Best Electric Scooters for Kids in 2022 for Exhilarating Outdoor Adventures

The best electric scooters for kids are designed to ensure optimal balance when your children are riding them. This is an important consideration as the risk of injury increases when the electric scooter becomes unstable on the go.

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Riders must also be able to exert a great level of control over their electric scooter in terms of direction and speed.

When used properly, which includes the adoption of safety measures, electric scooters are a great gift item for older children and pre-teens.

Parents find that their children make friends, enjoy fun time in the sun, and learn physical skills, among others, while riding their electric scooters. Kids learn that they can easily control their ride, especially as they run at lower speeds, normally around 10 to 12 miles per hour.

Best Kids’ Electric Scooters for the Money

Everybody wins, so to speak, with electric scooters so why not consider one for your little explorer. Here are our top ten picks as well as our basic guide for choosing and using these products with your kids in mind.

1. Razor E300 Electric Scooter

Suitable for: 12 years old and up

On a full charge, the E300 can run for 40 minutes while reaching a top speed of 15 miles per hour (mph). The two rechargeable batteries provide 12-volt power to the high-torque chain-driven motor. When the E300 is on the go, the motor runs like a dream even on uphill terrain – something your kids will love.

The acceleration system consists of a twist-grip mechanism on the handlebar, just as it is with motorcycles, so its user can decide on his desired speed – twist harder and it goes faster, and the twist less to go slower.

The brake system consists of a brake caliper on the handlebar that, when pressed, activates the rear brake system. The action of placing your foot on the ground and twisting the twist-grip mechanism in the opposite direction is also a must for coming to a complete stop.

The wide deck features a non-slip strip that provides a strong grip for your child’s feet, so there’s little chance of them becoming unbalanced due to a slippery deck. But it’s still best to provide them with safety advice about proper foot positioning.

The fully pneumatic, large 10-inch tires contribute to better stability and impact absorption, especially when the electric scooter’s user is on a trick performing streak. It is no wonder that the E300 is popular for aspiring pros.

What’s Great About It: The E300 is designed to ensure the right combination of balance and speed so that kids who use it can remain safe, even at its top speed, as long as safety measures are adopted. Be sure to teach your kids about the importance of these safety measures, such as wearing protective gear and slowing down around corners.

2. Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter

Age Range: 12 years old and up

The Razor brand of electric scooters is known for its sturdy construction, whimsical design and durable materials. The Pocket Mod is in the same mold as their full sized vehicles, thus its inclusion on our best electric scooters for kids list.

The electric scooter reminds us of the Vespa, an iconic scooter first introduced in Italy in 1946 as an affordable, easy to use, and trendy city transportation vehicle. Even the curved lines, flat floorboard and vivid colors remind us of Vespa.

Of course, the Pocket Mod has a slower speed of 15 mph, a lighter weight capacity of 170 pounds, and a shorter run time of 10 miles on a full battery charge. The charging itself takes 12 hours, so there’s a limitation to the number of times the electric scooter can be used in a day, unlike the fuel-powered Vespa. Despite these differences, we have to say that the exhilarating feeling of zipping around on a scooter is fantastic.

The large 12-inch pneumatic tires provide greater stability and comfort when your child is riding on it, while its chain-driven motor purrs like a kitten when in operation. The full padded seat hides a storage compartment for storing food and drinks, perhaps a few toys and a cellphone.

What’s Great About It: We like the combination of the cushioned seat and the storage compartment, which most electric scooters for kids don’t have. The 12 hour charging time can be easily overlooked due to the smooth operation, fast speed, and fun times that your kids can have on it.

3. Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Suitable for: 8 years old and up

The E100 is the younger brother of the E300, so it’s best for younger kids. Despite its scaled-down design, its functional features make it a dream for your little ones to use.

The 24-volt rechargeable battery-operated chain-driven motor is so quiet that this electric scooter can literally sneak up on others. This is a great feature when your kids like to zip in and around the house and you want them to be quiet about it.

