A Quick Guide on Finding the Best Kids’ Alarm Clocks in 2019

As a parent, it is understandable that you want your child to get as much sleep as possible to help her grow faster. However, kids grow up and they need to take responsibility for getting themselves out of bed, especially when they need to get ready for school.

It can be quite difficult to wake a child up, especially when your child keeps on asking for an additional five minutes of sleep before getting up.

To make matters worse, you also have to do other things, such as household chores, while trying to wake a sleepyhead up. You need to prepare breakfast, get yourself ready, or attend to your other kids, so you cannot stay in your child’s room and constantly try to wake him up every five minutes or so.

One effective solution to this everyday morning scenario is to get your child her own alarm clock. There are alarm clocks made especially for kids, which can help parents wake children up in no time. Giving them their own alarm clock also teaches them to be independent by waking up on time on their own.

Kids' Favorite Alarm Clocks - My Picks

To help you choose the best alarm clock for your child, I have listed and reviewed 10 of them below.

1. OK to Wake! Alarm Clock and Night Light

This super cute bedside alarm clock is fun and easy to use, which is why it is perfect for every child. The buttons are kid-friendly, so your child will not have any difficulty using it on his own. They are also easy to reach and fun to press because of the lights and animations.

The time is displayed in a digital format so it is easier for your child to determine the exact time.

It has hidden parental controls so you can set it up according to your preference. You can set the night light, the green light, the brightness, and more. You can also customize it with the two faceplates included in the package.

It also has a USB cord, which is useful if you live in a modern house with USB wall plugs, and a battery backup, requiring four AA batteries, just in case.

What's Great About It: During bedtime, it emits a soothing yellow light, which helps children go to sleep faster. In the morning, it emits a green glow when it is time for them to get out of bed and start their day. This is a great feature, as your child can practice waiting patiently and quietly, especially if he wakes up before the set time and before the green light glows.

2. LEGO Kids’ Batman Mini Figure Light Up Alarm Clock

This is the perfect alarm clock for kids who love the superhero of Gotham City: Batman. Waking up is even better if they see their favorite character first thing in the morning, so having Batman on your child’s bedside may be a great way to start the day.

This alarm clock is an actual Batman figure made from super durable polycarbonate and has a digital LCD display. Since it is digital, the time is easier to read for most children.

Just like other Lego figures, it also has movable wrists, arms, legs, and head so that it can double as a toy figure when your kid needs to play a little bit before getting out of bed. It also has a snooze and backlight function, which can be activated by pushing down Batman’s head.

What's Great About It: What can be better than having Batman by your child’s bedside before she sleeps so her favorite hero can wake her up?

3. LEGO Kids’ Star Wars Darth Vader Mini Figure Light Up Alarm Clock

If your child is a fan of Star Wars, then Lego has another alarm clock figure that might be best for your child. Darth Vader may be the main antagonist in Star Wars, but it cannot be denied that he is also one of the most famous characters in the franchise.

This Darth Vader mini figure clock can be a great gift for a child who has a Lego Star Wars collection. Much like the Batman clock, it can also double as a toy, especially when your child needs a little playtime to get him started with his day.

It has a snooze and backlight function, which can be activated by pushing Darth Vader’s helmet down. The backlight glows red to add more to this menacing figure’s character.

What's Great About It: It is an alarm clock, a toy figure, and a collector’s item, all in one. It is fully functional, but also works as a great display.

​4. Stoplight Sleep Enhancing Alarm Clock for Kids

When we are driving, a stoplight tells us when to stop and when to go, and that concept is applied to this alarm clock for kids. You just need to set up the time so that your child will wake up at the right time.

The red light is an indication to your child that she still needs to sleep, while the green light is a go signal for her to get up. For the wake-up call, it features a beeping alarm function that you can choose to turn on or not.

Since a stoplight has three functional colors, the yellow light in this alarm clock can be used as an optional nightlight to allow your child to have dim lights as she tries to sleep.

To make it even more fun and kid-friendly, you can choose from different beautifully crafted figures beside the stoplight. The clock is also digital for your child to be able to read the time easily.

What's Great About It: I like this alarm clock because it uses a teaching method that has been used in behavior modification for years. That is also one of the reasons why pediatricians recommend it. Aside from color recognition, the different lights also make kids understand that red means stop and green means go.

