Best Nap Mats for Toddlers Who Deserve a Well-Earned Break from Playtime

So, your little one has jumped out of bed this morning, had breakfast, spent all day running around playing, following you as you carry out your day-to-day jobs, maybe they’ve seen a friend for play date, built some things out of Lego, attending pre-school, played with your makeup or simply used up all their energy just being a toddler. Once you hit mid-afternoon, you can be sure that your little one is burned out.

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As parents, it’s our responsibility to give our children the perfect place to lay down to relax and recharge their batteries, ready for another fun-filled afternoon and evening before bed, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

If you don’t know where to start or what to look for when it comes to nap mats, you don’t worry. To keep you in the know, here are some of my favorite nap mats, specially designed for your kids to instantly fall in love with.

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Product Name



Olive Kids Train, Planes and Trucks Nap Mat

  • Metal Body

  • Remote Control

  • Motion Sensor

Urban Infant Toddler Nap Mat

  • Metal Body

  • Remote Control

  • Motion Sensor

Stephen Joseph All-Over Print Nap Mat

  • Metal Body

  • Remote Control

  • Motion Sensor

Millard Toddler Nap Mat

  • Metal Body

  • Remote Control

  • Motion Sensor

The Most Comfortable Nap Mats for Your Little Monsters to Re-energize

Looking for the perfect nap mat for your little bundle of joy to have the sweetest dreams while they get ready for the second half of their day? Here are some of my favorites that they are going to love.

1. Olive Kids Train, Planes and Trucks Nap Mat

To start off my list, I’ve chosen this outstanding nap mat which is easily one of the most popular mats on the market, and one that my children absolutely loved. These mats are super affordable and extremely comfortable thanks to them being made from 100% cotton and polyester fabrics.

On the inside, you’ll find an even more comfortable blanker made from more cotton flannel materials and an included removable pillow, perfect for uninterrupted nap and dream time. This awesome little mat comes with essential carry handles and Velcro straps for keeping everything together when it’s rolled up. That’s everything you could ever need.

What’s Great About It: In addition to being embroidery friendly, meaning you can add your own patterns and stitches to the design to make it extra personal, this unique mat is also available in over 24 unique designs, enabling you to pick one that your child will love.

2. Urban Infant Toddler Nap Mat

If you’re looking for an incredibly comfortable nap mat for your little monster to enjoy, why not try the Urban Infant Nap Mat? With this one, my kids loved the unique and vibrant ‘urban’ design and when trying it out, fell asleep almost immediately.

Upon closer inspection, I found that the mat was internally made from 100% cotton, easily the leading material when it comes to comfort.

Additionally, you’ll find this mat comes with its own fabric and removable pillow where your child can rest their sleepy head. There are specially integrated stretchy elastic corners, meaning you can easily use this mat with cots, beds, or wherever your kid wants to sleep.

There are over seven unique and colorful designs to choose from, and everything rolls up into a highly portable roll, allowing you to take the mat with you wherever you go.

What’s Great About It: Children love their teddies and toys. With this mat, they’ll be able to enjoy a specially dedicated pocket, just for their best friend, so they can sleep sweetly, safe in the knowledge that their best friend toy is watching over them while they sleep.

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3. Stephen Joseph All-Over Print Nap Mat

Easily the leading nap mat when it comes to quality and durability, Stephen Joseph has pulled out all the stops when it comes to designing this luxurious mat. The mat itself is made from 100% polyester fabric materials that pride themselves on being both soft and snug for your child to sleep in.

What’s more, there’s a removable pillow that’s perfectly positioned for your child’s head, and there are even adjustable straps. When you roll up the bag for taking with you wherever you go, you can simply carry the handles, enabling you to concentrate on the more important aspects of your trip.

This mat comes in a colorful and engaging design, ensuring its perfect for both girls and boys.

What’s Great About It: As your child will be sleeping on this nap mat, you’ll want to ensure that you can easily keep it clean and hygienic for whenever they want to use it. This is such an easy task with this mat as you can simply pop it in the washing machine and you’re done.

​4. Millard Toddler Nap Mat

To conclude my list of favorite nap mats, I’ve chosen this outstanding folding foam mattress that’s perfect for anything, whether it’s nap time, bedtime, or sleeping at a friend house or whenever your child just needs a comfortable surface to relax.

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The mat itself is made from high-density foam materials, priding itself on creating a soft cushioned surface while providing them with all the body support they need.

Thanks to the density foam, this mat has an incredibly solid build, perfect for withstanding tantrum throwing toddlers or children that simply want to jump around and play without the risk of anything breaking.

In addition to everyday use, this mat could also be used for temporary sleeping if friends come over or if you are redecorating your little one’s room.

What’s Great About It: With this purchase, you and your toddler will be able to enjoy the added benefits of the included bamboo cover with anti-slip properties. This ensures that the mat stays firmly in place during use while providing a superior level of comfort to your toddler, guaranteeing the perfect night’s sleep.

What You Need to Know to Buy the Perfect Nap Mat for Your Toddlers

Choosing the perfect nap mat for your toddler is never easy. But if you scroll down, you will discover my step-by-step buying guide, enabling you to make the most educated purchasing decision.

What Should I Be Aware of When Buying a Nap Mat?

One of the most important things to consider is that some mats contain flame retardant materials. Although this may seem like a feature you need, it’s actually been proven that the flame retardant substances are recognized as carcinogens, otherwise known as substances that can cause cancer.

This is especially important when it comes to your children since they have delicate and fragile skin that can absorb these chemicals, potentially causing them harm in both the long and short term.​

Are These Mats Suitable for School or Preschool?

Absolutely. In fact, this is one of the main purposes. If you’re trying to choose a nap mat that’s suitable for your children and you want them to take it to school with them, so they don’t have to use one of the potentially dirty nap mats that the school provides, there are several things you should look out for.

Firstly, you’ll want a nap mat that can roll up. This means you or your child will be able to easily carry the mat around while not in use and it will also store simply, without you having to worry about it taking up space or becoming damaged. A key feature to look out for is the Velcro straps that will help to hold it all together.

another feature to make this task even easier is built-in carry handles, enabling you or your child to effortlessly carry around their nap mat, without it getting in the way of other things.

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How Do I Keep My Nap Mat Clean?

As with any child-related product, it’s vital that you keep your child’s nap mat clean and hygienic, especially since they are sleeping on it and may be using it on a daily basis.

With this in mind, look for nap mats that are marketed as being machine washable. This means you can simply pop the mat in your washing machine, turn it on and you’ll be ready to go next nap time.

This is such an important aspect to consider since dirty nap mats can become a breeding ground for bacteria and microbes thanks to all the dirt, sweat and germs that your child will leave behind during their naps.

This is even more important if your toddler wets the mat, so make sure you keep it clean. If your chosen mat is not machine washable, you’ll have to wash it by hand which can be extremely time-consuming.

Do I Choose a Foam Mat or a Fabric Mat?

This is completely up to you. It will all depend on what your child finds more comfortable to sleep on during nap times. A foam mat is much more similar to a mattress, so if your child is particularly sensitive to discomfort, a foam nap mat may be ideal, but for the majority of children, a fabric mat will be comfortable enough.

Final Thoughts

Nap times are some of the most important times of the day, and without a decent nap mat, you’ll find that your child will quickly become a lot more tired, irritated and uncomfortable. By investing in the right nap mat that your child will love, nap time will become a breeze, ensuring your child can recharge their batteries to stay happy all day long.

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