Best Doctor Kits for Kids Who Love Roleplay Games

I’m yet to meet a child who doesn’t love roleplay games. Whether they’re playing soldiers in the garden, chefs in the kitchen, or veterinarian with the family dog, children are highly imaginative, and it’s so beneficial to nurture that creativity.

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One of the more exciting kits that children love to play with is doctors kits. This is one of the best roleplay kits since there’s nothing more rewarding than taking away the pain and unhappiness that somebody is feeling.

In short, it gives your children the chance to be heroes in the eyes of their patients, and is perfect for playing with friends, siblings or family members.

Some of the Most Exciting Doctors Kits for Your Children to be Medical Heroes

Type ‘doctor kits for kids’ into Google and you’ll get around 17 million results. That is a lot of searching if you’re trying to find the right kit for your child. To help you reduce your searching time, here are five of my favorite kits that your children will love to play with.

1. Melissa & Doug Doctor Role Play Costume Dress-Up Set

To start with my absolute favorite, there’s nothing my kids love more than dressing up in their little doctor costumes to run around completing their daily errands. To really play doctor, your child needs to look the part, and that’s exactly what this set is for.

With this set, you’ll find everything your child will need to be a proper doctor. This includes the traditional white jacket, the face mask, and a toy stethoscope. There are also accessories included that your child will need for the most realistic experience.

This includes a reflex hammer, an ear scope, a syringe for medicines and a reusable name tag. To make for an even more entertaining experience, the stethoscope even makes sound effects.​

What’s Great About It: You never know where this dress up set is going to end up and the chances are that it’s probably going to get a lot of food and drink on it. With parent’s stress levels in mind, both the jacket and the mask are suitable for machine washing.

2. VTech Pretend & Discover Doctor’s Kit

As you would expect, the VTech Doctor’s Kit is full of features and fun things for your child to explore and discover, and will ensure that your child stays entertained for hours.

With this unique and highly interactive set, you’ll find five unique medical tools for your kid to carry out their operations and perform check-ups on their family and friends.

There’s a stethoscope, an otoscope, bandages, syringes, and a thermometer, and although they don’t work, it’s enough to inspire your child’s imagination.

The accessories with this kit are outstanding. For example, press the button on the stethoscope and the sad, unhappy face will turn into a glowing smile, meaning the patient is all better.

In fact, there’s a full collection of emotions to cycle through, helping to build that rewarding experience.

What my children love most about this set is the doctor’s box that all the accessories come in. There’s a ton of buttons and sounds to explore on the box, all adding to this highly interactive medical roleplay experience.​

What’s Great About It: Easily the best part of this doctor’s kit is the activities that your children can play with on the kit. All the buttons light up when pressed and all of them help to teach your children about what the medical accessories and tools do.

It can also help to teach them about colors, shapes, and objects. That’s a full learning experience in one kit.

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3. Battat B. Wee MD Doctor Kit

With the Battat B. Wee MD Kit, your children will have everything they need to pursue their passion for being a doctor.

Whether your children are performing intricate operations, simple check-ups or treating little lumps and bumps, your kids will love the fact that they’re prepared for everything.

With this outstanding 14-piece set, you’ll get full flexibility. The set includes a clipboard for taking notes with paper included, a stethoscope with realistic heartbeat sounds, a beeper with a flashing light, and play accessories including safe-scissors, bandages, and a reflex hammer.

There’s also a blood pressure cuff that inflates when it’s squeezed. As you can see, this is easily one of the most accurate kits, designed specially to make playtimes extra enjoyable.​

What’s Great About It: To help you keep the playroom tidy and everything nice and organized, this set comes with a convenient carry case which everything fits into perfectly, making it easy to perform home visits or hospital-style operations.

​4. Kidzlane Deluxe Doctor Medical Kit

If you’re looking for a realistic multi-piece set, then you’ve come to the right place. This awesome set comes with a vast collection of accessories that your kids are going to love.

This includes all the essentials, including a mirror, a thermometer, a clamp, safety scissors, blood pressure cuffs, tweezers and three of the main scopes your children will need for their appointments.

There’s even an included health chart that means your children can monitor their patient’s progress to make sure that they’re actually getting better.​

What’s Great About It: What I love about this best-selling doctor’s kit is the realism of the tools. This is ideal as your children will become very familiar with the equipment which can also help in real life since they’ll be less scared to go to the doctor. The chances are that they might even be excited to go.

​5. Kidzlane Durable Kids Doctor Kit

It can be difficult to try and explain the concept of the human body to a child and it’s one of the biggest educational barriers. However, with the correct doctor’s kit, such as this outstanding one from Kidzlane, this can be an easy task.

This fantastic 12-piece set comes with a complete collection of highly interactive accessories, all resembling authentic medical tools, designed to both educate and entertain.

There are glasses, stethoscopes and an assortment of tools for carrying out all kinds of inspections, check-ups and operations.

What’s more, it’s all conveniently stored in a handy and highly portable travel case. This means your children can enjoy the set, wherever they may be.​

What’s Great About It: When it comes to roleplay, the more realistic the experience, the better it is. That’s why a lot of the accessories in this kit will come with their own built-in sound effects.

For example, the stethoscope emits a realistic heartbeat sound as does the included doctor’s cell phone.

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Some of the Many Benefits of a Doctor’s Roleplay Kit for Kids

Some parents may think that a roleplay kit is simply for children to dress up and use to play the afternoons away, but the truth is that these kits can do so much more than that. Listed below, you’ll find several benefits that these kits can have, just to name a few.

Nurturing Imagination

The main and most obvious benefit that a doctor’s kit provides is encouraging your children to expand and use their imagination. This is so important as it helps your child’s mind to function and grow as well as staying engaged and stimulated throughout the day.

This is also so important because your children will need their imaginations to boost their creative thinking habits. In later life, this will help with problem-solving, critical thinking and how to visually picture things in their heads.

Developing Social Skills

A realistic doctor roleplay will have two people – one doctor and one patient. It doesn’t matter whether this is a sibling, a friend, a parent or a family friend. In fact, the more variety there is, the better.

From welcoming the patient into the surgery, conducting the check-up and performing operations, such as bandaging a cut, your child must communicate well and remain professional. This is a great exercise for practicing social skills and language development.

Boost Cognitive Development

One of the most natural benefits that imaginative play has for children is cognitive development. These are vital developmental stages that should be nurtured and boosted by parents through play.

A doctor’s kit is ideal for this since your children will come across problems, such as a poorly parent or friend and will be looking for ways to make things better.

For example, if their patient is suffering from a cut, it may seem simple to use a bandage, but this is something that children will need to learn.

When your children get the problems right, such as using a bandage, this can be highly rewarding and motivational, and you’re sure to see a smile on their face. This is also a huge boost for their self-confidence.​

Enhance Your Child’s Learning

While playing doctors, nurses, and patients, your children will encounter a lot of medical terms and the names for body parts that they might not have known before.

By playing doctor, your child can increase their vocabulary and learn all about the human body.​


Children love to play roles and let their imaginations run wild. As parents, you know this better than anybody, so why not give them the right tools for the job and let them fully express their inner creativity in the best way they possibly can.

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