Best Breast Pumps – Designed to Make Your Life as Easy as Possible

Every mother has a different feeding routine and method. Some mothers breastfeed, others pump, and some do both. Whether you’re returning to work or trying to supplement milk throughout the day, every mother is at a different stage, and only they know what is best for their child.

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To make your life easier, a new range of expertly designed breast pumps has come to the market in recent years. These breast pumps are top of the range and incorporate market-leading technologies to give you the best breast pumping experience possible.

But with so many different breast pumps to choose from, uniquely designed for women at different stages, how can you be sure which one is best for you?

This is a task that most women will have to go through at some point, which is why I have created a list of my favorite breast pumps that are currently available today.

My Handpicked List of Favorite Breast Pumps That Will Change Your Life

Are you ready to find out what the breast pump market has to offer you? Here is my list of top breast pumps. Scroll down, and you’ll find my step-by-step buying guide to breast pumps.

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1. Spectra Baby USA S2 Double/Single Breast Pump

Starting off my list, I’ve chosen one of the bestselling breast pumps on the market. The Spectra Baby Breast Pump is a fully-featured system with a ton of benefits to give you the easiest, most productive breast pumping experience possible.

This customizable electronic pump boasts super-quiet technologies that allow you to pump with minimal disturbance to your household. Included, you’ll find a unique Letdown mode alongside a completely customizable set of programs that allows you to set the pump to match your body type, giving you a comfortable experience.

This pump is ideal for use any time of day, and features a night light and a self-timer, perfect for new moms pumping for the first time. Despite having a single pump pad, this breast pump is set up to allow you to express both breasts simultaneously, saving you time and space without having to fiddle around with multiple pumps.

The suction pad on the pump is designed to be as comfortable but powerful as possible, giving you optimal levels of performance while ensuring you are pain-free.

What’s Great About It: The leading feature of this breast pump is how it’s designed. This pump is a fully closed-off system, so the milk travels straight from your breast into the bottle without any contact with the air or external elements. This ensures your milk stays hygienic, keeping your baby free from potentially harmful bacteria.

2. NUK Expressive Double Electric Breast Pump

If you’re looking for a more customizable machine, the NUK Double Pump could be perfect for you. This lightweight and easy-to-use breast pump saves you space when in use and storage, and can be easily transported and set up for use in any room in your home.

On the control pad, you can select your custom speeds and suction levels, allowing you to set the machine to your preferred settings that enable you to maximize comfort and milk output.

When you have chosen your custom settings, the machine features a one-button memory function, so you can save your custom settings, enabling you to comfortably pump every time.

Boasting a minimalist design, each suction pad is made with a lightly textured ring that provides high levels of comfort alongside unique massaging rings to give you the best experience possible. The few external parts of this pump are easily removable and dishwasher safe, enabling you to maintain the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene.

What’s Great About It: In addition to this pump being one of the most lightweight solutions on my list, it comes with two breast pumps for optimal double pumping sessions. Not only does this save you time, but it also helps to increase your internal levels of prolactin, the milk-producing hormone. This allows your body to produce more milk over extended periods of time, giving your child everything they need.

3. Evenflo Feeding Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump

Another extremely lightweight breast pump, the Evenflo Electric Breast Pump gives you full control when you need it most. Featuring a staggering 32 customizable settings, you can easily choose the best and most comfortable setting for you, ensuring you’re stress-free and able to focus on what’s important.

Furthermore, this pump comes with three variously-sized flanges, allowing you to choose one which suits your body type best.

This system is fully enclosed, allowing milk to travel through the system, straight from your breast to the bottle without coming into contact with the air. This maintains the highest level of hygiene for both you and your baby.

The lightweight design means this pump can be easily transported around your home to be used in any room, and can be operated on its internal batteries or a mains outlet, giving you full control of your breast pumping experience in the easiest way possible.

What’s Great About It: Boasting its patented PerfectPosition design, the Evenflo Pump is expertly created with shorter-than-average nipple tunnels and an above average angle which helps you to find a comfortable position where you won’t have to slouch, without compromising the performance levels of the machine.

​4. Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump

It’s not always possible to take a fully-featured electronic breast pump with you wherever you go, which is why a compact and portable pump is renowned for being an essential mother’s tool.

