Best Makeup Sets for Kids – Pretend Play Kits for Your Girl in 2021

As they say, girls will be girls, and there is no better toy allowing them to show their creativity than their own makeup set. After all, gone are the days when little girls just want to play with their dolls. Now, some kids prefer dolling themselves up by using their own pretend makeup.

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There is nothing wrong with allowing little girls to play with their own makeup sets, as long as they know that they are for. Some may say that these types of toys teach little girls to be superficial, but that is debatable.

It is just natural for little girls to want to explore and try to do things that they observe from grown-ups. Some girls prefer cooking with kitchen sets, some enjoy swaddling and caring for baby dolls, while some enjoy putting makeup on themselves, on their mom or siblings, or even on their dolls.

Pretend Play Makeup Sets for Girls – My Favorite Kits

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If your child is showing signs that she wants to have her own makeup set, here are 10 of the best that I can recommend.

1. Make it Up Pretend Play Make Up Kit

Make it Up Pretend Play Make Up Kit - little girls makeup

Recommended for children at least 3 years old

Your little girl will definitely feel like she has her own makeup kit when you get her this because it comes in a pretty floral makeup case, probably like what she sees in your bag. She will not have to ask you over and over again if she can use your real makeup because this kit will keep her busy for hours.

The Glamour Girl Make Up Kit includes 13 pieces of pretend cosmetics, such as the quad-compartment bright eye shadow, stunning bronzer and blush combo, sparkly pink lip gloss, eye-catching foundation with a mirror, lip gloss with a wand, designer plush applicator and makeup brush set, lipstick, and two nail polishes.

Take note, though, that the makeup is not real and does not apply to skin. That is a good thing because it allows your little girl to be imaginative and creative without the mess.

What’s Great About It: Although the makeup is not real, the brushes included in the set are real, and in fact, very nice and soft. The whole set does not look cheap, but rather, it looks really glamorous.

2. IQ Toys Kids Washable Makeup Set

IQ Toys Kids Washable Makeup Set - little girls makeup

Recommended for children at least 6 years old

If your little girl is tired of using pretend makeup, then maybe it is time that you give her the real thing. This makeup set by IQ Toys might be the perfect kit for your child who is ready to take it to the next level and become a little makeup artist.

The set consists of real, but washable makeup, and consists of four blush powders, two glitter lip glosses, three eyeshadow powders, two lipsticks, and two nail polishes. It also comes with a glittery cosmetic bag, where your little girl can put all the makeup when she is not using it. Because of the bag, it can be brought anywhere, even when traveling.

The makeup also comes in vibrant shades and great textures so kids will definitely have an amazing time playing with it. It is also perfect for occasions such as a children’s party, princess parties, play dates, and other fun children’s activities.

What’s Great About It: Children’s skin is super sensitive, which is why it is a good thing that this makeup set is non-toxic and can be washed with water and mild soap. It is safety-tested and approved so you can be at ease while your precious little one plays with it.

3. Liberty Imports Cosmetics Play Set

Liberty Imports Cosmetics Play Set - little girls makeup

Recommended for children at least 5 years old

What’s not to love about this makeup set? It is pink, studded, and comes in a heart carrying case so I am sure that most little girls will love it.

This cosmetics playset may look like just a heart-shaped container when closed, but when your little girl opens it up, the myriad of colors will surprise her. It has everything that she might need for her own makeup kit.

The kit includes glitter makeup, which comes in nine different colors, lipsticks and lip gloss, blush, and even nail polish. Your child can play around with different colors and practice putting on different looks for occasions and special events.

Aside from the heart shape, Liberty Imports also has other interesting shapes, such as flower-shaped, cell phone-shaped, and hexagon-shaped cosmetics playsets.

What’s Great About It: This product is also guaranteed to be safe for kids, so you do not need to worry about harsh chemicals that might irritate your child’s sensitive skin. It can easily be washed off and has non-toxic ingredients.

​4. Click N’ Play Pretend Play Cosmetic and Makeup Set

Click N’ Play Pretend Play Cosmetic and Makeup Set - little girls makeup

Recommended for children at least 3 years old

This makeup set by Click N’ Play actually looks so real that some people might even find it hard to believe that it is a playset, especially at first glance. It is great for younger kids because it is completely fake and does not apply to skin. So, your little girl can play with it without you worrying about the mess that she might leave on her clothes and other items.

It includes a mirror, blush, eye shadow, glitter pot, and lip gloss. The only thing that is real in this playset is the set of makeup brushes. It also comes with a cosmetic bag that can be used to put away the makeup when not in use.

