Best Batman Toys for the Fan Kids in 2022

When you think of superheroes, Batman always comes to mind. The ever popular Dark Knight has been a fixture of pop culture throughout several generations. Parents and kids alike have a special place in their hearts for this Caped Crusader.

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Whether you’ve seen him on TV with his sidekick Robin or on the silver screen with a much more serious approach, there’s no denying that Batman captures the imagination of everyone that witnesses his feats.

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Best Batman Toys that Your Kids Will Love

If you want a gift for your child, look no further than ten of the best toys based on this mysterious bringer of justice for the city of Gotham.

1. Fisher-Price Power Wheels Batman Lil’Quad

Suitable for kids aged 1 to 3 years old

The quad that your child deserves. This ride is perfect for your little crime fighter. The Batman Lil’Quad rides smoothly whether your toddler rides on the patio or within your backyard. Plastered with colorful graphics and familiar Batman insignia, it won’t be hard for other people to distinguish that your child is riding in style. For your young superhero’s gears and other items, there’s a compartment for safe storage.

Staying true to its line, this super ATV by Fisher-Price released under the Power Wheels proves to be a durable and high quality ride. Your little superhero won’t have any problems getting on it due to its low-rider base. There are footrests on the side so their legs won’t feel sore even after a long time of rider. The safe maximum speed of 2 miles per hour feels fast for the rider, but won’t make your heart skip a beat.

Turning on the engine of the quad is simple enough with only a button to push for it to move forward using its battery. There are a lot of valuable skills that can be developed while your child rides on the Batman Lil’Quad. Their hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills and self-confidence are all improved.

Moving around on the playground while on an ATV is different from just running around. Your child will have to improve their dexterity in order to move this ride efficiently. We suggest that you always keep an eye on them as they cruise around especially if they are close to a fence, tree or there’s a great height difference along the way.

What’s Great About It: This safe and sturdy ATV provides countless hours of fun for your young one. They won’t have to worry about falling off or bruising themselves because of the smooth texture of the bike itself. They will feel the thrill of operating a quad bike without you having to worry about their top speed.

2. Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Batcopter

Suitable for kids aged 3 to 8 years old

A Batman toy set isn’t complete with a Batcopter! The Batcopter features an easily recognizable design that makes it stand out from other helicopter toys. You don’t want your child to make Batman ride on a generic chopper right? Let your child’s imaginations run wild with this vibrant black and blue aircraft in their quest to chase down all of the villains and bring justice to the city of Gotham.

The Batcopter features an advanced landing gear where any caught villain can be attached on. The blades of the helicopter are able to rotate but they are hazard-free. A Batman figure is included. He comes with a bright yellow utility belt to make tracking and catching all of the evil-doers a lot easier. Your young one will have a lot of fun saving the day with this Batcopter.

Witnessing the Batcopter fly around with Batman in the cockpit is surely a sight to see. Your kid can reenact all of the scenes that they see on the Batman TV shows, movies and comics. Their imagination will also be able to run wild as they create new encounters for the Dark Knight as he encounters new enemies in your child’s current toy set.

What’s Great About It: Your child’s hand-eye coordination will be developed as they coordinate Batman and the Batcopter to chase down their villain of the hour. It also requires a lot of skill to masterfully move the blades while maintaining the claw with the use of the trigger. The satisfaction that they’ll get once they master how to operate the Batcopter will be unparalleled, much more so if your child is very goal-oriented.

3. Spy Gear Batman Night Goggles

Suitable for kids at least 3 years old

How can your little superhero truly emulate Batman’s adventures if he or she can’t see in the dark? After all, the Caped Crusader only dishes out justice at night. The Batman Night Goggles is the perfect gift for your child so they can finally rid the streets of Gotham City at night. Using LED lights mounted on the goggles, it’ll be easy to walk around and have a light wherever your child goes hands-free. Your little one can use the magnifying lens to take a closer look at possible tracks of the villains running around.

The design of the night goggles are incredibly similar to Batman’s mask which makes play pretending as the Dark Knight more fun for your child. There’s a possible choking hazard with all of the little pieces of the mask so you should keep a close eye on your child when they use the goggles in the dark.

What’s Great About It: Role playing as Batman will be a lot more immersive thanks to the perfectly patterned design. Every kid knows that Batman comes out at night so the fact that they’ll be able to do the same without having issues seeing in the dark will delight them. The amount of light is just enough that it won’t strain the eyes of your child. It will also be useful if you want to extend their playtime but it’s already dark outside. Their eyes won’t have to adjust too much once they walk back in the lit house.