​5. KEYNICE Alarm Clock with Bluetooth Speaker and Night Light

I like this next one by KEYNICE because it is not just an alarm clock, but also a Bluetooth speaker and night light. Its multifunction features make it a great product to buy, as you can definitely get your money’s worth.

With its Bluetooth wireless speaker feature, your child can listen to music and lullabies as he tries to get a good night’s sleep. Just connect it to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth or use its music player function by playing mp3 or mp4 format files from a micro SD card.

Your child will also love the night light with LED lights because changing its color is made easy with just one touch on top. It also has four levels of brightness to satisfy your child’s lighting needs.

The time is also displayed in digits on the time display LED screen. That makes it easier for kids to recognize the time. Of course, it also works as an alarm clock with a sleep mode, which means that the light and the speakers will turn off automatically after 20 minutes once the sleep mode is activated.

It has a built-in 2000mAH battery that can last for 5 hours of continuous use. The lithium battery can be fully recharged for around 3 hours via USB cable, and even supports charging while playing music

What's Great About It: I love the fact that when you get this KEYNICE Alarm Clock, you get to enjoy several features in just one product. It is also good that it is not exclusively for kids, but can be enjoyed by adults too.

​6. MomKnows Galaxy Clock

The Galaxy Clock is perfect for kids who are fascinated with stars and everything that they see in the night sky. It is not just an alarm clock, but also a beautiful star projector that your child will definitely love. When turned on, it displays a mesmerizing projection of stars on your child’s ceiling, which can make your child feel as if he is outside calmly watching the sky full of stars.

Once your child is ready to sleep or has already fallen asleep, it can also be used as a night light in case your child is not comfortable in the dark.

Aside from the visuals, it can set the mood and transform your surroundings with different sound options, such as the sound of beach waves, rain, birds, brooks, and rainforests. It is also best for babies because it also comes with a womb simulator, which can help them get to sleep faster and easier.

You can also use it to play your child’s favorite lullabies, as it works as a high-quality sound machine with volume control. Connect it to your smartphone, tablet, or MP3 player, and let your child enjoy the music.

The design is simple, but fun, with a large digital clock in front. More than the design, what this products boasts is that it is an all-in-one device with customizable settings to suit your child’s sleeping requirements.

The Galaxy Star is powered by USB cable and can be charged using a wall or USB charger. It can also be battery-operated using three AA batteries.

What's Great About It: This product has so many features that we all find to be useful. It is a good investment because you and your child can both use it, as it is not exclusively designed for kids. I love the star projection best, but I also like its automatic shutdown feature, which you can set to your own time.

7. Peakeep 4-Inch Twin Bell Alarm Clock

As they say, nothing beats the classic, and this is one way of introducing classic items to your child. The Peakeep Twin Bell Alarm Clock has a vintage and retro look that will take you back to the 80s.

The great difference from most alarm clocks on this list is that the time is not digital, so it is also an opportunity for you to teach your child how to read the time using the hour and minute hands of the clock. It is also easy to read, as the white print on a dark background gives a clear and legible look.

Also, even though this clock uses hands, it does not tick at all, so it can still be used for a soothing and undisturbed sleep.

If you or your child want to check the time at night, just hold the light button, and the backlight will be turned on, making the time clearly visible.

What's Great About It: This is perfect if your child has a hard time getting up and keeps on pressing the snooze button, because this vintage alarm clock does not have the snooze feature. Because of that, and the loud sound that it sends out, your child will be obligated to get up and get ready for school.

​8. BulbBotz Star Wars Light Up Alarm Clock

Here is another great alarm clock for a child who loves Star Wars. With this BB-8 clock, your child can feel like a Jedi master with his partner by his bedside. This is part of a collection that includes Yoda, Kylo Ren, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, and a Stormtrooper.

It has a digital display, which is great for kids who cannot read clocks with hour and minute hands yet. You can set it up using the buttons in the back to activate it as an alarm clock. It also comes with a snooze function, just in case your child is the type who needs more minutes to condition himself before he gets up in the morning.

To check the time at night, your child can just press down on BB-8’s head to activate the light-up functions. The LCD display has a backlight that emits a yellow glow.

