Best Piggy Banks to Teach Your Kids the Art of Saving Money

We want to emphasize first that our list of the best piggy banks for kids isn’t just a list per se. We chose these piggy banks because they are tools that can encourage children in practicing responsible finances at an early age. We also know that responsible parents are keen on teaching their children the values of saving their money and planning their purchases.

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For these reasons, we chose the piggy banks based on the possibility that these can be effective tools in teaching kids about handling money well. But in the end, we must say that the responsibility in this matter still lies with the parents, especially in being role models for their kids.

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Awesome Piggy Banks for Your Kids

1. Streamline​ Green Frog Money Piggy Bank

Kermit is a well-known cartoon character with an optimistic personality, but he’s not exactly the one depicted in the Green Frog Money piggy bank. Nevertheless, it’s still an adorable piggy bank with its glossy green body, wide-eyed look, and cute details so kids will still like feeding it, so to speak, with bills and coins. The coin depository is located at its back while the plastic stopper is at its bottom.

What’s Great About It: We like the simple yet practical design since even a five-year old can immediately see what it’s for. The frog design is also suitable for kids who like to collect animal figures as toys, even for displaying on their shelves.

2. Burton & Burton Girls Pink & Green Circles Pig Piggy Bank

Contemporary piggy banks usually come in either plastic or tin materials since these aren’t easily damaged by kids. But the Girls Pink & Green Circles is different – it’s actually made of quality ceramics.

The piggy bank can then be a knick-knack on a shelf while still serving its practical purpose of being a tool in teaching kids the value of saving. The pink and green circle designs should fit in with the girly theme in your daughter’s bedroom or playroom.

What’s Great About It: The design details, such as the colorful circles, ribbon on the pig’s head, and pink feet and snout make it such an adorable piece. Since there’s no stopper, the only way to get the money which has been saved in the pig is to break the ceramic – and that can deter a child from breaking it open prematurely. Plus, it can be personalized using the pen included in the package.

3. Carter’s Smiley Happy Piggy Bank

The Smiley Happy may have a simpler design, but what it lacks in adornment, it more than makes up for in its large size. Parents like it because it can only be opened by breaking its ceramic material, which means that their kids will be more encouraged to wait until it’s as full as can be. Kids will like it because of its glossy silver design and coin slot at the back.

What’s Great About It: The glossy finish on its silvery ceramic makes it a great display item too, and the large interior space allows for higher savings.

​4. Schylling Rubber Piggy Bank

Not every child will appreciate ceramic piggy banks because of their easily breakable nature. The vinyl Rubber Piggy Bank is a great alternative because it can be handled more roughly while still remaining intact. The pig design complete with a snout has a charming appeal, especially with the blue gingham scarf.

What We Like about Its Product: We like the cute piggy details, from the head and body to the legs and curly tail. Even the smiling face seems to beckon kids to drop a coin or two into it as often as they can.

​5. Digital Energy Digital Coin Bank Savings Jar

Unlike most of the piggy banks on our list, the Digital Coin Bank Savings Jar actually allows kids and parents alike to monitor the amount of money inside it. The digital piggy bank has built-in sensors in its lid that automatically determine the type of coins being placed inside and adds them up. The types of coins accepted include pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollar, and dollar coins, which should be pushed well into the slot for the sensors to detect them.

What’s Great About It: The digital counter allows kids to keep track of their savings so they know when they have reached their targets. The lid can also be screwed on and off so coins can be deducted from the stash and the changes reflected by pushing the ( – ) sign. The piggy bank also accepts dollar bills.

​6. Thomas the Train Tank Engine Coin Bank

The ceramic Thomas the Train Tank design may be more traditional, with no built-in sensors and digital counters – but it’s a beloved character so kids are still taken by it. The glossy finish of the blue train-themed piggy bank is also part of its kid-friendly charm.

What’s Great About It: The use of a familiar cartoon character in its design can increase the chances of kids actually using it as a piggy bank to protect their loot.

7. Ookamiwolf​ Cute Pig Money Box Piggy Bank

Most piggy banks are non-moving in the sense that kids just drop coins into the coin slots and the task is done. But the Cute Pig is different in that it’s both a robot toy and piggy bank in one.

When a coin is dropped into its coin slot, it stands up and moves its head so as to completely drop the coin into its box. The visual display is as entertaining as can be, so your kids will like putting in as many coins as they can into the piggy bank to watch it move again and again.

What’s Great About It: Why stop at teaching kids about saving money? Parents can also use this pig to teach kids the basics of robotics – or at least, introduce them to robot toys at an early age.

