Best Magnetic Toys in 2019 to Intrigue Your Kids about Science

Nowadays, kids are less likely to engage in creative play because of the free availability of handheld gaming devices. These gadgets are highly engaging and attractive to kids. But creative play is just as important today as it ever was before.

Toy manufacturers have taken notice and created innovative toys to engage today’s kids in imaginative play once again. Basic building blocks still offer lots of fun, but recently I came across magnetic toys and loved them.

With these toys, kids can use their creativity to build with magnetic blocks, while experiencing a little bit of science. Magnets have always been fascinating, so smart toy developers have combined this fascination with our creative spirit. The result: magnetic toys.

What’s So Great about Magnetic Toys?

Magnetic toys come in all shapes and sizes. They are, in essence, magnetic building blocks that kids can use to construct whatever takes their fancy. During play, kids can assemble stunning constructions while discovering the use of magnets - science and creativity combined.

What’s more, these magnetic toys are easy to work with because they stick together. Even small children are able to construct the most magnificent buildings, and adults are just as fascinated.

I was just as happy to play with them as my kids were, and so were the grandparents. Everyone had fun, and everyone created something amazing.

To me, magnetic toys are among the best toys when it comes to stimulating creativity, and I would advise any parent to go out and purchase some. But what’s available and where do you start? Well, that’s where this article comes in.

I’ve compiled a list of the best magnetic toys to make choosing easier for you. Let’s look at my top magnetic toys.

The Best Magnetic Toys

The following selection features a variety of magnetic toys for different age groups and in different price brackets. I’ve aimed to provide choices that will cater to everyone’s needs and budget.

​1. WhizBuilders Magnetic Building Block Toy Set

This set is suitable for kids between the ages of 3 and 12, so you already know that it’s going to get plenty of use. What I like most about this set is that it contains lots of different pieces. In fact, there are 74 altogether.

The pieces come in different colors, so your kid also learns about geometrical shapes while building.

​You can construct just about anything from a monster truck to a Ferris wheel. Shapes include triangles, squares, hexagons, wheel sets, Ferris components, and alphabet cards for added learning options.

​Although the set comes with a manual containing building instructions, we were happy to create our own designs. The blocks are very durable, and I was impressed that you can clean them by rinsing them with running water. What’s more, the plastic is BPA-free and the magnets are strong enough to build the most amazing constructions.

​I can’t even name one drawback with this set, and it truly is fun for all ages.

What's Great About It: This set delivers everything that a magnetic toy set should - lots of magnets, colors, shapes, and endless possibilities.

2. Picasso Tiles 100 Piece Set

I checked out this set because it has won so many awards, and the descriptions looked great too. The Picasso tiles are suitable for kids aged 3 and above, and adults will love them just as much.

When I got them, I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, this is, without a doubt, one of the best magnetic toy sets out there. You get 100 different colored tiles in different shapes.

With them, you can either follow the instructions in the manual to build amazing towers, houses, and pieces of art; or you can let your own creative juices flow and build your own work of art. In my house, everyone wanted to play with these tiles.

The kids loved them because the magnets are strong and it’s easy to create something amazing. In the process, they learned about art, architecture, engineering, and magnetic polarity, all while having lots of fun.

The shapes include two different sizes of squares and a variety of triangles in different colors.

Perhaps the only problem with this set is that if you have a few kids playing together, they’ll soon run out of tiles. In my house, we could probably use a second set at this point.

What's Great About It: The Picasso tiles develop your child’s creativity, as well as teach them about architecture, engineering, magnetism, and art. Again, the possibilities are endless, and you’ll have many hours of fun.

3. Playmags 118 Piece Set

This is another great set of magnetic building components. In fact, this set comes with a few extras. Apart from two different squares, a rectangle, and a variety of triangles, you get window frames, windows, ABC blocks, and a car base.

This means that you can incorporate windows in your houses. My kids loved the car, although, because there’s only one, arguments ensued, so you may want to purchase a second one.

​There’s no limit to what you can build with this set, especially seeing as the magnets are really strong. During play, your kids learn spatial awareness, construction, and much more. Because there is a limit to the number of shapes, they also learn to economize and construct buildings from the available components.

