Best Minecraft Toys for Kids to Start Their Own Journeys to the Nether

The world is crazy about Minecraft. Whether your kids are younger, teenagers, or even young adults, everyone has fallen in love with the Minecraft game, which has amassed over 122 million downloads worldwide.

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However, as parents, it’s important to let your child have some screen time, but you can’t let them sit in front of the screen for hours at a time.

With this in mind, it’s important to encourage traditional styles of play with toys. What if there was a way to bring this love for Minecraft to your playroom floor? Luckily for us, there is.

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Some of the Best Minecraft Toys for Fun-Filled Afternoons of Block-Related Adventures

As you can imagine, since the worldwide blockbuster game has been released, there are a ton of toys that have followed suit, making it incredibly difficult to know exactly what toys are out there and worth buying. To help you narrow down your search, here are some of my favorite toys that my kids absolutely adore.

1. Mattel Minecraft Playset

The first Minecraft toy I ever brought my children was this Mattel playset, and it still remains one of my children’s favorites to this day. This awesome Minecraft set represents all the biomes you’ll find in the computer game, and it gives your children multiple levels on which to play.

Within these multiple levels, there are sections that can expand out and contract as well as a many secret passages and some hidden bonus areas, which means that this playset can constantly change, resulting in endless hours of fun.

Some of the other features you’ll find in this set include a Minecraft waterfall, several detachable torches, a door, ladders and a coveted Obsidian walkway, one of the most prestigious blocks in the game.

Some of the hidden bonus features include a hidden diamond that your children will need to find and an elusive zombie figurine.

As you would expect from a Minecraft set, it has all of the accessories you’ll need for a successful adventure to the Nether, including a working craft-table for creating the much-needed diamond pickaxe.

What’s Great About It: In addition to being one of the most customizable sets available, this Mattel set is designed to be used alongside all the other Minecraft figurines.

This means that you can have a full range of Minecraft toys including Steve, mob and animal figurines as well as all of the essential mining accessories. This makes for the most realistic Minecraft experience yet.

2. LEGO Minecraft – The Cave

LEGO and Minecraft are two of the most creative toys to have ever been invented, and have now come together for something special. With this awesome LEGO set, your children will be transported to a mystical Minecraft cave where they can explore and play their days away.

Included with this set, you’ll find two Minecraft figurines to play with, a classic Steve model and a zombie, plus a dangerous spider that only makes playtime more exciting. The cave set is a fairly open set and contains a ton of geographical features that will keep your children busy for hours.

These include a rushing waterfall, several gems such as gold, Redstone, coal, and iron, and a few other essential caving extras such TNT, a torch and a ladder for the quickest escapes.

In total, there are 249 LEGO pieces to play with and, as with any LEGO set, your children can play and customize their model however they please, giving them true creative freedom in their LEGO Minecraft world.

What’s Great About It: As you’d expect from a LEGO set, this caving toy is completely universal and can be played with any existing or future LEGO sets. This means that your children can mix and match sets and create a truly unique playing experience where the possibilities are endless.

3. LEGO Minecraft – The Dungeon

Very similar to the LEGO above, now we’re heading deeper underground to the dark and gloomy dungeons of Minecraft.

With this 219 piece set, your children will be able to discover a full collection of Minecraft related goodies from the game, including a Steve figurine with an iron pickaxe as well as everything they’ll need for a full-blown zombie attack.

There’s even a spawner model that rotates, a unique feature that a rare few Minecraft sets have, making this ideal for die-hard fans of the game.

As with all LEGO sets, your children can build and rebuild the set how they please, creating a new adventure with every playtime.

The set is also compatible with all the other Minecraft LEGO sets, perfect for making a full LEGO-Minecraft collection.

What’s Great About It: One of the features that my children love most about this set is the hidden wall section which can find a zombie. When activated, the zombie will pop out in a surprise attack, making this one of the most exciting and realistic Minecraft sets available.

​4. Minecraft Animal Toy Pack (6)

As I’ve been told by my children, Minecraft wouldn’t be complete without the adorable animals that roam the surface, known as the Overworld. These cute little animals include all the farmyard favorites and are an essential part of the game. How are you going to survive without food?

You can now bring this level of realism to your off-screen Minecraft games with this awesome little animal pack from the official Minecraft store.

Included with your set, you’ll find all of your child’s favorite animals, including a chicken, a sheep, a cow, a wolf, a pig and the rare ocelot.

Each animal is designed with the classic Minecraft pixelated design and looks great no matter what Minecraft set your children have already got.