The 8-inch fully pneumatic front tire may be smaller than on the E300, but it still provides a smooth and comfortable ride, while the high-grade polyurethane rear tire allows for easy maneuvering. The acceleration and brake systems are also similar to the E300, with a twist-grip for speed and a caliper for the brakes.

Each full charge of the battery provides a 40 minute run time. The maximum speed of 10 mph and the 120 pound weight limit are just right for your younger kids too.

What’s Great About It: The E100 may be slower and smaller than the E300, but that’s what makes it perfect for kids as young as 8 years old. The similar materials, design and construction means that your younger kids will have an easier time transitioning to the E300 as they get older.

​4. Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter

Suitable for: 8 years old and up

The E300S has the same basic features as the E300, but with one major difference – this one has a removable padded riding seat. The seat can be placed on the electric scooter when your child wants to be seated when riding it and then removed when he wants ride standing up. Such versatility makes it one of the electric scooters that give the best bang for your buck.

The seat also allows new riders to learn balance while riding and then progress to a standing position, as well as relieve pressure on the legs from prolonged riding.

The wide deck provides a secure footing base, a must when your kid wants to ride for the full 45 minute riding time on a full charge. The twist-grip acceleration mechanism allows for a maximum speed of 15 mph, which is fast enough for a fun ride, while still being slow enough to ensure your child’s safety.

The two 12-volt rechargeable batteries have lead acid in them, but they are tightly sealed for safety purposes. These can be fully charged in 12 hours, so you can charge them overnight when your child is sleeping. The electric scooter will stop running when the batteries run out of juice while the caliper-based brake system will make it stop in a heartbeat.

What’s Great About It: We like the removable seat because it allows for versatility, which other scooters for kids can’t always provide. The large pneumatic tires ensure its stability and comfort even when ridden on less-than-smooth surfaces like concrete and gravel roads.

​5. EvoPowerboards UberScoot Electric Scooter

Suitable for: 12 years old and up

The UberScoot is as unique as can be, thus its inclusion on our best electric scooter for kids list. Where the other scooters are versatile, such as the E300S with its removable seat, the UberScoot is foldable, and that alone is enough for us to take notice.

The innovative Posi Lock System allows its user to fold down the steering column into the frame and deck. Even a pre-teen can do it after a session or two of learning the mechanism. This solves the issue of where and how to store the electric scooter in your already crowded garage or bedroom.

This is also among the heaviest electric scooters on our list, weighing in at 99 pounds. Your child may want help setting it up and getting it out the door at first.

Aside from the remarkable folding system, the UberScooter also has three 12-volt rechargeable batteries while the others only have two units. The added horsepower means its top speed is 26 mph, which is among the fastest on our list, while its 120 kg weight limit means that even heavier teens and adults can use it.

The UberScooter has such a high weight limit partly because of its sturdy construction and partly because of its large 10-inch wheels at the front and rear. The brake system, which consists of high-grade disc brakes at the front and rear, allow for stopping on a dime.

What’s Great About It: We like the folding design, the fast speed, and effective brakes. Add in the detachable rider’s seat and the 10-mile capacity on a single charge and we’re not surprised about to hear the stories of its increasing popularity.

​6. Razor Trikke E2 Electric Scooter

Suitable for: 8 years old and up

Younger kids that are new to electric scooters typically have difficulty in balancing on these two-wheeled devices. The Trikke E2 solves that problem with the help of its unique lean-to-steer mechanism, which allows novice riders to exert greater control. Your kid may even remark that the riding sensation is akin to floating on water or surfing on land.

The two 12-volt rechargeable batteries provide sufficient power for a top speed of 9 mph. The speed is slower than the other electric scooters on this list, but it’s perfect for beginners. Even parents will agree that the slower speed contributes to their peace of mind.

