Best Karaoke Machine for Musically Inclined Kids in 2022

From an early age, even while still in the womb, children gain significant physical and mental benefits from listening to music. Studies have shown that children who are regularly exposed to music have higher levels of emotional stability and cognitive abilities. This is especially true when the music genres allow them to sing along and dance to the rhythm, or even just hum along to the melody.

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When your kids are old enough to sing, you should encourage them to sing their preferred songs. These can be nursery rhymes for toddlers, theme songs from blockbuster movies such as Let It Go from Frozen, and your run of the mill pop songs.

Let them sing to their hearts’ content, even when their voices are off-key, their lyrics are wrong, and they are out of time, because singing will allow them to develop their creative and cognitive skills.

In fact, children learn many words from songs, allowing them to express themselves through song, and even take comfort in music. This is important in their overall development, aside from their happiness while singing. And as parents, you know that their happiness becomes your happiness too.

Of course, regular karaoke machines aren’t suitable for young children. This is where the best karaoke machines for kids come in. These are similar to an adult karaoke machine, but with kid-friendly design elements, such as adjustable mikes, familiar songs, and easy-to-operate controls.

Top Karaoke Machines for Kids According to Us

1. Memorex MKS-SS2 SingStand 2 Home Karaoke System

Suitable for: 3 years old and up

Many of the best contemporary singers started by singing karaoke, and your children may well be one of them. The SingStand 2 has several features that will encourage your child to learn new songs and belt out the old ones, even learning to sing while playing their musical instruments.

There’s no need to buy additional audio and video equipment because it’s a standalone karaoke system. On its base, the built-in speakers provide sufficient volume for your young singer’s voice to be heard while not being so loud as to drown out peripheral sounds.

The SingStand 2 also has a holder for a tablet or a smartphone so that your child can sing along to the songs on your mobile device. You can also plug in his kid-sized keyboard or guitar so that he can practice both his singing and playing skills. You will like that he’s also able to practice his rockstar hand gestures while singing since the mike can be placed on its holder.

What’s Great About It: The SingStand 2 is an all-in-one kid-friendly karaoke system that even older children will like using for singing practice. We must say that the adjustable volume and balance levels are great features too, since kids can control whether they want to hear both lyrics and music or just one of them.

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2. Singing Machine SML385BTW Karaoke System

Suitable for: 3 years old and up

The CDG karaoke system is a unique find because it combines audio and video capabilities with lighting effects. The result is that your kids will love the triple stimulation which will allow them to sing and dance better due to their frequent practice on the karaoke machine.

You can place a CD in the top-loading player so that your kids can listen to their favorite music and learn the lyrics. You may also place a CD with graphics on the CD player and plug in the RCA output jacks to connect it to the television and voila – your kids can sing along to their favorite karaoke songs with the lyrics scrolling on the screen.

You can also enable the Bluetooth audio streaming feature or plug in the auxiliary input to connect the karaoke system to your audio devices. Your kids will definitely be dazzled by these features, and you will also appreciate that they have more music options.

The system allows for two kids to sing at the same time, thanks to the two microphone jacks. You have to buy another microphone since only one mic is provided in the package. Your kids can also control the volume emitted by the built-in speaker.

And then there are the LED disco lights. Your kids can adjust the speed and intensity of lights via the dimmer settings, making this a real party starter.

What’s Great About It: We like that the audio and video features are combined with the LED lights for a full-on performance stage right in the living room. The CD player also expands the number of songs that your child can sing along with, such as nursery rhymes and pop songs.

3. Singing Machine SML-283P Karaoke Player

Suitable for: 3 years old and up

The SML-283P comes in two gender-friendly colors – pink and blue. Both colors, nonetheless, have the same adorable features that make it one of the best karaoke machines for kids.

The karaoke player has a front-loading CD player where your kids’ favorite CDs can be loaded in so they can sing along to the songs. You don’t have to buy an additional audio machine as it already has built-in speakers with adjustable volume via the two microphone jacks.

You can also connect the karaoke machine to a video output device, such as a television set, for your kids to start singing videoke – video karaoke – too.

Your kids can easily carry the karaoke system, thanks to its lightweight design and carrying handle. You can also let them experiment with the controls to get their preferred voice-background balance right, thanks to the controls for echo, auto voice, and balance. Your kids will love the disco light effect too, especially since these complement the singing experience.

This karaoke doesn’t have a Bluetooth function so you can’t connect it to mobile devices. You have to buy CDs, which can limit your kids’ available range of music choices. But all things considered, you and your kids will enjoy its easy-to-use controls.

What’s Great About It: The portability of the unit coupled with its ease of use, even for young children, makes it a great choice to encourage them to sing and dance. Kids who are encouraged to do so are more likely to be happier and healthier since these activities improve their creative and cognitive functions.

