Best Big Wheels for Kids to Travel Around in Style

You know that feeling your husband gets when he sees an awesome motorbike while you’re out and about? That buzz of excitement and drive that makes him say ‘ooh, I want that.’ And then he spends the rest of the day talking about it and imagining himself getting one?

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Well, that’s a feeling that isn’t new. In fact, many children have the need for speed at a young age. I mean, we all have it deep down. Children love big fast cars just as much as anybody else.

Fortunately, the big wheel toys meant for children are a lot more eco-friendly, and a lot more beneficial to your kids than their adult counterparts.

Product Image

Product Name



The Original Big Wheel 48727 Tricycle

  • Incredible 16 inch wheel

  • Three different seating

  • Easily able to adjust

Fisher-Price Barbie Lights & Sounds Trike

  • Fisher-Price Barbie bike

  • Durable tires

  • Patented slip-resistant peddles

Razor FlashRider 360

  • Unique and extremely entertaining

  • Spin fast 360° turns

  • High-quality

The Original Big Wheel (Frozen)

  • Designed for the ladies

  • Three-point adjustable seat

  • Disney Frozen franchise

Radio Flyer 474 Big Flyer

  • Unique racing theme

  • Completely adjustable

  • Professional finish

Best Big Wheels to Make Your Children Gasp in Excitement

Obviously, you’re not going to go out and buy your child a brand-new Harley Davidson. However, I’m here to show you the next best thing. Here are five of my favorite big wheel toys that your kids are going to love.

1. The Original Big Wheel 48727 Tricycle

This is one big wheel big that is exactly what it says it is: the Original Big Wheel bike. This awesome bike comes with an incredible 16 inch wheel that’s more than enough for your children to thoroughly enjoy themselves.

What I really love about this bike is the three different seating settings that it has. When we first had the Big Wheel, my children were quite small, but as they grew, we were easily able to adjust the seat so they could sit comfortably.

The bike is incredibly easy to use and is simple to operate using the pedals found on the front wheel. Also, the bike holds children up to a maximum weight of 70 pounds. What more could you need?​

What’s Great About It: The best thing about this bike is the quality, hands down. The Original Big Wheel Company has been in the industry since the 1960’s and is backed by over five decades worth of experience. From the moment you get your new big wheel through the door, you can just tell that this is a trike that will last.


  • Good quality plastic construction
  • Wider rear wheels for increased stability.
  • Better center of gravity.
  • Comes with a manual for assembling
  • Three-step levels for seat adjustment


  • There are no brakes, so the kid has to stop by using the friction.
  • A little assembling is required.

2. Fisher-Price Barbie Lights & Sounds Trike

There are a lot of big wheel bikes out there for our children to love. However, this doesn’t mean your daughters can’t enjoy them as well. We all know that many gender neutral colors, such as black and red, are common with bikes. Why not treat your little girl to a pink bike of her own?

And when it comes to girl bikes, my daughter loved nothing more than the Fisher-Price Barbie bike. As the name suggests, the bike is a stunning pink color that’s covered with Barbie graphics that helps this bike to stand out from the crowd.

What’s more, Fisher-Price has covered everything. Durable tires, check. High grip and easy to use handle bar? Check. Patented slip-resistant peddles, check. This bike really does have it all.

There’s even a ton of built-in Barbie related sound effects to make this one of the most entertaining bikes around.

What’s Great About It: So you don’t have to keep paying out for a bike, this one comes with a ‘grow-with-me’ seat. This is easily adjustable, and as your child gets bigger, you can simply make the seat larger. This makes sure that your daughter is comfortable, no matter how old she is.


  • Specially tailored for little angels
  • Secret hiding compartment
  • Talking cell phone with Barbie phrases
  • Three-level steps for seat adjustment
  • Flashing blinkers
  • A large front wheel ensures easy, fast pedaling 


  • The design is not meant for boys.
  • There is no volume down button for the music.

3. Razor FlashRider 360

I love everything about this big wheeler and, as it turns out, so does the rest of the world. This multiple award-winning big wheel bike is unique and extremely entertaining, for both kids and parents to watch.

