Best Compression Socks & Stockings for a Comfortable Pregnancy

If you’re reading this, the chances are that you’re pregnant and you’re already experiencing the pain and discomfort that’s associated with the experience, whether it’s your lower back, your hips, your waist or your legs.

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As a soon-to-be mother, it’s very difficult to describe the events that our legs go through during pregnancy. Some days they’re swollen more than we’ve ever seen before, the next they’re simply uncomfortable and the next they just ache. Oh my, how they ache.

However, there’s a simple solution to all these problems rolled into one product – compression socks. These life-changing little socks are designed to treat our tired legs in a non-invasive way using many unique methods, all of which help to relieve pain, ensuring that we’re comfortable while going about our days.

Today, I’ll share with you some of my favorites through an in-depth review that will allow you to make the best purchasing decision for you.

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Jobst Relief Thigh-High Compression Stockings

  • Metal Body

  • Remote Control

  • Motion Sensor

Dr. Motion Graduated Compression Socks

  • Metal Body

  • Remote Control

  • Motion Sensor

Fytto Comfy Compression Pantyhose

  • Metal Body

  • Remote Control

  • Motion Sensor

Buttons & Pleats Calf Compression for Women

  • Metal Body

  • Remote Control

  • Motion Sensor

BeVisible Sports Maternity Compression Socks

  • Metal Body

  • Remote Control

  • Motion Sensor

Some of My Favorite Compression Socks That Will Make You Feel Great

When it comes to compression socks, it’s vital that you make the best decision for you. With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to be sure that you’re making the right choice. Fortunately, I’ve done the hard work for you, allowing you to make this decision effortlessly.

1. Jobst Relief Thigh-High Compression Stockings

To start off my list, I’ve chosen these sheer colored compression stockings that will provide you with everything you could need. These affordable stockings are made from extremely durable and flexible nylon, spandex and silicone materials to provide swollen legs with all the support you need.

What’s more, included with these stockings, you’ll be able to enjoy the added benefits of a silicone dot band, designed to wrap around the top of your stockings to hold them in place no matter what you’re doing that day.

Additionally, these stockings pride themselves on their open toe design, helping your feet breathe while in use, as well as giving you the freedom you need from a stocking on a day-to-day basis.

This makes it ideal for everyday use whether you’re at home or out and about running errands.

What’s Great About It: Specially designed so these tights last you all day without breaking, you’ll find a lightweight yet reinforced heel, expertly crafted to handle your day-to-day activity without splitting or ripping.

2. Dr. Motion Graduated Compression Socks

Next, I’ve decided to include one of my personal favorites, not only for the comfort and features these compression socks provide you, but also due to the vibrant and colorful designs that you’ll simply fall in love with.

If you’re suffering from tired, achy feet and legs, then these socks could be ideal for you. These non-binding socks are created using a comfort band construction, meaning these socks aren’t as restrictive as other socks, providing you with systematically positioned comfort and support when and where you need it the most.

Thanks to this unique design that also helps to improve your leg’s circulation, you can benefit from instantly reduced swelling and discomfort, leaving your legs and feet feeling immediately energized.

What’s Great About It: Due to the professionally produced microfiber nylon, you can be sure that your legs will stay light and refreshed all day, without running the risk of increased perspiration or foot odor, allowing you to enjoy the most comfortable experience.

3. Fytto Comfy Compression Pantyhose

If you’re searching for a gorgeous, supportive compression sock that leaves you looking and feeling great, these beautiful pantyhose could be for you. These slimline tights are suitable for both casual and formal wear, providing your legs with optimal levels of compression for the most comfortable fit.

At the base of the pantyhose, you’ll find extra material that gives you more than enough room to wiggle your toes as well as being to enjoy the added benefits of a snug fitting waist which helps you to minimize the risk of skin irritation if you’re wearing these tights all day.

There are four available sizes to choose from, enabling you to pick the perfect and most comfortable fit possible. There are also four unique and stylish colors to choose from, allowing you to pick the design that best suits your personality or any social or formal event that you may be attending.

What’s Great About It: Easily the leading aspect of these pantyhose are the additional layers that are added to the foot region. This is to provide you with extra support and comfort while you’re both walking and standing, ensuring that your pregnancy is as stress-free and comfortable as possible.

​4. Buttons & Pleats Calf Compression for Women

These unisex compression calf sleeves are originally designed for runners and athletes to improve circulation, but have recently been rebranded as being suitable for pregnant women, thanks to the many benefits that they provide

These compression sleeves proactively warm up your muscles, all while increasing your leg’s flexibility, ideal for fighting the traditional signs of fatigue that most pregnant women experience.

This advanced, highly researched compression technology gradually and methodically applies pressure to your leg muscles, ensuring that your blood flows freely while remaining comfortable through everyday use.

The sleeves themselves are produced using nylon and spandex materials, ensuring that they remain breathable as well as actively resisting the risk of slipping as you go about your day, making sure that you always feel your best.

What’s Great About It: Unlike most other compression sleeves, socks or stockings, these outstanding accessories are also completely machine washable, enabling you to effortlessly rid your sleeves of natural perspiration that can easily become a breeding ground for odorous bacteria.