​4. Kidzlane Kids Karaoke Machine & MP3 Player

Suitable for: 3 years old and up

The battery-powered Kidzlane karaoke machine is such a joy to use for kids – just place six “C” batteries in the battery slot and your little ones can take it along for sleepovers, pool parties and camping trips. It can also be used by hooking it up to an electrical source, thanks to the 9-volt power adapter.

You can also connect it to a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, with your kids’ choice in karaoke music. The powerful built-in speakers allow your kids to hear themselves as they sing while the volume from the mic can be adjusted too. Your kids can skip on the usual fights about whose turn it is to sing, thanks to the two mics.

Unlike many kid-friendly karaoke systems, this machine is fully programmable. Kids can then choose their preferred songs from the mobile device, as well as select their desired play – intro, random, and repeat play. Plus, the anti-skip protection means that there’s no need to remember the last song played.

The karaoke system requires the Kidslane USB flash drive since it can’t read the music from your iPod. The CD-MP3 player, FM tuner, and Bluetooth connectivity fortunately expand the range of music.

What’s Great About It: We like that it’s both battery and electric-powered, as well as offering a wide range of connectivity from the CD player to Bluetooth. You will love expanding your child’s musical repertoire and they will love the singing opportunities this gives them.

​5. Kidzlane Sing Along Karaoke Machine for Kids

Suitable for: 3 years old and up

You can really get the party started with the Kidzlane Karaoke Machine. There are two microphones so your kids can sing duets or solos, as well as place the mics on the holder or hold them in their hands. Even the mic stands are expandable to suit your kids’ height so the rock star feeling is complete.

Your kids can get the singing party going with the karaoke machine as the main prop, thanks to its all-in-one design. The base has flashing lights while the built-in speakers can be programmed to provide two sound effects – applause and booming. There are even three dance beats to choose from so the karaoke party becomes a dance party too.

Like all of the best karaoke machines for kids here, this system also allows for hook-ups to various audio and mobile devices. Your kids’ music repertoire can expand from nursery rhymes to pop, jazz and rock by exposing them to these genres. Just hook up the machine to a CD-MP3 player and smart devices like your iPhone or iPad and play the songs. An auxiliary cable is already included in the package, so you can just plug in and play without any issues.

It doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity, but this is a minor negative point.

What’s Great About It: We like that it’s made of thick and durable plastic so it can withstand abuse from your kids as they live out their rockstar dreams. The system also has several features that provide kids with a total sensory experience from the sights to the sounds.

​6. Frozen Deluxe Karaoke with Display

Suitable for: 5 years old and up

Who doesn’t remember Princess Anna and Princess Elsa of Arendelle? Bring back the magic of Frozen to your home with this Deluxe Karaoke with Screen. If you’re the type of parent who can stand another childlike rendition of Let It Go, then this machine will be perfect for you and your little ones. You will like the attractive design even when you want to let go of the song.

The karaoke system comes with two of Frozen’s most iconic songs – “Let It Go” and “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?” – as the bonus tracks. Your kids will also want other songs to sing, so you can connect it to an audio-enabled device, such as your iPod, using the special dock.

This is a simpler device in comparison with the other karaoke machines here. But if your kids are into Princesses Anna and Elsa, your kids will appreciate it as a gift, and will spend hours working on their singing skills.

What’s Great About It: The box design makes it easy to use, transport and store. Many of the younger children learn faster to sing along too, since the songs are already familiar to them.

7. Little Pretender Kids Karaoke Machine

Suitable for: 5 years old and up

Kids who engage in pretend play are more likely to discover and develop their talents – and this is true for their singing and dancing talents. The Little Pretender karaoke features two microphones – a removable mic mounted on an adjustable stand and a handheld mic. The stand can be adjusted from 18.5 inches to 40 inches tall, so kids of varying ages can pretend to be superstars.

The system already includes a lightweight speaker with sufficient power to broadcast your children’s budding singing voices. The speaker itself is easy to assemble and disassemble, and also comes with a special handle for portability.

Since kids will like singing and dancing better to music, instead of a Capella, you should connect it to an audio enabled device too. You can stream music for your kids to listen to and sing along with, not to mention that you can adjust the volume on the karaoke machine itself.

What’s Great About It: We like the pedal features – the left pedal is for tunes and the right pedal is for applause. The built-in stage lights add to the pretend on-the-stage feeling too, which will build your young singer’s confidence.

​8. Singing Machine ISM990BT Bluetooth Karaoke System

Suitable for: 3 years old and up

Apple-loving parents will appreciate the ISM990BT because it’s designed specifically to work with their iPods and iPhones. Your Apple device can be connected to the karaoke system via a specialized port so streaming music for your kids to sing and dance to is as easy as pie. Your kids can also enjoy the five built-in songs even when your iPhone isn’t plugged into it.

But you can also connect it to other devices, such as the television via the RCA cables, so that scrolling lyrics can be displayed. Even without a television, your kids can still enjoy karaoke by connecting it to audio devices via the auxiliary cable. Each system already contains two microphone jacks, as well as controls for echo, balance and auto voice so it feels like they’re in a recording session.

