Best Bunk Beds in 2022 – Ultimate Happiness for Your Kids

Bunk beds are a wonderful pick if you have more than one child in the family. Aside from reducing your furniture expenses, it could also help you save on space. Whether you have a small or large house, it’s a practical solution that your kids will love.

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For your children, a bunk bed will aid in strengthening the bond between them. Even if you only have one child at home, a bunk bed can still be useful, especially for sleepovers or when their cousins come over in the holidays.

If you are worried that your kids won’t like a bunk bed, then you should take a look at the different varieties available in the market today. There are so many, that you might have trouble just deciding which one is the best among them.

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Our Recommendations for the Best Bunk Beds

To help you in your search, take a look at my list which contains the top 10 bunk beds that your children will absolutely love.

1. Stork Craft Caribou Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed

If elegance is what you are looking for, this versatile bed will make every child’s room look sophisticated. This Caribou Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk is available in 6 colors which can fit perfectly to any decor theme.

The finely finished classic rubber wood grains will match your color scheme effortlessly. You don’t need to be scared of your child falling from the top bunk because it has a sturdy railing that will keep them safe and secure.

The ladder has 4 rungs, designed to make the climb up or down easy and comfortable for your child’s small legs, ensuring no accidents happen.

If you think that your child is not old enough for the bunk bed, or your kids both want to be on ground level, the bunks can be separated and be made into twin beds, making it the perfect bed for your twins, for years to come.

What’s Great About It: The finish of the bed makes it look elegant, a piece your child will love. Its versatility also gives parents the choice to make the bed a twin set or a bunk.

2. DHP Dorel Twin over Full Metal Bunk Bed

If space is a problem in your home, this classic twin over full bunk bed is the answer to your problems. Although the bed is lightweight, it has proven to be sturdy and durable. In fact, this bed has been used by a lot of boarding schools and training camps.

The dual ladders found at the head and foot of the bed makes getting up to and down from the top bunk easy, no matter how this bed is positioned.

The top level has full length safety rails which ensure that your child is safe and secure while sleeping. The upper bunk has a maximum weight limit of 200 pounds, and this entire unit is made using non-toxic products.

What’s Great About It: This bunk bed is lightweight but very sturdy. It is great if you want more playing space or a small nook in your child’s room. The quick and easy installation allows you to set up this bed in less than an hour.

3. Dorel Living Brady Solid Wood Kid’s Bunk Bed

Like my previous entry, this beautiful wooden bunk is perfect if you would like to save space or have room for sleepovers.

The lower bunk can accommodate a full size mattress which is 58 inches wide, and the upper bunk takes a twin-sized mattress. This is great if you have a few kids, but only one room for them.

This bed also has a unique feature as it can also be disassembled and separated into a full and a twin bed. As your children grow, they may want to be placed in separate rooms. With this bed, you won’t have to buy another set of beds.

This bunk comes with full length safety rails on the upper bunk and a ladder which makes it easy to reach the top safely. The Brady Bunk Bed is available in 4 colors – black, blue, white and espresso – which make it easier for you to match it to any room’s decor.

What’s Great About It: This bed is easy to assemble and is great value for money, as you get two beautiful beds for a very affordable price.

​4. Storkcraft Long Horn Twin Bunk Bed

This Storkcraft bed is something from a dream – both functional and beautiful, allowing it to be effortlessly integrated into your child’s room without a fuss.

The materials are made from environmentally friendly, high quality rubberwood materials. This bed also has the ability to be dismantled and used as two separate twin beds, perfect for as your children grow.

The angled ladder makes accessing the top bunk a breeze, and the safety rails mean that you can rest assured knowing that your little ones are safe and sound in their beds.

This bunk bed has met the CPSC and ASTM safety standards, and is available in a variety of different non-toxic finishes, including cherry, white, espresso and pink.

What’s Great About It: The headboard and foot board look elegant and classy, making this the perfect bed for your kids as they grow throughout the years.

​5. DHP Dorel Twin over Full Bunk Bed

If you want a neat and sturdy bed, then this Dorel Twin over Full Bunk is perfect for your needs. It has a contemporary design which allows it to seamlessly fit into any current decor in your house.

The sturdy metal frame gives the upper bunk a weight capacity of 200 pounds, and the lower bunk can support up to 450 pounds, making this the ideal bunk for those who want to save space while still getting the benefits of a quality bed.

The Dorel Bed Bunk is available in black, while and silver, making it easy to select one that will fit into your home.

What’s Great About It: The high grade steel makes this bunk bed really sturdy. The guard rails keep your children from falling off the top bunk, allowing you to sleep peacefully knowing that your child is safe.

