Best Indoor Slides for Active Toddlers and Kids

Keeping your toddler physically active is incredibly important, especially when their bodies are developing at such a drastic rate. The best way to keep your child active and healthy is through play. Whether your tot is running around in the garden or the neighborhood, your toddler will be developing their muscles and mental skills.

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Nowadays, it’s so common to see children with their faces glued to iPads and other electronic devices, but this doesn’t have to be the case. You can encourage your toddler to play on these fantastic indoor slides, which allow your children to remain active, no matter what the weather is like.

To give you a helping hand when choosing an indoor slide for your child, I’ve compiled a list of the best indoor slides for kids. These slides are great quality, durable and won’t break the bank. To help you make an educated decision when shopping for indoor slides, use my complete buying guide found below. This list offers guidelines, so you can make the best purchasing decision for your children.

Top 11 Indoor Slides for Physically Active Children

Let the fun and games begin with my top five picks of indoor slides for your children:

1. Step2 Game Time Sports Climber and Slide

Step2 Game Time Sports Climber and Slide

For those young athletes in your life this sports themed slide as it all. It has a basketball hoop and a soccer goal, along with the slide. This is great for social play because there are so many activities for them to join in on. This set also comes with a multi-purpose ball for your children to play with.

The slide is multi-colored and has stairs on the base for them to climb and be able to slide. The soccer goal also doubles as a crawl space underneath the slide. The slide is smooth and allows for a click slide down and the stairs have foot hook areas for an easy ascent. This is a great way to open your kids up to sports by also providing the thrill of a slide.

What’s Great About It: This is the perfect size for those toddlers and young children who are proficient at sports as well as enjoy the thrill of a slide. We love the diverseness of this toy as it can be used in many ways and to enhance a variety of active skills in your child.

2. Step2 Panda Climber

This single-platform and slide frame features molded plastic shapes and holes, allowing your toddlers to climb, crawl and explore the entire frame.

The Panda Climber boasts a large platform level with barriers around the outside, so your child is safe from falling. There’s an extra safety rail for added support and the slide has handles, making sure your child feels safe while playing. This play set is very durable due to its high-quality poly construction, and it is easy to wipe clean after use.

The lightweight parts make transportation and construction of this set easy and fast. Despite being one of the heavier play frames on my list, this set boasts stability and quality, giving your child countless hours of enjoyment for years to come.​

What’s Great About It: Thanks to its high-quality plastics, the Panda Climber is ideal for indoor and outdoor use, meaning your toddlers can have fun no matter what the weather is like.

3. Step2 Up and Down Roller Coaster Ride On

Step2 Up and Down Roller Coaster Ride On

Your child will love this 10-foot long roller coaster ride. It is like they are at the amusement park at your own home, they can sit on the rolling car and ride down with pure excitement. You don’t have to worry about safety, there are non-slip stair for your child to get up on the cart and there are recessed wells for stability of the coaster. The coaster also includes a molded-in foot rest, handrail and high back for a secure ride.

This slide does need to be in an area where your child can slow down once they finish off of the slide. They can push it right back up the slide and get on again. Kids love the little cart that comes with it as well, because they can roll around the house.

What’s Great About It: This is such an exciting toy for your child to have at home. It will get them excited every time and it is so easy to assemble, the parts of the slide snap together with ease! This is gift that will be a quick set up and they will be playing in no time.

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​4. Costzon Toddler Slide 4 in 1 Climber Slide Set with Basketball Hoop

Costzon Toddler Slide 4 in 1 Climber Slide Set with Basketball Hoop

The Costzon Toddler Slide has a castle-look with bricks on the side and a gray and red theme. There are knobs that turn on the side to entertain your child and give it a classic look. This slide comes with a basketball hoop, a play telescope toy, a climb through hole on the bottom and of course, a slide. This slide set will spark your child’s imagination due to its design as well as the diverse options for playing.