What’s Great About It: The stylish design makes it a standout. The connectivity with Apple devices, as well as audio and video devices makes it a great choice for parents who want their kids to develop their singing talents early on.

​9. IQ Toys Disco Light Karaoke Mic

Suitable for: 3 years old and up

Even the youngest kids in the family can operate the IQ Toys karaoke microphone. You can teach them once about pressing on the buttons to play the musical beats and the crowd noises, namely the disappointed shouts and the happy cheers. Your kids can pretend to have an audience even when they’re playing by themselves, thus encouraging their imagination and creativity.

Since you purchased the karaoke mic to let them enjoy songs, you need to connect it to a CD player, an MP3 player, or a smartphone with an appropriate playlist. You may also teach your kids to operate these external audio devices which will encourage their sense of independence. Your kids can also adjust the mic stand’s height so they can practice their popstar hand gestures and body language while singing.

What’s Great About It: The built-in sound effects add to the onstage feeling, perhaps even encouraging your kids to accept that not all of their performances will elicit applause. We like the light weight of the system and the comparative ease of operation.

​10. VTech Learning Tunes Karaoke

Suitable for: 3 years old and up

Many of the kid-friendly karaoke machines here can be connected to audio and video devices. The VTech Learning Tune is unique in that it doesn’t have connectivity features, but these aren’t necessary considering its more important features.

The karaoke already comes with 15 built-in songs, so there’s no need to connect it to an external device. Your kids will love singing and dancing to these songs, all of which have animated characters with facial expressions flashing on the LCD screen.

There are also three modes of play – fun songs, numbers and letters; as well as five effects – normal voice, child’s voice, man’s voice, echo voice, and robot voice; and a working microphone.

What’s Great About It: We, along with other parents of toddlers, like the VTech because it’s a great educational tool for learning their numbers and letters, as well as learning several songs. This is excellent in building confidence which is useful in learning more songs from the other kid-friendly karaoke machines mentioned here.

Metholodogy for Picking these Products

With dozens of karaoke machines for kids available on the market, we had to carefully choose them before including the top ten on our list. We used the following basic criteria in making our choice:

  • Ease of operation, especially for younger kids. We looked for features like large buttons and switches to turn the machine on and off, control the volume, echo and balance, to remove and replace the microphones, and to adjust the mic stand. We obviously placed the karaoke systems with more features to play with on the list.
  • Connectivity to audio and video devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and televisions. We like that the parents can expand their kids’ music horizons while their kids can assert their tastes in music. In the case of the VTech karaoke, we chose it for younger kids who are learning their letters and numbers, even though it doesn’t have the connectivity features like the others.
  • Safety features are a must. We looked at the type and thickness of the plastic, the number of small parts like screws, and the overall sturdiness of the products.

Of course, we also considered the personal experiences of the parents and kids who have already used these karaoke machines when we chose the best karaoke machines for kids.

We read dozens of reviews until we made a shortlist of the products before taking a close look at each of them. We are confident that we have made the right choice in these products.

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Benefits of Karaoke Toys for Kids

Karaoke is a popular form of entertainment across cultures, although it is a modern Japanese invention. The name itself is a clipped compound of two Japanese words – kara (empty) and ōkesutora (orchestra) – so it means singing to an orchestral music without the orchestra itself. Both children and adults love singing karaoke because it’s such a fun activity.

But for kids, the benefits of singing karaoke go beyond entertainment. First, kids learn to read better and faster because karaoke allows them to sing the words usually without the pressure of reading in front of others. Your kids can just follow the bouncing ball to read the words and, if they aren’t familiar with them, they can ask their parents and listen to their older siblings as they sing the words.

Second, kids build up their confidence in public speaking and public performances. Since singing karaoke at home doesn’t have the pressures of singing karaoke in a public setting, so your children can slowly but surely develop their talents and confidence. In time, they will realize that, indeed, their musical talents are worthy for the world to see, so singing in a public performance becomes easier and better.

Third, kids learn to accept applause and criticism in a more graceful and constructive manner, respectively. When they are praised for their performance, they learn to say their thanks, a good virtue in the real world. This is also true when kids learn to deal with disappointments in a more humble manner.

Fourth, kids become more tolerant of the differences between people, especially in their performance abilities. After all, everybody has varying degrees of singing and dancing talent, so singing karaoke with your kids makes them more accepting of these differences. This can translate to their personal relationships too, with your proper guidance.

Fifth, kids love to spend time with their family members while doing a fun activity – and karaoke is definitely a fun activity that can be done in the comfort of your own home, even for an hour or so during the day.

The most important benefit arguably lies in introducing music into your kids’ lives. Studies have shown that music has a positive impact on the physical and psychological health of both kids and adults. Music is also used as a form of therapy, so it’s no surprise that kids who are exposed to music early are more likely to become well-adapted adults.


The best karaoke machines for kids aren’t just toys. They are educational and entertainment toys from which your children will reap the benefits long after they have outgrown them.

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