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Best Gifts for Teenage Boys in 2017 that They’re Going to Love

Are you trying to think of a good gift for your teenage son? If so, you landed on the right page. Teens go through numerous changes in mind and body, and paying attention to their simple everyday activities can greatly help them deal with such changes.

Being a concerned parent, you should take time to learn about the various activities your child might enjoy. More than that, you should be able to provide him with some useful items that could truly help him conquer the hardships he might be going through as a teenager.

Our Favorite Gifts for Teenage Boys

What are the best gifts for teenage boys? Here are our top 20 picks that would help you make the right decision.

1. LEGO TECHNIC Porsche 911 GT3 RS 42056​

Teenage years are the times when young men become more serious about their dreams, whether material things or not. Does your son dream of owning a Porsche someday? You may want to but this product by Lego Technic and allow him to literally build his dream.

The product comes with adjustable rear spoiler, designed aerodynamic bodywork, headlights and taillights, detailed brake calipers, original-design rims with RS emblem, and low-profile tires.

It also comes with numerous other features, that your son is bound to love. Your son is not likely to experience difficulty in building it as it comes with building instructions as well.

What's Great About It: Building sets like this enhance a person's creativity and analytical skills. They also lead to confidence once your son succeeds in building the car.

2. Sentey Phaint Red Headphones with Microphone, In-line Control​

Because most teens love music, headphones are always present on every teenage guy's wish list. For a great listening experience, buying these Sentey headphones may enable you to provide your son with a great listening experience.

Being high definition headphones, this product can produce more accurate and natural sound compared to traditional stereo headphones.

They come with an in-line microphone, are lightweight, and have a stylish design. They also have the capacity to block noises, adding to the quality of listening experience they provide.

What's Great About It: They are feature-filled and versatile. Your teenage son can bring and use them anywhere he wants. While they are durable, you should still remind your son to be careful when using them to avoid unwanted breakages.

3. Razor E200 Electric Scooter​

What teenage boy wouldn't want a scooter? As you know, they have a tendency to look for adventures. Although scooters are not that adventurous, they definitely give the feeling of fun and excitement that young men seek.

The product comes with pneumatic tires, a spring loaded kickstand, and hand-operated rear brake. It also features a sturdy deck and a durable steel frame.

What's Great About It: This scooter is built to high quality standards, and has great performance. The battery lasts around 40 minutes on a single charge, so your son can enjoy exploring the neighborhood on his own device.

​4. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

This motorbike will provide your teenage son with hours of fun. It is a unique gift that your son and his friends will absolutely love.

The key features of this product are its large tread tires and hand-operated rear brake. It can drive at 12 miles per hour without the need for pedaling. This bike is specially designed for kids aged 13 and above.

What's Great About It: It offers a 90 day warranty, which speaks to its quality. It is also very quiet. It may be pricey compared to other gift ideas, but your son's experience will be worth it.

​5. Sean Covey's The 6 Most Important Decisions You'll Ever Make: A Guide for Teens

This is a follow-up book of the bestseller The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens. With all the changes and challenges that happen to a teenager's body and life in general, products like this are truly a great help in dealing with these experiences.

This book aims to provide guidance for your teenage son as he embarks into his life as a young adult, teaching him how to make responsible choices.

What's Great About It: Author Sean Covey has earned popularity for his inspirational and motivational writing. Because teens are in a challenging time in their lives, reading books like this will help them adjust smoothly.

​6. Jonathan Catherman's The Manual to Manhood

Just a few years from now, your son would aspire to succeed in his career, start a family, and fulfill the dreams and goals he has set for himself. It pays to have self-help books like this, as they provide helpful tips on how to acquire important skills and traits to enjoy life.

This book is a collection of one hundred instructions about everything a man needs to learn, including how to cook steak and change a tire.

What's Great About It: The pieces of advice written here came from world class experts. If your child takes this book seriously, he will develop into a wonderful young man.

7. DBPOWER MJX X400W FPV Quadcopter Drone​

Drones and flying objects appeal to many teenage boys, which is why this drone is the perfect purchase for remote controlled vehicle fans.

This product comes with headless mode, a headset, 3D split screen display, and a high capacity battery. It uses the latest technology that enables the item to fly in a stable manner and capture better pictures. It is easy to use for both beginners and experienced users.

What's Great About It: Being user-friendly is a huge plus for this drone. The realistic flying experience will give your son an exciting activity to enjoy for hours. Completing the drone registration requirements may take time, but is definitely worth it.

