Best Junior Golf Club Sets for Kids in 2022

Golf is both a professional sport and a recreational game that men, women, and children can enjoy. When it comes to learning the fundamentals of the game, the earlier a person starts, the better for his future professional career. For example, Tiger Woods, one of the world’s greatest golfers, started playing golf at a young age.

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Of course, I recommend buying the right equipment for young aspiring players, starting with one of the best junior golf club sets for kids. These are crucial in teaching kids the fundamentals of golf, from gripping the handle to taking a swing.

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My Top 10 Picks for Junior Golf Club Sets

1. Tour Edge HT Max-J Junior Golf Set

Tour Edge HT Max-J Junior Golf Set

Suitable for: 3-12 years

This set consists of three clubs — a 7/7 iron, a 15-degree titanium-matrix driver with a head cover, and an iron putter — and a stand bag. I like that the set comes in several different sizes so that kids from 3 to 12 years old can use it.

The materials, which include stainless steel for the fairway woods and the graphite shafts, make it easier for kids to swing the clubs and hit the ball, even longer distances with the proper technique. The feel — grip and weight — of the clubs was just right for kids who are just beginning to play competitively.

What’s Great About It: I like that it’s a great club set for beginners who have aspirations of taking their game to the next level. Your child will soon be swinging away on the green while feeling and looking like the champion golfer that he can become.

2. Junior Golf Club Set With Stand Bag (Red) Premium Jr.

Junior Golf Club Set With Stand Bag (Red) Premium Jr.

Suitable for: 5-8 years

This is a set designed for right-handed boys with a height range between 3 feet, 8 inches and 4 feet, 4 inches, so be sure to keep that in mind before purchasing it. There are several essential clubs in the set, too, including a 15-degree driver, 7/9 iron, a 25-degree hybrid, and a face balanced putter, which can be placed inside a stand bag.

Every club also comes with a matching head cover, so there’s no need to make separate purchases for the protective covering.

What’s Great About It: The solid construction quality, graphite shafts, and professional feel of the clubs contribute to your child’s game development. The clubs are designed for his age and skill level, thus helping in the development of good swing habits, a crucial component of golf success.

3. Jr. Kids Golf Club Set with Stand Bag (Orange) Premium Jr.

Jr. Kids Golf Club Set with Stand Bag (Orange) Premium Jr.

Suitable for: 3-5 years

This can be your young golfer’s first golf set, thanks to its suitable height specs (3 feet to 3 feet, 8 inches). Each of the clubs in the set — a 15-degree driver, a face balanced putter, and 6/7 irons — have graphite shafts, a material also used in professional clubs for their efficiency in hitting the ball.

Each club even comes with its own head covers, while the stand bag can be placed on the ground so your child can focus on his swing.

What’s Great About It: The size of the clubs may be smaller, but their effectiveness in getting the ball airborne will encourage young players to keep playing. You will soon see your child getting a kick out of actually getting the ball farther.

4. Girls’ Junior Golf Club Set with Stand Bag (Pink) LH Premium

Girls’ Junior Golf Club Set with Stand Bag (Pink) LH Premium

Suitable for: 3-6 years

This is set suitable for left-handed girls with heights ranging from 3 feet to 3 feet, 8 inches, or from 3 to 6 years old. The pink stand bag not only asserts their growing sense of gender identity, but also keeps their clubs protected when not in use.

The set comes with a 15-degree driver, 6/7 iron, and a putter in all-graphite shafts, which makes every swing more effective as her technique becomes better.

What’s Great About It: The sturdy construction of the clubs mean that beginners will not worry about breaking them with every whack — and that’s exactly what the first swings will look like. The light feel, comfortable grip, and right flex of the clubs will work to her advantage as she learns the swing basics, too.

5. US Kids Golf Tour Series V5 10 Club Stand Set

US Kids Golf Tour Series V5 10 Club Stand Set

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Suitable for: 6-1o years

The set is designed for intermediate players, although beginners who started at an older age can also use it.

The longer shafts, combined with the stronger club heads, can stand up to the stronger swings of more experienced players. Many of the buyers say that the set was great for transitioning from junior equipment to adult clubs, thanks to the middle-of-the-range specs.

What’s Great About It: The set already looks and feels like adult golf equipment, but in a more suitable size for pre-teens. Your more experienced golfers will find it suitable for practice sessions before competitions, since the clubs already have a professional feel.

6. Junior Golf Club Set with Stand Bag (Red) Professional Tour Jr.

Junior Golf Club Set with Stand Bag (Red) Professional Tour Jr.

Suitable for: 5-8 years

The set was designed for right-handed boys with heights between 3 feet, 8 inches and 4 feet, 4 inches, so keep it in mind for appropriate sizing purposes. There are more clubs here, so more golf skills can be learned in every session.

The clubs are a 15-degree driver, a 22-degree hybrid, a putter, a 9/PW iron, and a 6/7 iron, and each one has its own protective cover. These can be placed in a stand bag equipped with shoulder straps for easy carrying.

What’s Great About It: Parents like that it has more clubs than the other junior club sets, so there’s no need to make separate purchases as their child learns more about the game. Your child can take more advantage of the lessons, since all of the clubs he needs are in it.

7. Merchants of Golf Tour X 3-Piece Junior Golf with Stand Bag

Merchants of Golf Tour X 3-Piece Junior Golf with Stand Bag

Suitable for: 5 years and below

The set may only come with three clubs — an oversized 3-wood, a weighted iron, and a weighted putter — but that’s enough for a toddler to start on his golf journey.

