Best Recliner Chairs for Kids to Create the Perfect Relaxing Environment

You may be thinking, a reclining chair for children? Surely reclining chairs are better suited for the older generations as they watch television or relax after a long day. You’d be right, but a range of child-friendly reclining chairs have been released over recent years that have helped children to relax, re-energize and enjoy some good old-fashioned family time.

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By investing in the perfect recliner for your children, you’re creating an environment that’s perfect for sitting, watching the television, reading books, or even a nap time spot, something your child will love. There are so many benefits to reclining chairs for children, but the most important one is that you’re creating a special place for your child to relax.

Choosing the right reclining chair for your children may not be the easiest task. With so many brands to choose from, each with its own set of features, it can be difficult for parents to know with one is the best for their child.

To give you a helping hand, I’ve created a list of my favorite reclining chairs that are currently available, giving you all the information you need to find the perfect chair. If you’re still not sure what you’re looking for, my comprehensive buying guide will help you to make the best purchasing decision possible.

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My Eight Handpicked Reclining Chairs That Are Perfect for Your Kids

Are you ready to create the perfect space for your child to unwind? Here are my favorite reclining chairs that your children will love.

1. Contemporary Red Microfiber Kids Recliner with Cup Holder

To start my list, I’ve chosen one of my favorite recliners that has been expertly designed for children. Looking closely into this reclining chair, you’ll find the entire chair has been padded, providing your child with the highest levels of comfort.

The padding is held in place by the microfiber upholstery that’s available in nine vibrant colors, so you can choose one that matches your child’s personality.

The padding and upholstery are securely fixed to a sturdy wooden frame on the inside of the chair, helping to make a strong and stable structure that allows your child to jump around and explore the chair without it breaking. This chair is small and compact, making it ideal for any room in the house.

What’s Great About It: The leading feature of this comfortable recliner is the cup holder that is purpose-built into the arm of the chair. This enables your child to securely hold their drink while using the chair, reducing the risk of spills, while helping them feel independent, perfect for their mental development.

2. Crew Furniture 649850 Urban Child Recliner

Suitable for all children aged 3 and above, this all-rounded recliner is the perfect addition to any household, giving your child a comfortable seat that they can call their own. This lightweight creation is made from the highest quality materials, boasting durability that’s both soft and supportive.

The chair itself is produced from black petal upholstery, one of the most durable materials in the child-recliner industry.

This high-quality fabric is soft to the touch, and its smooth surface enables you to quickly and easily clean up any spills without the risk of damaging the chair. The reclining function is easy to operate and allows your child to easily push the button to recline into a comfortable position, perfect for an afternoon nap or listening to their favorite story.

What’s Great About It: Thanks to its smaller size, this chair is ideal for any room in the house, including the bedroom or lounge, meaning you can create a relaxing little sanctuary for your child that’s both quiet and comfort.

3. HomCom Kids PU Leather Riveted Sofa Recliner Chair

If you’re looking for a recliner that’s a bit more inclined towards your little girl that will suit any room in the house, the HomCom Sofa Recliner could be the perfect recliner chair for you. The entire seat is stuffed with comfortable aerated padding, giving your child everything they need to be as comfortable and supported as possible.

The backrest of this beautiful recliner chair has a period-style riveted design that gives the chair an art décor edge, allowing it to blend into its environment seamlessly. The reclining feature of this chair is easy to operate, allowing your child to safely use the chair whenever they feel like it. The chair can be easily assembled upon arrival with minimal effort.

What’s Great About It: Thanks to the high-quality PU leather material, any spillages can be effortlessly wiped off and cleaned up. This allows you to maintain the highest levels of hygiene while minimizing the risk of potential stains.

​4. Flash Furniture BT-7985-KID Deluxe Contemporary Leather Recliner for Kids

When it comes to your children, you want a product that is fully featured and built to last. If this sounds like the reclining chair you’re looking for, look no further than the Deluxe Contemporary Reclining Chair.

