5 Best Dog Breeds for Kids – A Quick Look

Looking for a family oriented dog that’s gentle as well as protective, or a new addition to the family that can spread love and happiness? No, you are not creating a scene or asking for too much. With young kids in the house, it’s a reasonable demand by all means. So, don’t worry. Your demand didn’t trigger dirty looks or laughs in the middle of an ordinary day. After all, it’s not a widely different concern than the one we already know. Gladly enough, you didn’t keep your concerns off-limit to others. So, let’s help you out with some of the best dog breeds for kids.

Golden Retriever

Among the breeds, Golden Retriever is a real tycoon. They have an intelligent, friendly, and devoted personality. They also have abundant of energy to share. Moreover, they like to please people, so your kids are sure to have a blast with them. With their strikingly golden coat to the brown piercing eyes, coupled with an innocent face and responsive nature, they really stand out in terms of looks and enthusiasm.

English Bulldog

Don’t let their macho looks fool you. English Bulldogs get along well with kids because of their friendly and gentle nature. They are also family protective, so they don’t mind spending the entire time with friends and family. They are often admired for their even-temperament. Also, they are more tolerant compared to other breeds. They definitely need some exercise, or else they will spend the entire day on the couch. As they grow up, they tend to be laid back by nature.


Affectionate and energetic, a boxer is a people-pleaser dog. You will find them incredibly friendly with kids. Their playful nature will surely keep the kids entertained. Even when they grow up, they don’t dump their playful nature. They are quite protective of their family, so they prove to be excellent vigilant watchdogs. Moreover, they are kind and selfless by nature. They need minimal grooming, and they are good at maintaining their composure with kids, which makes them a perfect family dog for kids.


The Beagles have a sweet, loving, and gentle nature so they can prove to be a great addition to your family. Beagles are also energetic by nature. They are always willing to play with kids. Moreover, they are medium-sized and short-haired. They make a low-maintenance pet. Furthermore, their adaptable nature makes them easy-to-train pets. Beagles have a lifespan of 12-15 years, so they will keep your kids entertained throughout their childhood phase of life.

Labrador Retriever

It’s commonly believed that Labrador Retrievers have mother-instinct. They also have a playful take on life. Moreover, Labrador Retrievers are quick learners, and they socialize well with kids, which makes them a wonderful house dog. As a matter of fact, they seem happiest when kids are around. The dog’s love for nature compels kids to play outside with the pet rather than being glued to the television screen. Also, they can prove to be great adventure companions on outdoor trips as they do not tire easily. Moreover, a Labrador retriever can switch gears quickly and protect your little ones from intruders, if the need arises.

Final Words

Although we have taken the time and efforts to recommend the most patient and kid-friendly dogs, no child should be left unsupervised with any dog. Neither the kids nor the dogs are always aware of the consequences of their actions. Remember, taking care of the dog is your responsibility. Between kids and pets, they will keep amusing themselves and offer each other great companionship. It’s your job to keep them healthy and groomed. Proper training, nourishment, and attention are a necessity over here to ensure that your dog and your family stay safe and happy at all times.

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