The castle has a raised guardrail that protections them from falling and the ladder has textured areas to prevent from slipping. The instructions come with a two-step process and all the bolts needed for assembly. We love the classic castle look and functionality of this castle.

What’s Great About It: One of our favorite parts of this slide is the spacious waiting area at the top that gives your child a large waiting area where they can play, move around and bring friends.

​5. Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse

If you’re looking for a play set that’s large enough to handle 2 to 3 toddlers, but is still compact enough to be used indoors, the Step2 Treehouse may be what you are looking for. This simple design boasts easy-to-climb steps that lead to a large 19-inch view platform, complete with periscope and shingled roof. The viewing platform is bordered by a high plastic barrier, ensuring your child’s safety at all times.

The interior platform is 31 inches high, making this play set ideal for toddlers. The slide fits seamlessly onto the platform and has two micro-barriers that will stop your children from falling off the edges.

What’s Great About It: This extremely light-weight design makes for easy transport. Constructed using a durable, high-quality poly plastic material, your children will be able to enjoy years of fun as they explore their imaginations.

6. Little Tikes Inflatable Jump n’ Slide Bounce House

Little Tikes Inflatable Jump n’ Slide Bounce House

Kids love bounce houses at birthdays, parties and events, they will be ecstatic to have one of their own to play with whenever they want. The Little Tikes bouncy castle has the mesh slides on the side to protect your child, it has stake anchors and a heavy-duty blower. The material is puncture-resistant so you don’t have to worry about your investment going to waste, this bounce house will last and stay in-tact for years to come.

The bounce house fits up to three children, so it is perfect for a play date or siblings. There is also a slide that your children can jump down or slide down, it adds extra fun to the bouncing experience. Parent’s that own this toy love how excited their kids get when they blow up this bouncy house and slide.

What’s Great About It: This is a great investment, if you were to rent a bouncy house you would spend 1,000’s of dollars, this is a good price for something your child will use time and time again. We love that this is a novelty that can be brought into your own home.

7. ACTION AIR Bounce House, Inflatable Bouncer with Air Blowers Jumping Castle

ACTION AIR Bounce House, Inflatable Bouncer with Air Blowers Jumping Castle

This colorful and thematic bounce house is the perfect addition to your backyard. It has a full enclosed jump space with a slide for entrance. The exterior is designed with hot air balloons and clouds for added effect. It is easy to set-up and take down, it only takes about one minute!

The ACTION AIR bouncy house fits up to three children or holds around 200 pounds. There are mesh safety nets around the jumping area to keep your kids safe. This package includes a heavy duty air blower, a carrying bag and a repair patch. The seller offers a 12 month warranty for any mishaps that could occur. This is a great option due to its colorful look and warranty!

What’s Great About It: The size of this bounce house is great because it can be used outdoors or inside. It is great for a playroom or for indoor events or parties. The quality is great so it will last no matter what purpose you have for this bounce house.

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8. Little Tikes Easy Store Large Slide

Little Tikes Easy Store Large Slide

This five-foot slide has a gentle slope and easy to climb steps, it is perfect to give your child the thrill of a slide in your back yard, for a bargain! The set-up for this slide is simple as it comes in parts with straightforward instructions. It can be folded up when you are not using it. It also has a wide base for good stability, your child won’t be tipping over.

Kids love sliding over and over again, so this is great for your toddlers to keep them entertained and enthused. We like that it does not take up much room and there is area under the slide for storage, so it is perfect for a playroom setting.

What’s Great About It: The size of this bounce house is great because it can be used outdoors or inside. It is great for a playroom or for indoor events or parties. The quality is great so it will last no matter what purpose you have for this bounce house.

9. Step2 Sports-Tastic Activity Center Playset

Step2 Sports-Tastic Activity Center Playset

For the sports fanatic child in your life, this toddler slide set is the perfect gift to help them practice their skills while enjoying the thrill of a slide. The slide is a three in one activity center, featuring a basketball hoop, a molded soccer goal and a baseball on a tether with a bat. There are a couple steps for your child to navigate as they get to the top of the slide to ride down.