​6. Walker Edison Twin Over Twin Metal Bunk Bed

If you want a stable bed that will last for years to come, the Walker Edison Bunk Bed may be just what you are looking for.

The vertical ladder allows you to save more space in the room, and takes away the risk of one of your children tripping over it in the middle of the night.

The great thing about this bunk bed is that it can easily be disassembled if your children decide that they would rather be in separate rooms, or would simply both like to be at the same level as one another.

This beautiful bunk bed has a modern powder coat finish which makes it look elegant, and it is available in black, white or silver.

What’s Great About It: The ladder makes this bunk bed different from the rest. This bed can be positioned wherever you want it, due to the ladder being able to be placed on either end of the bunk, so you can optimize space in the room.

7. DHP Over Futon Metal Bunk Bed

Versatility and innovation are the words that best describe this DHP Bunk Bed. This design serves more than just one purpose, making it a great addition to your child’s room.

This bed has a twin bed on the top bunk, and a futon on the bottom which also converts into a double bed for when your child has friends or cousins around for a sleepover.

There are two ladders found on each end of the bed and are positioned vertically, creating more space in your child’s room. This bunk bed is available in black, silver and white.

What’s Great About It: The design is sleek and will fit perfectly in a smaller room. This bed is ideal for older children who want to be able to spend time in their bedrooms relaxing.

​8. Coaster Home Furnishings Bunk Bed

This bunk bed will certainly turn some heads, and if you look closely, you will notice that the design is part of the fun.

This bunk bed has a semi-circular frame design which gives a fresh perspective in the room. The ladder is positioned on either side of the beds, allowing you to put the bed wherever it needs to be.

The safety guard rails are strong and will keep your children from falling off the bed. This bed uses two twin size mattresses on both bunks, and each can accommodate 300 pounds of weight.

What’s Great About It: The design is not your typical bunk bed, and will leave your kids loving their new sleeping quarters. The metal curve takes away the harshness of this stable bed, allowing your kids to enjoy a great night’s sleep in a unique bed.

​9. WE Furniture Twin Metal Loft Bed

Although this bed is not technically a bunk bed in the traditional sense, it still serves a unique purpose that you and your children will love.

With the bed being on a normal top bunk level, the area below is ideal for creating a library, a toy corner, or a small studying area that your child can enjoy.

This bunk has ladders on both ends, and a 14 inch safety guard rail wrapped around the top bunk, so you can have peace of mind that your child will be safe on this unique bed.

What’s Great About It: The Twin Metal Loft is a beautiful addition to your child’s room, and will give your child more space to enjoy other activities in their room.

​10. Dis-o-Bed Youth Kid-o-Bunk with Organizers

This bunk bed can be used as a bunk, sitting bench or cot, and is ideal for indoor or outdoor use, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

This collapsible bunk bed has its own organizers where your child can place some of their favorite belongings. This Disc-O-Bed can be separated into two cots, and you don’t need to buy mattresses as these have sturdy fabric that will make your child’s sleep comfortable.

The frames are made of high quality steel, and are coated and treated so they don’t corrode. This bunk bed is a must for adventurous families. The two beds each come with their own nylon bag for easy and neat storage and transport.

This bunk is better suited to older children because it does not have safety rails. Each cot is capable of withstanding weights up to 200 pounds, perfect for your older children.

What’s Great About It: This bed is perfect for outdoor use, such as camping, but is also great to use for sleepovers. The assembly requires no tools, and the powder coated steel ensures that this bed will have a long life span.

Factors We Considered

As parents, the most important thing to consider when purchasing products for our children is safety. Injuries from falling off the bed could be serious, which is why we recommend that the upper bunk should only be for kids who are 6 years old and above.

Railings are important, and prevent accidents from happening. There should be a standard railing for any bunk bed that you look at, and it should be able to withstand a certain amount of weight.

Make sure that the bunk bed that you select has passed the safety standards set out by CPSC and ASTM.

Materials should be free from toxic components, and should be child friendly. As we all know, children love to chew and lick things, so making sure that your chosen bed is non-toxic is vital.

The durability of the metal or wood frame is also important, as you don’t want the bed to fall apart after a few uses, or worse, while your child is sleeping on it.


There are lots of considerations when it comes to the use of bunk beds for children, but these concerns are dealt with accordingly by the different companies and manufacturers we featured here.

These bunk beds may not just be space savers, but could improve the bond between siblings, as well as enhance their imaginations as they play on their multi-level palace.

Remember that no matter what kind of bed your child may use, without safety features in place, an accident could happen, so we would advise that you always take precautionary measures, especially if you have young kids.

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