Let’s start with the most obvious features – the Spark Bar. On this bike, there’s a set of wheels which turn the alternate way to the rest. This means your child can spin into fast 360° turns with minimal effort. Once in a 360°, your child can pull up the Spark Bar for a display of sparks that fly out of the back.

It’s honestly a showstopper, and it’s definitely a great way to lighten up the evenings. In terms of the quality of the rest of the bike, the framework is made from high-quality, insanely durable aluminum metal.

The front tire is completely impossible to burst. All of this makes sure that this is one big wheel bike that will last for many years.

The only downside to this bike is the lack of an adjustable seat, but the bike will easily fit your child from the age of six and above.

What’s Great About It: This entire bike is built with quality in mind. All of the joints are professionally welded, and the wheel itself is joined to the bike using a superior dual fork design. This gives your child full control over the bike, no matter where or when they’re riding it.


  • Spart cartridges are replaceable.
  • Rubber grip for a solid grip.
  • A welded steel frame. 
  • Lightweight with double crown fork design


  • You will need to assemble this trike
  • The spark cartridge seems to get loose after some time

​4. The Original Big Wheel (Frozen)

Similar to my favorite big wheel bike at the start of my list, this is a bike that’s designed for the ladies of the house. This awesome bike features an enormous 16 inch wheel at the front that’s both durable and grips to any surface that your children are riding over.

As you would expect from the Original Big Wheel Company, there’s a three-point adjustable seat. This means your children can start using the bike when they are younger and it will grow with them as they get older.

What’s Great About It: As the title suggests, this is a bike that your daughters are going to love. This version of the bike comes in a gorgeous aqua-turquoise color and is covered in graphics from the Disney Frozen franchise, making sure this bike will become one of your daughter’s most prized possessions.


  • Well-known brand.
  • Wider rear wheels.
  • 16-inch large front wheel.
  • Better center of gravity.
  • Unique cartoonish frozen design
  • Two steps for seat adjustment.


  • The printings on it are tailor-made for girls. So, boys might not like the design.
  • For some people, assembling the pedal was difficult.

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​5. Radio Flyer 474 Big Flyer

Now for something a little more cutting edge. The Radio Flyer is an outstanding tricycle designed with a unique racing theme. At the front, you’ll find a large 16 inch wheel with a unique performance-enhancing grip.

This stops the bike from spinning out while traveling at high speeds, perfect for kids who want to show off their speed. Also, both the seat and the handlebars are completely adjustable.

This means that you can get your children learning how to ride their bike during their younger years, but they’ll still be able to enjoy it for many years to come.

The seat itself is positioned low to the ground, creating a low center of gravity. This helps the bike to stay stable when zipping around corners and always makes for an exciting experience.​

What’s Great About It: So much attention has been placed on the details of this bike. The chrome handlebars create a sleek and professional finish while the paint work is made to look fresh, sharp and exactly what your children will want.


  • Better center of gravity to avoid accidental falls.
  • Adjustable seat.
  • Chopper style with racing design.
  • A large 16-inch front wheel is optimized for better road grip. 


  • The pedals would be a little far for a 3.5-foot-tall kid. 
  • The seat moves on up and down.

6: Jurassic World Fly Wheels Cruiser Tricycle Bike

Jurassic World Fly Wheels Cruiser Tricycle Bike

This Jurassic World design trick will definitely bring smiles to your kid’s face. Kids love dinosaurs, and this dino design will mean a lot to them. This trike is super easy to clean because you just need to wipe it out with a cloth. With a three-way adjustable seat, this Jurassic World trike is best for kids of age 3-7. The extra-large front wheel of 15 inches with more width brings extreme stability and balance. On top of that, the front wheel has LED lights on it. The handlebars have an ergonomic design that is tailor-made for little hands. For added stability, this trike has a low center of gravity. 

What is great about the product: The design is the first thing that is great about this trike. By nature, the kid will first focus on the design instead of other things. Plus, the front wheel’s LED lights are unique and appealing. The third is the 10-inch width of the front wheel, which ensures more stability. 


  • Jurassic World theme design
  • LED lights on front wheel
  • Low center of gravity
  • 10-inch wide front wheel for added stability
  • Wider rear wheels.


  • The LED lights run on batteries that might run out of life soon if used frequently.

