their bath time.

A lot of people agree with this idea, which is why there are a lot of bath toys for toddlers available on the market. For a parent, it can be hard to narrow down which one to pick. Well, for those who are confused about their choices, worry no more – I’m here to help you out in picking the right bath toys for your toddlers to enjoy.

To help you out, I’ve outlined a few factors that you should consider when making your bath toy choice. These should be what you should first look at and think about when buying a bath toy. After that, we’ll take a look at the top 13 bath toys right now for toddlers so you can have a place to start at.

What to Look For in a Bath Toy

Picking a bath toy will require you to look at several factors to select the right one. The best bath toys on the market score high in several of the areas that we’re going to discuss, so the next time you’re bath toy shopping evaluate each item with this criteria to get the optimal results.

  • Fun. Let’s not forget that theses are toys that you are planning to buy. An essential component of a toy is that they are fun for your kid. The trouble is that different children can have different ideas of fun. Observe what your child prefers doing. Is he artistic? Is he active? What sort of toys does he prefer outside of the bath? You’ll want to select a bath toy that will keep them amused while you bathe them.
  • Safety. A bath can be very dangerous. There are dozens of ways a toy can be dangerous to your child. First, it can have sharp edges. Playing around means the chance that your kid may get scratched by a toy. Another concern is the material they are made from. Harmful chemicals like BPA and more could potentially hurt your child. Take a look at their material components to ensure your child’s safety. Finally, avoid toys with holes and openings. Though it may be fun to squirt water around, these toys are hard to clean and can become breeding grounds for diseases.
  • Age. Children of different ages have different needs. A three-year old will find something different amusing compared to a one-year old. Also, some toys are not appropriate for younger children. For babies, you may want toys that help develop hand-eye coordination, while also being in bright colors. Older children will probably benefit the most from games that develop their creativity and motor skills.
  • Dishwasher-safe. After bath time, there’s cleaning time for the toys. Unless you like being meticulous and wasting time, you’ll want toys that are easy to clean. Mostly by dumping them into the dishwasher and just drying it afterward.

With these factors in mind, you should be able to properly evaluate each product available on the market. Let’s now turn our sights to the top 13 bath toy products you can buy right now and judge them on what they can do.

Great Bath Toys for Your Toddler

1. Yookidoo Flow ‘N Fill Spout

Let’s begin with the Yookidoo Flow ‘N Fill Spout Bath Toy. The idea behind this toy is that it becomes a play spout when attached to your bathtub. Instead of just standing water in the tub, you have an instant water fountain that makes bath time more fun.

The spout just draws in the water, but there are three different water tumblers that change the settings of your spout. One sets up a show, another has a propeller that is turned by the water, while the third has a hidden surprise that floats to the top when fill with water.

The fun thing about it is that you can stack all three of these tumblers and enjoy all of them at once. You can also take them away one by one and pour water into them separately for your kid to watch. The control of the flow of water can easily be turned on and off. The only downside is that you’ll need to buy triple A batteries to keep this spout working.

What's Great About It: This is an amusing addition to any bath time. The spout will fascinate your child greatly and they can experiment with the various tumblers available. This spout will definitely keep you child’s attention while you scrub them clean.

2. Green Toys Submarine

Submarines are a favorite toy in the bath tub. This is why you’ll want a Green Toys Submarine added to your toy collection for your kid. Floating this around in front of them or submerge them in the water for underwater fun.

Above water, the design of the submarine keeps it solidly afloat. Leave it alone and you child can watch it float down the length of the tub. However, submarines aren’t complete if they can’t dive, so the large holes allow for the boat to submerge cleanly into the deeps of the bathtub. Thanks to the handle you can submerge the submarine and raise it up.

The great thing about this submarine is that it is made of 100% recycled materials. Made from plastic milk jugs, it contains no BPA and any harmful materials inside it. This means that you can use it without any worries.

What's Great About It: This submarine is a great toy for playing in the bath tub. Submerging and raising it is a fascinating thing to do for your kid. Definitely a great purchase, you and your kid will have tons of fun with this toy. It also helps that you can clean it up easily thanks to the fact that you can open it up.

3. Play Visions Crayola Bathtub Crayons

It may seem like it’s going to be difficult for your kid to be creative while during bath time. This mostly because they’re deep in the water. However thanks to Play Visions Crayola Bathtub Crayons, this is no obstacle.

This is a set of crayons that work even with water around. If your child like to draw or color, this is a great toy to keep them occupied. When you get into the tub, just give them the set and let them go wild on the tiles.

There’s no need to worry about the clean-up. The colors are easily wiped away with water. They sometimes stain, but it should be enough to use a simple cleaning solution to get rid of them.

