Best Punching Bags for Kids to Help Promote an Active Lifestyle

Boxing is renowned for being one of the best ways to keep fit and healthy, and encourages an active lifestyle. Loved by adults and teenagers around the world, there’s no reason your kids can’t love the worldwide sport as well. If practiced safely, there are a ton of benefits that your child will enjoy.

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These benefits include improved stamina, endurance, strength, agility, focus, concentration, discipline, and emotional and psychological balance.

For most parents, the thought of their child boxing instantly starts to ring alarms regarding safety. However, if practiced safely as an exercise, the sport can be great for your kids.

The next thought is where you would find some of these punching bags, and how would you know which one is best for you. So let’s take a look at the options.

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My Comprehensive List of Punching Bags That Are Ideal for Active Children

To keep you in the know, here is my list of some of the best kids’ punching bags that are available today. Read on and take your pick if your kids can’t wait to get started.

1. RDX Kids Heavy Boxing Punch Bag

To start my list, I’ve chosen a fully featured boxing set that comes with everything you need for your kids to get started. This highly durable RDX punching bag is made with a dual-layer, non-tear Maya hide leather, perfect for withstanding all the punches and kicks your child throws.

This high-quality material also means that the punching bag is completely waterproof, making it ideal for outdoor use. The bag can be connected to any kind of bracket using the securely fastened chain, and the bag itself is 2 feet high.

Inside, the bag is pumped full of various kinds of shredded textile materials which help to boost the already high levels of durability, as well as giving the bag outstanding shock absorbent properties.

For the chain, you’ll find an anti-rust swivel that allows the bag to move around while remaining at a stationary angle. This bag is designed for younger children, and comes in four unique and vibrant designs, allowing your child to choose their favorite one.

What’s Great About It: As a complete set, the RDX punch bag gives your child everything they need. With your purchase, you’ll find two high-quality level gloves made from the same material as the bag itself. This means your child can enjoy high levels of durability, as well as the highest level of shock absorption, helping them to protect their hands while giving them the most authentic experience possible.

2. Pure Boxing Tough Guy Kids Punching Bag

Punching bags don’t simply have to be used to promote boxing. They can also be used to help encourage all kinds of contact sport including kickboxing and martial arts. This punching bag is suitable for all of these.

Suitable for children aged 6 and above, this punching bag is produced using high-quality vinyl materials that boast a unique, rugged design. This means it can easily withstanding anything your child can throw at it, whether it’s kicks or punches, and is guaranteed to bounce back.

As this punching bag doesn’t require a chain, it can be set up and used anywhere, whether it’s a clear space in your house or outside in the garden. The base of the punching bag can be filled with water or sand, which provides a stable base to ensure the punching bag stays firmly in place while in use.

This means, especially if you have siblings, the bag can be used by kids of all ages, without the risk of it falling over or breaking.

What’s Great About It: Easily the leading feature of this unique punching bag is the design. On the bag, you’ll find a unique ‘Tough Guy’ design. Whether for fun or practice, this bag helps to promote discipline and accuracy, allowing your child to effectively and safely hone their techniques.

3. Ringside Youth Heavy Bag Kit (One Size)

If you’re looking for another complete kit that’s designed to withstand your child’s practices as they grow, the Ringside punching bag could be ideal for you.

Perfectly designed for a child aged between 5 and 13, this set is ideal for beginners just started out in the world of boxing, or for children who have practiced for some time but are looking for the perfect bag to practice at home. Once filled, this punch bag weighs 40 pounds, capable of absorbing all the hits and kicks your child can give.

The bag itself is made from highly durable vinyl materials, and your purchase comes with an essential swivel connection as well as a mounting clip, enabling you to set up the punching bag wherever is best for you, whether that’s outside or inside.

The bag boasts a traditional red and black boxing design, a feature that your kids will appreciate and love. Each part of the kit displays the quality Ringside logo, giving your child an authentic boxing experience that will motivate their passion in the sport.

What’s Great About It: With the set, you’ll find a pair of high-quality vinyl Ringside boxing gloves with Velcro straps, meaning one size fits all. You’ll also find a pair of hand wraps, ideal for protecting your child’s hands while using the gloves, ensuring they are comfortable at all times.

​4. Liberty Imports Sports Boxing Punching Bag

To conclude my list, I’ve chosen a unique punching bag that’s suitable for kids aged 4 and above. This is a lightweight punching bag that’s also one of the most affordable, perfect for parents who are interested in investing in a punching bag without breaking the bank.