The motor purrs like a kitten, so zipping around the house, the yard and the neighborhood will not bother you or the neighbors. Just be sure to educate your kids about safe places to ride their scooter, preferably without vehicular traffic for safety reasons.

What’s Great About It: The cambering platforms and the non-slip surfaces are great safety features for younger kids who are just beginning to master the electric scooter. The lean-to-steer mechanism is the icing on the cake, as is the 40-minute run time on a full charge.

7. Super 1000-Elite Turbo Electric Scooter

Suitable for: 12 years old and up

The word “elite” is overused, especially on products that the manufacturers want to be standouts without a good reason. But the Super Turbo 1000-Elite lives up to its name, thanks to its thoughtful design elements.

This is a heavy electric scooter, but its weight serves a purpose – it has a maximum weight limit of 300 pounds when the hill kit accessory is attached, allowing two average-sized teenagers to ride at the same time.

The large pneumatic tires can hold up under this weight, even when the electric scooter is used on rougher surfaces, thanks to the full treads. Many consumers even say that it’s the best electric scooter for older kids despite the more expensive price tag.

The electric scooter also has remarkable power, thanks to its three 12-volt rechargeable deep cell batteries. When fully charged, your child can zip and zoom on it for 18 miles at tops speeds of 26 mph. You don’t have to worry about them being shushed by the neighbors because of the ultra-quiet motor.

Each ride is as comfortable as can be, thanks to the front wheels’ swinger mono shock and the rear wheels’ dual shocks. Other notable features include efficient disc brakes, a bright headlight, and a heavy-duty chain drive, all of which are encased in a solid steel frame. Let’s face it – these features are as elite as you can get from a kid-friendly electric scooter.

What’s Great About It: We may have been initially shocked by the price, but we have to admit that it’s worth the money. The features make the Super Turbo 1000-Elite the top of its class, from the wheels and shocks to the throttle system and turnkey ignition system.

​8. Razor RX200 Electric Off-Road Scooter

Suitable for: 13 years old and up

Kids with advanced scooter riding skills will appreciate the RX200 because it can be used on almost any type of terrain, even in certain off-road conditions. The extra-wide pneumatic tires have tread patterns suitable for sporty use so your child can test his skills; even go on adventures on his scooter. The tires can be inflated up to 60 psi depending on the type of terrain where the scooter will be used.

Such rough use demands higher power, so the RX200 has two 12-volt rechargeable sealed acid batteries, thus its 24-volt output capacity. At full charge, usually after 12 hours of continuous charging, the RX200 can cruise for 40 minutes at a 12 mph top speed.

The high-torque motor responds quickly when the twist-grip throttle mechanism is put through its paces. The high-grade disc brakes at the rear also respond just as fast when the brake caliper on the handlebar is pressed. The process of accelerating, braking and coasting along becomes so easy that your child won’t want to get off the scooter at the end of the day.

What’s Great About It: We like its lighter weight while still offering a superior performance on the road. We would have liked it to be foldable for easier transportation, but its effective features are more enough.

​9. Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

Suitable for: 8 years old and up

The Power Core E90 may have a slower top speed than the E100 and the Razor, but its 80 minute runtime more than makes up for it. Younger kids are more likely to accept the trade-off since longer playing time is better than faster speed, especially when school’s out for summer. Even the 120 pound weight limit is directed toward your younger adventurers.

You will also find many unique features on the E90. Instead of the twist-grip throttle mechanism, it has a push-button throttle that makes it easy for young riders to learn the device. This may seem inconvenient, but at least you won’t have to worry about over-acceleration.

The front brake is activated by a caliper on the handgrip. The motor runs smoothly, although emphasis must be made that the E90 isn’t as suitable for rougher terrain like the Super Turbo 1000-Elite is.

What’s Great About It: The E90 is the ideal electric scooter for beginners, thanks to its slower speed and longer run time. Your younger child can better develop his riding skills before he progresses to a more advanced electric scooter.