The perfect addition to any of the electrical breast pumps on this list, the Philips Avent Breast Pump is an extremely lightweight and compact pump that is designed to be as comfortable as possible, wherever and whenever you need to express.

At the top of the device, the suction pads are produced using soft and lightly textured materials, maximizing comfort while stimulating and increasing the flow of milk.

The bottle is expertly designed to be easily held and positioned onto your breast, ensuring that wherever you are, your pumping experience can be quick and easy. The product is made using harmless BPA-free plastics, ensuring your milk stays as pure as possible, maximizing the benefits for your baby.

What’s more, this bottle setup is compatible with a whole range of Philips baby products, enabling you to effortlessly switch the bottles over without having to worry about being unprepared.

What’s Great About It: The Philips Avent Breast Pump is designed to have as few parts as possible, making it easy to break down and pop in the dishwasher to clean. This allows you to maintain the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness, minimizing the risk of bacteria or microbes, keeping your baby as healthy as possible.

​5. Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

What most mothers are after is a full setup that gives them everything they need to have the best breast pumping experience possible. This all-in-one kit comes with everything you need, ensuring you are always prepared, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

This high-powered, double-electric setup is ideal for daily use and can be completely customized to suit your personal requirements. There are two unique sizes of suction pad to choose from, enabling you to pick the most comfortable one for you.

The lightweight, digital machine features a full LED display that allows you to pick and customize your settings, and the one-button memory feature allows you to save your preferred setup for next time.

This screen also features an extremely handy timer and a back light for using the pump at night. Inside the machine, you’ll find a rechargeable, highly-durable battery that gives you the opportunity to take your pump with you wherever you go.

What’s Great About It: The best part of this complete kit is the high-quality microfiber bag that comes with the pump. This specially designed bag allows you to easily store and manage your breast pump system, so you can subtly take the bag with you wherever you go, allowing you to use the pump system when you need it most.

​6. Spectra Baby USA Double/Single Breast Pump with Rechargeable Battery

This is the second Spectra Breast Pump to enter my list, and for a good reason. This pump is marketed as being one of the most advanced, hospital-grade breast pumps currently available on the market, allowing you to enjoy an optimal breast pumping experience, whenever and wherever you need to express.

The system is fully integrated and closed off, ensuring your milk travels straight from your breast into the bottle, without any contact with the outside environment, maximizing the levels of hygiene for you and your baby.

Using the patented Spectra technology, the motor on this pump boasts an extremely quiet performance setting, ensuring the breast pump is subtle, causing no distractions around you, wherever you are.

The machine provides you with a special Letdown and shallow mode, ideal for stimulating the flow of milk while massaging your breasts to ensure you are completely comfortable and relaxed at all times.

What’s Great About It: As the title suggests, this high-performance machine comes with a highly durable rechargeable battery that allows you to take your breast pump with you wherever you go. The machine gives you an incredible 1-hour of pumping time on a single charge, and can be easily charged by simply plugging it into a mains output.

7. Manual Natural Breastmilk Pump with Lid

If you’re searching for a breast pump that’s affordable, effective, and provides you and your baby with protective and beneficial natural properties, the Manual Breastmilk Pump could be ideal for you.

This pump is marketed as a must-have travel companion, and the lightweight bottle and pad setup can be stored in a bag or storage area, allowing you to easily and subtly carry it around with you.

This pump is designed to be as easy to use as possible and can be taken out, setup and in use within a couple of minutes. The pump itself is produced using 100% BPA-free, food-grade silicone materials and plastics, ensuring potentially harmful chemicals in traditional plastics are kept out of the milk, protecting both you and your baby.

Around the bottle is an attractive and well-thought out design, making this manual breast pump one that you and your baby will love.

What’s Great About It: Each breast pump comes with an extra lid for the bottle. This enables you to store your milk if you have too much. You can then safely store this milk, ensuring your baby always has milk available when they want to be fed. You know what they say; a well-fed baby is a happy baby, which always results in happy parents.

​8. BellaMa Effective Pro Double Electric Breast Pump

BellaMa has pulled out all the stops to ensure their pump is one of the most hassle-free, comfortable and highly-featured breast pumps on the market. This dual pump’s electronic setup allows you to easily use either breast pump or both simultaneously, saving you time while giving you the most comfortable pumping session possible.

