Best Doll Houses for Girls (Your Jolly Companions) in 2017

We all know that little girls love dolls and doll houses. But, did you also know that playing with these toys has positive effects to the growth of our kids? That means playing is not just a simple past time but a worthwhile way to get them occupied while also shaping them up. We will discuss these benefits later on but first, let us take a look at some of the best doll houses for girls that you might want to consider getting for your child as your next gift.

These doll houses are great in their own ways and they are listed in no particular order. Probably, the major differences that I can point out for now are the brand names, prices, and the target age range of the girls who can play with them.

Doll Houses for Girls - Best Picks for Your Little Princess

1. Chelsea Doll Cottage with Furniture

Recommended for ages 3 to 7 years old

This doll house is designed for four-inch dolls to fully maximize and enjoy its features. It is made of wood that is why it is durable and painted with shades of pink and blue which little girls will definitely love.

There are three stories with molded plastic stairs on each side to connect the levels. The house is very spacious with five different rooms that little girls can decorate and explore. It also has windows that open and close which I think add to the realistic appeal of the house.

What's Great About It: It also comes with 19 pieces of furniture including bunk beds, sofa set, piano, bathtub, vanity stand, and dining set. Little girls will definitely spend hours of playtime with this doll house and their beloved dolls.

2. Classic Heirloom Victorian Doll House

Recommended for ages 6 to 10 years old

This doll house is also made of wood and painted with shades of pink for that very girly look. It is also made of wood and is easy to assemble so you can even have your little girl help out in putting it up.

What I like about this doll house is its intricate and sophisticated design. The exterior has great panels and brackets while the interior has unique wall coverings, nice balusters, and beautiful floors.

What's Great About It: It has two levels and six rooms including an attic which can be used as another bedroom. This Victorian Doll House is perfect for dolls up to a maximum of 5 inches tall.

3. My Dreamy Dollhouse with Furniture

Recommended for ages 3 to 15 years old

If you want a big doll house for your little girl, and even the not so little ones, this doll house might be your perfect choice. It stands at four feet tall so it is even bigger than a 3-year old.

Since it is big, it has plenty of rooms to play with and it can even be played by two or more kids at once. It has three levels and instead of the usual stairs, this doll house has a gliding elevator to take dolls to any part of the house.

A total of fourteen furniture pieces come with the house and these include bed with linens, vanity mirror and stool, piano and bench, curtains, tables and chairs, lamps, toilet, and bathtub.

What's Great About It: What’s even better is that some of the furniture can make sounds with just one push of a button. The piano can play music and the toilet makes flushing sounds. The lamp also lights up. These are great features as they can spark up little girls’ imagination while playing.

​4. Peppa Pig’s Deluxe House

Recommended for ages 3 to 15 years old

This doll house is great for the little girls who love Peppa Pig and her brother, George. The house also comes with mini figures of the siblings although it does not include Mommy Pig and Daddy Pig.

It may be a very simple doll house but that is what makes it great. It has four rooms and resembles the house of Peppa’s family as seen in the cartoon. It even has the recognizable bunk bed where Peppa and George sleep. Other furniture include a washing machine, a bathtub, a couch, a television, and more.

What's Great About It: This is a favorite among the younger ones because the doll house can be folded shut and can be carried around and played with anywhere. There is even a handle on the roof of the house for convenience.

​5. Family Pets Wooden Dollhouse Animals

Recommended for ages 3 to 8 years old

Doll houses are not just for dolls because even other toys need houses as well. This doll house is great for kids who love animals and would love to have pets but could not for whatever reason.

Your little girl can have lots of fun playing with a dog, a cat, and a rabbit which come with their individual houses and food bowls. This playset is great on its own or can be used and played with other doll houses.

What's Great About It: It is made from solid wood so it is meant to last. It was finished with non-toxic paint and other materials for the overall appeal and design.

​6. Loving Family Dollhouse

Recommended for ages 3 to 6 years old

If your little girl prefers a bare doll house so that she can decorate it herself, this might be a good choice for her. The Loving Family Doll House has four floors and six bedrooms so there is a lot of space for decors and for the family of dolls to move around.

The doll house comes with a family consisting of a mommy, a daddy, and a baby doll. For starters, it also comes with a sofa, a baby seat, and a swing set outside. There are only a few accessories that come with the set so your little girl has the chance to choose whatever accessories she wants to add, at an additional cost of course.

I like that it also has built-in sounds such as the doorbell. When you press it, it will sound like the real thing which is perfect for role playing. It is also big enough that more than one kid can play at a time.

What's Great About It: I also like the fact that it has a folding design which means it can be easily folded and stored when kids are done playing. It does not have to be kept up at all times and occupy too much space.

