Best Kites for Kids to Defy Gravity & Explore the Skies

To some parents, flying a kite with their children might seem like an outdated concept. Surely kids don’t find it that entertaining standing in the garden or a field while flying a kite around? However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

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All humans have a desire to fly, much like the desire to run as fast as a car or have the strength of an elephant. Adults have a yearning to be free, just as much as young children do.

To captivate this love for flying, you can’t just jump straight into remote-controlled planes. Instead, you can start with a beautiful kite.

Some of the Best Kites That Your Children are Sure to Love

In reality, kites are beautiful, serene play toys that can captivate children for hours as they gracefully soar through the sky on the wind, while still providing your children with the challenge of trying to manoeuvre and master it. To get you started, here are some of my favorite kites that your kids will love.

1. Kite Batman for Kids & Adults

Kids adore flying animals. Take them outside, and they’ll be captivated by birds, insects and anything that has wings. Why not treat them to their own flying creature – like the mysterious batman?

This cute and intriguing bat-shaped kite is the perfect accompaniment for your children while they embark on their own outdoor adventures.

Suitable for both kids and adults alike, this kite has an awesome design which looks great as well as exciting and menacing when it’s soaring overhead. It’s sure to turn heads, that’s for sure.

What I love about this kite is the wingspan. It’s huge and around the same height as a 5-year-old child, which will surely thrill your little one.

That’s a lot of kite to try and control, which is why this kite comes with its own high-performance nylon strings, and there’s even a handy plastic pouch to keep it safe when it’s not in use.

What’s Great About It: What makes this kite great is the attention to detail. Not only is the design itself intricately detailed, every aspect, such as the strap on the carry pouch and the incredibly easy setup, makes flying this kite a pleasurable experience all round.

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2. Hengda Red Mollusc/Octopus Kite

If you saw this kite flying overhead, you wouldn’t believe your eyes. This kite offers an amazing flying experience and truly makes you wonder why more people don’t take to flying kites in their local neighborhood.

With this kite, your octopus shaped toy can take to the skies, just as though it was flying in water. However, what’s really great is the long, red, flowing tentacles that come out of the bottom that stretch over 13 feet long. This creates a gorgeous spectacle in the sky that your kids are going to love.

That’s not all though. The head of this kite inflates as it soars with an outstanding diameter of over 3 feet. It comes as no surprise that this kite is suitable for younger kids, and it’s still well worth the entertainment.

What’s Great About It: What really surprised me with this kite is the fact that, despite its many tentacles and its huge size, it’s not at all difficult to set up or pack away. All you need to do is to tuck all the tentacles into the main flying part, roll it up, pop it into the convenient travel bag and that’s it – simple!

3. Kite Perfect Delta Kite for Kids & Adults

When it comes to kites, what you want is something colorful that stands out in the sky and mesmerizes your children. If this is what you’re looking for in a kite, you may not need to look further than this limited-edition kite from Kite Perfect.

This beautiful, rainbow-themed kite is a great way to get your kids outside and enjoying some fresh air, all while being fully engaged and keeping active. This kite flies with an incredible 40 inch wingspan and comes with an amazingly durable 130 foot nylon kite string, leaving very little chance that the kite will break free and fly away.

This kite also comes with two unique, red tail strings as well as a multi-colored tail for creating the most elegant patterns in the sky.

What’s Great About It: The Kite Perfect kite is built with quality in mind. The mainframe of the kite is made from super-strong fiberglass materials as well as a durable handle that’s ready to fly in seconds. There’s also a convenient travel bag to keep your kite safe and in good condition while you’re out and about.

​4. aGreatLife Huge Rainbow Kite

It’s difficult for parents to try and get their children away from television screens and computer games to get outside and play. It’s one of the leading causes of the obesity epidemic, and many parents are very concerned. However, one of the best ways to get your children outside is giving them a toy they’ll love, such as this Huge Rainbow Kite.

Not only will your children be able to enjoy this beautiful kite as it soars and floats across the sky, but they’ll also be able to stay active as they control it, developing both their strength and hand-eye coordination.

What I love about this kite is how easy it is to control and how quickly it can be assembled. Unlike traditional kites, there’s no messing around trying to put together the frame or untangling strings, you simply pop the poles into place and off you go. There’s even an easy-to-use handle designed for child’s tiny hands.

What’s Great About It: Due to the size of this colorful kite, you can use it in all kinds of weather conditions. Whether you’ve got the perfect winds for flying a traditional kite or even just a small breeze, this kite will perform every time.

​5. Image 3D Frameless Dolphin Beach Kite

Despite being a beach kite, feel free to use this kite in your back garden, in your park or, of course, at the beach. The leading feature of this awesome kite is the fact that it’s frameless. This means that there’s next to no setup time. Simply unroll the kite from its convenient carry bag, attach the durable fly string and you’re ready to go.

The entire kite is made using safe and strong parafoil materials that are lightweight and easy to carry as well as being masterfully sewn together. All of the fabric has been arranged into a beautiful dolphin design that looks great whenever it’s flying overhead – like a beautiful dolphin swimming in the sea.

What’s Great About It: As you would expect, this kite is specially designed with kids in mind. To cater for this, the handle, despite the size of the kite, is small, lightweight and gives your children full control over the kite while it’s in the air, ensuring that it won’t hurt their hands when it inevitable pulls.

Why Are Kites Such a Beneficial Toy?

To many, kites might seem like quite an outdated concept. I mean, who flies kites anymore? However, I beg the question about why this has to be the case, especially when there are so many benefits to flying them.

There are benefits to flying a kite? Surely not, I hear you asking. Well, allow me to explain.

Gets Children Outside

One of the hardest challenges that parents face is getting their children outside. The pull and entertainment factor of digital devices and television screens are incredibly difficult to compete with.

But with the right kite and the correct amount of encouragement, your children are bound to find a new hobby that they adore.

Flying a kite takes a certain amount of skill and physical activity, such as walking around with the kite and using various muscles to control it while keeping it in the air. This will help to develop your child’s motor coordination and massively enhances their sense of balance.

Encourages Imagination

When putting together a kite, especially ones that look like a certain animal, such as the dolphin kite listed above, your children’s imagination will be encouraged tenfold. Imagine what it will feel like to watch a 13 foot dolphin flying through the air above your head.

Calms Hyperactive Children

Kite flying is renowned for being an incredibly peaceful activity which makes it perfect for children that tend to have a lot of built-up energy. When flying a kite, your kids need to be focused on what they’re doing and certain aspects of the activity, such as wind speeds and the wind direction.

They’ll also need to be aware of potential obstacles when flying, such as trees, rocks and, of course, power lines, so that they don’t fly near them.

Develops Social Skills

Although kite flying is famous for being quite an individual activity, there’s nothing more beautiful than getting your whole family or your children’s friends together to fly a collection of kites together in one area. It’s a sight to behold, and can be paired with a fun picnic in the park, so your kids can discuss the different aspects of their kites, and socialize at the same time.

Final Thoughts

Kite flying is easily one of the most beautiful, peaceful and entertaining pastimes around. If you’re looking to give your children something different to play with or looking for an activity to bring your children closer together, kite flying is definitely worth a thought.

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