Best Gardening Tools for Kids with Green Fingers

Remember when you were a kid and you used to spend countless hours frolicking in your parent’s garden. Whether you were playing in the sandbox, chasing butterflies or trying to find out what creepy-crawlers you can find under rocks, it seems this love for the Great Outdoors is missing in this generation.

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Nowadays, kids love to sit indoors on entertainment devices, rather than making their own forms of entertainment. However, your garden is still full of amazing discoveries that are waiting to be explored.

To get your children back outside and enjoying the world around them, they’re going to need the right tools for the job.

A Selection of Some of the Best Kid-Friendly Garden Tools Sets

To get you and your children started, I’ve sourced some of the best garden tool sets around. These are sets that are ideal for teaching your children the basics of being in the garden and what opportunities await them.

1. Liberty Imports Little Garden Tool Box

I chose to start with the Liberty Imports set for one simple reason. It really does give you absolutely everything you could possibly want in a tool set. In fact, this set sports 14 unique pieces, which is far more than almost every other set in the market.

Included in the toolbox, you’ll find a collection of tools including a spade, a fork, plant clippers, a wrench, a watering can, and a spray water bottle. To allow your children to get really involved in the garden, there are also two mini flower pots included.

Traditionally, as you’ll see below, many child-friendly tool sets come with tote bags, but Liberty Imports has opted for a tray design. This is because it provides great stability and support when carrying heavier objects, such as full flower pots, something your child can’t do with the other bags.​

What’s Great About It: What I personally love about this set is the attention to detail. On top of having everything you could think of garden tool-wise, there are also things like plant tags and labels so your children can name and identify their plants, helping to make this experience even more enjoyable for them.

2. Green Toys Watering Can Toy (Green)

All aspects of life are dependent on water, from plants to animals and humans. There’s no better way to teach your children this vital lesson that giving them their own watering can. Just as you give your children drinks throughout the day, why not give your children the same responsibility for the garden?

Children love having tasks to complete, and the sense of responsibility is one of the most educational and entertaining things your child can do. It’s the same reason why doll toys are so popular, except this time, it’s a real plant in your garden that your child will have to keep alive.

Whether you’re watering the plants that are already there or you give your children a pot of flowers to call their own, there’s nothing quite like seeing your children smile when the flowers that they’ve cared for so dearly start to blossom.

With this watering can set, you’ll find a chemical-free (BPA, PVC, and phthalates) watering can as well as a trowel and a rake for all your child’s digging activities.​

What’s Great About It: With the planet in mind, this watering can set is made from 100% recycled plastic materials. It’s also completely safe to put in the dishwasher, making it very easy to wash off all the inevitable mud and dirt.

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3. Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Tootle Turtle Gardening Tote Set

Melissa & Doug is a leading children’s toy company and have yet to compromise on quality and functionality. And this beautifully-designed, turtle-themed tote bag set is no exception.

With this set, your children will have their own beautiful tote bag alongside all the tools they could ever need to use while playing outside in the garden. Some of the tools included are a fork, a trowel and a water sprayer, all of which are perfectly designed for your child’s small hands.

All the tools fit perfectly into the bag which can be effortlessly and comfortably carried around the garden to wherever your child wants to take it. The cute turtle-design is also ideal as your children will fall in love with it and will never want to stop using it.​

What’s Great About It: As this is a bag that’s going to be around a lot of digging and watering, the chances are that it’s going to get a little bit dirty… or a lot dirty. But never fear, this bag is suitable for surface washing so all you have to do is give it a quick wipe down and it will be looking as good as new.

​4. ROCA Home Gardening Tools Bag Set

When it comes to children and gardening, the whole experience is both entertaining and educational. Why not take this educational benefit a step further and actually teach your children about the world around them?

With the ROCA Home Bag Set, you’ll find a comprehensive STEM learning guide. Within this guide, you’ll find all of the information you need regarding the plants and animals that you’d find in your garden as well as tips and advice on how to promote outside playtime.

The guide is created in such a way that your children will understand it, making it the perfect way to teach your children about everything there is to know about the Great Outdoors.

With the set itself, you’ll find a collection of specially designed garden tools, including two types of spades and a fork for all your child’s digging activities. There’s also a watering can so your children can take pride in watching their flowers grow.​

What’s Great About It: I love the fact that this kit markets itself as a multi-functional set. Thinking of heading down to the beach anytime soon? Take this set along with you, and you’ve got the perfect tools for digging in the sand and making sand castles, ensuring these tools are perfect to keep your little one entertained for hours.

​5. Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Blossom Bright Gardening Tote Set

There’s a good reason this is the second Melissa & Doug gardening set to enter my list, and that’s simply because it’s so great. With a design more aimed at girls, this is a great way to get your daughter outside and gardening alongside mom and dad.

Similar to the set listed above, this gardening set comes in a beautifully designed tote bag which sports vibrant and attractive colors that your children are going to love. With this set, you’ll find some specially designed tools with all the essentials including a little fork and a spade. There’s even a water sprayer.

There’s a vast selection of pockets and holders on the bag itself, perfect for holding seeds, plants or anything that your children wish to carry around the garden with them.​

What’s Great About It: Just as the other set above suggests, the tote bag and tools that make up this set are made from easy-clean materials and plastics, perfect for maintaining the highest level of cleanliness.

​6. G&F Kids Garden Tools Set

Sometimes, gardening isn’t all about planting flowers and watering the plants; it’s also about tackling the bigger jobs. I’m talking about raking up the leaves, hoeing out the weeds and digging some holes to plant seeds and flowers into.

This task has now been made easy, thanks to this attractive tool set from G&F. There are multiple sets to choose from, including a 3 piece, a 4 piece, an all-in-one toolkit, and a child-friendly wheelbarrow tool set, perfect for finding the one that suits your child’s abilities and interests.

The tools themselves are brightly colored, minimizing the risk of your child standing on them, and the quality is unparalleled. The handles of each tool are made of lightweight, solid wood, and the heads are made from real metal, giving your children the durability and quality they need to garden properly.​

What’s Great About It: To some parents, a toolset like this might sound scary and dangerous, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Each tool comes with its own plastic safety cap to protect your child’s eyes, and enhanced binding technology will ensure that the two halves of the tools always stay together.

What are the Benefits of Gardening for Your Children?

A very common question I get asked is: ‘Why is it a good idea to encourage my children to garden?’ It’s true, most kids these days what to sit inside and play with their computer games, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Gardening can be a hugely entertaining and educational pastime if approached in the right way.

Here are a few of the benefits you can enjoy if you take the time to get your children outside.

Sensory Development

There is nothing better than getting outside and getting some fresh air with your children and introducing them to new sights, smells and sounds, as well as the feeling of getting their hands and feet dirty.

Fine Motor Skill Development

Using the tools that you’ll find in your chosen set can massively help to improve your child’s hand-eye coordination. You’ll also be able to improve fine motor skills through tasks such as putting seeds in their holes.


In short, if you don’t water your plants during hot weather, they are going to wilt and die. Introducing your child to gardening is a great way to teach the feelings of responsibility and consequence to your children.

Healthy Eating Habits

This is especially important if your children are helping you to grow salad ingredients and vegetables in your garden. As your children have grown the food themselves, they’ll be much more inclined to eat it.

Final Thoughts

Gardening is such a rewarding and entertaining pastime for both adults and children, so it makes perfect sense to turn it into a family activity where everybody can get involved, get active and, most importantly, have fun.

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