7. Savannah Dollhouse with Furniture

Recommended for ages 3 to 5 years old

Here is another big doll house, standing at over four feet tall so it is perfect for multiple kids to play at a time. The Savannah Dollhouse has four levels and six rooms with large windows and an outdoor patio area so little girls will have a great time playing with their dolls in this house’s space.

Because of its size, it is not going to be difficult to look for a doll which can fit in it. If your girl has Barbies, this doll house can comfortably accommodate them.

What's Great About It: It also comes with thirteen pieces of furniture so you do not have to spend on buying more. There is a couch, a table, and a lamp for the living room, a sink and a refrigerator for the kitchen, a table and two chairs for the dining room, a tub and a toilet for the bathroom, a 4-post bed and crib for the bedrooms, and a porch swing for the outdoor area. Just like the house, the furniture are also made out of wood which adds to the overall appeal.

​8. Disney Frozen Ice Castle Dollhouse

Recommended for ages 3 to 15 years old

If your child loves Elsa and Anna, then this doll house might be a good choice for her. It stands almost four feet tall, has three levels and five rooms to decorate and play with. Decorating is easy as it also comes with eleven pieces of furniture which are perfect for this ice castle.

Some of the furniture included are a chandelier, a chaise lounge, a grand piano with bench, a table and chairs, and a vanity table with a stool. Of course, since it is Elsa’s ice castle, it also includes a beautiful ice throne. Everything is made of wood so you can be assured that it will be sturdy and durable enough to last for many years.

What's Great About It: This is a Disney classic so I think that most little girls will appreciate this doll house and get thrilled playing with it either alone or with their siblings or playmates. It is also not limited to Elsa and Ana as most standard dolls can probably fit in.

​9. Barbie ZipBin 40 Doll Dream House Toy Box and Playmat

Recommended for ages 3 to 15 years old

This can serve both as a doll house and a storage box for little girls’ Barbie dolls and their accessories. It is a large box that can turn into a play mat when you unzip portions of it.

It only has one level and may not have any compartment or furniture but the inside panel of the box features images which can make the box look like a Barbie’s house when opened. There is even a pool image in the lid so it adds to the luxurious look which suits the Barbie lifestyle.

What’s great about this toy box and playmat is that it can also teach the little girls to tidy up after play time. Since it transforms into a large box, everything can be stored in it after use so cleaning up is fast, easy, and convenient.

What's Great About It: If there is one thing that can be improved on this toy box is the durability. Since it does not have much support, it can get bent out of shape easily.

​10. Minnie’s Bow Sweet Home

Recommended for ages 2 to 5 years old

It is pink and has Minnie’s iconic bow on it so kids will definitely love this one too. This toy house has four floors and five rooms which kids can explore using the Minnie Mouse and Figaro figures that come with the set. For those who do not know, Figaro is Minnie’s pet which, ironically, is a cat.

Children as young as 2 years old can play with this toy house because it has sound effects and colorful polka dot lights which can keep the little ones amazed and entertained. Minnie even gives some cheerful phrases with just one press of a button.

It also comes with 18 accessories such as a refrigerator, a stove, a kitchen table, and chairs for the kitchen, and a couch and a flat screen tv for the living room. There is also a bed and a laptop for the bedroom, a vanity and a bathtub for the bathroom, and a lounge chair for the patio. Even Figaro has her own room with accessories such as a fish tank, a feeding bowl, and a pet bed.

What's Great About It: However, I would still suggest adult supervision if a 2-year old will play with it because it still has small parts which can pose as a choking hazard.

​11. Loving Family Dream Dollhouse with Caucasian Family

Recommended for ages 3 to 7 years old

This playset has a lot of rooms so there is definitely plenty of space for your little girl to enjoy. It has nine spacious rooms spread in four floors and a lot of accessories and furniture to go perfectly in it. There is even more play area because the center tower can be lifted up to reveal additional space.

The doll house also comes with four dolls: a mom, a dad, a toddler, and a baby. Since it has several minifigures and a wide play area, it can be played by multiple kids at one time. It can be perfect for role playing and imaginative play.

Some of the accessories included in the playset are a chandelier, bathroom lights, a high chair for the baby, a sofa, a tea table, chairs, a bed set, a desk, and a fireplace. As an additional feature, it also has soft sounds for the kids to enjoy it more. The doorbell rings, the teapot whistles, and the clock chimes.

What's Great About It: Aside from the sound effects, it also has four songs which the kids can play and sing along with, including a lullaby and a tea party song. But, what I like best about this doll house is that it can be folded away when playtime is done so it does not take too much space in the house.

12. Disney Sofia the First Royal Prep Academy

Recommended for kids at least 3 years old

Almost every little girl knows Princess Sofia so this might also be a sure hit for your child. This is not a house but rather, a playset based on Sofia’s school which she attends to learn how to be a princess.

