Best Remote Control Trucks for Your Toy-loving Kids

Toys are an integral part of a child’s life. They entertain, help pass the time, and assist in a young person’s development. Playing with toys has been proven to be highly beneficial for young children, as it not only fosters physical growth, but cognitive progress as well.

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Luckily, with so many options to choose from, you don’t have to worry about your child’s options. However, variety is recommended.

5 Fantastic Remote Control Trucks for Your Little One

If you’re looking for new toys for your child to enjoy and learn from, remote control trucks can be a good option. This toy category has a lot to offer to a young kid, making it a beneficial choice if you want to get them something fun and educational at the same time.

1. Arrma Nero 6S Monster Truck

Suitable for: Ages 14 and older

Kicking off this list is a literal monster of an RC truck, the Arrma Nero 6S. This hulking truck is actually not for those who just want to dabble in the RC trucks.

As expensive as it is, it’s probably better for serious RC monster truck enthusiasts, as it is not the easiest thing to set up. However, if you really want to get a taste of the kind of thrill you can get from this hobby, this product will blow your mind.

What’s Great About It: The most important thing that you need to know about this toy is the fact that it can go really fast, even without any kind of modification set in place. It can reach up to 60 mph right out of the box.

With its four driving modes, it’s also ideal not just for climbing rocks and mountains, but for wheelies, drifting, and speed runs, as well.

2. HOSIM All Terrain RC Car S911

Suitable for: Ages 14 and older

If you’re not ready for such a powerful RC truck or to shell out such a large amount for one just yet, the Hosim S911 is definitely worth a shot. This toy can already reach speeds of up to 33 mph, making it fast enough for those who are looking for speed aside from great power.

What’s Great About It: This product’s great off-road performance is guaranteed by its large and powerful brushed 390 motor. It’s practically the biggest in the range, so combined with a 260-foot range, S-truck suspension, and 2.4Ghz radio system, it can give you a good feel for what it’s like to play with monster trucks.

3. Babrit Newer 2.4 Hz Rock Crawler Radio Control Racing Cars

Suitable for: Ages 8 and older

Ideal for families who want to introduce something new and exciting to their kids, the Babrit Newer is definitely a good choice. Its strongest suit is its ease of operation, making it an attractive option for kids who tend to get impatient when they can’t get the hang of something right away.

What’s Great About It: Your kids can take this anywhere, as it can handle all kinds of terrain. It has shockproofing technology that will keep the motor and electronics safe and sound, and it also has an independent suspension system to ensure your full control over the unit. I also love that it’s rechargeable, so you don’t have to keep buying batteries for it.

​4. Haktoys HAK101 Invincible Tornado Twister Multifunctional Rechargeable RC Acrobatic Stunt Car

Suitable for: Ages 3 and older

Want to get your toddler in on the fun at a young age without compromising her safety and an expensive RC truck’s integrity? Give her the Haktoys HAK101 Tornado Twister, and she’ll surely enjoy controlling her very own toddler version of a monster truck. This toy has a 3-point axle system, so you won’t have to worry about your little one fumbling at the controls, as it won’t get damaged that easily.

What’s Great About It: Designed with your little one’s entertainment and excitement in mind, this RC truck actually self-corrects when overturned, making it easier for your child to play with. It also lights up, which makes it even more entertaining for young kids.

​5. Maisto Radio Control Rock Crawler Vehicle

Suitable for: Ages 8-15 years

Basic RC trucks don’t have to be boring, and the Maisto RC Rock Crawler proves this. This battery-powered monster truck has a substantial size that bigger kids will enjoy playing with. However, as it is also very affordable, you won’t have to spend an arm and a leg just to make your little one happy.

What’s Great About It: Despite its very low price, it comes with a handy feature: the tri-channel transmitter. This will let your kid play with his truck with great ease, even if there are other RC vehicles around as well.

The tri-channel transmitter will let your child have frequency options so he can play with his unit without any interference. This, on top of its other features that will let it endure rugged terrains, make it a great choice for parents who are on a tight budget.

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Buying Guide: Adding Remote Control Trucks to Your Child’s Toy Collection

With all of these exciting options you have when it comes to the best RC trucks, you might already be too excited to get one right away.

