Best Hoverboards for Kids Who Seek Adventure

One of the most highly rated toys to come on market in recent years it the hoverboard. Considered to be an innovative creation, kids and adults alike now have the ability to effortlessly glide through the streets on a self-balancing board that provides countless opportunities for fun.

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Taking the dog for a walk? Moving the lawn? Taking out the trash? Hoverboards add fun back into normal daily chores.

The release of self-balancing hoverboards was easily one of the most exciting and technologically advanced toys releases in history. However, because these boards are relatively new, some parents may not have even heard of them. If you haven’t, don’t worry.

These boards have been proven to be safe and have passed numerous tests regarding quality and stability. Furthermore, owning a hoverboard has plenty of benefits, mainly keeping your child active and outdoors.

If you’re interested in purchasing a hoverboard for your child, but don’t know where to begin, I’ve reviewed my favorite hoverboards that are currently available, giving you the information you need to make the best decision.

If you’re not sure what to look for in a hoverboard, my step-by-step guide to hoverboards will tell you everything you need to know.

My Favorite Hoverboards for Kids to Have the Time of Their Lives

Are you ready to discover some of the leading hoverboard brands that offer great features that you and your kids will love? These are my top five hoverboards that are available today.

1. UL 2272 Certified Electric Self-Balancing Hoverboard

To start my list, I’ve chosen one of the most action-packed hoverboards around. This high-end board boasts quality and performance, allowing your child to explore distances of up to 11 miles on a single charge.

On top of that, your child can experience speeds of up to 8mph, providing them with the essential element of excitement that children thrive on.

The board prides itself on its easy management system, which means your child can customize their riding mode and view the battery life using the app that’s available across a range of devices.

This hoverboard has been specially designed for beginners, making it ideal for first time users. Regarding safety, the entire board is produced using high-quality materials and a durable armor, crafted using patented technology that helps to protect the board from those inevitable knocks.

What’s Great About It: One of the best features of this hoverboard is the built-in Bluetooth connectivity. Connect your child’s smart device to the board, and they’ll be able to hear their favorite songs in high quality through the integrated speakers.

2. Swagtron T6 Off-Road Hoverboard

If you are looking for a hoverboard that enables your child to tackle any terrain, this board may be for you. This is the first hoverboard of its kind, specially designed to carry over 420lbs, making this board suitable for both adults and children.

The highly durable 10” rubber wheels let your kids conquer any terrain, and can even tackle inclines of up to 30°. Whether you’re traveling through mud, rain, wind or snow, this all-terrain board has you covered.

The long-lasting battery will allow your child to travel for distances up to 12 miles, and has a top speed of 12mph, giving your child an interactive and engaging ride.

The board boasts full Bluetooth connectivity, so your child can play music directly through the built-in speakers from their smart device, giving them entertainment wherever they go.

What’s Great About It: Despite the incredible weight capacity, the Swagtron Hoverboard is lightweight as far as hoverboards go, allowing you to easily take your board with you wherever you go, giving your child the freedom to explore the world around them in a fun and exciting way.

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3. Jetson V8 Self-Balancing All-Terrain Hoverboard

This high-performance hoverboard is suitable for both adults and children. The Jetson V8 features two powerful 400-watt motors, ideal for reaching maximum speeds of 10mph, and a battery life that can reach up to 12 miles in distance, giving your child hours of action-packed fun.

You can fully charge the board in one and a half hours, allowing your child to get back outside to enjoy the board over and over again.

This board has independent gyro systems which give your child an unparalleled level of control using just their body weight. This enables your child to complete full turns, so they have complete control over where they are going.

There are three unique speed modes to choose from, which can be easily selected using the dedicated smart app that connects effortlessly via Bluetooth.

It can also play all of your child’s favorite songs through the built-in speaker system. With all-terrain wheels, this is one hoverboard your child is guaranteed to fall in love with.

What’s Great About It: As with any toy for children, safety comes first. The Jetson V8 features integrated LED headlights and rear brake indicators, letting the people around you know exactly what you are about to do, keeping your child and those around them safe at all times.

​4. Skque 6.5” Self-Balancing Hoverboard

When looking for quality in your hoverboard, the Skque 6.5” is unmatched. Completely safety certified, this self-balancing board has passed every UL safety regulation possible, guaranteeing that your child is completely safe while using this high-performance board.