​8. Money Scholar Fire Truck Coin Bank

Traditional piggy banks usually just come with one compartment so the Fire Truck coin bank is truly unique. There are four compartments in its box, each corresponding to the saving, investing, spending and giving aspects. Think of your envelope system in piggy bank form and you get the idea.

What’s Great About It: We like the exit twist lock on each compartment so the money can be taken out, when necessary, for their planned purpose. The compartments can also be labeled according to your child’s preference, such as “for toy” or “for grandma’s gift”.

​9. Forever Collectibles NFL Green Bay Packers Piggy Bank

Kids who are crazy about the Green Bay Packers and football in general will love this NFL-inspired piggy bank. This can be used to save money for a game ticket, a season’s pass, or any other goal your child has for his money. The Green Bay Packers’ recognizable green logo is also displayed on it.

What’s Great About It: The sporty theme will appeal to young kids who are into sports, especially football. This piggy bank would be a great gift for your little sports enthusiast.

​10. Jhua Cartoon Electronic Password Piggy Bank

Most of the piggy banks on our list are used only for saving coins and bills, but not the Cartoon Electronic Password. The box has sufficient space for some of your kid’s treasured possessions, as humble as they may be in the eyes of an adult. Aside from money, these can include trinkets and collectors’ cards, which can be safely locked inside the money box with a rotary lock.

What’s Great About It: We like the fun design and rotary lock that provides your child with a safe of their own to store their prized possessions.

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The Picking Process

We could have just chosen piggy banks that catch our fancy, and leave it at that. But we wanted to ensure that the piggy banks on our list will satisfy both parents and kids in terms of:

  • The overall design of the piggy banks, which should attract the attention of their primary users – kids. We then chose piggy banks with familiar themes, such as the traditional pig shape, Thomas the Tank, and a fire truck. We considered their display-ability in terms of a glossy finish, vibrant colors, and adorable details as the icing on the cake.
  • The size of the piggy banks should address your kids’ needs for what they consider as sufficient savings. The piggy should neither be too large as to make your kids frustrated that they can’t fill it fast enough nor too small as to encourage them to set low savings expectations.
  • The built-in features should encourage kids to save their money, even if it’s just pennies and dimes at first. The coin slot, for example, should be large enough to fit all types of coins, but not too large to allow coins to easily slip through if the bank is turned upside down. The digital counter, robotic motions, and rotary locks are also great features.

Basically, we chose piggy banks that will encourage kids to save their allowance, money gifts, and income earned from doing errands for their family and neighbors.

Ways to Teach Positive Money-related Values

Did you know that being responsible with their finances is among the most important lessons we can teach our children? This is because the ability to save money is among the pillars of wealth building and, in turn, of leading a comfortable life.

This isn’t to say that we should encourage our kids to put wealth as their top priority at the expense of their personal relationships and personality building. Instead, we have to emphasize the value of planning for the future while also enjoying the fruits of the present.

Parents must then start their kids’ education on this matter, as early as possible, at around 5 years of age, or younger if they understand. In the process, you’re also setting the foundation for their success as adults.

Here are some simple yet effective ways that you can start your children on the right path, finance-wise:

Start them with their own piggy banks.

You can give each one of your kids his or her own piggy bank in a design that appeals to their personal taste, such as the frog-themed piggy for a boy and the pink-and-green circles for a girl. You can even give them their first coins just to encourage them to start “feeding” their piggy banks. You should ideally teach them about goal-setting too, such as saving for a special new toy.

Set simple and attainable goals based on a timeline.

Instead of giving your kids their own piggy banks and leaving them to deal with them on their own, you should guide them in setting attainable goals with a timetable. By doing so, you’re allowing them to visualize the effort it takes to save the money, the amount of money that can be saved, and the things that can be done with the money once they reach their goal.

Your kids will likely set their own realizable goals, such as saving $50 in three months from their allowance, income and gifts from their grandparents. You can help them keep track of their savings by using a pen-and-paper chart, which will keep things more visual instead of it just being in their heads.

Of course, parents must also lead by example. Your kids will likely follow your example when you have your own money jar where you place your loose coins at a regular basis. You can also have short conversations about responsible handling of money, such as when shopping for some staple items.


The best piggy banks for kids on our list are beautiful in their designs, practical in their features, and durable in their materials. But in the end, these are just piggy banks that can either sit in the corner gathering dust or sit in a place of honor – as your kids’ first savings. Parents must ensure that their kids treat the piggy banks as effective tools in building their wealth.

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