Best Play Dough Sets for Boys & Girls to Get Completely Creative

Play dough is just one of those toys that is never going to go out of fashion. It’s been about for decades, and it’s so much fun to play with. You can be sure that it’s going to be around for years to come. Suitable for kids both young and old, you simply can’t go wrong with a good old-fashioned play dough set.

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Having been around for so many years, play dough sets have come a long way. The sets are easily considered to be one of the best toys, simply because of their entertainment and educational benefits. It can also benefit your child’s motor skills. That’s one all-rounded toy.

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Play-Doh 36-Can Mega Pack

  • Super-affordable Play-Doh set

  • 36 awesome colors

  • Complete control

Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Colorful Candy Box

  • Awesome little set

  • Uniquely colored pots

  • Three exclusive ‘Play Dough Plus’ pots

Play-Doh Disguise Lab Feat. Despicable Me Minions

  • Hilarious hairstyles

  • Uniquely colored pots

  • Unique holders

Colorations Classic Colours

  • Six huge 3 pound tubs

  • Possibly imagine

  • Non-toxic

Play-Doh Max the Cement Mixer

  • Cement Mixer

  • Perfect for playing construction games

  • Awesome stamp

Top Play Dough Sets for Children to Get Their Hands Into

Type ‘play dough’ into Google, and it will return over 21 million results. That’s a lot of searching. To narrow it down, I’ve searched far and wide for some of the best sets that your children are simply going to love.

1. Play-Doh 36-Can Mega Pack

The best thing to do with Play Dough, something my kids love to do, is just mash all the colors together to create some crazy patterns. But you can’t do this without the colors to begin with.

This is why I love the super-affordable Play-Doh Mega Pack. With this set, you and your children will be able to enjoy 36 awesome colors.

The set gives your children complete control over what they make and they can explore different shapes and different colors as they please.​

If you’ve ever witnessed a child drawing, and they can’t find the color that they’re looking for, you know that it’s not a pretty sight.

Since there’s so much Play Dough in this set, it’s perfect for children and their siblings, friends or even for mom and dad to get involved. Each color comes in its own dedicated pot with a color-coded lid for easy identification.​

What’s Great About It: With your children’s health and well-being in mind, each pot of Play Dough is completely free from toxic substances. I would highly advise that you try your hardest to keep the Dough out of your children’s mouths anyway.

2. Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Colorful Candy Box

Show me one child that doesn’t like candy. If your children are anything like mine, the answer will be that you can’t. Why not combine your children’s love for sweets with their love for creativity with this awesome little set.

With this set, you’ll have six standard, uniquely colored pots of play dough with the classic yellow packaging and traditional tubs.

You’ll also find three exclusive ‘Play Dough Plus’ pots, giving you some unique and vibrant colors that you’ll only find in this set.

What I love about this set is the accessories that come with it. Your children will be able to play with a selection of syringe-like tools, all designed to look like cake icers and creamers. This means that your kids will be able to make all of their favorite cakes and sweets out of Play Dough.

There are also several molds, cutlery utensils and shape cutters included. This means your children will be able to make all of their favorites and more, all without having to be in the kitchen. All of this combined makes this set perfect for some hands-on foodie fun.

What’s Great About It: Just to make things even better, this set has been awarded a place in the Top 100 Holiday Toys. This is because the set is perfect for playing in the car or at your vacation destination.

3. Play-Doh Disguise Lab Feat. Despicable Me Minions

I remember when the Minions first came to the big screen in Despicable Me and the following films. My children just can’t get enough of them, so it’s no surprise that they fell in love with this Minion-themed Play Dough set.

A disguise lab? – I hear you ask. Well, with this set, you’ll find a chair/podium, styled into the main chair from the Despicable Me films. On this chair, you’ll be able to place either a model of the traditional good minion or the notoriously evil minion.

Then, your kids can mold their Play Dough around the model, creating whacky clothes, hairstyles or whatever they want. This is so much fun, and my kids came up with some truly hilarious hairstyles that had us playing around with the set for hours.

There are four uniquely colored pots of Play Dough included with the set, but you’re more than welcome to mix and match the pots from other sets if you wish.

The chair has four unique holders for each pot, so it’s all contained in one easily accessible place.

What’s Great About It: I love the accessories that are included with this set. Mainly made for hairstyles, there’s a large plastic comb, a pair of Play Dough safety scissors and a banana squeeze tube. That’s everything your children will need to create some truly awesome designs.

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​4. Colorations Classic Colours

If you’re looking for ways to expand your Play Dough collection in terms of color and quantity, feast your eyes on this awesome set. This highly-durable Play Dough set is perfect as a standalone purchase or to be used alongside any other sets.

With this set, you’ll be able to enjoy six huge 3 pound tubs of Play Dough, spanning an array of colors including blue, green, yellow, purple, orange and red. That’s perfect for designing anything your children can possibly imagine.

And yes, you read that correctly. There’s a total of 18 pounds of Play Dough fun included in this set. That’s a lot of creating ahead of you.

The Play Dough is designed to be soft and putty-like, which means that it’s easy to mold and, thanks to the big plastic tubs, there’s no risk of it drying out.

What’s Great About It: On top of all of these awesome features, Colorations has made things even easier for parents. All of the varieties of the Play Dough are non-toxic, and the dyes guarantee not to stain your children’s clothes. All the Play Dough is easy to clean up, making sure that your house doesn’t get covered in Dough.

​5. Play-Doh Max the Cement Mixer

Finally, I’ve chosen this really cool Play Dough set that comes with its own cement mixer for an even more engaging style of play that my kids couldn’t get enough of.

Max, the Cement Mixer, is designed to be child-friendly and easy to use and perfect for playing construction games with your Play Dough set. The mixer has its own set of accessories, such as a steamroller and an awesome stamp that looks like a cracked road, so your child can get really creative.

With this set, you’ll have five included colors, but you’re more than welcome to mix and match the pots with other sets to get an even more enjoyable experience.

There’s a couple of squeezing and cutting accessories to play with, one of which comes with a collection of shapes and cut-outs, but this set is a little more restrictive compared to other similarly priced sets.​

What’s Great About It: What I love the most about this set is the Play-Doh tubs themselves. They are specially designed to look like road bollards. This means that your children can set up their construction zone for unlimited hours of play.

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A Brief Guide to Buying Play-Doh

It might have been years since any of us have played with Play-Doh, so knowing what the best is for our kids might stump us a little. To give you a helping hand, here are a couple of things to think about.


Whichever set you buy, you want as many colors as possible. This is so your children can really experiment with what they are creating, and you can make sure that they won’t get bored easily.

It’s worth remembering that Play Dough as a whole can interchange with one another. However, be careful when mixing different brands as they may become mixed up and you may not be able to take them apart again.


Second to the dough itself, play dough is all about the toys you get with it. With each kit, you’ll get a collection of accessories that can be used to cut and style the Dough, making for an even more entertaining playtime.


There are so many play dough sets out there that you’re sure to find one that your children love. Whether your children are into building and construction games or love the Minions, you can be sure there’s a set out there they will love.

Choosing a great set will help your children to engage with it, making it just that little bit more enjoyable.


What’s not to love about play dough? It’s fun, malleable, entertaining, educational, and can do wonders for your children’s motor skills and development. It’s not even that messy. So what are you waiting for? Get out there to get your child something that they’re bound to love for years to come.

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