It has three levels with nine rooms which are all filled with fun and excitement. Each room also features a special activity. Sofia even goes between floors using a magic throne. The said throne can be moved by twisting the flower-shaped knob and is even accompanied by colorful lights for more fun.

The playset also comes with lots of accessories to make playtime more enjoyable and learning to be a princess more fun. Some of these accessories include an easel, a piano, a music stand, a sorcerer’s hat, potion bottles, a dining table, chairs, plates, glasses, and more.

What's Great About It: A 3-inch figure of Sofia the First and a 1.5-inch figure of Clover the Rabbbit are inlcuded upon purchase of the playset. Other characters can be bought separately.

​13. Cozy Cottage Starter Home

Recommended for ages 3 to 15 years old

If your child is fond of Calico Critters, then this is probably the best way to have her start her own collection. The Cozy Cottage has the complete setup and there is no assembly needed . That means your little girl can play with it immediately and spend hours of pretend play with Bell Hopscotch Rabbit’s family.

This doll house comes with a moveable and reversible floor so children have the option to either use it as a front yard, expand the first floor, or create the 2nd floor of the house. It is on the smaller side with only less than a foot in length and width.

It may be small but I like that its moveable floor allows kids to use their creativity and imagination to place it wherever they think it should be.

What's Great About It: There are also more than 15 furniture and accessories included in this playset. Some of them include a kitchen counter with sink and storage areas, a kitchen table with two chairs, a TV, a twin bed with matching sheets, and a moveable ladder for easy access to the second floor.

​14. Sandy’s House and Ocean Cruiser Doll House

Recommended for ages 4 to 9 years old

This is a two in one toy because it can be a doll house but it can also be converted to an ocean cruiser for more adventure. Sandy is one of the Flipsies dolls and she comes with this playset. She dreams of becoming a marine biologist that is why her house is also what she uses to explore the ocean life.

Little girls will love Sandy’s house because there are a lot of things that they can do with it. The house features a MagicPoint location where girls can put Sandy in so that she will respond with playful phrases. The charm on her necklace also lights up when pressed.

What's Great About It: If your little girl loves Sandy’s house, there are also other Flipsies playsets and dolls and they all have the feature of having a MagicPoint location. What’s great about these sets is that they work with any Flipsies dolls and Sandy can also interact with all the playsets.

​15. Goldilocks and the Three Bears Toy House and Storybook Playset

Recommended for kids at least 3 years old

This is a classic story so kids can easily recognize this doll house as well as the characters included. Your little girl can build the toy house and read the storybook that comes with it. It is very easy to assemble as the pieces are like puzzle pieces that fit to form a house.

It has beautiful water color illustration that will surely get your little girl’s attention. Once the house is built, it will look like a tree house with a working swing and a tree fort. The characters are complete too as the playset comes with Mama Bear, Papa Bear, Baby Bear, and Goldilocks.

Of course, it won’t be complete without the items that also make up the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. Included in the set are three bowls of porridge, three chairs, and three beds.

What's Great About It: Once the kids are done playing, the house can easily be disassembled and folded flat in a portable carrying case that comes with the package.

​16. Chelsea Doll and Clubhouse Playset

Recommended for ages 3 to 10 years old

This toy house has two stories and an elevator for switching between floors. This set includes the doll, Chelsea as well as her pet bunny named Skipper.

What you would immediately notice about the house is how pink it is so if your little girl loves pink a lot, she might like this doll house as well.

The first floor of the house can serve as the area where your little girl can place the accessories that come with the playset. It can serve as the kitchen where the doll can prepare the food on the counter, cook in the oven, store the food in the refrigerator, and clean up using the sink.

What's Great About It: The second floor can be used as a fun rooftop deck where Chelsea can stay to watch the stars or just to breathe some fresh air.

The Benefits of Playing with Dolls and Doll Houses

There may be a lot of doll houses available in the market today but it is important to choose those which can help bring out the best in our kids. As mentioned earlier in this article, playing with doll houses has positive effects to their growth. Doll houses allow kids to engage in imaginary play for intellectual and social development.

Playing with dolls also develop children’s cognitive and motor skills, language skills, as well as their caring and nurturing skills. Sometimes, it even lets them work through strong emotions such as frustrations and aggression.

It also provides little girls a venue to develop their creativity when they can decorate the doll houses on their own. Playing with doll houses can also make them feel confident in solving problems and interacting with their environment.


When looking for the best doll houses for girls, it is important to consider your little girl’s age and interests. That way, you can be sure that she will enjoy and be able to play with everything without inhibitions. Other factors to consider are the theme, design, size, and budget. The doll houses that were reviewed here are great choices based on my preference so I hope that it can help you out when choosing the best for your child.

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