5 Best Bow and Arrow Sets For Your Enthusiastic Children

If you’re looking at introducing your child to the wonderful world of archery, buying them their own kit is the first step to take. Although this may sound dangerous, with the correct care, attention and supervision, archery can be an amazing and fulfilling hobby for your child.

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The sets that are designed for children are a lot simpler than adult or competition designs. Most of these sets are ready to use out of the box and require no setup.

Whether your child wants to pursue archery as a hobby or to compete at a professional level, the sooner you introduce your child to archery, the sooner they can develop their skills.

There are a wide variety of bow and arrow sets to choose from, which can make the selection process quite daunting.

If you are thinking of getting your child an archery set, but don’t know where to start, the following list features bow and arrow sets specially designed for kids.

I have also included a step-by-step buying guide to make sure that you have all the information you need to make a well-informed purchase for your children.

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The Best Bow and Arrow Sets For Children This Year

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Ready to get shooting? Here are my top five best bow and arrows sets for kids:

1. Compound Bow Ship Topoint Archery for Women- Hunting Bow for Girls

Compound Bow Ship Topoint Archery for Women- Hunting Bow for Girls

This bow and arrow is perfect for the young adult in your life, especially if they enjoy pink! The arrow is great for a more experienced user as it is heavier but it will give them the practice to continuously help them improve their skills. This set comes with five arrows, a braided bow sling, a stabilizer and an arrow puller. It has everything you need to have a good day on the range.

The price is on the higher side, but the Topoint brand will last for years to come and will help your daughter improve immensely with the quality and intensity of this bow.

What’s Great About It: Current users love how easy it is to set up and use. For those who have little to no experience and want to start bow and arrow shooting as a hobby, this is the perfect go to.

2. Bear Archery Brave Bow Set

Bear archery sets and the perfect mix between quality and value. The drawstring is produced using the highest quality Cordura Nylon, providing total support to each arrow and is durable enough to withstand wear and tear. Each arrow sits in the full capture rest, known as a Whisker biscuit, which provides market-leading safety.

The Bear Brave set is specially designed for children aged 8 years and above. Whether they have owned a bow before or it’s the first time they’ve picked one up, this set offers great diversity. The bow measures 26-inches from axle to axle and boasts an outstanding 65% let off; this is one of the larger bows on the list, making it perfect for years of use.

What’s Great About It: With over 80 years of experience in the archery industry, the Bear brand will never let you down. This elite bow set is purpose-built to improve your child’s skill and technique. Priding itself on a 13.5 to 19-inch draw length, and the durable limbs and riser, the Bear set is one of the most versatile bow sets available for kids.

3. Genesis Mini Kit

If your child is a younger than 8 years old, the Genesis Mini Kit may be the ideal bow for you. Specifically designed for younger children, this bow is the ideal choice for beginners thanks to its smaller size and light framework. There is no let-off from this bow, which allows your child to master the technique without having to worry about string tension or finger pull when letting their arrows fly.

This beginner set includes a fully machined 6061-T6 aluminium riser complete with a cam and idler wheel, guaranteeing safety and stability with every shot. The bow consists of sturdy composite limbs and incredible high-strength drawstrings, promising safety and durability for your bow, all parts of which are proudly produced in the USA.

What’s Great About It: The set includes a high-quality quiver for safe transportation of your arrows, an adjustable arm guard to protect your child’s arm when loading and firing, and five aluminium arrows to get you started. This kit is designed to be the best option for beginners looking to make their mark in the world of archery.

​4. Bear Archery Titan Bow

If you’re looking for a more traditional bow and arrow for your child to practice with, the Bear Titan Bow may be just what you are looking for. With a draw length of 22-28-inches, this bow is ideal for children above the age of 12. Staying true the Bear brand, this bow doesn’t compromise on features or quality while still being affordable.

This bow is the ideal choice for beginners as well as experienced children, and the total length of 60 inches makes this bow a high-performance solution that’s perfect for hobby or competition use. The drawstring can extend between 22 to 28 inches and can deliver up 29 pounds of draw weight power.

What’s Great About It: This ambidextrous bow is produced using durable composite limbs that offer your child the flexibility and stability needed when perfecting their skill.

​5. SAS Spirit 62” Beginner Bow Set

This complete beginner set will allow your child to improve their skill without having to upgrade their archery set every few months. This bow and arrow set comprises of a strong and sturdy fiberglass limb that provides optimal grip and all the stability your child needs to remain precise.

The bow is specially designed for right-hand users and can be used by children of all ages, but it is recommended that they are over 5’4” tall. The handle is produced using high-quality Maple lamination that remains comfortable no matter what drawstring distance and power your child is using.

This beginner pack includes everything your child will need to get started. Alongside the bow, you will find an SAS carry bag to protect and easily transport your bow as well as two stick-on arrow rests that provide stability for each arrow.​

What’s Great About It: For the protection of your child, the set also includes finger tabs to protect your child’s fingers when firing as well as an adjustable arm guard and bow stringer. There is also a paper target so your child can practice at home in the garden.

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The Complete Bow and Arrow Buying Guide

The above listed archery sets are some of the best bow and arrows available for kids today. However, it can still be daunting to choose the right one for you. The following guide will assist you when considering different archery sets.

Eye Dominance

Knowing which hand and eye is your child’s dominant is important when considering a bow and arrow set. The majority of the bows listed above are ambidextrous, but many sets available are not. If you select the incorrect bow based on your child’s dominance, it will be extremely difficult for them to learn. It can also be uncomfortable and frustrating for your child.

To find out which side is the dominant, ask your child to stand about 10 feet away from a wall with both eyes open. Ask them to point to an object on the wall. While pointing at the object, tell them to close their left eye. If the finger stayed in the same place, their right eye is strongest. If it moved then the left eye is strongest. This will also tell you their dominant arm.

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Draw Length

Draw lengths can vary from compound bows to traditional recurve bows to longbows. If a bow has wheels and pulleys at each end of the main shaft, it is a compound bow. These bows are designed to have the drawstring pulled back to a certain distance before stopping. On the other bows, you can theoretically pull back as much as you need to.

When preparing to fire their bow, your child will be taught how much draw length they need, depending on the bow, the distance they’re shooting and the type of arrows they are using. However, when choosing a bow for your child, you won’t need as much draw length as an adult bow would have. There’s a really easy way to figure out how much you need.

To find out your child’s optimal draw length, ask them to stand with their arms out straight to the sides. Face their palms towards you and measure fingertip to fingertip. Take this distance and divide it by 2 and a half. This is your ideal draw length.

Bow Length

This is easy to forget, but is very important. If your child is 5 feet tall and you buy a 6-foot bow, they are going to experience difficulties. Likewise, if you buy a bow that’s too small, your child will find it tricky to shoot comfortably.

To find out the ideal bow length, you’ll need to find out draw length using the method above. Once you have figured this number out, you can use the table here to find your ideal bow length.

Draw Weight

It may seem daunting to consider a bow with 20 pounds of draw weight, but this weight can be handled by most children with relative ease. A bow is designed to produce good leverage, allowing the string to easily pull back despite being powerful.

When purchasing your set, in the product description on the packaging should state the recommended age for the bow. Stick to these recommendations as the higher the age limit, the more powerful the bow is. Selecting a bow too powerful for your child could jeopardize their safety.


Investing in a high-quality bow and arrow kit for your child will allow them to explore a new sport, which can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience for you both. Whether your child is practicing in the garden, joining a club, taking lessons or participating in competitions, the main thing to remember is to stay safe and have fun.

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