​Again, creativity and fun are the top priority. Kids aged 3 and up will have lots of fun with this set. The manufacturer has even provided a convenient bag to store the blocks away. You can also bring them on vacation for when you have to stay in.

​One drawback of this set is durability, as the blocks are not as sturdy as those in other sets. What’s more, occasionally a magnet may fall off which is rather worrisome if you have small kids.

What's Great About It: Great value for money, you get lots of components at a reasonable price. The variety of pieces is also great, especially the car base, window, and window frames.

4. Magna-Tiles Clear Color Set

Generally, Magna Tiles are more expensive than other brands. Most users agree that these tiles are more durable and the magnets are stronger.

This set is comparable to the Picasso Tile Set as it also features flat tiles in different shapes. You get a selection of triangles and squares as well, with 100 pieces altogether.

You can create 2D masterpieces or 3D out-of-this-world constructions and needn’t worry about the construction falling under its own weight.

The manufacturer claims that the superior magnets used are rare and hard to refine. This makes Magna Tiles more expensive than the competitors.

Overall, the quality is good; however, I’m not sure if the price is justified.

You can add to this set and buy other shapes of Magna Tiles to expand your building scope.

What's Great About It: With this set, you get a good variety of components so that you can build any type of construction or work of art.

​5. Mag Genius Building Tiles

This set contains no less than 187 pieces, including 2 car bases and wheels. Altogether, you get 13 different shapes in different colors. Because of the variety, you have more options and can get even more creative.

During the building process, kids use their motor skills, imagination, and determination, while experiencing math, geometry, architecture, and engineering in a real way.

The magnets are good and strong, so the constructions are solid and can be as big as you want. Using them to create 2D art pieces can be lots of fun for smaller kids who are starting off.

In my house, the car bases were a real hit. The kids built all kinds of crazy vehicles, raced them, and invariably crashed them.

Another great feature of this set is the convenient storage bin provided.

This is a really good set and it comes at a reasonable price, considering the number of pieces you get with it.​

What's Great About It: I love the sheer abundance of pieces you get with this set, and the car bases and wheel sets were a hit with my kids.

​6. Grand Line 120 Pieces Magnetic Stacking Blocks Set

Like the WhizBuilders Set, these components are frames rather than tiles. This means that they are open in the center which makes them easier for smaller kids to hold and handle.

Suitable for kids aged 3 and above, these magnetic blocks are very sturdy and heavier than tile sets. The component variety is impressive seeing as you get squares, triangles, and rhombuses - 120 in total.

The magnets are really strong, so you don’t have to worry about pieces not sticking together well enough.

With these pieces, you can go beyond architecture and engineering. The instruction manual shows you how to build everything from helicopters, to chickens, right through to a slide. Or, you can ditch the manual and build your very own T-Rex.

From what I experienced, these blocks, along with the WhizBuilder, are more suitable for smaller children because they are easier to work with.

Again, no cons here.​

What's Great About It: This set is super for kids of all ages, and exceptional for smaller kids. With these magnetic blocks, even they can create the most awesome things and have hours of fun. All for a great price too!

7. Magnetic cube, LiKee 216pcs Magic Cubes Building Blocks

Now for something a little bit different. This set contains 216 magnetic 0.2-inch cubes which you can combine into an array of amazing geometrical shapes.

These include buildings, artworks, abstract, or symmetrical, you name it. Personally, I found this set fascinating, though it is only suitable for older kids, teenagers, and adults. In fact, the manufacturer recommends this set for 14-year-olds and above.

Nonetheless, they stir a fascination with geometrical shapes, symmetry and the abstract, providing just as much fun as you can imagine.

Some adults use these cubes to hold anything from paper notes to paper clips. The designs you can create are stunning, and after playing for a while, your teenager will be feeling very “Zen”.​

What's Great About It: This is an amazing toy for a teenager, of which there are not many. Adults will also love this set just as much.

​8. Magnetic Personalities - Original Wooly Willy

I felt compelled to include Original Wooly Willy, even though this set is rather limited in its use. With it, you don’t get tiles or building components. Instead, you get a picture of a bald man in what resembles a picture frame.