Your child can explore the world in style thanks to the built-in Bluetooth speakers that allow your child to effortlessly connect their smart device, so they can play all the hits as they cruise around.

An extra level of safety is implemented with the integrated LED headlights that allow your child to safely ride the board in the evening, making sure that they are safe at all times.

Furthermore, this is an upgraded version of Skque’s previous model, priding itself on better mechanics, upgraded computer systems, and an improved charging system, giving your child the best, most advanced hoverboard experience possible.

What’s Great About It: One of the leading features of this board is the upgraded durability. The chassis of the board has been completely redesigned to provide a much higher level of support, increasing the structural integrity which minimizes damage should the board hit anything.

​5. Official GT GTS 8.5” Hoverboard

My final hoverboard is a high-performance board that doesn’t hold back when it comes to packing a punch. Boasting an incredible 800-watt motor, your child will be able to enjoy hours of riding fun, with maximum speeds of up to 12mph, and a range of 10 miles on a single charge.

Featuring GT’s patented ‘No Fall’ technology, this board is suitable for all members of the family, whether they’re beginners or experts.

At each end of the board, you’ll find 8.5” never-burst tires that are capable of traveling across all types of terrain, and can successfully tackle hills with an incline of 20°.

This board features both front and rear LED lights, giving your child much-needed visibility in the dark while alerting everyone around them to their presence, so they can be safe at all times.

What’s Great About It: In addition to the innovative style of the board, you will receive access to the free, dedicated GT mobile app. This allows your child to connect their smart device, so they can play their favorite playlist through the built-in speakers. Your child can also choose between three various riding modes to suit their riding ability.

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My Definitive Guide to Purchasing the Perfect Hoverboard

Follow my step-by-step buying guide below for all the information you need when choosing the perfect hoverboard for your child.

Range & Battery

When looking into buying a hoverboard, it’s important to consider how far the board will go on a single charge. A full charge for most hoverboards can take between 2-6 hours depending on the brand and quality of the battery.

With this in mind, you don’t want 20 minutes of riding for a battery that needs charging overnight.

The battery life for hoverboards is usually calculated on how far they will go on a single charge. An ideal average for a good hoverboard is around 10-12 miles. If you want more range, you’ll have to look into buying a more expensive high-end hoverboard.


As with any child’s toy, safety is of the utmost importance. The leading feature of all hoverboards is the gyro systems that are integrated into the board’s body. This allows the board to remain upright while slight body movements make the board move.

If your child is a beginner, it may take a couple of attempts to get a feel for the board before they can start to move smoothly.

The other main safety feature you want to be included on your hoverboard is LED lights. This is especially important if your child is riding in a public place when it starts to get dark.

With rear and front facing lights, your child can benefit from enhanced levels of visibility while those around them can see where they are.


One of the leading features on a hoverboard is Bluetooth connectivity. This innovative feature allows your child to connect their smartphone to their board, so your child can play music directly from their device to their board, many of which have built-in speakers to give the ride that extra element of entertainment.

Some hoverboards come with a dedicated app. This allows you to control certain aspects of the board directly from your smartphone. This can include choosing riding settings or styles, such as beginner, medium and advanced, all of which differ the level of control you have over the board.

Other settings may include adjustable terrain settings and the ability to check the status of the battery and other onboard computer systems.


It’s so important that the wheels on your hoverboard are of the highest quality. No parent wants their child to fall off at high speeds, so purchasing boards with ‘never-burst’ wheels is a must.

These wheels are made from high-density rubber and contain no inner tube. Not only does this give your child the ability to ride over any terrain, but they can also ride safely in the knowledge that their tires won’t burst no matter what.


When purchasing your hoverboard, always take into consideration the age of your child. Most boards are suitable for children from the age of 8 and above.

However, some of the more high-end boards are only suitable for adults, and can boast performance ratings more than 1,500 watts, which is far too excessive for a child.


There have been a lot of recent trends of electronic toys coming out over the last few years, but nothing compares to the hype that the hoverboard has received. They pack a lot more punch than something basic like a typical balancing board.

As a fantastic way to get your children outside and interacting with the world around them, hoverboards are a great addition that the whole family can try out and enjoy.

Happy Riding!

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