Even a professional golfer will recommend the clubs because these simulate the look and feel of the adult clubs, but are designed with the shorter arms and smaller hands of young beginners in mind.

What’s Great About It: The durable materials and construction of the clubs can hold up against the thwacks and whacks of kids just learning to hit the ball right. Even the oversized shaft will make hitting the ball easier for still-uncoordinated limbs.

8. Confidence Junior Golf Club Set with Stand Bag

Confidence Junior Golf Club Set with Stand Bag

Suitable for: 4-13 years

The set obviously comes in two sizes so parents can choose based on the height of the child who will be using the clubs. Each set comes with a driver/fairway wood, a 9 iron, a 7 iron, and a putter — the essential clubs for every beginner.

The irons are already perimeter-weighted so a large sweet spot is a given, which means that the ball can be airborne faster and farther.

What’s Great About It: The four clubs are of excellent quality, so they can last for a few years until your child outgrows them. You can also get a larger size as your child outgrows the previous one. The sturdy bag can carry all the clubs without them falling through and over it, not to mention that the back straps make it very easy to carry around.

9. Paragon Rising Star Kids/Toddler Golf Clubs Set

9.Paragon Rising Star Kids/Toddler Golf Clubs Set

Suitable for: 3-5 years

The toddler golf club set has a lofted fairway wood, an oversized iron, and a mallet-style putter, which can be placed inside a carry bag. The oversized driver has a large sweet spot, while the irons have a wide sole, both of which contribute to easier hitting of the ball, and even longer distances.

Both are essential in encouraging kids to hit the ball again and again — fun and learning in one, if you will.

What’s Great About It: I like that the clubs were designed with smaller kids in mind, especially with their shorter limbs and weaker drives. You should be able to teach your young golfer the best ways to swing a club when he can follow your example.

10. Intech Flora Junior Girls Golf Club Set

Intech Flora Junior Girls Golf Club Set

Suitable for: 8-12 years

The graphite shafts in the clubs contribute to better swings and, thus, better aims. The set already comes with almost everything for a beginner and intermediate player, including a stainless driver, a 4/5 iron, an 8/PW iron, and a junior putter.

The attractive stand bag isn’t just for the clubs as there are a few pockets for storing other items, too.

What’s Great About It: I like that it’s suitable for girls who want more advanced clubs, yet still designed for their height and skill level. Even the purple color of the stand bag stands out on the green while your daughter’s improved swing form becomes more evident. Your daughter should be able to use it for a few years until she has to transition to adult clubs.

Getting Started on Golf

When should you start teaching your kids about golf? There’s no hard and fast rule, since each child should ideally be allowed to take interest in it at his or her own time.

You, the parent, can get your own kids started as early as three years old by buying them toy golf sets and letting them hit the ball any which way they like. You can also take them with you to your golf games, letting them observe it, and teaching them the basics, like putting the ball into the hole.

I also recommend getting the right equipment for your child — and that starts with the right golf set with a stand bag. You should choose junior clubs, which are lighter and shorter than their adult counterparts, as well as being oversized with large sweet spots. You can skip on the clothes and shoes if you are on a tight budget, since jeans, a cotton shirt, and rubber shoes can be used.

You may or may not hire a professional golf instructor for your child’s lessons. You can be your child’s first golf teacher, if you know the basics, and then hire a professional instructor as your child acquires more skills and enters competitions. You should avoid pressuring your child to learn more sophisticated skills since that could put him or her off the game.

Start with the basics, including, but not limited to:

  • Grip and stance
  • Alignment between the club and ball
  • Swing basics with a 9-iron at first

When teaching the swing basics, let your child focus on making ball contact instead of ball distance, since that’s the first crucial step. You have to reward your child with praise, and perhaps a treat or two, when he or she makes progress in the game. You have to keep in mind that praise, performance, and play are closely connected when it comes to young golfers.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Junior Golf Clubs

Even the best junior golf clubs sets aren’t designed as one-size-fits-all equipment. You have to carefully consider the following factors in choosing the best set for your aspiring golfer. You are then more likely to get the best value for your money, while your child will get the best use from the clubs, especially in terms of improving her swing.


Be sure to measure your kid’s height and buy the clubs based on that. The right length shaft is a must so that the club can connect with the ball almost every time, not to mention that the swing will be affected by it.


Let your child handle the clubs first and ask for his input about the weight in his hand. If it’s too light or too heavy, then the club isn’t the right one — too light means a weaker swing, and too heavy results in an improper backswing and follow-through swing.


The shaft flex should be suitable for a child’s skill level, since it will affect trajectory and distance. The best junior clubs are already designed with the right shaft flex in mind.

Grip size

Check with your child that the grip is right for his hand and wrist, which should be relaxed, yet poised for the swing. The thinner grips will definitely make a difference in your child’s swing and, thus, her game.

Your child’s skill level should also be considered. For beginners, a wood, a putter, and an iron are already sufficient for a golf set, but for intermediate and advanced players, the set should combine several irons, woods, and wedges.


Kids who get the best junior golf clubs have higher chances of staying in the game, since the clubs are designed to make hitting the ball easier and make the ball go farther. Parents who want their children to enjoy golf, whether as a recreational game or a professional sport, are well-advised to purchase the equipment.

We may yet see the next Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer in the next generation. But first, start them on the right track by getting them the right equipment from which to learn the right skills.

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