​8. Maisto R/C Rock Crawler

Young men love to play with this type of item. Machines and vehicles appeal to them, and so buying this product for your teenage son would be a great move on your part.

This Rock Crawler is lightweight and requires six AA batteries for the car, and three AAA batteries for the controller. It comes with three motors for driving and steering, a tri-channel transmitter, and other great features.

What's Great About It: Playing with remote controlled vehicles stimulates your son's mind and helps him develop hand-eye coordination, so this toy is not only fun, but developmental too.

​9. Nerf Zombie Strike Doominator Blaster

Is your child fond of playing zombie games? If so, then this nerf blaster is the perfect gift for him. As you know, shooting and target games are popular among teenage boys, so this will add a safe yet realistic element to his interests.

The product comes with a Doominator blaster, 24 Zombie Strike darts, four six-dart drums, and instructions for users. It has the capacity to fire up to 24 darts without the need to reload.

What's Great About It: This gun enhances the players' cognitive abilities and strategic thinking. It stimulates the mind and enhances creativity too.

​10. SKLZ Pro Mini Playground Basketball Hoop

Most boys like basketball and have played it a few times. With that being said, purchasing a basketball hoop for your teen may be a really good idea to get them out to get some exercise even if the weather is terrible.

As for this Pro Mini basketball hoop, it comes with an authentic look and feel, which will please every basketball enthusiast that tries the product. It comes with a ball, spring action break-away rim, backboard, and door mounts.

What's Great About It: Its authentic look and feel is extremely beneficial to basketball lovers. As long as you install this set correctly, your son should have a great time playing ball.

​11. Apple iPad Mini 4 - 7.9 inch

Most kids, especially boys, love tablets, which is why your son will love the iPad Mini. He can do numerous things with it, including watching videos, playing games, and chatting to their friends online.

This product comes with an eight-megapixel camera, so your son can take pictures and videos that he can share with his friends on social media.

What's Great About It: Made by Apple, you can be guaranteed that you are receiving top quality. Because this iPad connects to the Wi-Fi, you won't have to worry about your son running high airtime charges.

12. JanSport Superbreak Backpack​

Backpacks are one of the most useful items that you could give your son, ensuring he can keep all of his essential daily items with him.

This product is ultra-functional, and comes with a single main compartment and a front pocket with organizer. It can store up to three textbooks, notebooks, a binder, calculator, cell phone, and more.

What's Great About It: It is durable and comes with many different designs to choose from. Made by JanSport, which means its quality is guaranteed.

​13. Microsoft Xbox One S 2TB Gears of War 4 Limited Edition Bundle

Video games consoles have been popular for more than two decades, and the Gears of War is one of the most popular video games available. If your child is a fan of this game or of video games in general, this product could be just what you are looking for.

With this bundle, your son will be able to play more than 100 console exclusives, watch UHD movies on a 4K TV, and watch 4K videos on Netflix. It is compatible with Kinect for Xbox One, meaning your son and his friends can enjoy hours of entertainment.

What's Great About It: Being one of the most popular games, your son will be thrilled to be able to join in the hype. Playing these sorts of games can also help him with his hand-eye coordination and mental focus.

​14. Microsoft Forza Motorsport 6 for Xbox One

At this point in your son’s life, he may be eyeing some car models. If your child has a huge interest in things like this, buying this product for him would be a good choice.

It comes with two-player split screen technology, allowing your young man to go head-to-head with his friends for a real driving action, increasing the excitement of this game.

What's Great About It: It provides realistic driving experience, giving your child a good user experience. It stimulates his mind as well and gives him a glimpse of what it’s like to be a racer.

​15. Squirrel Products Lightning Reaction Reloaded – Shocking Game

As your son grows older, he may forget that playing hands-on games can be just as fun as playing video games.

This game requires focus and fast movement. If you fail and become the last to react, you will get an electric shock. It will create a bit of nervousness and a ton of excitement among your young man and his friends.

What's Great About It: It enhances visual motor coordination and improves reflexes. Undeniably, it provides a heap of fun. It can also be used to play pranks, but remind your son that he needs to be responsible when using it on unsuspecting people.

​16. Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick

If your son is a bit of a trickster and enjoys exploring the neighborhood on his own mode of transport, this pogo stick may be perfect for him.

The product comes with wide base for safety and stability, as well as soft foam and a high-quality spring. It has the capacity to handle individuals weighing up to 160 pounds.