It is a nice toy that encourages creativity and imagination. It is safe for kids and meets all standard requirements.

What’s Great About It: Even though it is fake makeup, it is not entirely made of hard plastic. It is made with a sponge-like material so that when your child presses it down or uses the brush on it, it will feel real, without the pigmentation.

5. Little Cosmetics Pretend Makeup Signature Set

Little Cosmetics Pretend Makeup Signature Set - little girls makeup

Recommended for children ages 3 to 6 years old

This is another pretend makeup set that is made specifically for playing because it does not apply or transfer to the skin. It is a good choice for parents who do not want their children playing around with pigmented powders, and also for kids who have super sensitive skin. It may be a makeup kit, but it is designed and intended for imaginative play.

Although the makeup is fake, the pieces still look realistic. There is a mirrored powder compact with a shatterproof mirror, so it is safe even for kids who always drop things. It also includes a sweet pink blush, a fuchsia raspberry lip gloss, a rose-shimmer glitter pot, and a berry sherbet eye shadow.

While the rest are make-believe, the makeup brushes that come with the set are real, as well as the lovely cosmetics bag that can be used to store the makeup.

Your little girl can practice proper handling of the brushes, as well as the key strokes needed for actual makeup application.

What’s Great About It: Since the makeup is not real, you do not have to worry about any negative reaction on your child’s sensitive skin. It will not leave a mess or stain clothes, either.

​6. IQ Toys Princess Girl’s All-in-One Deluxe Makeup Palette with Mirror

IQ Toys Princess Girl’s All-in-One Deluxe Makeup Palette with Mirror - little girls makeup

Recommended for children at least 5 years old

This makeup kit is indeed designed for a little princess. It has everything that your little girl can possibly want, and it comes in a great-looking colored case too. It is even great for doing makeup on the go because the case contains a mirror.

This might be the perfect way to pass time when you are going on a trip and your little girl wants to bring something that she can play around with. She can play with it and glam herself up at the same time.

The palette contains eight different colored eye shadows with an applicator. Your little girl will surely love the colors because they are all fun and glittery. Below the eye shadows, there are also four larger blushes in round pans, which come in shades of pink and peach.

The two sides can slide open to reveal more makeup in two smaller palettes. There are six lip gloss rounded pans that are fun and bright and apply smoothly on the lips. There are also more eyeshadows in hues of pink, purple, and blue for a more playful color combination.

What’s Great About It: It is always great to know that a product, especially one made for kids, is safety-tested, washable, and uses nontoxic materials.

7. Little Pritti Pretend Make Up for Girls

Little Pritti Pretend Make Up for Girls - little girls makeup

Recommended for children at least 5 years old

TheLittle Pritti make up set is a beautiful combination of faux make up products and colorful items. Your little girl will feel like she is digging into her mother’s make up set. This 11 piece set is perfect for role playing and doing make overs on people or your child’s dolls. It comes with a real cosmetic bag to store all the items.

The makeup brushes are real and easy for your child to hold and use, they are soft, therefore, optimal for your child’s sensitive skin while playing. Your daughter will learn to feel beautiful in her own skin as she plays with this make up kit. The case comes with a compact mirror, gloss, glitter, eye shadow and more.

What’s Great About It: We love how light and pretty this play make up set is, and the fact that it comes with a nice small storage container makes it easy to clean up. Get this item for your little girl who loves beauty and play pretend, they will have a blast and you will have an easy clean up!

8. IQ Toys Washable Makeup Set

IQ Toys Washable Makeup Set - little girls makeup

Recommended for children at least 5 years old

Here is another great makeup set that you can consider for your glamorous little girl. The makeup pieces come in a glitter cosmetic bag so that all the pieces can be packed away and organized once playtime is over.

It is a great way to keep your child entertained for hours. While it is nice to play with it alone, it would be even nicer to play with it during princess parties, playdates, birthdays, and other children’s occasions and activities.

The makeups are made with vibrant shades and great textures that your little girl will surely love. It can even be used by beginners who want to practice their makeup application skills and apply their creativity through makeup.

The set includes four blush powders, two glitter lip glosses, three eyeshadow powders, two lipsticks, two nail polishes, and makeup brushes.

What’s Great About It: Girls tend to love sparkly things, sp the fact that this set comes with a glittery bag is a plus already. The makeup is made of nontoxic materials and washes off easily. It is also safety-tested and approved, which makes parents like you feel at ease with the product.

