Best Foosball Table for Sports Buff Kids in 2022

No entertainment or gaming room is complete without a foosball table. This table soccer games is easy to play and is loaded with lots of fun making it one of the most popular form of recreation both in residential and work place environments.

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Foosball tables come in all shapes and sizes. They can be used in professional matches or just a friendly game among 2 or 4 friends.

Among the benefits that a foosball can bring to anyone who plays it, recreationally or professionally, are: builds communication among peers, improves hand and eye coordination, increases productivity, develops teamwork, and many more.

Before you buy your first or even next foosball table to your nearest recreation store or online, there are a few things that you should know.

First, there are different kinds of foosball tables.

  • Family– which are suitable for children 6 years old and above
  • Commercial– comprises majority of the foosball table you can see in a store; suitable for teens and above
  • Outdoor– designed to be used outside your home; usually has covers to protect themselves from the elements
  • Competitive Grade– is a table deemed by the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) to be worthy to be used in competitions
  • Luxury– the crème of crop of foosball tables; expensive but is made of the highest quality of materials

Second, a table has many parts which you should carefully inspect before buying. Among these are the grass, the players, the pitch, the handle bars, the ball, the rod and its frame. Each component adds up to the personality of the foosball table.

Third, when you buy a foosball table you will most likely have to assemble the unit yourself. On average this can take anywhere from two to six hours, depending on the size of the table and how the pieces stack up together.

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Foosball Table for Kids – Best Models to Consider

If you are thinking of getting one for your home or office, here are the top seven Foosball tables that I think you will surely love:

1. Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table

Category: Family

The Sport Squad FX40 is a compact tabletop foosball set which I personally adore because of its no-frills design and portability. The table has a 3-man goalie boxes which makes blocking and returning the ball easier. The short chrome plated steel rods allow the set to be portable and require only a small amount of room space.

The playing field is made of medium-density fireboard (MDF) and not of particle board. Coupled with L-shaped legs for support, the table is made to be stable so that it can withstand long hours of continuous play.

Shots can be fired swiftly thanks to its smooth grass that gives off less friction to the ball. The players are also made durable and have more surface area to make contact with the ball, which makes making shots and defending much easier. You also don’t need to pick up the ball on those tight holes because the ball automatically returns to the goalie.


  • Easy to assemble, use and get accommodated with.
  • Table has support beams for a stable playing field
  • Only requires a small space in your home or office
  • Great value for money
  • Comes with two balls


  • Unit requires a thin table to sit on
  • Not as durable as its pricier competitors

What’s Great About It: The Sport Squad FX40 is a great Foosball table for your little ones. Three handles is just about the right number for players starting on this recreation game. If you want them to get started on table soccer, I recommend this to be on your shortlist.

2. Best Choice Products Foosball Table

Category: Commercial

From a beginner set, we move to one level further. The Best Choice Products Foosball Table is slightly larger than most family-sized table soccer sets. Instead of three handles, it now has four per player/ team. You also now have 11 players set in 4 strikers, 4 mid fielders, 2 defenders and 1 goalie formation.

The playing field is also made up of MDF materials which help the ball roll unhindered. Team colors are represented as red and white with players having more human-like details complete with team jerseys.

Controlling the ball is also easy, thanks to its chrome finished steel bars and its rubber handles that provides a tight grip. You can also track the game’s score via a sliding point counter.

I personally love its wood grain finish that makes it look clean. The table also has two metal support beams that help it to be more stable. Its legs are also covered with rubber to prevent it from leaving unnecessary scratches on your floor.

And the best part of this soccer table unit is its two cup holders. They are very useful, especially in holding your beverage for you. You just have to make sure they are covered, lest the ball might end of on your drink.


  • Attractive wood veneer that adds certain finesse on the table
  • Easy to assemble; even if you made a mistake you can easily correct them
  • Very sturdy and is made of quality materials
  • Legs come with height adjustment, so you can level it to your height


  • Cup holders can’t hold heavier beverages and can be quite distracting
  • Spacing of the handles are cramped for team battles

What’s Great About It: Overall, the Best Choice Products Soccer Table is a solid foosball unit. It’s got the eloquent wood work mixed with the right elements you want in a foosball unit. I am not really a fan of their cup holders, but I still recommend this to be the foosball table you should place on your game room or office.

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3. EastPoint Sports Newcastle Foosball

Category: Competition

If you are feeling pretty competitive in the game of Foosball, then it’s time to show off your skill. The EastPoint Sports Newcastle is a competition sized foosball table which delivers fast-paced action whether it’s an individual or team competition. It has one of the smoothest rods I have spun which allowed me to perform some high level trick shots and passes.