​5. BeVisible Sports Maternity Compression Socks

To conclude my list of favorite compression socks, I’ve chosen this optimal, high-quality product that you’re simply going to love. This premium yet affordable stocking is produced using the finest nylon and spandex materials, ensuring that each pair is both durable and comfortable, allowing you to go about your day with minimal discomfort and pressure.

Unlike traditional cheap socks, these socks have been specially designed with a professional weave stitching, ensuring that, even after several washes, they will hold their durability and guarantee to remain free from runs or damage.

Furthermore, in addition to all the amazing health benefits, such as decreased fatigue, minimal swelling and aches in your legs, these socks simply look and feel great, allowing you to feel like your normal confident self as you go about your daily business.

What’s Great About It: If all these fantastic and beneficial features weren’t enough, you can be sure that you’re purchasing some of the most comfortable socks on the market thanks to the open toe design that ensures an optimal fit while allowing your legs and feet to breathe, minimizing the risk of sweaty and slippery legs.

What to Look Out for When It Comes to Choosing the Perfect Pair of Stockings or Socks

Now that you’re knowledgeable about what some of the best compression accessories are, it’s time to choose the pair that’s right for you.

Here, you can explore my complete buying guide, detailing everything you need to know about compression stockings, ensuring you make the best purchasing decision possible.

What Length Do My Stockings Need to Be?

When choosing compression stockings, you have a range of lengths to choose from. Each length has a different function and health benefit.

Firstly, you have knee length products. These are most typical support socks that are used during pregnancy. These are ideal for minimizing swelling.

You’ll also be able to choose from thigh length socks or full-length pantyhose which are most effective in treating pregnancy related conditions. These will also minimize the risk of DVT and varicose veins.

How Easy are Compression Stockings to Use?

As you can imagine, compression socks are a little trickier to get on when compared to traditional stockings or socks, especially when you’re pregnant. When pregnant, one of the most traditional issues you’ll face is limited flexibility.

If you’re finding it especially difficult, full-length pantyhose may be a bit too much of a struggle, so if you can’t get help from your partner, knee-length may be a more appropriate option.

Will Compression Socks Help with My Swelling?

They will indeed. In fact, it’s what the majority are designed to do as it’s one of the most common types of conditions associated with pregnancy. Decreased swelling occurs since the compression socks actively improve your blood circulation, the main cause of the swelling.

As above, this will also help you to minimize the risk of varicose and spider veins, another common condition related to pregnancy swelling.

What is a Compression Level?

Whether you’re shopping online or in a physical store, while searching for your ideal stockings, you may notice that the socks come with a compression level which may leave you wondering what it is. Commonly, there are four types of compression to choose from.

This compression level uses a unit of measurement known as mmHg, which stands for millimeters of mercury. The higher this number is, the higher the level of compression.


More commonly known as mild compression, this is the most common form of compression for pregnant women. This kind of compression helps to provide instant relief for tired and achy legs when you’re sitting or standing, as well as actively relieving swelling around your feet, ankles and legs.

It will also help you to prevent the creation of spider and varicose veins, helping you to stay energized throughout the day.

15-20 mmHg

This slightly higher level of compression will do the same as the lower compression rating stockings and socks at a much more effective level, but it will also help to combat DVT proactively. They are also ideal for pregnant women who are traveling long distances or may be sitting still for some time.

20-30 mmHg & Above

Anything higher than 20mmHg is most typically used for medical purposes and will normally be given to you by a doctor, but you do have the ability to purchase them yourself. You may consider these if you are suffering from tired and achy legs, swelling and some of the other symptoms listed above in a serious form.

However, in many cases, 20mmHg should be more than enough.

Are Compression Stockings & Socks Safe?

There have been very few cases reported where pregnant women have had problems while using compression stockings or socks. The risks of these socks are very minimal and may only be caused if you have skin conditions, such as extra sensitive or delicate skin.

However, other more serious conditions may also cause problems. If you suffer from sensory problems, such as peripheral neuropathy, you may not want to use tight stockings as it could impair your blood circulation. If you suffer from a condition such as this, always consult your doctor so you can see what your options are.

Do I Need Machine Washable Compression Stockings?

Cheaper, traditional stockings, similar to the ones found in supermarkets, are classed as disposable, and you may only wear them once or twice before you throw them in the bin. Usually, these tights will get damaged very quickly.

Instead, investing in a proper, more durable pair of stockings will save you a ton of money in the long-term. You’ll also want to ensure compression socks are washable. If you’re wearing your socks all day every day, naturally, your legs are going to perspire and, even though your stockings are breathable, you’ll still sweat like you normally would.

To ensure the cleanliness of your leggings, look for ones that are machine-washable, enabling you to maintain the highest level of hygiene and comfort, without risk of damaging your chosen product.

Final Thoughts

Taking your time to invest in the right pair of stockings is such a beneficial way to spend your time. By alleviating the pain and discomfort you’re feeling, you can spend your days doing what you like, when you like, enabling you to enjoy your pregnancy to its fullest.

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