Best Play Tunnels for Kids to Enjoy Endless Afternoons of Fun and Games

Remember the days when you were a child exploring play tunnels, and hiding from our parents when they called us to do something that wasn’t as fun as exploring the tunnel system? Those were the best of times.

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Those days may be over for us, but not for our kids. Thanks to advances in technology and product design, these play tunnels are now better than ever, and are renowned for being the ideal toy to keep your children physically active. Finding the ideal play tunnel can be tough, so we’re here today to narrow it down to some of the best available.

My Favorite Play Tunnels That Your Kids Will Never Stop Playing With

Below, you’ll find a list of some of my favorite play tunnels that are available today. Whether you want to set them up outside or inside your home, your kids will love these play tunnels.

1. Playz 3 pc Rocket Ship Astronaut Play Tent

Playz 3 pc Rocket Ship Astronaut Play Tent

For your child that loves all things space and astronaut themed, this is the perfect tunnel set. It has a teepee style tent that is designed to look like an astronaut ship. It has a hole out of the top so they can look into the stars as they fly through space. Connected is a dark tunnel that goes into a ball pen that has space designs on the walls. This toy is a great gift and will ignite your child’s imagination.

You can make many different combinations out of this set, by simply only connecting one or two of the pieces or using them for different purposes. Maybe one day your child simply wants to play in the space ship, while other days they want to enjoy the ball pen. This set is out of this world fun for your little one!

What’s Great About It: The space set comes with a lot of fun little additions, like the basketball goal in the ball pen and the designs and shapes throughout the tunnel and spaceship. We love the diversity of this set.

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2. Hide N Side Princess Tent with Tunnel and Castle

Hide N Side Princess Tent with Tunnel and Castle

This princess castle tunnel and house is the perfect place for your little girl to imagine, explore or just chill out while they read or relax. It can be a place to explore and run around or make into a cozy space. It has an entrance block at one end of the tunnel and then the tunnel connects to the full on princess castle. The colors are pink, purple and the tent has sparkles on it, your little girl will love the look and will be enchanted with this tunnel.

The castle and tunnel collapse for easy storage and store in a bag that comes with the set. The set will stay sturdy while your daughter plays due to the steel spring frame that is sewn into the fabric. This set is perfect for young girls three years old and up. Your little princess will love playing in this castle!

What’s Great About It: Not only do you get the castle and tunnel set, this package comes with a tutu, wand, tiara crown and ring for your daughter to play with. They will be in full princess mode once they receive this gift.

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3. Playz 5-Piece Kids Play Tent Crawl Tunnel & Pit

Playz 5pc Kids Pop up plat tent

My next entry comes from the leading child-product company Playz. This 3-in-1 play tunnel set up comes with a large play tent, suitable for housing multiple children, perfect for playtime outside while protecting them from the sun. Connected to this is a long crawl tunnel which finishes with a deep ball pit, so your child can enjoy hours of adventurous entertainment.

The ball pit has an expertly placed basketball hoop for more fun and excitement that your children are going to love. The materials and production methods used to make this play tunnel exceed all the USA CPSC Toy safety standards and guidelines; ensuring your child is safe during every use.

This deluxe set up is highly portable and can be folded into a lightweight zipper bag, so you can set it up anywhere, whether it’s your garden, a friend’s house, or while on holiday.

What’s Great About It: Thanks to the breathable and soft-to-touch fabrics, this play tunnel setup is one of the only baby-approved sets on the market, meaning you can purchase this set when your child is a baby and they can enjoy it for years to come.

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4. Kiddey Children’s Dual Play Tent with Tunnel

Kiddey Children’s Dual Play Tent with Tunnel

The Kiddey Children’s Tent is a three piece set with a tent, a tunnel crawl and a box piece. It is great for indoor or outdoor use do to its durability and perfect size. The fabric is waterproof, tear resistant and has flexible steal lining for good movement when your child is playing. It is easy to pack up, so it is a fun toy to take to the park or to events where your children will need to be entertained.

For your adventurous child who wants to climb, play and run through things this is a simple option to get them using their imagination. Tis set is easy to assemble and clean and is great for children anywhere from one-years-old to eight-years-old. We love this specific tunnel set due to the quality you get for the price.

What’s Great About It: All three parts of this tunnel set can be used separately as well. So if you want to set up the pieces in different areas this is a great tunnel option for you!

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5. EocuSun Pop Up Polka Dot Kids Play Tent & Tunnel

If you are looking for a 3-in-1 solution that puts your children’s safety and well-being first, the EocuSun Pop Up Play Tunnel may be ideal for you. This incredibly easy to install tent can pop out of the convenient carry and storage bag, enabling it to be ready for use in a matter of seconds.

Once up, you’ll appreciate the soft fabric materials and care that has gone into producing this tunnel set. All aspects of the build have been made using high-quality, highly durable fabrics that maximize breathe-ability, allowing your child to look at the outside world from inside.

Each part has been double-sewed to maximize these levels of durability once again. On these fabrics, you’ll find a gorgeous, gender-neutral polka dot pattern that your children will love. Once your children have finished playing or it’s time to come inside, you can easily fold up the play tunnel set back into the bag for easy and secure storage until next time.

What’s Great About It: In addition to all the materials being safe and toxin-free, all faces of this play tent are machine washable and can be easily wiped clean, meaning your children can take food and drinks inside with them without the risk of ruining the product.