7: Razor 360 Caster Trike 

Razor 360 Caster Trike

One of the best products among big wheels, Weighing only 15 pounds, this Razor 360 Caster Trike is ideal for 360-degree spin stunts. Look at the rear wheels. They are dual-inclined casters that are used for resistance-free drifting. On top of that, the front wheel is not all about stability because of its large size. The front wheel is also flat-free, which brings more peace of mind. This trike has a rugged steel construction, so it does not matter if your kid uses it frequently. With the MX-style handlebars and double crown fork design, this trike also has welded steel with rubberized grips for a solid hand grip.

What is great about the product: The rear dual-inclined caster wheels make it easy and safe to drift and spin this trike, which kids love. Another factor is that the front wheel is entirely flat-free. The build of this trike is not plastic but steel with welded steel frame and fork. The rubber grip is an added benefit, especially when your kid is drifting.


  • Flat-free front wheel.
  • Rubberized hand grip
  • Dual-inclined caster wheel for slip resistance.
  • Steel-made body with welded steel frame
  • Weighs only 15 pounds


  • Some of the parts are made of plastic and need special care when assembling this trike.

8: Minnie 15-inch Fly Wheel Junior Cruiser

Minnie 15-inch Fly Wheel Junior Cruiser

If your kids love to watch Mickey Mouse cartoons, then they would love this Minnie-themed trike. The look and design is the first thing on which kids judge a product. Perfect for kids of age 3-7, this trike features a big 15-inch front wheel which, along with a low center of gravity design, increases the overall stability. The color selection is also smart to make this trike more girly. The LED lights that glow while driving is another special attraction of this trike. Your child will grow in height with time. So, to cater to that, this trike has three levels of seat adjustment.

What is great about the product: Being fully designed for your daughters is what is special about this trike. The color is perfect for girls, and the cartoon character is also wisely chosen, which is Minnie mouse. The LED lights on trikes for girls are another appealing factor because most girl-made trikes do not have those lights on the front wheel.


  • Specially made for your little angels.
  • Minnie mouse-themed design.
  • Large front wheel.
  • Three-step seat adjustment levels.
  • Girls-special pink color.
  • LED lights on the front wheel.


  • Since there are LED lights, you would need to replace the batteries from time to time.

9: Fisher-Price Jurassic World Velociraptor Dinosaur Tricycle

Fisher-Price Jurassic World Velociraptor Dinosaur Tricycle

Your kid will definitely love this trike because dinosaurs are among the most favorite species for children and this trike has a Jurassic World theme. Not only does this trike have a Velociraptor dinosaur design, but it also has claw printing on the pedals, which is something unique. To add more joy to riding this trike, it has a walkie-talkie and dinosaur sounds. Besides that, there is a secret compartment with handlebars so your little friends can hide their stuff in that. Plus, lights on this trike with a wide wheelbase increase your little racers’ stability. The large front wheel also ensures easy pedaling. 

What is great about the product: According to a kid’s perspective, the Velociraptor dinosaur theme design is a lovely touch. Besides dino printings, the pedals have beautiful claw printings too. On top of that, the dinosaur sounds are something that makes this trike completely themed for a dino lover kid. This Jurassic World tricycle has a hiding compartment, too, along with lights. 


  • Amazon’s choice
  • Dinosaur theme
  • Dinosaur sounds and lights
  • Claw design on pedals
  • Wider wheelbase for stability
  • Secret storage compartment
  • A walkie-talkie feature for interaction
  • Three steps for seat adjustment.


  • The use of batteries for lights, music, and walkie-talkie is probably the main con for this tricycle.

10: Lightyear Ride-On 15-inch Fly Wheels Junior Cruiser

Lightyear Ride-On 15-inch Fly Wheels Junior Cruiser

This Lightyear cartoon-themed tricycle is universal, meaning it can be used for both boys and girls. It has a three-way adjustable seat back for the best sitting posture, and the custom front panel option is also incredible. It comes with stickers that you can apply while assembling this tricycle. For maximum control and stability, the 15-inch front wheel comes with extra width. Made from plastic, the trike is lightweight, weighing only 10.5 pounds, and is perfect for kids aged 3-7. Besides the mega grip tread on the wheels, the trike also has two LED lights that glow while riding the tricycle. 

