Choosing the Best Castle Toys for Kids in 2022 – Our Guide

Children love watching fairy tales. It allows them to see a different world, one that is very different from reality.

When they watch fairy tales, they use their imagination and even pretend to be the princes and princesses in the story. As we all know, princes and princesses live in a castle, which is why children tend to have a fascination with castles.

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If you are thinking of a gift that you can give to your child, you cannot go wrong with a castle toy. Children of all ages, whether they are boys or girls, will have a great time playing with it. After all, imagination is their only limit.

They can create stories revolving around the characters that come with the castle, if there are any. However, they can also involve their other toys and make their favorite toy figures characters in their own fairy tale.

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Top Castle Toys to Consider for Your Kid

When you look online or go to a toy store, you can find many castle toys of different materials, sizes, and themes. Since there are so many of them to choose from, I can help make it easier for you by giving you a list of the best castle toys that you might want to consider for your child.

1. Fisher-Price Imaginext Castle Lion’s Den

Recommended for ages 3 to 8 years old

This castle, which has a lion’s jaw as its main door, is designed for little boys and girls who love adventure. Your child will definitely enjoy this castle toy because exciting things start happening just by turning three different disks.

Some of the actions that can be done with this toy are closing the mane from both sides of the jaw of the lion, releasing a lion, or waking up the giant claw. Your child can also use the crossbow to launch disks and weaken the castle’s defenses, activate the trap door of the jail cell, or make the tower collapse.

To add more fun and excitement for kids, the eyes of the lion light up, and it also makes ferocious roaring sounds, all with just two AA batteries.

The set includes two guards, one dragon knight figure, axes, helmets and shields for the guards, a throne, a lion figure, a king’s crown, and a crossbow that can fire up to six disks. Your child can create different scenarios using the inclusive figures, so it will keep him occupied for hours and hours of fun playtime.

What’s Great About It: The fact that it is not just a structure, but also something that is interactive makes it even better for kids to develop their fine motor skills.

2. Hotaling Imports Excalibur Castle

Recommended for children at least 3 years old

This stunning wooden castle toy was named after the legendary King Arthur’s equally famous sword. It is an ideal toy for children who like using their imagination when playing because the structure is made with lots of lookouts, hideaway spaces, and functional pieces for enacting different scenarios such as escaping the strongest of foes.

The castle is made of strong and durable materials and can be easily assembled just by following the instructions. The castle is brightly painted with details, which is why boys and girls alike will enjoy playing with it for hours.

However, action figures are not included in the package, so you have to buy them separately. Then, you can let your child use her imagination when playing by using whatever action figures are currently available. The castle fits figures that are approximately 4 inches tall.

What’s Great About It: The castle toy encourages fine motor skills, as your child plays with the drawbridge that pulls up and down, the prison door that opens and closes, and other castle parts that are fully functional and make other movements, too. The overall quality of the Excalibur is excellent too, which makes it a good purchase.

3. Fisher-Price Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle

Recommended for ages 3 to 8 years old

Your child can get to know and experience Medieval times with this Eagle Talon Castle from Fisher Price. Let his imagination come to play as he rules a magical world where he can play as a great knight defending the castle or the roaring dragon trying to tear the structure apart.

There are plenty of things that can be done with this transforming castle toy, as it includes three figure turn discs, two catapults, an action-tech cannon with two projectiles, eight firing discs for catapults, an eagle head, a treasure chest, two ladders, four flags, and of course, three knights with matching helmets, shields, and swords.

The castle also has cool sound effects and light-up features that can work by using the two AA batteries that are included in the package.

What’s Great About It: This toy encourages self-expression, as your child can be whoever or whatever he wants to be in the castle. It also leads to confidence as he fights to defend the castle and vanquishes his foes. I also find it nice that the castle can be set up in four different ways so your child can enjoy variety each time he plays with it.

​4. LEGO Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle

Recommended for ages 6 to 12 years old

Most if not all, young girls probably know Queen Elsa of Arendelle, as the movie Frozen was such a big hit when it was released. Now, your little girl can have her own ice castle with this one from LEGO. It even comes with mini doll figures of Queen Elsa, Princess Ana, and the adorable Olaf, the snowman.

Your child will definitely have an amazing time trying to recreate scenes from the movie or creating new ones with her imagination. The ice castle features an icicle tree, a sleigh, an ice cream bar, a bed, and an ice hill. There is also a secret staircase that your little girl can have fun with while making it appear and disappear.

In addition, there are a lot of accessories that come with the package, including skis, glittery wall elements, ice skates, two capes, decorative stickers, a tiara, a hair bow, and a carrot nose for the one and only Olaf.

What’s Great About It: Girls can easily relate to the characters, and they can even play with the ice castle as they watch the movie over and over again. This toy is also a great tool for improving imagination, as they come up with scenarios in the lives of Queen Elsa, Princess Ana, and Olaf.