6. Playz 4pc Pop Up Children Play Tent

If you’re looking for the ultimate play tent set up, there’s no need to look further than the Playz 4pc Play Tent and Tunnels. With this deluxe setup, your children will be able to enjoy, not just one, but two large play tents and two large tunnels that connect everything together.

Despite the size, this set up is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and is made using high-quality 190T polyester materials that pride themselves on their breathable, soft and safe properties.

All aspects of this unique design are machine washable and are baby approved, so your little ones can get involved in the fun and games. Each tent space is accessible through the sides or the tunnels, making it perfect for loads of children to get involved in the fun, perfect for parties, barbecues and play dates.

What’s Great About It: The best feature of this innovative play tent and tunnel set up is the flexibility you’ll get with it. Each part of the tents and the tunnels can interlock with one another in a variety of ways, making it perfect for your child to create fun layouts.

7. Hide N Side Kids Play Tunnels

Hide N Side Kids Play Tunnels

To conclude my list, I’ve chosen a unique and innovative play-tunnel system that takes tunneling to a whole new level. With this junction kit, your children will be able to enjoy four tunnels that interlock with one another, giving unlimited options for playing.

Each tunnel is designed to be vibrant and colorful, engaging and stimulating your child’s mind, while creating an inviting ambient light when used outside on a sunny day. These tunnels are incredibly easy to set up thanks to its safe steel spring construction, and can just as easily be put away for safe and efficient storage.

What’s Great About It: My favorite aspect of this unique tunnel design is the durability of the entire set up. All the materials used are breathable yet double-sewn to protect from everyday wear and tear. It also comes with outstanding waterproof properties, so it can become a key element of any major water balloon battle.

8. Playz 5Pc Children’s Playhouse Popup Tent Tunnels

Playz 5Pc Children’s Playhouse Popup Tent Tunnels

Kids love making tents and fortresses out of any household belonging, little girls especially love having a pretty and exciting get-away area. This five piece set comes with everything your child could want to hide away in pretty pink and purple colors. It has a teepee, a box, two tunnels and a closed off play pen area with a pretty deer like animal looking over. It is large enough for multiple kids to be playing inside.

The whole set folds down to a small size and has a handy bag for storage. This tunnel set creates plenty of fun for your children and we like that it has floors so that it can be taken outside as well. Another good addition is the holes in the teepee part of the tunnels, kids love playing basketball or games with them. This set is easy to assemble and so much fun for your children.

What’s Great About It: We love the diversity of this tunnel set for your little girl, they will be climbing, crawling and running through with a bunch of different options for enjoyment!

9. Step2 Game Time Sports Climber and Slide

Step2 Game Time Sports Climber and Slide

For those young athletes in your life this sports themed slide as it all. It has a basketball hoop and a soccer goal, along with the slide. This is great for social play because there are so many activities for them to join in on. This set also comes with a multi-purpose ball for your children to play with.

The slide is multi-colored and has stairs on the base for them to climb and be able to slide. The soccer goal also doubles as a crawl space underneath the slide. The slide is smooth and allows for a click slide down and the stairs have foot hook areas for an easy ascent. This is a great way to open your kids up to sports by also providing the thrill of a slide.

What’s Great About It: This is the perfect size for those toddlers and young children who are proficient at sports as well as enjoy the thrill of a slide. We love the diverseness of this toy as it can be used in many ways and to enhance a variety of active skills in your child.

Things to Consider When Purchasing the Ideal Play Tunnel for Your Kids

Now that we’ve explored some of the best play tunnel sets on the market, it’s time to choose the best one for your child. To make things easier, scroll down for my buying guide, which will help you make the perfect purchasing decision.


As with any child-related product, the most important thing you’ll have to consider is the safety of the product. When trying to decide on the perfect play tunnel, look at the aspects that could prove unsafe.

This includes materials that aren’t breathable that will result in the tunnels and play tents becoming too hot on sunny days. The best way to check whether a play tunnel is suitable for your child is by ensuring the product has been tested by child product safety companies. All the products in my list have passed these standards of testing.


As you can imagine, if your children and their friends are running around through their play tunnel and tents all day every day, you’re going to want a set up that is built to last, and will be able to withstand this level of wear and tear.

When searching for the ideal product, look for products that have been double-sewn to ensure that all aspects of the product hold together well while in use.

To ensure maximum durability, you’ll want a play tunnel that’s made from high-quality polyester materials. As a guideline, you’ll want the 190T variety for the best results.

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Entertainment Features

As with any child toy, you’ll want to ensure maximum play-ability. For this, you’ll want to look at what extra features your play tunnel comes with.

One of the most common extra features is a play tent for your child to sit and play in. You’ll need to consider the quality of this tent in line with the considerations above.

Furthermore, other entertainment features can include a ball pit. This should be capable of holding a large volume of balls for maximum enjoyment. Also, note that most play tents won’t come with the balls included and they’ll need to be purchased separately.

You may want to look into other aspects that some play tunnels come with, in addition to these ball pits. This can include holes and targets for the balls to be thrown at and aimed for, as well as mini basketball hoops which always guarantee increased play-ability.

When searching for the ideal product, always refer to the product description or packaging to see what extra features are included and available.


Buying the right play tunnel for your children is such a worthwhile investment. Not only are they great for indoor and outdoor use, but they can entertain multiple children at the same time, making them ideal for events at your house or play dates. Take your time in choosing the perfect play tunnel and it can be something your children will enjoy for many years to come.

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