There’s magnetic sand inside the frame. Using a metal wand, you pull the magnetic sand to give the poor bald man a full head of hair, perhaps a moustache, or a full beard. At the side, you see different pictures of the man with different hair styles. Your child’s job is to replicate them.

We had such a laugh with Wooly Willy! And although your kids won’t learn anything about geometry, architecture or engineering, they’ll have lots of fun. This is an old school type of toy, which is just as good today as when it was first launched all those years ago.

What's Great About It: Even though this is not a very educational toy, your kids will have lots of fun playing with it, and it’s available at an exceptional price.

​9. 7TECH Magnetic Drawing Board

Magnetic drawing boards have also been available for many years and they have great entertainment value during long car rides.

Kids can draw and doodle on the magnetic surface with the attached pen, then erase, and start over again. This board comes with imaginative stamps and a convenient handle, so it’s perfect for on-the-go creative fun.

​Suitable for kids aged 3 and over, a magnetic drawing board is still one of the must-have toys that should feature in every child’s life.

What's Great About It: I loved my magnetic drawing board when I was a little girl, and my kids love theirs just as much. It’s simple yet still provides the scope for fun and creativity.

​10. Melissa & Doug Abby and Emma Deluxe Magnetic Wooden Dress-Up Dolls Play Set

Last, but by no means least, I am going to include a magnetic doll set. This is a great toy for any little girl.

With this 55-piece set, you get Abby and Emma, two wooden dolls, and lots of magnetic, stick-on clothing items. Mix and match outfits to create stunning fashion and have hours of fun doing it.

Your child can dress up the 8-inch dolls with tops, shoes, pants, hats, or fancy dresses, and gather up all the pieces in a beautiful wooden tray, featuring lots of different compartments. They will enjoy playing dress up while developing their fine motor skills, color combinations, and creativity.

What's Great About It: Simplicity is the key again here, and my little girl adored this set, and so did I.

How to Choose the Best Magnetic Toy for Your Child

If you are trying to choose the best magnetic toy for your child, think back to the selections above. There are four types of magnetic toys, namely :

  • Tiles Sets: Suitable for kids aged 3 and older, though more suitable for kids above the age of 7. These are designed to teach kids spatial awareness, inspire creativity, and expose them to art, architecture, geometry, and much more.
  • Open Tile Sets: Most suitable for kids aged 3 to 10 because they are easier for smaller hands to work with. They are sturdy and durable, very educational, and particularly suitable for prolonged play.
  • Fun Sets: Similar to the Wooly Willy set, these are designed for short-term fun.
  • Magnetic Dress-Up Sets: Perfect for small kids who like to play dress up. These sets provide hours of fun, even on the go.
  • Magnetic Drawing Boards: Most suitable for kids aged 3 to 10, andgreat for traveling.
  • Teenager/Adult Sets: Ideal for teenagers and adults, these sets are not suitable for kids below the age of 14 because the magnets are very small.

You will have to choose a set for your child by looking at the options and choosing according to your child’s age and interests. In addition, your choice will depend on whether you want to provide lasting, educational, and creative play or just to keep your child busy for a short time.

The large building component sets have the most to offer in terms of inspiring creative play, but the fun sets and drawing boards can be just as entertaining.

Your budget will also come into play, though I’d like to emphasize that all of the featured toys above deliver great value for the money.

Final Thoughts

I have thoroughly enjoyed testing out all of the different magnetic toys and so have my kids. All of them offered something special. Each toy inspired our creativity. When kids play using their creativity, they can discover new skills. They can experiment with shapes, colors, and spaces first hand.

During play, they become more confident and learn about basic physics, magnetic polarity, architecture, art, engineering, and much more.

It’s particularly amazing to see your child create something unexpected, something that they wouldn’t have thought possible. The joy and boost in confidence are invaluable.

Playing together is just as much fun, and all of the sets are perfect for group play. Kids learn to design, plan, and construct together, each making an important contribution in the process.

I would highly recommend magnetic toys. They combine various elements of learning, creativity, fun, and collaboration.

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