Using specially designed technologies, there are two phases to this pumping machine. The first stimulates your breasts through massage, increasing the flow of milk in your breasts. The second is expression, powerfully sucking your breast for milk while remaining comfortable enough that you won’t feel any kind of discomfort or pain.

There are nine customizable suction settings to choose from, all the way up to an outstanding 240mmHg! The closed off system protects you and your baby from potentially harmful external elements and prides itself on its anti-backflow properties and a double-pumping ability.

All aspects of this breast pump have been FDA approved and produced to be BPA-free, ensuring you and your child are safe from potentially harmful chemicals found in traditional plastic materials.

What’s Great About It: The pads of this breast pump are specially designed with you in mind. The soft silicone cushions provide high levels of comfort that help to massage and stimulate your breasts gently. Furthermore, the pads themselves boast memory membranes, holding to the shape of your breasts for the most comfortable fit possible.

​9. Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

A step up from the previous Medela Breast Pump on my list, the Harmony Pump provides you with a full range of features while remaining as portable as possible.

The lightweight and compact design means you can easily carry and store your breast pump in any bag, allowing you to take it wherever and whenever you go.

The pump is specially designed with a 2-phase system that helps to stimulate and relax the breast while increasing the flow of milk while remaining as comfortable for you as possible.

The suction pads are securely fastened to swivel handles which means you can easily and accurately apply the pads to your breasts with ease, finding the best fit for you and your body. All the materials used in designing this pump are BPA-free and comes with everything you need to get started straight away.

What’s Great About It: Due to the nature of this breast pump, this is a fantastic addition to the Medela Electronic Breast Pump, perfect for when you’re out and about and don’t have access to your usual pump. All the parts are interchangeable with other Medela products and are produced to the highest quality, ensuring high levels of durability.

​10. Freemie Freedom Double Electric Hands-Free Breast Pump

If you’re looking for a breast pump that’s both subtle and provides you with comfortable, high-performance suction, the Freemie Double Electric Breast Pump could be perfect for you.

The unique, hands-free cup design means you can pump anytime, anywhere, while keeping your shirt on, perfect for when you’re out and about. This fantastic kit comes with connections suitable for single or double pumping, saving you time and effort.

The cups supplied in the kit are designed to be universal, including a variety of connections that will suit your existing machine.

Each part of the cup is interchangeable and can hold a maximum of 8oz of milk, 16oz when double pumping. Filters, recommended to be changed every 1-2 months, are easily available and inexpensive. Simply apply the cups to your breasts, connect the tubing, and pump; it really is that simple.

What’s Great About It: In addition to all the extra parts you receive with this kit, there’s also an included electronic pump. This pump operates at an outstanding 120VAC, but does require a mains outlet. Still, this makes it perfect for subtle pumping in stores, cafes, restaurants and when you’re sitting at home.

​11. BelleMa Melon Comfort Double/Single Electric Breast Pump

For a more customizable breast pumping machine, the second BelleMa breast pump on my list comes fully featured and ready to use straight out of the box. This hi-tech machine boasts super-quiet motor properties that allow for discreet pumping no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

The machine boasts the market-leading two-phase pumping technique, the first of which gently and comfortably massages your breast to stimulate the flow of milk, while the second phase gently yet powerfully sucks the milk, storing it in your preferred bottle.

There are 25 customizable suction settings to choose from, enabling you to choose the most comfortable and effective setting for you, while the one-button memory function allows you to save your favorite setting to use anytime.

This fantastic lightweight pump is fully compatible with other leading pump brands, including Medela, allowing you to update your existing setup or branch out to use other bottles that suit you better.

What’s Great About It: BelleMa has created this breast pump solely with mothers like you in mind. All parts of the machine are easily accessible and detachable, enabling you to maintain the highest levels of hygiene in your breast pump machine. Furthermore, all parts of the machine are FDA approved and made free from potentially harmful BPA chemicals, ensuring you and your baby are safe with every use.

​12. JIBI Double Electric Portable Breast Pump

To conclude my list, I’ve chosen one of the most hi-tech yet affordable breast pumping kits on the market. Produced using highly durable PP materials that are of a food-grade standard, this high-quality breast pump gives you everything you need, whether you’re at home or on the go, in a portable solution suitable for every parent.

The electronic pump runs silently, ensuring you don’t wake your baby or disturb other family members or members of the public, a common issue faced by mothers with traditional breast pumps.