Before you do that, though, you might still want to know a thing or two about these toys. To help you out, below is a quick rundown of fast facts and important details about these products:

Benefits of Letting Your Child Play with Remote Control Trucks

As mentioned above, letting your little one play with remote control trucks can be highly beneficial for everyone. How? Let’s count the ways:

1. It can introduce them to robotics and the other areas of the exciting world of STEM.

The basic idea of remote control trucks is providing hands-off control to your toy vehicle.

There are tons of scientific and technological concepts involved in the system, and any curious child will want to understand what goes on under the hood of their trucks and inside the controls. We believe that parents should take this opportunity to get children exposed and even interested in robotics and make it a fun field of knowledge that they’ll want to explore.

As robotics is being dubbed as the next big thing when it comes to the field of STEM, you can give your child a leg up on the competition by getting them interested at an early age. Of course, it’s still up to them whether to pursue the field, you can give your child a good headstart in a promising industry.

2. It can help develop motor and cognitive skills.

Fine and gross motor skills are easily developed by playing with these toys, as both small and big muscle groups are targeted when fiddling with the controls and moving the actual truck around.

They can also improve their hand-eye coordination by playing with RC trucks, as they’ll need to keep their eyes on the vehicle while they fidget with the controls.

Playing with their remote control truck will also stimulate their minds in so many ways. Seeing the truck move around according to their actions will teach them cause and effect, as well as enhance their problem-solving skills.

If they want to make the vehicle move or conquer a huge bump, they’ll have to figure out how to do so with the controller. The whole activity is truly very thrilling and thought-provoking, making such products great playthings for young kids.

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3. It’s a great reason to play outdoors.

Unlike RC cars, RC planes, RC boats or helicopters, RC trucks are miniature versions of monster trucks, which are best known and loved for their ability to take on challenging terrains. You can’t really recreate those scenes at home with much excitement, so you’ll want to take your RC truck outside, where there’s dirt, rocks, and maybe even some mud, to get the party started.

4. It can be a hobby shared by both parent and child.

One reason that parents get RC trucks for their little ones is that they like the idea of it as well.

Parents who are also fond of monster trucks will most likely get a miniature version of it for their little one, and hours of great outdoor fun will ensue. It can easily bring the family together and let parents and children share a passion, which can strengthen their bond.

5. It can teach your child about responsibilities.

Remote control trucks aren’t cheap, so getting one can also be a great teaching opportunity for parents who want their kids to be more responsible. Taking care of these toys will be their task, and if they do a great job at it, make sure to give them a nice reward to reinforce their good behavior.

A Few Reminders to Get the Most Out of a Remote Control Truck

Before you take the plunge and start looking up sale listings of remote control trucks, it’s important to know how you can get the most out of your purchase. As these products aren’t exactly ordinary toys, you might benefit from a few helpful tips in choosing the best one for your child.

To help you out with that, here are a few things you need to do before you purchase one of these products.​

Do Some Research

If this is your first time trying remote control toys, you’ll be surprised at how serious this industry is.

Some people think that these toys are just toys, but in reality, they’re so much more than that. Remote control vehicles have committed hobbyists and communities dedicated to each variety, so you’ll definitely learn a lot if you choose to read more about them. You’ll find out that there are electric and gas varieties, as well as the fact that there are so many modifications that you can add to a unit to make it faster and capable of doing more.

It’s all up to you, however, whether you want to get in on that kind of fun or take things one step at a time. Doing a good deal of research will open you up to a world of possibilities, however, and you and your little one might find it exciting to explore it together.

Learn How to Keep Your Truck in Good Shape

Maintenance is a serious part of caring for RC vehicles, especially trucks. Depending on the model and the specifications of your unit, you might need to take special steps to keep it in top shape, so make sure to look into its upkeep before making a decision.

Look into Hobby-Grade Units and Consider Your Budget

As mentioned above, there are different kinds of RC trucks. Hobby-grade units tend to be more expensive and have better specifications than the ones sold at kiddie toy stores.

While basic RC trucks may not be as fancy as others, there are still tons of great options that will suit limited budgets. If this is your initial foray into the world of RC vehicles, they may be great introductory units to get you hooked on the hobby.

Check for Recalls

Toy manufacturers are very diligent about recalling items that pose risks to young users, so if you really want to make sure that you’re not putting your child in any kind of danger, make sure to check out the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s recall list for toys before making any purchases.


With how many exciting benefits remote control trucks can offer, these toys certainly deserve a spot in your little one’s toy collection. Let your young kids enjoy the fun and learning that these fun playthings offer, and pick out one of the best products available today.

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