​5. PLAYMOBIL Wolf Knights’ Castle Playset Building Kit

Recommended for ages 4 to 10 years old

If your child loves playing with toys that are packed with action, then this castle would be great for him. This two-story fortress is filled with features that your child will definitely enjoy.

This castle toy allows simulation of real battle destruction because of its breakaway wall feature. In addition to that, even if intruders get inside the castle walls, there is a secret trap door feature that will drop them straight into the dungeon.

Aside from the actual castle, the package also contains three armored knights with armored horses and battle gear. There is also a coat of arms, castle flags, a crossbow with arrows, and other battle accessories to make playing even more fun and realistic.

What’s Great About It: The simulation feature can stimulate children’s imagination and allow them to be more creative in creating scenarios that can happen while defending the castle.

​6. Mega Bloks Despicable Me Castle Adventure

Recommended for ages 5 to 10 years old

Here is another castle toy that kids will surely love because of the fact that there are Minions in it. With the success of Despicable Me and their self titled movie, the Minions have made their way into children’s hearts.

This buildable castle opens up and features several rooms and passages. It also has a case that opens down to a chute below it. Since Minions are known to be very playful and active characters, your child can help them rappel down the castle walls or go from room to room riding a zipline.

The set also includes three Minion characters: Kevin, Stuart, and Bob. They have interchangeable parts and accessories, such as overalls, goggles, arms, feet, and hair.

What’s Great About It: It is not just fun to play with because of the crazy, but adorable Minions, it can also help improve the problem-solving skills of kids as they move the characters around the castle and reveal the fun-filled rooms, as well as the hidden passages.

7. My Little Pony Princess Wedding Castle

Recommended for children at least 3 years old

Little girls will love this because they can create the best wedding for their favorite My Little Pony characters, Princess Cadance and Shining Armor. Your child can help prepare the ponies for their big day using the different wedding accessories included in the package, such as the wedding cake, bouquet, groom crown, bride crown, dress, tuxedo, and two rings.

The castle also has a number of features that make it even more fun to play with. There is a swinging bench, a staircase, a balcony, a spinning butterfly, and a door that opens and closes.

What’s Great About It: This toy can help develop your child’s fine motor skills as she moves the ponies around the castle. It can also enhance her creativity by decorating the accessories and other items the way she thinks a perfect wedding should be.

​8. Disney Princess Happily Ever After Cake Topper

Recommended for ages 3 to 12 years old

This one is not really a castle toy, but rather a cake topper for a children’s party. However, it would really be a waste if you just threw it out after the event or after the cake has been consumed. Since it is made with food-safe plastic, you can have your child play with it, and even use her other toy figures to create her own fairy tale.

This cake topper has two turrets and three figurines of Disney princesses, Cinderella, Ariel, and Rapunzel. The center of the castle topper features Belle and the Beast.

What’s Great About It: It gives you great value for your money, as you can use it as a cake topper, and then as a toy for your child.

​9. Etna Fairy Tale Tent

Recommended for ages 3 to 15 years old

If your child is fond of playing pretend princess, then it would be a great idea to get her a castle in which she can fit. This takes playing to the next level, as your little one does not play with figures in a castle toy, but rather lives as a princess in her own castle.

This castle play tent has an arched entrance, a mesh window, and a two-room design. It is made of polyester, so it is suitable for both indoors and outdoors and can be brought anywhere, as it comes in its own carrying case.

What’s Great About It: It is made of high-quality materials so it is built to last, with proper use and handling. The good thing about the Fairy Tale tent is that aside from enhancing children’s imagination, it also encourages them to be physically active by acting out their own fairy tale.

​10. LEGO Arendelle Castle Celebration Building Kit

Recommended for ages 6 to 12 years old

For little girls who just cannot get over the Frozen fever, this is another castle toy that they will surely be crazy about. It features the Arendelle castle with Queen Elsa’s ice room, Princess Anna’s bedroom, as well as a living room with a fireplace.

It also features a courtyard, which your child can arrange to create the birthday party using accessories such as a two-tiered birthday cake, a table with two seats, and two balloon stands. Other accessories include cupcakes, glasses, ice skates, presents, a cup, and a party invitation.

The figures included in the package are Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, Olaf the snowman, and three mini snowmen.

What’s Great About It: Aside from the fact that children are very familiar with the Frozen storyline, as well as the characters, they can also enhance their imagination and use their creativity in creating new stories and coming up with their own twists.

​11. LEGO Castle Gold Getaway

Recommended for ages 6 to 12 years old

When I talk about castles, several other things come to mind, and one of them is a carriage drawn by a horse. The Gold Getaway by LEGO is not really a castle, but rather something that can be associated with one.

This toy is actually a prison carriage, which has a cell door bust-out function, a treasure chest, and a horse in armor. The set also includes three mini figures: a Dragon soldier and two king’s knights with weapons and accessories.

What’s Great About It: This Lego set contains about 200 building pieces, so it can really refine your child’s problem-solving skills and spatial intelligence.