This pack helps to create a truly realistic Minecraft experience that your children are simply going to love.

What’s Great About It: What my children love the most about these is just how compatible it is with every other Minecraft set. They can either be played with on their own or as part of a larger set, such as the LEGO sets on this list.

​5. Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio

If your child is a fan of Minecraft, the chances are that they’ve spent many hours sitting in front of the computer watching videos of Minecraft on YouTube – people playing the game, tutorials on how to complete a certain task or just funny animations, and there are plenty of them about.

If your children are feeling more creative, why not think about this awesome little Minecraft movie set, perfect for creating your own Minecraft animations at home. This set is truly one-of-a-kind, and there’s nothing else like it available.

It works by your children setting up their scene using the blocks and props provided. There’s a full range to choose from, including fences, ore, dirt and stone blocks, so your scene can look however you want it to.

You then download the smartphone app, compatible with all devices, set it up in a fixed position using the grip provided and start taking pictures of the scene in the classic stop-motion style.

There are six unique backgrounds to choose from, alongside three figurines, and a total of eighteen other props. That’s more than enough to keep your children busy for endless afternoons of fun.

What’s Great About It: What I love about this set is that you’re not just restricted to the items you get with this set. If your children want to mix and match with their other sets, such as the animal set or scenery set, they can. You could even incorporate other toys if you feel that way inclined.

​6. Minecraft Piper Computer Kit

This next set is designed with older children in mind, but is a great way to introduce your children to the age of computers and really get them thinking creatively and logically. If you’ve never heard of a Raspberry Pi computer system, check it out here.

In short, it’s a learning platform for children to get hands-on with when building their own computer. With this set, they’ll be making a computer on which they can then play their favorite Minecraft game.

It has everything you’ll need to create your full, working computer, and there’s a selection of gadgets, including led lights, buzzers, motion sensors, and switches, all ready for when you play Minecraft on the built-in LCD screen.

This set comes in a beautiful and protective wooden case, so you know everything is safe and sound when it’s not being played with.

What’s Great About It: This self-contained computer is also Wi-Fi enabled. This means the computer can connect to your internet network, allowing your children to access more levels and they can play with their friends or siblings that have the same set.

7. Minecraft Mini-Figure Battle Box The End

Finally, after slaving away for hours on your children’s Minecraft set, they must eventually face the dragon at the end. What better way to round up all your child’s hard work that by pitting them face-to-face with the Ender Dragon?

This exclusive set contains the Ender dragon on top of his iconic Nether podium, complete with the healing energy beam. There’s also an exclusive Steve figurine included with this set, with the legendary diamond armor and a bow, the perfect way to complete any Minecraft set.

What’s Great About It: When not in use during playtimes, this dragon podium makes the ideal shelf piece for any Minecraft lover’s room. You can also pose the wings and the tail to give you the exact look that you’re after.

Why Should You Encourage Children to Play Minecraft?

As we mentioned before, adults and children alike adore Minecraft. At its core, it’s a very simple game based on the concepts of exploration, discovery, and survival, with a long journey and a story once the player becomes well equipped.

However, the game was originally designed with children in mind, but why is it so popular? In short, children love having the ability to shape the world around them. It’s a great way to encourage your children to get creative and to think logically.

Also, there are many aspects of Minecraft that can help to teach your child about real-life concepts. For example, when you start out in the Minecraft world, you have nothing and you have to build the world around you.

Once night falls, and the bad guys start coming out, your children will start to understand the importance of having shelter to protect them.

They will start meeting animals, and they’ll learn about needing food and clothes. These may seem like basic concepts to adults, but children do have to learn these things, and there’s no better way to teach it than in an entertaining way, such as Minecraft.

Other ‘life lessons’ include not stepping in lava, not falling from great heights, and not staying underwater for too long. These may seem basic to you, but they are all extremely important for a child to learn.

With all of these concepts combined, Minecraft also helps to teach children about being creative and experimenting with certain aspects of the world, whether it’s trying to see how many items they can make out of wood, or building a fully-functional house that protects them and their belongings.

All of these points are closely related to improving your children’s cognitive development and hand-eye coordination, both of which are extremely beneficial to them now and in later life.

However, like most things, you don’t want your children to be sat in front of a computer or smartphone screen all day, and it’s good to have some imaginative play, which is why these sets are ideal.​

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to see why Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world. For a child who has spent a certain amount of time playing the computer game, it’s such a pleasant surprise for them when they see a real-life Minecraft related toy in front of them, helping them to bring their imagination to life.

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