Best Laser Tag Sets for Kids for Shoot-Em-Up Fun Anytime of the Day

Laser tag is renowned for being one of the most popular games that a kid can play. Not only do your kids get to run around and burn off some of their energy, it’s good exercise and also helps to promote teamwork and social skills. What’s not to love?

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However, I found that many parents were put off by the high prices of going to a laser tag arena, especially when the kids want to go every weekend.

Instead, I bought a laser tag set that my kids can use at home and they loved it. Get ready for some high-octane fun, and some adrenaline fueled gameplay.

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Product Image

Product Name



Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set and Carrying Case

  • Own unique settings

  • Pistol itself is the target

  • Laser product

Laser X 88016 Two Player Laser Gaming Set

  • High-powered laser

  • Works up to 200 feet

  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use

Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger

  • Two blaster guns

  • Perfect for siblings

  • Unique colors

Best Choice Products Multiplayer Mode Infrared Laser Tag Gun

  • Dynasty Laser Tag

  • Four guns

  • Unique blaster settings

Kidzlane Infrared Laster Tag Game

  • Affordable

  • Unique and exciting game

  • Gun lights up and vibrates

My Favorite Laser Tag Sets for Children

To give you an idea of what’s available; here are five of my favorite laser tag sets that help to bring a modern-touch to the traditional game of ‘tag.’

1. Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set and Carrying Case

This is easily my favorite laser tag set because it comes with everything you need. When we first received this set and opened the box, we discovered an awesome hard case carry box.

Inside, you’ll find, not one, not two, but four uniquely colored laser pistols, each in its own dedicated holding slot, just like a gun on your favorite spy movie.

Each pistol comes with its own unique settings option which can change which team the pistol represents as well as custom blast settings.

Each pistol can switch between the four color teams so you can have two vs. two, three vs. one or even everybody vs. everybody. That gives you endless opportunities for fun and games.

What’s more, in this set, the pistol itself is the target. That means there’s no need to wear a restrictive vest, allowing your children to run around freely.

What’s Great About It: As with any laser product, you always need to be safety conscious. With these pistols, that isn’t a problem. Each pistol is certified as a Class One laser and produces less than 0.5mW output, meaning it’s completely safe for your children to point and shoot with.

2. Laser X 88016 Two Player Laser Gaming Set

This set is ideal for siblings to engage one another in a fun-filled way that they’ll love. This high-powered laser tag set works up to an awesome 200 feet away.

This makes the set ideal for indoor and outdoor use, giving your children complete freedom in their style of play.

Compared to the first laser tag set, this one is a lot more traditional and comes with a wearable sensor that sticks to your children’s clothing. The pistol and the sensors are connected, so it’s easy to know exactly how many hits and shots you’ve had, ensuring it’s crystal-clear who the winner is.

The other feature I love about this set is the integrated coach. This unique feature provides your children with feedback through the pistol on how to improve their game and skills. This can also be listened to through headphones, as can the in-game sound effects.

What’s Great About It: One of the best parts about this set is its compatibility with other Laser X sets. If your children’s friends or family members have another Laser X set, all of the children can play together. This makes games larger, more active and a lot more interesting.

3. Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger

Mention the word ‘Nerf’ to any child and you’re bound to hear them squealing in excitement. With this laser tag version of the popular child’s shooter, you’ll be able to enjoy two blaster guns, perfect for siblings, friends, and parents.

Each gun comes with its own unique colors and classical Nerf-gun design, making sure that every game is fun, action-packed and gets your children moving. That’s so much better than your kids sitting in front of a screen all day.

As you would expect from a Nerf gun, each pistol comes with a built-in speaker that plays realistic sound and gameplay effects. The blasters even vibrate when the gun fires or gets hit, helping to create an even more realistic experience.

This laser tag set is completely safe for children to use as the lasers are classed as Class One infrared lights which are safe and certified not to harm your children in any way.

What’s Great About It: Alongside the sounds and vibrations that these guns emit, there are also several lighting options built right into the gun itself. This means turning off the lights or playing in the dark makes for an awesome laser tag experience that your children are going to love.

​4. Best Choice Products Multiplayer Mode Infrared Laser Tag Gun

Similar to the Dynasty Laser Tag set, this set gives you four uniquely colored laser guns that promise to create some crazy laser tag adventures in and around your house.

Since there are four guns, kids, siblings, neighbors, parents, babysitters and other family members can all get involved with the action.

Each gun comes with four unique blaster settings. For example, you can change how much ammunition each gun has before running out. You could change the number of times a player can get hit and set reload times.

This gives you full control when playing laser tag, allowing you and your children to play the style of game that you want to play.

Each pistol works effectively up to a range of 40 meters and comes with a built-in light that will show the operator how many lives they have left for that game.

All aspects of these laser blasters are certified in line with ASTM safety standards and produce a safe output of under 1mW.​

What’s Great About It: On top of all of these amazing features that makes these guns suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, there’s also no need to wear a heavy vest. This is because the guns themselves are the targets, allowing your children to run around freely without being restricted by a vest.

​5. Kidzlane Infrared Laster Tag Game

If you’re looking for something a bit more affordable, but equally as engaging as the more expensive counterparts, this could be the ideal set for you.

These colorful and vibrant laser blasters are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, perfect for getting all members of the family involved.

With these blasters, you’ll be able to choose between four unique and exciting game modes and four unique gun modes. Gun modes? What’s that?

With these pistols, you don’t just have to have pistols. Change the setting, and you can adapt the firing settings to become a shotgun, a machine gun, and even a rocket launcher. This is a sure-fire way to make the games even more exciting for everyone.

Each gun lights up and vibrates when it’s hit, and there is a light showing exactly how many lives that player has left. There are also ammo counters and reload options so your children can completely customize their own style of gameplay.

What’s Great About It: Everything about this laser tag set is great. The guns are powerful enough to be used both indoors and outdoors with a maximum range of 130 feet. The guns are safe enough to be used by children as they are class one laser certified and only produce an energy output of 0.9mW.

The Many Benefits of Buying a Laser Tag Set for Your Children

Many moms and dads won’t know that laser tag sets provide their children with a lot more than just an entertaining experience. If you’re wondering what these benefits could be, here are some of the best.

Enhanced Motor Skills

Laser tag is all about trying to be as accurate as possible. Whether you’re trying to hit your opponent’s pistol, their vest or their patch, you have to be accurate to win. This means that your children will need good hand eye coordination.

The more your children play the game, the better they’ll get. The better they get, the better their hand-eye coordination will be, an aspect that will stay with them for life.

Increase Problem Solving Abilities

So your child is pinned down in a corner with enemies on all sides. What are they going to do? This is where the problem-solving part of their minds comes in. Will they be able to risk the shot without getting hit themselves? There’s only one way to find out.

Encourage Teamwork

If you’ve purchased a laser tag set with more than two guns, one of the more exciting ways to play is in teams. For children, this helps to encourage teamwork and improves your child’s communication skills.

Laser tag is a great way to develop your child’s social interaction skills, a skill that will stay with them for life. If your children are taught to work together from a young age, this will be present throughout their life, helping them to live a happier, healthier lifestyle with the people around them.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, laser tag isn’t just fun, it’s also incredibly beneficial for your child’s mental development. It’s also a much better way to spend an afternoon instead of being stuck in front of the television. What’s more, even you can get involved, making this an activity that the whole family can enjoy.

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