The table has a dark Luster Long wood grain finish that makes it look elegant. The table’s black colored legs matched with dark green grass help it keep an old-school appeal. It also comes equipped with oversized leg levelers that help it keep from shaking especially when the game gets “too heated.”

Moreover, the players are also robo-like with team colors of white and black. Drawing from durable steel player rods, each strike has the potential to unleash your wrist’s maximum power. The spacing between the handles is perfect for team battles with almost zero hindrance to your coordination.

Lastly, the table has a bead style scoring that helps you keep track of the score without missing the action. In terms of weight, it’s a bit on the heavier side.


  • Has a very sleek design which is both eye catching and practical
  • EastPoint’s bushing system is spot on when giving better control and faster shots
  • Despite how it looks, the balls are easy to retrieve in their holes
  • Table is very stable and would take a lot of force before it is shaken


  • Challenging to assemble given the many pieces of this unit
  • Narrow field support which is susceptible to break if assembled wrongly

What’s Great About It: Overall, the EastPoint Sports Newcastle is a great item if you want to practice competitive Foosball. It’s got the right design and the proper specs to amplify your game. Everything from passing, defending and striking is all seamless. I’m a little biased to say that an office game room should have this because of how fun it is to play with a team match.

​4. Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table

Category: Commercial

I personally love the Hathaway Primo Soccer Table, for one thing above others- its graphic design. Everything about this Foosball table is easy on the eye from its support, its frame and the playing field itself.

It’s smaller than the standard sized commercial tables, but it works just fine. It features four handles per player with 13 players in 4-striker, 4-mid fielder, 2-defender and 3-goalie format. This makes the game more exciting as it is quite challenging to score especially if you are a fan of corner shots.

The table’s grass field is also smooth and the ball slides easily. The handles are also ergonomic and paired with ½ inch chrome plated steel rods mounted with ABS molded players. This combination allows better ball control and loads of table action.

In terms of weight, it’s a bit on the lighter side. In my experience, it’s also one of the fastest Foosball tables I have assembled.


  • Lightweight and still made of good quality materials
  • Aesthetically appealing and is very detailed
  • Easy scoring system that keeps you from being distracted from the game
  • Does not eat too much space in a room


  • Ball occasionally bounces off the slot after scoring a goal
  • Not very stable

What’s Great About It: Overall, the Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table is a great table soccer set for your children and teens. With its vibrant colors, detailed graphics and easy controls they will surely love them as a gift. I personally enjoyed playing a game with this table, although I am an adult.

​5. Harvil Tabletop Foosball Table

Category: Family

They say big things come in small packages. And boy was I surprised about the miniature Harvil Tabletop Foosball Table. It’s the lightest and smallest set in this list and yet it has quite the features to make up for it.

This portable table soccer set has a very ergonomic design which allows it to fit in your coffee table, kitchen counter or just your good old floor. Kids over the age of four can play this toy, provided they are supervised by their parents.

Kids will surely love its dynamic design fitted with screen-printed graphics and robotic blue and yellow team motifs. Assembling the unit is also a cinch.

This soccer arcade comes with three handles per player and has 8 player formation with 3 strikers, 2 defenders and 3 goalies. The players are easy to control thanks to non-slip rubber handles paired with easy-to-maneuver silver steel rods.

Because of its low profile and non-marking pads, the unit is fairly stable. The set also comes with deluxe bearings which improves the precision and ball control.

Scores can be tracked using manual slide scoring units. Retrieving the ball in its goal compartment is also quite easy.


  • Very sturdy and can take the punishment from the little ones
  • Highly appealing modern design
  • Simple enough to learn by toddlers
  • Very portable


  • Small screws make it challenging to assemble
  • Grass surface is a bit rough

What’s Great About It: If you are considering buying a gift for your young ones, this is a good starting point. It’s got good value for money, highly appealing to kids and can last for a long time. Be patient when assembling it though and make sure not to lose track of even one screw.

​6. Atomic Gladiator Foosball Table

Category: Commercial

When you have a Foosball with “gladiator” in its name, you got to expect it has to bring the competitiveness out of you. The Atomic Gladiator is on the heavy side and weighs more than its competitors in the commercial Foosball table.

The set has a smooth dark brown wood grain finish matched with black colored legs that gives it a classical façade. Further solidifying its old school look are its dark green field and retro looking players with black vs. red motif.

Each player has four handles to control its 13-players that is scattered on the field in 3 striker, 5 middles, 2 defenders and 3 goalies. Each handle is made up of solid steel rods with wood handles.

The unit also has an internal ball entry and ball return system on its side. The manufacturers also included four balls instead of the usual two.