​4. Warner Bros Batman Kid-Safe Over-the-Ear Headphone

Suitable for kids aged 3 to 9 years old

This stylish Batman headphones looks great and sounds even better. It uses sound isolation technology so your child can listen to their favorite music in total focus. You don’t have to worry about your little one’s hearing getting damaged because there is a cap at the audio volume at 80%. Your child will also feel comfortable thanks to the padded ear cups and the bendable headband.

The overall look of the Batman Kid-Safe headphones is filled with blue, gray and yellow – all of which are familiar Batman color schemes. You will be able to see the comic version Batman on the sides with his insignia above his famous mask. The paddings are all colored with yellow so it’s easy to tell if they’re dirty and need cleaning.

Your child won’t be able to fiddle with the volume limiter since it’s already hard coded so you can leave them with the headphones for the entire day and not have to worry about their hearing suffering any damaging long term effects. The headphones come with a standard 3.5MM stereo jack which means it works with majority of the portable devices. Popular devices such as iPod, iPhone, iPad, PS Vita, Android and Nintendo DS are all supported as well.

Let your child save Gotham city in style to the tune of Batman. Their imagination will surely run wild. If you are planning a trip and you know that there’s a long travel time ahead, then this is the perfect companion for the Batman super-fan too.

What’s Great About It: We can’t stress the volume control enough. There are a lot of for-kids headphones on the market that have fancy designs but don’t have this feature. It is important to protect the hearing of your child since their senses are still sensitive due to their young age. With this pair of Batman-styled headphones, your child can enjoy their tunes while looking cool and being protected from ear damage all at the same time.

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​5. Batman Projector Pen

Suitable for kids aged at least 3 years old

Everybody knows that when the skies light up with the bat symbol, all the villains out for the night are going to be brought to justice by the Caped Crusader. This Batman Projector Pen makes it easy for your child to play pretend that the Dark Knight is going to come out.

They can use the pen to point at any surface and project Batman’s famous bat insignia on it. Though it might not be big enough to illuminate the clouds, it sure is enough to make everyone know that Batman is coming. Your child can also use the pen side of this wonderful gift to write down any clues that they’ve encountered throughout the city of Gotham.

Whether your kid wants to notify Batman about a villain or just work on their writing skills, this Batman Projector Pen has the perfect amount of coolness in it.

What’s Great About It: This dual-purpose pen will make role playing as Robin or even as Batman more fun. Your child’s creative juices will get flowing once they see the Batman insignia being displayed by the projector which makes this an essential add-on for any school supply pack. If you have recently started teaching your child how to write then giving them the option to use the Batman Project Pen makes the writing sessions a lot more fun. They will always be looking forward to the next time that they’ll be able to write down while watching Batman’s famous insignia move around the room as they do so.

​6. Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Transforming Batmobile

Suitable for kids aged 3 to 8 years old

Any Batman fan knows that the Dark Knight doesn’t patrol the streets on foot. He uses his Batmobile to cruise around in style. This Transforming Batmobile by Fisher-Price, however, has a unique approach to this already cool vehicle.

The see through ride can be transformed into a jet-powered aircraft. If there’s a traffic jam in the busy streets of Gotham city, then there’s no option but to take it to the skies. Your child can get creative and make the Batmobile fly over buildings and other tall structures in their attempt to bring down the bad guys.

When they’ve finally caught up to the villains, they can eject Batman with the push of a button. The Caped Crusader will safely lower himself with the use of his jetpack to subdue all the evil doers. The Transforming Batmobile can make almost anything happen whether it’s on the road or up in the air. Your child will be able to put Batman in the cockpit to make sure that the hero of the night has a full view of what’s happening around him.

Your child’s imagination is the greatest superpower of all. As long as you provide them with the vehicle, no pun intended, to exercise their creativity then they will come up with unique situations to put Batman in. If not, they can always revert back to what they’ve seen Batman do before on the countless television shows, movies and other forms of media he’s appeared in.

The Imaginext Transforming Batmobile fits right in with any and all of the DC Super Friends toy set. It already comes with a bazooka and armor for Batman as well.

What’s Great About It: This toy lets your child exercise their dexterity and creativity both at the same time. They have the capability to launch the Batmobile up in the air while making sure that the wheels are folded downwards and the sides open up to make way for the wings and jet engine. If your child is a big fan of Batman, then they’ll surely love this innovative and unique approach to the Batmobile that all kids know and love.