With your purchase, you’ll find a height-adjustable punching bag, allowing you to comfortably set the height of the bag to ensure your child is comfortable while using it, and can be adjusted as your child grows.

The base of this punching bag is weighted to ensure that it stays firmly in place, no matter how hard your child swings at it. This can be left freestanding, as well as being filled with water or sand, adding another level of stability.

Due to the unique ball shape and the weighted elastic spring, the bag will continuously bounce back with every punch and kick, which is ideal for teaching your kids the value of agility, speed, and hand-eye coordination.

What’s Great About It: As a kit that’s suitable for beginners, you’ll find two included boxing gloves that are made from the same high-quality, highly durable material as the bag, guaranteeing a long life span. This is ideal for parents who don’t want to keep paying out for a new bag every time your child moves up a skill level.

How to Buy the Best Kids’ Punching Bag

Now that you know some of the best punching bags on the market, it’s time to choose which one is best for your children. Whether you’re shopping online or at a local store, use my step-by-step buying guide below to know that you’re making the best purchasing decision possible.


As with any children’s product, you want to ensure the quality is the highest it can be. If your punching bag breaks after a few uses, your child will instantly grow to dislike the product, and therefore they’ll be put off the hobby for good.

As with most things, the quality will primarily depend on the price of the punching bag. The cheaper you buy, and the cheaper the materials used in production, the easier it will break.

The main consideration you’ll want to be looking at is the materials used. Look for a high-quality leather or vinyl bag. These bags will effectively hold the filling and will minimize the risk of the bag splitting when punched.

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This goes hand-in-hand with the consideration above. The higher the quality of the materials used, the higher the levels of durability. You’ll also want to check the seams of the punching bag, especially if you’re buying second hand or in a local retail store.

Make sure that these seams look and feel like they won’t break easily. This will ensure the punching bag lasts as long as possible. Many will last for several years, perfect for as your child grows up.

Type of Punching Bag

There are several types of punching bag that you’ll want to consider. Firstly, the traditional punching bag. These are typically the larger sized punching bags, ideal for older children and teenagers. Usually, these bags will be 2 feet high or more.

At the top of the bag, you’ll find a metal chain. This allows you to hang the bag both indoors and outdoors. Always check the bag before you buy because, in some cases, you’ll need to purchase a bracket separately.

Another key element to look out for is an anti-swivel device. This will connect to the top of the chain to prevent the bag from swinging uncontrollably, and it’s highly recommended so your child can focus more on boxing, rather than trying to keep the bag still.

When buying these bags, always consider first where you’re going to hang it as these bags do tend to swing and will need the maximum amount of space. Outside or a dedicated punching area, such as a garage, is ideal.

The second form of a punching bag is a freestanding weighted punching bag. Design-wise, these are very similar to traditional punching bags, except they stand on the ground rather than hang. In most cases, these bags are slightly smaller and a lot lighter. For some cheaper models, they may even be inflatable.

The main point to consider with these bags is the fact that you will have to add your own weight to the bottom of the bag. Typically, punching bag owners will use sand or water, but you have to supply this yourself. These bags are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, but are mostly only used outdoor, unless you have a dedicated room.

The final variety of punching bag is a spring bag. These are typically a lot smaller and lighter, and are primarily used as indoor punching bags. These may or may not be weighted at the base, but will have a long thin pole with the punching bag, in the shape of a ball, at the top.

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If your child hits this type of bag hard, it will need a lot of room to move, so it’s worth clearing out space for these bags. Furthermore, these bags are typically more affordable.​


When it comes down to it, kids love boxing. It’s fun, it’s high-energy, and it’s enjoyable. For hyperactive children, it’s a great way to alleviate some energy. As long as it’s practiced safely, this is a great activity for your kids to get involved in. But how can you get your kids into boxing, even as a pastime?

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There are many boxing punch bags, specially designed for children that you can invest in. These bags are ideal for indoor and outdoor use, and are made to be suitable for your child.

Taking the time to invest in the right punching bag for your child is worth it on so many levels. By purchasing the right tools for the job, you can help your child to stay fit, healthy and active with a sport that’s more enjoyable than traditional exercise.

With the right amount of encouragement and motivation, you could be introducing your child to a favorite pastime that lasts a lifetime.

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