The pumps pride themselves on their optimal comfort levels, made from BPA-free silicone materials that will gently cradle your breasts while in use, giving you the most comfortable experience possible.

There are multiple suction and massage settings to choose from, easily chosen thanks to the high-quality LCD screen that makes navigating this handy little device a breeze. Completely portable, you can enjoy up to an hour of pumping time on a single charge, and it is easily chargeable from a mains outlet or with a USB charger.

What’s Great About It: In addition to looking and feeling great to use, the JIBI Electric Breast Pump is lightweight and designed to be one of the most portable breast pumps on my list. The pump is incredibly easy to use, making it ideal for all kinds of mothers, whether you’re just starting out or looking for a new pump to replace your last one.

Choosing the Ideal Breast Pump for You

Now that you know some of the best breast pumps that are currently available on the market, it’s time to go into detail about what makes a good breast pump, and what you should be looking out for when trying to find the perfect one for you.

Follow my complete buying guide below to learn everything there is to know about breast pumps, enabling you to make the best decision for you.

Types of Breast Pumps

The first thing you’ll need to decide on is what kind of breast pump you are looking for. There are three to choose from; Hospital-Grade, Electric, and Manual. Each one has its own features which we’ll explore in detail here.

Hospital-grade breast pump machines are renowned for being the most powerful variety of breast pump that is available to consumers. These are high-performance machines that are highly durable, but will only be found at the higher end of the price range.

These are ideal for mothers who may have problems with breastfeeding but still want to feed breast milk to their babies. These can sometimes be rented from hospitals or stores until you decide on which pumping system you will buy for yourself.​

Electric breast pumps are nowadays the most common form of breast pump. They can be purchased in either single or double breast styles, and should provide you with a closed off system, ensuring no harmful bacteria can get into the milk, protecting both you and your baby.

Electric machines are easily the best kind of pump to choose as they pump efficiently, designed from years of research and precisely mimic how your baby would suck. These come in various price ranges depending on what feature you are after, and generally come with everything you need to get started, straight out of the box.​

Manual pumps are the traditional form of breast pump, and have been perfected over the years. Due to their robust and compact designs, these kinds of breast pumps are extremely portable, perfect for when you’re out and about or as an emergency pump if you don’t have access to your usual pump. These pumps work by being squeezed by hand and are ideal for mothers who have just started breastfeeding.​


Not all mothers have the same techniques and body shapes. This means that breast pumping machines need to be flexible and personalized, allowing them to comfortably fit and suck your breasts, minimizing the risk of discomfort.

As new technologies have been developed, some electronic breast pumps will come with multiple settings to choose from. This allows you to customize the massage phase of the machine, used to stimulate the flow of milk and the strength of the suction itself.

You’ll be able to set this exactly for yourself, allowing you to find the perfect setting that makes pumping an enjoyable and stress-free experience. What’s more, you’ll want to look for a machine with a memory feature. This is usually one button that can be pressed to store your settings, so you never have to fiddle around to find that perfect setting again.


This is a key aspect to remember when shopping for breast pumps. You never know when or where you are going to need to express, which is why it’s so important to be prepared. If you have a larger electronic breast pump at home that isn’t at all portable, you’ll need to invest in a portable one to take with you. As you would expect, the most portable form of breast pump is the small compact manual one that can be easily carried in your bag.

Alternatively, some of the more lightweight electronic models will come with specially designed carry bags that allow you to take them anywhere. These machines will usually come with a rechargeable internal battery that will give around an hours’ worth of pumping time on a single charge, ideal for going out and about in a stress-free way.


Another important aspect to remember is that, like all products, machines can break from time to time. By investing in a breast pump that has easily accessible spare parts, or parts you can get hold of quickly, you can minimize the risk of a potentially painful experience from a pump that can’t be used.

Furthermore, many brands have teamed up to make their bottles and tubes universal. Bear this in mind if you plan on buying multiple branded products as two compatible brands may save you a whole load of stress later on.


With all mothers and babies being different, it can be difficult to find the best breast pump for you and your baby. Following my step-by-step guide alongside my favorites list, you can find the ideal breast pump for you, transforming what is traditionally known as an uncomfortable and stressful time into a relaxing, easy and super comfortable experience.

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