What's Great About It: It is made using top quality products and is safe to use. Using a pogo stick is the perfect way to get your son outside for some exercise and fresh air while having fun.

​17. AOMAIS Sport II Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

If your young man is a music and adventure lover, buying this product for him is a good idea. The wireless speakers provide a great listening experience for your son, and can also accompany him in his outdoor activities.

The product comes with waterproof protection, a stereo-pairing function, and a hands-free function. It has a rechargeable battery and runs on Bluetooth 4.0.

What's Great About It: It is durable and feature-filled. It can survive being submerged in water for 30 minutes with a depth of one meter, making it perfect for use around the swimming pool in summer.

​18. Crenova XPE460 LED Video Projector

Apart from playing games and doing outdoor activities, numerous teenage boys are also fond of watching movies with friends. If your son is like this, then it would be cool to buy him this item.

The product is ideal for home cinemas, coming with 20 percent more brightness compared to the basic LED projector. It also comes with an HDMI cable and a projection distance of 3.8 meters.

What's Great About It: This projector enhances your viewing experience, and comes with a 12-month warranty, showing its great quality.

​19. BigMouth Inc Butt Putt, Farting Golf Putter Game

Teens love unique items that none of their friends have, offering them something new and exciting. If this is the type of thing your son loves, this butt putt set may be just what he wants.

This item can play six different farts and shoots out the ball when the player makes a putt. It is butt-shaped, providing your son and his friends with plenty of laughs as they practice their putting skills.

What's Great About It: BigMouth has a good reputation for producing really unique items that kids and teenagers love, and the simplicity of this item is bound to put a smile on your child's face.

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​20. Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Boys' Mountain Bike

Biking is an age-old activity that is loved by teens all over the world. It is a great way to encourage them to get out and about exploring the areas where you live while getting exercise and gaining independence.

The mountain bike comes with a durable bike frame, wide tread tires, an excellent suspension mechanism, 18-speed gear system, and a chain guard. These features make this item easy to ride and safe to use.

What's Great About It: Being of high quality, your son can ride it without worrying that his brakes will fail or other concerns.

How I Picked these Gifts for Young Adults

Given the changes that a teenager faces in his life, you should always look into your son’s daily activities. What does he love to do? What does he aspire to become someday?

The answers to these questions may reveal what type of everyday activities he should do. From there, you should carefully pick the items that you would like to give him.

When it comes to generally picking products to recommend, we always consider the following: quality, brand, features, and recommended age. All the products listed here have good quality, and useful and age-appropriate features, as they are designed for teenagers.

To make the best choice, don’t forget to look at the same concerns.

Things to Keep in Mind about Teenage Boys

It is a common knowledge that various changes happen to an adolescent’s mind and body as he goes through puberty in his teenage life. The physical changes are noticeable, but the mental and emotional changes are not. There are also social aspects that parents should closely look at.

Aside from educating yourself about the changes happening to your young man, it is very important for you to try connecting with him. Bond with him and ask him about his interests. Genuinely listen to his stories and offer pieces of advice when necessary.

From your bonding times with your son, you will get to know what bothers him or what has already changed about him since puberty. From there, you will also have an idea about what gift items to give him. Opt for those that can help him with his development.

Changes that a Teenage Boy Faces


For your son’s growing body, check out our recommended products that improve physical development. Opt for the basketball hoop or bicycle if your kid wants to get physical. If he does a lot of physical activity at school and needs something to help him relax, opt for a book or a video game console.


Playing video games has been proven to stimulate the mind, develop focus and critical thinking, while enhancing creativity and imaginative skills.


Self-help books and relaxation products like speakers and headphones can help free your son from the things that have been bothering him. Not all people know about the emotional needs of a teen, and most people do not take it seriously.

As for the self-help books, the insights come from concerned experts. These books help readers realize more about themselves and how to handle the difficulties that come with being a teen.

As for the speakers and headphones, we call them relaxation products because they can provide a bit of relaxation. They relax the mind and set it free from the numerous things that have been bothering your son.


You can help improve your son’s social skills by opting for the items intended for playing with a group or bonding among friends. Encourage your young man to mingle with different people especially other teenagers who may share the same interests as your son.

From watching films to doing outdoor activities, you should make sure to choose the items that will enhance your son’s bonding moments with his friends and family.


Indeed, being a teenager is challenging. As a parent, you should be mindful of what’s happening to your child.

Through purchasing useful and age-appropriate items for your young man, you can play a big role in helping him endure this very challenging part of his life. Remember that a simple item used frequently can greatly affect one’s life.

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