The crayons themselves are pretty safe. They are all non-toxic and conform with most industry standards. It comes in a ton of really unique colors.

What's Great About It: This is the bath toy to buy for artistic kids. They’ll quiet down easily enough once they realize that they can start drawing on the walls without getting punished. Take not though that you will need to watch that they don’t lose the crayons while in the tub since it can be hard to find them.

​4. Intex Floating Hoops Basketball Game

If you want to get your kid started early with basketball, the Intex Floating Hoops Basketball Game can be a good start. This sets up a floating basketball hoop in the middle of your tub or pool. You and your child can then start attempting to shoot some hoops with the included inflatable ball.

The components are all inflatable and plastic, but they are pretty well-made. The floating hoop is around two feet tall, which is a good height for a toddler. Take note though that this toy is not exactly the best for younger children. Wait until they hit three years old to buy this for them.

As for safety and durability, this toy has no sharp edges or small parts that can harm you child. It is also pretty durable, with the hoop being 10 gauge vinyl, while the ball is 7 gauge vinyl.

What's Great About It: Buy this hoop if you want to be more active in the pool. It should also help with overactive toddlers. Have them shoot some hoops to tire them out before you get to the main part of your bathing experience. If you kid likes hand-eye coordination games or catch, then buy this toy to make them happy.

​5. Crayola Color Bath Dropz

Children love colors. They get fascinated by bright ones and they love to mess with a variety of colors. This is why the Crayola Color Bath Dropz are a good addition to your bath time experience.

These Dropz are not technically toys. What they do is turn the water into the toy. Each Dropz product has 45 tablets of varying colors. They work by being dropped into the bathwater. When they dissolve, the water becomes fizzy and bubbles, while also gaining a distinct color.

It sounds bad from a bathing perspective but Crayola wouldn’t sell you a bad product. The water is still water and cleans as well as normal water. The only difference is that there is a unique color for your child to be fascinated with. You can even mix-and-match tablets so that you get different colors.

After the bath is done, all you need is to rinse everything down and you’re done with the clean-up. The ingredients of the tablets are all non-toxic and leave no residue.

What's Great About It: If you want to have a special treat for bath time, these Dropz tablets are a good choice. Watch as your kid’s eyes widen in surprise as the bathwater turns to a bright color. Even if they are not artistically-inclined, they’ll love the bright colors. This should keep them distracted as you scrub them down.

​6. Boon B11088 Building Bath Pipes Toy Set

Pipes may seem like an unlikely toy for bath time, but the Boon B11088 Building Bath Pipes Toy Set is a great toy for your child. This toy set has five pipes included, giving your kid a chance to be creative when it comes to building a pipe system.

These pipes attach to your bathroom wall easily and they can either work individually or in conjunction with each other. The pipes in the set have a nice amount of variety. There is a basic straight pipe, but there are also curved ones and there is even one with a propeller.

All of these pipes are made of safe plastic. This means no worries about BPA or similar substances seeping into your kid’s bathwater. Besides that, these pipes dry completely – this means there’s no chance for mold and mildew to develop on them.

The pipes have suction cups to stick to your bathroom wall and they are pretty sticky. They are easy to detach though, but you can leave them alone and they will stick to the wall overnight.

What's Great About It: These pipes are for creative kids who like to solve puzzles. They’ll love the various pipe combinations that they can make, while also liking the bright colors of the pipes. A good time waster during bath time.

7. Freddie and Sebbie Bath Toys

Educational toys are a great addition to any baby toy collection. This is because they improve a child’s mind while they are entertained. This is exactly what the 36 letter and number toy set from Fred and Sebbie Toys does.

This particular toys set has all the letters and numbers in the English alphabet. If your child is approaching preschool age, introducing letters and numbers should be a priority. This is what the toy set is all about. The letters and numbers have suction cups so that they can stick to the bathroom wall. This means you can start basic lessons while bathing.

If your child is precocious and likes to learn, this toy set is ideal for them. Though plastic, you won’t need to worry. The manufacturer did not use any dangerous materials like lead or BPA in their making. Completely non-toxic and durable, these letters and number swill serve you well for years to come.

What's Great About It: This is an educational toy that will take learning into the bathroom. Learning is important and the letters and numbers are in bright colors to better get their attention. Overall, this is a great toy to help start introducing the alphabet and numbers to your kid.

​8. Little Tikes Bathketball

Another basketball toy, the Little Tikes Bathketball set comes with a hoop and a set of balls. The hoop is easily set-up on your bathroom wall. There are three balls, each with their own goofy faces.