What is great about the product: The design of this trike is entirely universal and will suit your sons and daughters. The trike has a three-way seat back adjustment to fit your kid’s growing needs. On top of that, there is a custom panel, and it comes with stickers that you can attach. Plus, there are lights that light up the trike while riding. 


  • Lightyear cartoon design
  • Wider wheels for increased stability
  • Wheels with mega grip treads
  • Two lights
  • Three adjustable seat levels
  • Lightweight
  • Best for ages 3-7


  • Some assembling is required
  • Stickers need special care because they can dry up.

Buying Guide

  1. Safety

Always keep your kid’s security in mind. Look at what the tricycle has to offer to avoid accidental spinning over or flipping over because of sudden turns or obstacles at the front of the front wheel. 

  1. Weight

You need to cater to the weight that the tricycle can bear. If the trike cannot bear the weight, it will be only a waste of time and money. 

  1. Child’s Ability

In the wish to glow your little buddy’s face with glow, do not underestimate their abilities. If their height, weight, age, etc., are not appropriate yet, wait until they get able to handle things. 

  1. Pedal Bars

What good will you be getting if the pedal bars are not good? What if your kid’s feet cannot touch the pedal bars? So, consider that point too.

  1. Handlebars

Proper handlebars are crucial because those soft little hands cannot grip solid or harsh handlebars for an extended period of time. They would need soft ones that are slip-resistant too.

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Why Big Wheel Bikes Are an Essential Toy That Your Children Need

What’s great about these bikes is that they aren’t just all about the fun. In fact, there’s an absolute heap of other beneficial features that your children will be able to enjoy by getting them a big wheel bike.

Learning to Ride a Bike

The most obvious benefit that a big wheel bike has is teaching your children how to ride a bike. Some children, especially my youngest, found an adult bike far too intimating to learn straight away.

However, using a big wheel bike allowed him to learn the basics, especially when it came to movement and learning how to speed up and slow down.

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Developing Independence

Children love to be independent. When they reach this age, it’s important for them to remember that they are not just part of mom and dad, but they’re their own person. A big wheel bike is a perfect way to encourage and nurture these feelings, a trait that will benefit them throughout their lifetime.

Improves Balance

There are not many toys out there that can proactively help children to improve their balance. However, a big wheel bike is one of them.

Because these bikes come with three wheels, there’s enough stability for children to remain balanced. However, there’s still enough leeway for children to practice balancing themselves. This is very important when your kids are flying around corners at speed.

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Increase Confidence

Imagine if you were 4 years old again and were going on a big wheel bike for the first time. To us adults, it may seem like nothing, but for a child, it can be a scary and exhilarating experience.

Let your child practice getting onto the bike and using it in their own time. This will help to build inner confidence in themselves, yet another trait that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.​


1. How safe are big wheels?

There does not seem to be anything that could danger your child. The big wheels have a low-ride and safe design, and they are tailor-made for kids. They even allow adjusting the seat height so your kid can sit well with proper balance. 

2. At what age is it appropriate to purchase big wheels for my child?

Well, before guessing the right age, first determine where your kid is going to ride the big wheel. Is that place safe or not? As for the right age, a minimum of 3 years to a maximum of 8 years seems good. 

3. Do big wheel trikes have a maximum weight limit?

Yes, and why would they? The maximum weight will differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, but it should be less than 70 lbs. For most kids, that weight limit won’t matter because a 10-year is considered to have around that much weight. 

4. Are there different big wheels for boys and girls?

Although this should not be a point of concern because kids do not have any gender discrimination, however, to keep up with the norms, there are colors available specifically for girls and boys, like pink for girls and blue or something else for boys.  

5. Does my child need to wear protection when using big wheels?

Again, it depends on where they are going to ride the big wheel. If it is on the streets, then yes. You would not want your kid to fall and then take them to a hospital for a tetanus injection.


As you can see, big wheel bikes are fun, entertaining and extremely beneficial for your children’s development. By taking the time to pick the right bike for your child, you can make sure that you’re choosing one that they’re going to love. This gives them a toy that they’ll use for many years to come.

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