What's Great About It: Aside from being a functional alarm clock, what I like best about this product is that it can be a great display and an excellent part of a Star Wars collection.

​9. Plumeet Easy Setting Bedside Alarm Clock

If you want to keep it simple, then you might want to consider the Easy Setting Bedside Alarm Clock by Plumeet. It is a classic example of a no-fuss item that can perform its function without any fancy features.

It is perfect not just for kids, but also for teens and adults, because of its simple design. The only thing that you can personalize is your child’s choice of color. It is available in black, green, orange, pink, and white. It is also small and very lightweight, so you can bring it with you if you have to travel and need an alarm clock with you.

This is recommended if your child is a heavy sleeper because its alarm gets stronger gradually, waking your child up slowly, but surely. It also has a snooze function, which gives your child eight minutes more when the snooze button is pressed. It also helps that it has a silicone cover, adding a non-slip element or protecting it from minor falls in case your child sleepily knocks it over.

It runs on three AAA batteries with 1.5V. For optimum performance, alkaline batteries are recommended, though they are not included in the package.

What's Great About It: Even though it has a simple design, it still looks nice, and even sophisticated. I love the large display that makes it easy to read, but still will not hurt the eyes or disturb your child's sleep.

​10. Equity by La Crosse 70905 Cube LCD Alarm Clock

Here is another simple and straightforward alarm clock that is perfect if you do not want your child to be distracted by anything that she can play with while trying to go to sleep.

Much like the previous item, this Cube LCD Alarm Clock has a large digital display, which makes it easy to check the time, even for kids. In addition to the time, it also shows the alarm time and a calendar on the display.

It also has a silicone rubber cover for protection from minor falls, and so that it will not slip, even when put on a smooth and slippery surface.

What's Great About It: It may be simple, but it comes in different colors, matching your child’s personality, and even yours. What’s even greater is that the LCD backlight matches the color of the cube.

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How Alarm Clocks Help With Our Sleeping Patterns

Alarm clocks have been used for centuries already because we recognize the need for an effective solution to the problem of waking up on time. They are so useful that most of us would probably have a hard time managing without them.

Another benefit of using an alarm clock is that it helps in keeping our sleep schedules regular. With an alarm clock, we are able to wake up around the same time each day, and our internal biological clock somehow gets used to it. So, in essence, it helps in keeping a consistent schedule and normalizing sleeping patterns.

If you have a child who goes to school, or will go to school soon, one of the things that you need to prepare him for is a change in his sleeping habits.

Gone are the days when you can allow him to play until he gets tired or allow him to watch television with the rest of the family until he gets sleepy. Since he needs to wake up early for school, he also needs to go to bed early. As the adage goes, early to bed, early to rise.

Your role is to help ensure that your child gets enough sleep so that he will not have difficulty waking up in the morning. I know how challenging it is to get your child from a state of grogginess to wakeful readiness. That is where an alarm clock comes in.

Alarm clocks operate on preset alarms that you can set on a daily basis. It also helps that alarm clocks nowadays have customizable options that allow you to set it up according to what would work best for your child. You can either choose an alarm clock with a snooze function or something that does not have any so that your child will be forced to get up and turn it off.

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Choosing the Best Alarm Clock for Your Child

You know your child best, so you know what would work and what would probably not. That is why, when it comes to choosing the best alarm clock, it would help to assess your child’s sleeping habits.

For instance, if your child is a heavy sleeper, it would be best for you to choose an alarm clock that sends off a sound that gradually becomes louder as the seconds pass by. If you choose an alarm clock with a gentle sound, your child might not wake up on time, and as a result, she might always be late for school. That can greatly affect her academic performance.

If your child gets grumpy due to loud sounds waking him up, then you should probably get an alarm clock with a snooze function to give your child time to adjust before getting up.

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There are a lot of alarm clocks available nowadays, so you are presented with a lot of choices. You might want to consider the products that I have included in the list, but also, feel free to explore and look for the best one for your child. Whether you want something simple or a fancy alarm clock with a variety of additional features, you can surely find one that your child would love.

The important thing is that you help your child adjust and get an alarm clock that can help regulate his sleeping habits. You are teaching your child to be responsible by allowing him to wake up on his own. In time, he may not be needing the alarm clock anymore, as his body clock becomes fully adjusted to waking up early on school days.

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