​10. Razor E325 Electric Scooter

Suitable for: 12 years old and up

The E325 is an upgrade from the E300 and it shows. The E325 allows for variable speeds so your older kids and teens can accelerate and decelerate depending on their current desire. The brakes can be activated to get it to a complete stop, but it doesn’t have to be activated to make the E325 slow down. Such great control means fostering a deeper sense of independence in your kids.

The E325 also has a longer run time of 45 minutes which is just a small upgrade from the 40 minute run time of the E300. And since it can be folded, you will enjoy the differences. The ease of transportation and storage are just the cherry on top.

What’s Great About It: We like the variable speed feature and foldable design. The acceleration-deceleration feature is truly unique on our list.

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Our Way of Choosing these Best Models

We chose the best electric scooters on our list by considering these factors:

  • Durable construction, including the quality of the materials. We wanted to ensure that the electric scooters can withstand daily use by kids, especially when used on rougher terrain.
  • Power of the rechargeable batteries. We looked for batteries that can be fully charged as fast as possible, usually in 12 hours or less, and provide relatively fast speeds of between 9 and 26 mph.
  • Safety features. We only chose electric scooters that have the right safety features, such as large pneumatic tires with shocks, effective braking system, and a headlight. These features also contributed to superior comfort, such as the padded seat and shock absorbers.

We know, of course, that your choices will be different from ours. But we are confident that by reading through hundreds of reviews and considering the opinions of experts, we made the right choices and that you will find a scooter from this list that your kids will adore.

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Your Kids and Electric Scooters

Parents may be concerned about letting their young kids ride electric scooters. While their fears shouldn’t be dismissed, we must also say that riding electric scooters will develop your child’s physical and mental skills. The most important thing is to ensure that the riders know and adopt safety measures.

The reasons for letting kids ride electric scooters include:

  • Children can engage in more physical activities that, in itself, results in physical and mental health benefits. Riding electric scooters for 45 minutes a day means being out with friends, enjoying the fresh air, and engaging in imaginative play. Even younger kids need the physical exercise to develop their bones and muscles, as well as their cardiovascular endurance and aerobic fitness.
  • Children can develop their mental and social skills in relation to asking for and following directions, taking calculated risks in exploring new environments, and making new friends along the way. Indeed, riding an electric scooter isn’t just about cruising down the road on it. More importantly, it’s about using all the five senses to enjoy the experience.

Parents can teach their kids about the importance of using clean energy too. You should, of course, be a role model to them, such as using your car less and riding bikes more. You can even accompany them as they go zipping in and out of the neighborhood streets on your bike, thus making it a family bonding activity.

It is important to remember that electric scooters do have their risks, such as kids falling down while cruising on them. Parents must be aware about the safety measures that contribute to their child’s well-being while riding.​

First, children under 8 years of age should always have adult supervision when riding. You can run or ride your bike alongside your kids while they are cruising down the street. Your older kids may ride without adult supervision when they have been riding two-wheeled bikes for more than six months.

Second, children should always wear the right protective gear every time that they’re riding an electric scooter. The gear should include a helmet, elbow and knee pads, and lace-up athletic shoes with rubber soles.

Third, parents should teach children about the controls, especially the ignition, throttle mechanism, and brake system on their first try. You should never assume that they already know the controls, even when they are already seasoned riders, since the controls on each model will likely be different.

Parents must also teach their kids about basic safety, such as slowing down when there are people and riders crossing their path. The importance of keeping to the sidewalks in streets and on paths in the park, among other safe places, should also be emphasized. This is also true for riding up inclines and slowing down on declines.​

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We hope that our list of the best electric scooters for kids will enlighten you about the importance of these eco-friendly transport vehicles for the overall physical and psychological development of your children. We believe that these products will provide hours of enjoyment for your kids while also teaching them important life skills.

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