Filled using high-quality padding, this chair will provide years of comfort to your child as they grow, perfect for any stage of their life. This deep, comfortable chair is sturdy, strong and built to support your child’s body every time the chair is used.

This fully-featured recliner comes with an additional, removable headrest that can provide extra comfort and support, whether your child is sitting upright, half-reclined or fully horizontal.

This heavyweight chair prides itself on its durability as well as its easy-wipe surfaces, allowing you to mop up any spills quickly and easily. This allows you to maintain the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene while minimizing the risk of stains.

What’s Great About It: The best feature on this amazing chair is the built-in storage facility. These storage areas can be found by easily lifting up the padded arms of the chair, where you can store your child’s books and toys, making play time easy while keeping your home neat and tidy.

​5. Dozydotes 11822 Child Recliner

In search of the perfect recliner for your child aged between the ages of 2 and 9? Look no further than the Dozydotes Child Recliner, a fully-featured recliner chair that’s perfect for both boys and girls.

This lightweight recliner prides itself on its compact design, enabling it to squeeze into any space, allowing it to be easily stored or to fit perfectly into your room’s existing layout. This chair boasts optimal back and neck support features, ensuring your child’ physical development isn’t impaired in any way.

If your child has just finished school and is looking for a place to relax, this high-comfort chair is the ideal place to do it. The unique and vibrant camouflage design is perfect for attracting your children’s attention, mentally stimulating them to want to explore and play in the chair.

What’s Great About It: The back support of this fantastic recliner chair prides itself on its 4-button riveted style. This helps to promote a textured feel that will engage your child’s senses, as well as provide optimal levels of comfort that will support and nurture your child with every use.

​6. Kidz World Toy Truck Felix Kid’s Recliner

Expertly designed for children between the ages of 3 and 7, this luxury recliner chair is both affordable and supportive, everything your child needs to have the best experience possible.

Made from high-quality materials, the wooden frame of this chair helps to support and strengthen the structure of the chair, allowing the stretchy, comfortable material to fit the chair perfectly. The material itself is made from easy-clean materials, allowing you to easily wipe any dirt or spillages away for the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene.

The reclining feature of this chair is easy to use with an extended footrest that can be easily operated, allowing your children to put their feet up and relax in comfort. The arm of the chair houses a built-in cup holder, ideal for securing your child’s cup or bottle when not in use. This keeps it easily accessible while minimizing the potential risks of knocking it over.

What’s Great About It: One of the best aspects of this chair is the truck design that can be viewed on all sides. Professionally printed onto the design on the chair, this is one recliner your children will completely fall in love, as it is vibrant, attractive and mentally stimulating.

7. Flash Furniture Deluxe Contemporary Microfiber Kids Recliner

The second Flash Furniture Recliner Chair to enter my list, this one has very similar specifications to the previous model, but comes with its own personality that your child will adore.

This super comfortable chair comes with everything you need. The main body of the chair is overstuffed with padding, allowing your children to enjoy maximum levels of comfort, no matter what position they’re relaxing in.

This specially designed chair comes with its own detachable headrest, perfect for adding those extra layers of support and comfort, whether your child is lying flat, at an angle or in the normal seating position.

The microfiber upholstery provides industry-leading hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties as well as the ability to be easily cleaned from spillages. This allows you to keep the chair clean and tidy while at the same time prolonging its lifespan.

What’s Great About It: The leading feature of this reclining chair is the fact that it’s available in six gorgeous colors, allowing you to choose the perfect reclining chair for your child. This means you can guarantee that your child will fall in love with the chair and will want to use it, keeping everybody happy.

​8. Costzon Children Recliner/Sofa Kids Chair

Using a high-quality wooden frame and an even better PU surface, the Costzon Recliner Chair is the final chair on my list. Leaving one of the best till last, this lightweight, compact chair is ideal for any room in the house, priding itself on a ton of properties that helps make your life easier.

The PU materials allow for easy wiping and cleaning of the chair, making it stain-proof against those inevitable spills.