7. Rubie’s Batman’s Child Mask

Suitable for kids at least 3 years old

What else can we say about this item? Batman’s mask is one of the most iconic of its kind. Any person would love to own one no matter how old they are. As seen on the popular TV shows and movies, this mask will make playtime for your child a lot more imaginative.

Will they be taking down bad guys at Gotham City tonight or are they just out and about for a little detective work? The city is crawling with villains and there’s only one hero that can foil them all. Your little one will be able to emulate how it feels to be the Caped Crusader including the pointy ears on top of the temple.

If your child really wants to dress up as Batman, then just wearing a gray shirt with the bat logo on it isn’t enough. They have to complete the piece with this Batman’s Child Mask by Rubie’s.

What’s Great About It: The mask goes very well with any Batman costume. Its realistic detail can be observed down to the eyebrow areas which gives your child the menacing look to completely capture the look and feel of Batman himself.

​8. Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Batmobile with Lights

Suitable for kids aged 3 to 8 years old

A complete toy set with Batman, Robin and their trusty vehicles, this is the perfect set of gift for any Batman fan. If you are somebody who grew up watching the 1960’s version of Batman, you will recognize the Lincoln Futura Batmobile that Batman and Robin rode on their way to subdue the evil doers and super villains.

The set comes with a figure of Batman and Robin that both fit inside their respective vehicles or together in the Batmobile. Your child can manipulate the vehicles in different ways such as pressing the button to control the various lights or using the disk launcher to let the Bat Disks fly to the location of the enemy.

Your kid will be able to reenact all of the famous scenes involving the crime fighting duo as they foil the plans of the villains throughout the city of Gotham. Make sure that you instruct your child to not fire the Bat Disks at a point blank range since there is still a risk of them hurting themselves or those on the receiving end of the projectile.

What’s Great About It: The entire setup feels very authentic since there are a lot of details, especially on the Batmobile, that you can actually see from the TV show in the 1960’s and the comics released in the 1980’s. Even if your child hasn’t seen any of those, they will still know that it’s Batman and Robin due to the iconic duo’s attire. Your child will be able to develop their hand-eye coordination as they maneuver the vehicles and figures around their play area.

​9. Warner Bros DC Comics Batman 7×35 Binoculars

Suitable for kids at least 5 years old

Whenever Batman is on top of a building in Gotham city, he makes sure that he can see what’s happening down in the busy streets. With the binoculars attached to his utility belt, he’s able to spy on his enemies so they won’t even get the chance to do evil during the night.

Your child can do the same with the Batman 7×35 Binoculars. It has a fantastic design featuring familiar symbols in the Batman series from the DC Comics Universe. Both of the ends are coated in yellow smooth material that won’t irritate the skin of your young one.

The high quality optics make it easy to distinguish how far an object is when it’s viewed through the binoculars. The zoom is just enough that it doesn’t strain the eyes of your young one.

If you have a child that likes to go outside to explore, then making sure that they can view far distances is important. They’ll be better prepared for the dangers up ahead as they role play as their favorite Caped Crusader.

What’s Great About It: This pair of binoculars features a compact design which doesn’t make it a hassle to bring around. If your child has a utility belt, then they can easily attach it onto one of the ends without feeling as if they’re hauling around an actual pair of heavy duty binoculars. It only has one zoom level but it’s enough to see far ahead. Your child will be able to develop comprehensive visual skills as they associate how close or far objects are from one another. This is an important skill to learn early on.

​10. Trends Int. DC Comics Batman Temporary Tattoos

Suitable for kids at least 3 years old

A Batman superfan will truly appreciate these temporary tattoos featuring symbols, designs and other concepts from everyone’s favorite Caped Crusader. There are 75 temporary tattoos in the pack that stick on fast and can be removed just as easily.

The great assortment of Batman related visuals will take your child onto a trip down the memory lane especially if they have seen different movies, shows and comic books featuring the Dark Knight.

The high contrast makes it easy for anyone to spot the temporary tattoo on the body of your child so you can always ask them to take it off when playtime is over. They don’t leave a stain on shirts even if your young one places them on an article of clothing that they’re wearing.

You can even use the temporary tattoos as a reward for when your child accomplishes something. They’ll always look forward to it since there’s going to be something new to brag about each time that they’re tagged with a Batman temporary tattoo.

What’s Great About It: The wide variety of designs create for countless hours of entertainment. If your child is a big comic book fan of the Batman saga, then they’ll notice familiar scenes that inspired the different temporary tattoos featured in this pack. If you are preparing for a party for your child, then his or her friends are going to love these temporary tattoos once you start giving them away.

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