This slide is great, as it is smaller and close to the ground, with no room for injury. We love the amount of activity that can happen with this set. From the attached baseball, where they can practice their swing to the balls they can throw around for basketball or soccer. Parents like the small stature and easy assembly of this product. It is very light and great for indoor play, and your child will love the excitement of the slide and the exposure to sports.

What’s Great About It: All the activities on this toy will encourage your child to get out of their comfort zone and play. Especially those children who are learning to walk, this toy is a great one for pulling themselves up and playing with different toys and materials.

10. Baby JOY Folding Slide, Indoor First Slide Plastic Play Slide Climber Kids

Baby JOY Folding Slide, Indoor First Slide Plastic Play Slide Climber Kids

This classic slide is colorful with a stable base, buffer sides and a folding structure; fun for your child and convenient for storage. For those children who like to climb, move and may have a bit of a dare-devil personality this slide gives them the freedom to roam with all the safety aspects in line.

This is a good slide for children four and under, as it is on the smaller side. It is made to be a safe slide experience for your children, it is closer to the ground with higher railing. This slide is easy to assemble as well as great for storage, it folds right up with ease when you want to put it away. We love this classic slide, as it has great value for its price and your little one will enjoy it for a long time to come.

What’s Great About It: The safety rails on this slide are one of our favorite features, they keep your toddler stabile and give them something to grip onto as they go down the slide. They will love this toy due to the security they feel every time they slide.

11. Little Tikes First Slide

Little Tikes First Slide

The Little Tikes first slide is great for your child, it promotes balance and coordination and is so much fun. This slide requires no assembly, which is one of our favorite parts. It is great for your child up to six years old and holds more weight than other slides of this size.

The handrails are tall and thick and easily slide into place, they give your child something to easily grip to feel secure while they slide. The steps remove without tools and the slide folds up for easy storage. This slide is great for indoors because it is best used on carpet or soft surfaces. It is very stable and quality, also, it has the perfect height for your young kids.

What’s Great About It: This slide has the sturdy handles that will give your child complete security while they slide. We love that your child will always be coming back for more due to how safe they feel while sliding down and getting the invigorating experience. Just make sure to insert the rails and make sure they click in, many parents didn’t realize the force you have to use to get them in correctly.

The Complete Buying Guide to Children’s Indoor Slides

Investing in a versatile climbing set means you can easily encourage your toddlers to exercise without being affected by the weather. You’ll notice that these play sets come with a variety of specifications and features, making it easy to become overwhelmed when choosing a slide for your child.

To help you make an educated and well-informed decision, follow my complete buying guide below to find the best slide for you.


As with any product designed for children, the most important aspect to consider is safety. If your slide incorporates a platform, always check that it is bordered by a barrier that is high enough to stop your child from falling off. You should look for play sets that have curved and smoothed edges, dedicated handles for climbing, and barriers on the slide to stop your child from falling off.


There are so many slides available, all offering different features, from simple step and slides to slides with platforms to full jungle gyms. The more features you want, the higher the cost. While shopping, try to find the most fully featured slide to suit your budget, but always keep an eye out for a bargain.


Many of the slides available today can be used indoors and outdoors because of their high-quality builds.

When shopping for slides, look for high-quality, poly plastic constructions that are designed for outdoor use. These slides can also be used indoors and will have a specially formulated coating that will protect your slide from the elements.


There are a few aspects to consider when look at the construction of a slide. Firstly, avoid slides with any metal parts. Always purchase fully plastic constructions. Not only is this safer, it’s a lot more versatile and lightweight.

Secondly, consider construction time. Avoid purchasing slides that come with lots of different pieces as they can be hard to put together. Constructing the slide incorrectly could result in your child getting hurt.

To Recap

Buying an indoor slide will allow your toddlers to enjoy countless hours of fun and adventures, and it’s a great way to keep your little ones active and stimulated as they grow.

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