10 of the Best & Most Interesting Educational Websites for Your Kids

In terms of mental growth, a Ferrari cannot take you as far as an educational degree. A kid without formal education is like a bird without wings. By educating our kids, we will be blazing a path for their future success. After all, kids are like uncut diamonds. By educating them at a raw age, we can help them sparkle in the near future. So, let’s get to the supreme act of education by uncovering the 10 best educational websites for kids.

1. Funbrain

Funbrain is a free educational site that makes learning all the more fun. The site is a home for dozens of engaging and educational browser-based games and online books that can help kids as well as adults develop skills in reading, math, and literacy. Resourceful and colorful, the site is a feast for kids who want to learn and play at the same time. It’s a great site to introduce to your kids to supplement their classroom studies. So often, the Internet is used by kids to get into troubles. Why not use it for a solid objective such as education? Click here to pay a visit to the site: www.funbrain.com

2. Habitat

This site isn’t about playing games or social networking. It’s one of those sites that can help your kid become a better citizen. Habitat for Humanity is an affordable housing charity that does more than educating kids. They help young kids learn valuable lessons in life. With no prior experience needed, kids of all ages are cordially welcomed to put forward their efforts to build houses for people in need. To promote social responsibility and to do community service, encourage your kids to pay a visit to the website link given here: www.habitat.org

3. Khan Academy

It’s a non-profitable website that aims to provide free online education to just about anyone out there. The site is jam-packed with thousands of videos on vital subjects. You can learn as much from Khan Academy as much you could from any of your professors. The best part is that you won’t have to spend a dime for the additional help. Often the content on the site is used by teachers at school. They are a fun way to learn, practice and earn badges to maintain the learning drive. You can check it out at www.khanacademy.org

4. Babytv

Babytv is the world’s leading education network for kids under the age of five. It airs 24/7 and it’s totally ads free. The high-quality contents and exclusive shows are created by the child development experts. It’s a fantastic educative channel to introduce to your kids to give them a good grasp of alphabets, poems, colors, stories and so much more. There is a wealth of informative and entertaining content on the site. For a visit to their site, click here: www.Babytv.com

5. Starfall

Formed in 2002, Starfall has garnered a great deal of loyalty from kids and parents alike. The website is loaded with animated books, songs, games, and other reading exercises for pre-school and grade school kids. They make learning fun and interactive. The use of animation and sound during the learning process helps kids engage in the education process. There are a lot of downloadable materials as well. It’s proving to be a great homeschooling resource. There’s plenty of high-quality content on the site prepared by top-notch professional educators. Moreover, there are no distracting advertisements on the site. Visit at: www.starfall.com

6. ABCmouse

Specifically centered towards kids aged between 2 to 7, ABCmouse boasts of being the best early learning academy online. It’s pretty much like an online preschool. The site is filled with educational toys, books, puzzles, games, music, and activities. There are plenty of tailored learning levels on the site designed by experts in the field. The kid’s progress is also tracked along the way. Kids are rewarded with tickets for each of the completed activities, which can be saved and used later on in other areas. They offer 30 days free trial. The monthly subscription fee from the second month is $7.95. Visit the site at, www.ABCmouse.com

7. E-Learning for Kids

Available in many languages, it’s a free website for kids aged between 4 to 12 years. It’s a great resource that can be used to supplement existing learning. There is a whole bunch of different games and lessons on the site depending upon the chosen subject or learning grade. Each topic has animated lessons along with a reinforcement activity to help kids remember the subject matter better. With a fantastic spread of interactive content, the site is both fun and free to use. Click here to check the website, www.e-learningforkids.org

8. CoolMath

CoolMath claims to make math fun like never before. With loads of games that have been proven to improve math skills, the website states to be an amusement park of math. With plenty of interactive online math games, you won’t see your kids wet their eyes while learning math. Click here to check the site: www.CoolMath-Games.com

9. Enchanted Learning

Enchanted Learning is a great online platform for kids to learn a lot. Unlike other websites, it does not have flashy graphics. However, it’s filled with informative stuff. It’s an excellent source of printable materials, educational activities, and games. The site has thousands of pages of good quality educational content covering all kinds of subjects. The interface is simple to use and navigate. The learning part is made fun, stimulating, and interesting. Most of the materials and activities on the site are free. Visit the site at, www.enchantedlearning.com

10. The KIDZ Page

Children of all ages are warmly welcome on The Kidz Page site. Featuring boatloads of games, clip arts, jigsaws, coloring pages, and activities section, the site takes learning to a whole new level. As a parent, one can feel safe letting their kids spend a generous amount of time on this site as they will only learn something as a tradeoff for their time. The student resource is quite abundant. Some of the sections are quite popular with the kids. Click here to check the site: www.thekidzpage.com

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