12. Mattel Disney Frozen Castle & Ice Palace Playset

Recommended for ages 3 to 8 years old

This is the third Frozen-themed castle that I have included on the list because I recognize how far Frozen fever has spread. So, if you are looking for the best gift for your little princess, you can never go wrong with a Frozen-themed castle.

This one is extra special because it features two castles in one toy. Since Queen Elsa has the original Arendelle castle, as well as the mesmerizing and magical ice castle that she built on the North Mountain, it makes sense to combine those two into one playset.

For your little girl to enjoy it more, the package also includes a throne, a bed, a printed blanket, a chaise with pink pillow, vanity, and chair, a perfume bottle, a mountain slide, and a figure of Olaf.

However, it does not include an Elsa or an Anna figure, so you can just purchase them separately to complete the Frozen experience. The good thing is that it can fit most toy figures that are the same size as a Barbie doll.

What’s Great About It: Your child can come up with plenty of new stories and adventures using different toy figures that she loves. By playing with this, your child can develop her creativity and imagination through roleplaying. It can also allow her to socialize, as it can be played with by two kids, using each side of the castle.

​13. LEGO Juniors The Princess Play Castle

Recommended for ages 4 to 7 years old

This Lego set will allow your child to enter a magical world of fun and imagination. However, she needs to build everything before she begins to enjoy it. It comes with building instructions, so you can guide your child as she creates a play garden with a slide and seesaw, or a royal bed-chamber.

The figures included in this playset are a princess and her cat, so if your child is also a cat lover, she can totally relate to the character of the princess. She can play on the slide, or feed and brush the cat’s fur at the grooming station.

It even comes in its iconic pink Lego storage box, so it’s easier to pack it away after use or bring it with you when you travel. If you intend to give this as a gift, you can just place a ribbon and a card, and you are all set. No need for a separate box and gift wrapper.

What’s Great About It: What’s good about allowing children to play with Lego toys is that they do not only get to enjoy playing, but they also develop their building skills and spatial intelligence.

​14. Kiddey Knight’s Castle Kids Play Tent

Recommended for children at least 18 months old

I have already reviewed a castle tent that is fit for a princess, so it is only fair that I also include a castle that is fit for a knight. It is a great way to allow your child to play out his own story by having his own castle to defend. He will surely spend hours playing, or just staying inside his castle when he gets tired of playing.

The castle is made of durable materials, so it can be used both indoors and outdoors. It comes in its own carrying bag and can be set up easily, so you can bring it with you when you go out for a picnic. It is even ideal to be used during play dates or parties where kids can have a great time playing with it in the backyard.

What’s Great About It: This castle tent encourages your child to be physically active, thus, taking him away from electronic gadgets and other games. It can enhance his creativity and imagination by playing as a knight defending his castle. It also allows him to develop his social skills when he plays with other kids.

​15. KidKraft Castle Tent with Tunnel

Recommended for ages 3 to 15 years old

I have included another castle tent on the list because I think it’s important to incorporate physical activity into your child’s playtime. This castle tent is perfect because it also includes a detachable tunnel, which is great for exercising your child’s arms and legs as she crawls in and out of it.

Both the castle and the tunnel have a detailed artwork, which includes a wooden door, roses, and twisting vines that your child will surely appreciate. It also features a mesh window for ventilation, and so that you can see how your child is doing inside the castle tent.

However, it is only designed to be used indoors, so better skip this one if you want your child to play with it in the backyard or during picnics.

What’s Great About It: Just like the other castle tents that I have reviewed, what I like most about this is that it allows your child to be physically active. It also encourages the development of creativity skills and imagination during pretend play.

​16. Melissa & Doug Medieval Castle 3D Puzzle

Recommended for ages 6 to 10 years old

With this toy, you are getting two wonderful features because it is a puzzle and a medieval castle set all in one. It consists of a hundred foam puzzle pieces.

Your child can put them together to build not just an amazing fortress, but one that has a secret door in the wall, turrets, a moat, a drawbridge that raises and lowers, a dungeon, and a hidden trap door.

It also includes additional play pieces such as horses, a dragon, an alligator, and royal play figures for hours and hours of fun playing.

What’s Great About It: This is a nice toy because it teaches your child the idea that in order to enjoy something, he needs to work hard for it. Before he can enjoy playing with the castle, he must build the puzzle first.

It also develops hand-eye coordination, concentration, and attention span. He can also improve his understanding of spatial relationships to put every piece into its perfect place.


Castle toys are great for kids because they stimulate imaginative play and allow kids to be creative in coming up with their own stories or fairy tales.

There are a lot of castle toys that you can choose for your child, depending on her own interests. For instance, if you have a little girl who never gets tired of anything related to Frozen, then the perfect gift that you can give is a Frozen-themed castle.

If you have a little boy who likes action packed games, then you can probably choose a castle toy that will allow him to act as a knight defending the castle.

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