​9. Wonderworld Pretend Pinky Cosmetic Girl Toy Set

Wonderworld Pretend Pinky Cosmetic Girl Toy Set - little girls makeup

Recommended for children at least 3 years old

This is another pretend playset that is perfect for little girls who like mimicking their older sisters or their mom. You can get this for your little girl and have her put on makeup with you to encourage roleplaying and develop her social skills.

The set includes a mirror, face powder, eye shadow, lipstick, nail polish, and makeup brushes. It also comes with a cute cosmetic bag made with fabric. Your little girl will have a great time with imaginative and pretend play while developing her intellect, skills, creativity, originality, and concentration.

What’s Great About It: Unlike the other makeup sets that I have reviewed, this one from Wonderworld is made from environmentally friendly rubberwood. It was also made pretty using nontoxic paints, dyes, and lacquers. The glue used to put everything together was free from formaldehyde, so it is completely safe, not to mention that the packaging is made from at least 70% recycled paper.

​10. Fashion Angels Make-Up and Hair Design Sketch Portfolio

Fashion Angels Make-Up and Hair Design Sketch Portfolio - little girls makeup

Recommended for children at least 6 years old

If your child has an interest in art and makeup this is the perfect set. This booklet provides stencils to trace make-up and hair styles on models that are conveniently printed on the page. This spiral notebook is great as a travel item to keep your child entertained. Also it is perfect for keeping in the car for a past time.

The booklet provides 40 different pages for sketches, it will inspire your daughter to understand makeup and hair and bring out their artistic side. It also comes with six stencil cards to use over the different pages. Lastly, the kit provides drawing utensils. This drawing book is perfect for the makeup savvy girls in your life.

What’s Great About It: It comes with a ton of stencils, stickers, and fabric ideas that are perfect for creative children who love to color, draw and design. Thi set is perfect for your child with a creative mindset to explore!

How I Picked These Specific Kits

When it comes to choosing the toys to buy for your child, there are several factors that you might want to consider.

Since a makeup set requires contact with your child’s skin, it is important for you to choose something that is hypoallergenic and made with nontoxic ingredients. A child’s skin is super sensitive, so this should be the most important consideration. It is also a plus if the makeup can be easily washed off using mild soap and water.

If you would rather get your child something that does not apply to the skin, it is also a good idea to consider the material with which the toys are made of. Pretend makeup sets are usually made of plastic, so if you happen to like a set for your child, check the quality of the plastic and make sure that it is BPA-free. If you can find something that is made of natural wood or rubberwood, that’s even better because it’s environmentally friendly.

The Benefits of Playing With Makeup Sets

Contrary to what many people think, playing with makeup sets is not just about teaching little girls to put on makeup and make themselves look pretty and dolled up. Playing with makeup sets is a form of pretend play that can bring a number of benefits to kids.

Children learn by imagining and doing, just like when your child picks up a folded paper and pretends that it is a flying airplane by swishing it back and forth in the air. Pretend play develops different skills in a child, and it would be very beneficial for you to support that.

Pretend play helps develop social and emotional skills, especially when she is playing with other children. Pretend play becomes cooperative play, and that teaches her to learn how to take turns, share, and solve any problems that may arise. Pretend play also allows your child to build her self-esteem when she feels and discovers that she can be anything and can look the way that she wants just by pretending.

Pretend play also helps develop your child’s thinking skills. Even if your child only plays with makeup, it would still require her to think of the things that she can do with the different types of makeup that she has. For instance, blush-ons can also be used as an eyeshadow, and your child can figure that out without anyone even telling her. She can also mix and match colors, whatever she thinks would look good and complement each other.

Finally, pretend play nurtures the imagination. As a parent, it is important that you encourage your child to use her creativity and imagination when playing. Do not spoon feed her everything. Instead, let her figure out things on her own. Let her create an imaginary situation where she can be whatever she wants to be. She can be a princess, a blogger who puts up makeup tutorial videos, or a makeup artist who helps other people feel good about themselves.

Allow her to put makeup on you, while also allowing her to decide which ones to use. This will boost her confidence and encourage her to hone her skills. It will also show her that you trust her judgment.


Allowing your little girl to play with makeup is a good way of making her experience things that she usually sees you do. Learning how to put on makeup at an early age also has some advantages, as it can make her feel more independent as she grows up.

Just make sure that you get involved and are there to guide her along the way. Be there for her and be ready to answer makeup-related questions, while also allowing her to explore and discover things on her own.

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