The reclining features of this chair are staggering, providing optimal levels of support and comfort, no matter what position your child is in, keeping them happy while promoting the healthy physical development of their back and necks.

The material inside the chair is made from uniform sponge, renowned for its comfort properties that will support your child while they are resting.

What’s Great About It: As with most reclining chairs, the leading feature is the built-in cup holder in the arm of the chair. This makes drinking in the chair a breeze. Not only can your child enjoy easy access to their drinks, but they can also safely store them away while they are playing, minimizing the risks of spillages.

Our Complete Buying Guide to Finding the Perfect Recliner Chair for Your Kids

Not sure how to find out which one of these chairs is best for you? Whether you’re shopping online or at a local store, follow my step-by-step buying guide below to learn everything there is to know about reclining chairs for your children, helping you to make the best investment possible.


The material of your chosen recliner is very important to consider. Compared to adults, children have much more sensitive skin and some materials can cause irritations. This shouldn’t be a problem if you are choosing a recliner chair that has been specially designed for children, but it’s always worth checking.

As with any product, the cheaper the chair, the cheaper the materials; and this will ultimately affect aspects of the chair such as quality, comfort, support and durability.


When your child is using the chair, comfort is of the utmost importance. If you choose a chair that is lumpy and hard, your child won’t want to use it and will be turned away from the product. When choosing a chair for your child, look for soft materials that will feel great.

If you’re shopping in a physical store, take your child with to try out the chairs for themselves. If you’re shopping online, look for chairs that are described as being overfilled with padding. These are the most comfortable varieties of chairs, and your children will love them.


Whether your child is 3 or 10, their bodies are constantly growing and developing, so you need to provide them with optimal levels of support that will promote healthy growth.

Most child-specific recliner chairs will have already taken this into consideration and will provide support no matter what angle the chair is reclined to. Always check what age range the chairs are suitable for to find the best chair for your child.

For extra support, look for recliners with optional headrests. These can be attached and detached as required, allowing you to provide high levels of support to crucial areas of your child’s body, including the neck and back.


If your child is using the recliner chair regularly, chances are they will have drinks and food that could potentially spill onto the chair. Not only can this damage the chair, but it can also make the chair unhygienic and dirty.

To counter this, look for recliner chairs with easy-clean properties. These properties will be found in the product description, and means you can easily wipe up spillages and messes that will help you keep the chair clean and hygienic.

One of the more popular features found on recliners are easy-wash covers. This is a relatively new feature that can only be found on more high-end chairs, although it is slowly becoming more regular on mid-range and even low-end recliners.

This means you can detach all the fabric of the chair and simply wash it all in the washing machine before reapplying it to the chair. This is ideal for children who love to make a mess.​


One of the leading features of child-friendly recliner chairs is the ability to store things in the chair itself. This can include DVDs, toys, pens and any other items that your child loves to have when relaxing on the chair.

These chairs are typically more expensive, but it’s such a fantastic feature to have. Usually, you will find the storage in the arms of the chair. This provides easy access to the storage areas for both you and your child, and provides enough space to fit multiple objects.

Other storage spaces may be found in pockets on the sides or back of the chair although these tend to hold fewer items and can be restricted by what part of the room you position the chair, for example, against a wall.


Depending on the brand of recliner chair you buy, you may find some other extras that help to create the perfect experience for your child. One of the leading extras is a cup holder. These are usually located in either arm of the chair and can hold bottles, mugs or cups.

This feature allows your child to safely store their drinks while using the chair, keeping their hands free to play or do whatever it is they are doing. For you, this helps to minimize spillages that may be present if your child leaves their drink on the chair.


Children love vibrant and visually engaging products. Not only will this attract them to use the recliner, but you can also choose from a variety of colors or patterns to match your child’s personality or their favorite color. This helps your child develop a sense of ownership to the chair, helping them to fall in love with it.


Previously thought to be used by older generations, recliner chairs are making a big impact on families around the world and changing the way relaxation and family time occurs within these family units. By investing in the perfect recliner chair for your children, you can expect endless hours of fun and games while encouraging healthy play and development.

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