The table also comes with cup holders so you wouldn’t have to worry about your drinks when the game got more serious. Scoring is monitored via an abacus-like system.


  • Because of its weight and added support, this foosball is very stable
  • Elegant dark wood design with smooth surface finish
  • Very sturdy and can toughen up some of the heavy hits
  • Has the right spacing for each handle


  • Assembling can be quite challenging; especially in just carrying the thing into your home
  • Looser wood handles compared to rubber

What’s Great About It: The Atomic Gladiator is a perfect addition to your game room. It works better than many of the Foosball tables in its category. With an elegant classical woodwork look, it’s an eye catcher and a fun entertainment system in one. With its aesthetics alone, it’s personally one of my favorite Foosball Tables.

7. Tornado Sport Foosball Table

Category: Luxury

We saved the best for the last. The Tornado Sport is one of the royalties of soccer tables. Its cabinet has a Mahogany Melamine finish which exudes a sense of elegance. It surely will impress anyone who gazed upon it.

This luxury Foosball table is a bit on the heavy side, which is good because it gives a lot of stability. However, it can be quite challenging to carry into your home. It’s easily the one with the most even playing fields in the list.

The Sport is one of the few Tornado models that have no counterbalanced players. This allows subtler game play because players can continue playing in a horizontal position at all times.

The unit also has a height adjustable legs and boot levelers. This makes it possible even for children to play this football table.

Moreover, the manufacturer has also made its hollow steel rods to be lighter which promotes faster game play. Because it is made in America, you can be sure it is of higher quality than those which are made from abroad. It’s also one of the few Foosball Tables that offers a 1-year warranty.


  • Made from very durable materials
  • Very stylish cabinet that compliments the color of the grass and players
  • High quality materials
  • Made in the USA


  • Table does not have counterbalance
  • Challenging to assemble

What’s Great About It: Overall, the Tornado Spot Foosball Table is a good game to have on your hone and on your homes. While it has minor issues, here and there, it is still one of the luxury Foosball tables that we as Americans should be proud of.

How I Chose these 7 Foosball Tables

There are several factors which I have to consider when screening which product will make it to the list. There are tons of Foosball table in the market, but not all of them demonstrated a complete balance of intuitive design, durability and user friendliness.

The first thing I look in a Foosball Table is its overall quality of all its components from the design of the surface of the grass to the handle bars down to the mechanism that re-draws the ball. Each piece must be durable enough, especially the ones that are used frequently and are subject to extreme force like the players and the steel rod.

Another important factor for me is how reactive the handles are and how smooth you can slide them. It’s important that they work seamlessly because you need to be fluid in your wrist movements to create some of the game’s special shots and defensive tactics.

The foosball table should also have an effective mechanism that re-draws the ball so that you can pick it up fast and continue the game when someone scored.

Moreover, the product must have a good balance and stability so it wouldn’t be shaken when the game starts to heat up and players are turning the handle bars like crazy.

Finally, I give extra points to Foosball tables that have added features that players will find really useful such as cup holders and faster score display method.

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Because these foosball tables belong to different groups and is designed specifically depending on the level of the user, I also factored in the performance of the product as compared to its competitors in the group. As such, I was able to come up with a list where in the Top two spots of almost each category are present.

For the family category, we choose the Foosball tables that are rated to be safe for children. The entries were also easy to learn and something that the child can enjoy, especially when he or she is competing with another player.

We also looked into its price point and value for money, given that most parents wouldn’t want to spend too much on toys.

For the commercial types, my primary consideration was its marketability to the market. Not only does the product need to be of high quality, it should have attracted many customers and receive positive feedback. Another factor I considered for this group is the amount of space the Foosball table will occupy when fully installed.

I also looked into its additional features. While having cup holders was a welcome idea, it doesn’t work quite well in most designs.

For the competition types, the first thing I look into was whether the Foosball table can efficiently translate my intention of performing power shots and tricks. Because this segment targets experienced Foosball players, the set should be able to meet their demands.

I also gave extra points to the Foosball Table that remains stable even during “rough plays.” The true measure for me of a competition type table is its ability to provide a fair battle ground for both players.

Finally, for the luxury category I considered first their aesthetics, then their materials and finally its overall function. Interestingly, I found out that it’s not always the most expensive ones that can appease my taste. This is because I also put emphasis on its usability and durability. Just because it’s an expensive unit doesn’t mean you don’t get to play it.

Unfortunately for the outdoor type, I was not able to come upon a product worthy to be in this list.

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I hope that my list of the 7 best foosball tables can help you in purchasing your soccer table. With all the fun it can bring plus the benefits discussed above, I am sure you won’t regret your decision.

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