Best Educational Space Toys to Take Your Children Out of this World

Space is one of humankind’s last great mysteries. This awe-inspiring void surrounds our planet and is something that children absolutely adore.

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There’s so much to do, so much to see and, thanks to recent technology, our kids are more involved in space than any generation before us. Through movies, films, television series’ and games, space and the universe have become a part of our everyday lives.

There are so many ways in which to get your children involved in this awesome part of life. One of the best is by investing in an educational space toy.

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Product Name



Shifu Space Augmented Reality Education Game

  • Adorable space toy

  • Unique and highly innovative

  • 60 available space-based flash cards

NSI Smithsonian Mars Dig Kit

  • Affordable

  • Realistic and engaging for kids

  • Unique model

4M Solar System Planetarium

  • Educational space toy

  • Able to build, paint own planet

  • Complete model

3 of the Most Amazing Space Toys for Blasting Your Child to Outer Space

Without further ado, here are three of my favorite educational space toys that your children will instantly fall in love with.

1. Shifu Space Augmented Reality Education Game

I can’t stress enough how much my kids absolutely adore this space toy. This unique and highly innovative set is everything I could have possibly wanted for my children.

Simply put, you download the free app onto your Android or Apple device. From there, you take one of the 60 available space-based flash cards and point your device at it. On your screen, the respective planetary item will spring to life in an amazing 4D model.

This provides your child with a unique and amazing look into what actually exists in space. Your child is free to walk around, zoom in and out and explore each item as they please, encouraging endless hours of educational fun.

What’s Great About It: Within your purchase, you’ll also be able to enjoy a carry pouch, a unique activation code for all the application features, and a device stand for the best viewing experience.

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2. NSI Smithsonian Mars Dig Kit

If you’re looking an affordable and exciting space toy for your children, look no further. This exciting kit is one of a kind, and your children won’t have seen anything like it.

With this set, your children will be able to dig to their heart’s content to look for Mars rocks. Yes, that’s right; your children will have the opportunity to dig for the same rocks that the Curiosity Mars rover discovered.

Within this set, you’ll find a set of toy goggles and digging tools. Once fully equipped, your children will be able to dig for the rocks. There are 11 in total, resulting in endless hours of digging fun for the family.

What’s Great About It: To make things even more realistic and engaging for your kids, you’ll find a unique model of the Mars Curiosity itself. This means your children will be able to play as though they are actually discovering the rocks for the first time. This is truly a unique educational experience that your kids are going to love.

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3. 4M Solar System Planetarium

Are you in need of an educational space toy that your children are going to adore for many years to come? This awesome planetarium is ideal for children of all ages, and it’s great for teaching them about the ins and outs of space.

Your children will be able to build, paint and create their own unique planetary system using string and rods. There’s also glow-in-the-dark paint, an informational wall chart, and stencils for creating any planets they want. Of course, these are all based on our own solar system.

Once the model is completed, simply set it up in your child’s bedroom. This then allows your whole family to enjoy the model for many years to come.

What’s Great About It: In addition to the multiple kits that are available, your children will also be able to enjoy all their stencils, paints and gels for many years to come. This allows them to make whatever kind of models they like, space related or not.

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How to Choose the Perfect Educational Space Toy for Your Children

With so much on offer, it can be difficult to know whether or not you’re choosing the right toy for your children. However, to make the best decision about getting your children intrigued by science, follow my comprehensive buying guide below.


As you would expect, one of the most important things to consider is the educational aspect of your toy. When shopping, it’s important that you look for realism in the toy. Any kind of factual accompaniments you receive are also a bonus.

This could include wall charts, booklets or leaflets that go into detail about space and your chosen toy. The more information included with your purchase, the more engaged your child will be. This will cause your child to fall in love with the product even more.


As you would need from a toy, it has to be entertaining, or your children won’t want to use it. As you can see from my list, there are a ton of options before you, allowing you to find one that your child enjoys.

If your child is hands-on, the painting or digging set would be ideal since your child can get really involved in what they’re doing. If your child is a visual learner, the augmented reality would be absolutely perfect for them.

You know your child better than anyone, so it’s important that you take this into account. Take the time to define what kind of learner your child is so you can make the best decision.


When choosing what product is suitable for your child, it’s important to remember their age. Some products will be designed for all ages. However, some products will be suitable for young children and some only for older children.

This is a safety aspect and very important to check. If you buy a toy with small parts, this can become a choking hazard to children, and it can be very dangerous.

Regarding education, some toys will be designed to be understood by older children. In this case, younger children may not understand the concepts described.

Always check the manufacturer’s recommendations before you buy the toy.​

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Final Thoughts

An educational space toy can be so beneficial to your child’s learning development. There’s also no better subject to educate your children in than space. With the right toy, you can engage your child, giving them endless hours of fun for many years to come. And perhaps they will even be inspired to be the next Neil Armstrong.

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