Active children will love this toy. Take note that you shouldn’t set the hoop too high. Place it at a reasonable height so that your kid won’t get frustrated. The hoop even has a little score counter so that you can tally up the scored dunks or shots.

Shooting hoops helps a lot with developing hand-eye coordination. As a parent, you’ll appreciate this when they older. Anyway, this toy will also keep your kids distracted while you clean them up. They can even cheer up if they manage to score a shot.

What's Great About It: Overall, this Bathketball set is a good investment. The plastic is durable and non-toxic, which should stop some fears. If your child is an active one that likes to play catch, this Bathketball set is for them.

​9. HABA Bathtub Ball Track Bathing Bliss Spiral Curve Accessory

Water slides are fun. However, you can’t exactly fit a water slide in your bath tub. This is why HABA made its Bathtub Ball Track Bathing Bliss Spiral Curve. This is a simple spiral curve on which you can place the accompanying ball and watch it slide down.

It isn’t fancy, but it should amuse your kid enough. The real treat is the ball. The bathtub ball is full of marbles and has a couple of holes for filling it with water. Watch with your child as the ball sweeps down the curve, with its noisy package inside.

HABA makes good toys and this is no exception. The plastic used for this toy is phthalate-free PP-plastic so no need to worry about your child’s health. The toy itself can also be set on the bathroom wall or in your bathtub, thanks to the suction cups it has.

What's Great About It: Dropping down the ball the spiral curve is very fun for young kids. This should be distracting enough for them as you clean them up after a long day.

​10. Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys

Octopi are a surprising favorite among children. This could be because they have these cool tentacles or because they move gracefully. Well, prepare to welcome an octopus into your bathtub with the Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys.

The big purple centerpiece is the smiling octopus head. However, he’s not just there as a pretty face. His tentacles are the target for the hoops include din the toy set. Your kid will have three chances to throw the ring on the tentacles. It’s pretty much a fancy version of ring toss.

However, your kid will love the bright colors and the characters. Plus, their hand-eye coordination will get a boost from all that ring tossing.

What's Great About It: This is a fun and simple toy for your kids. It’s pretty easy to understand and it should amuse your kid long while he’s in the tub. It’s just a bonus that the toy is durable and made of non-toxic materials.

​11. Zig Zag Kid Toddler Bath Tub Toy

Frogs like being in the water and the Zig Zag Kid Toddler Bath Tub Toy reinforces that idea. It is a plastic frog that attaches to your bathroom wall. When your kid pours water over it, the water enters the frog and spins its bow tie various other parts.

This is a simple toy that teaches cause and effect while amusing your kid. With its bright colors and funny character, it is sure to catch your child’s attention.

Take note though that you’ll need to thoroughly clean it after every use. If not mold will form on the insides. Just a simple soak in detergent should be enough to keep it clean.

What's Great About It: The funny frog and the amusing water effects are a great distraction for your child. You will appreciate this toy when your kid starts cooing in laughter as he watches the frog’s bow tie spin and tongue stick out.

12. Green Toys Rescue Boat with Helicopter

Another product from Green Toys, this time it is a rescue boar with helicopter. This a great two-in-one toy that is ideal for kids who like to make up stories. Have thrilling adventures as your child rescues downing people with the boat and helicopter.

It helps that the toy comes with two characters: Captain Duck and Pilot Bear. These should help bring the stories to life. With the product’s durability, you can be sure that this pair will have more adventures to come.

There’s no need to worry about the plastic either. Green Toys uses 100% recycled plastic produced in the USA. There is no BPA or lead found in it.

What's Great About It: It’s a great product from a great company. If you want to teach your kid about creativity and imagination, playing pretend is a good way to start. Buy this boat and helicopter duo to have some fun while bathing.

​13. Yookidoo Submarine Spray Station

The YooKidoo Submarine Spray Station is a great addition to any bath play time. It’s basically a pump that draws water through its submarine component and releases a shower with its shower head.

No need to worry about the shower though. Yookidoo put it at a kid-friendly rate so it won’t hurt the eyes if it does manage to strike anyone in the face. The other components of the toy encourage experimentation as they whirl and turn thanks to the force of the water.

This is a nice sandbox toy that lets your child just play. They get to figure out what happens when they play with the water and they have a lot of fun. Plus, the plastic is durable and safe. Your kid will have loads of fun with this toy.

What's Great About It: Buy this to let your kid’s mind expand. The experimentation and its free form nature gives them a chance to develop their cognitive and creative skills greatly.

A Final Rinse

It all comes down to fun and safety. Buy a bath time toy that makes your kid happy, while not exposing them to unnecessary risks. Keep that simple rule in mind and you won’t regret your bath toy purchase.

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