Best Roller Skates for Your Fun-loving Kids in 2017

If you’re a parent it’s easy to understand why you’d want your kids to like roller skates (and its inline skates version) more than skateboards. That’s because skateboards are just so much more dangerous for your kids and nerve-racking for you. You don’t have to watch the disaster videos on YouTube to see just how unsafe these skateboards are—you can just imagine it for yourself.

Roller skates have a long history, but they really took off back in the 1970s. Then the 1980s came and you had roller blades as well. These things tend to go in and out of fashion every few years or so, but then they always seem to come back. That means that when you buy a pair of roller skates, they’ll get a lot of use. It’s not something that’s for a while and then never used again.

It’s easy enough to understand its appeal as well. Kids (and many adults) love the feeling of gliding smoothly in the air. It’s just fun. What’s more, it’s inexpensive too. There are many games you can play with it, and it can be a stepping stone to other activities such as figure skating or hockey.

So which are the best roller skates for kids these days? Here are some of the most popular and most highly regarded options:

Roller Skates to Consider for Your Kids

1. Chicago Women’s Rink Skate

Chicago Rink Skate makes roller blades for all genders of all ages. This particular model is for women, as you can see from the rather unmistakable feminine shape of the shoe as well as the glaring pink color of the wheels and the toe stop. In fact, that pink color makes it quite clear that it’s for young women, and not for staid adults who are more concerned with subtle elegance.

The wheels are made using tough urethane, and it can be used indoors and outdoors and it offers good control and traction. The bearings also hold up well as the wheels roll very smoothly. It comes with a 30-day warranty.

What's Great About It: In white, it looks cool and feminine, and it gives an impression of grace. This rather understated look actually goes well with the lurid pink of the wheels and toe stop—it just looks like it’s a lot of fun.

2. PlayWheels Disney Frozen Kids Classic Quad Roller Skates

So your daughter loves the Disney flick Frozen, does she? In that case, she can “glide across the ice” (in her imagination) with this particular set of Frozen roller skates. The colors are decidedly girly, with neon blue-green (I’m a bit colorblind, I’m afraid) plus a lurid pink for the straps, base, and the toe stop. You have the images of Princess Elsa and Anna on the ankles. Even the straps come with snowflake details.

But its looks aren’t just the factor that makes this a winner. It comes with an auto-adjust system too. Also, PlayWheels used premium-grade polymer plastic and tough PVC for the boot so that it is impact-resistant too.

What's Great About It: As a parent, it can be frustrating when your kids outgrow their shoes too quickly. But this can fit foot sizes from 1 to 4, so even 3-year old kids can enjoy this. This auto-adjust system is also one of the easiest to use in the industry.

3. Chicago Boy’s Sidewalk Skate

At the top, you have cool boots that’s shaped like the latest trendy pairs of sneakers with a ¾-cut for the ankles. It combines “manly” colors of red, blue, and black for a really masculine pair of roller skates.

The boot features a lace-up front so that the feet can fit in nice and snugly inside. For added security, there’s a fold-over Velcro strap on top of that. The ankle collar also has extra padding for added comfort and protection against ankle torsion injuries.

It’s not too heavy at all, so it’s very comfy to use. It also comes with a 30-day warranty.

What's Great About It: What you may notice about the wheels is that they’re a bit large and wider as well. That gives your kid a larger surface contact area, which gives him more control over his skating. It’s also very useful for skating beginners, as the large wheels provide the greater stability that can help him gain more confidence.

​4. Mongoose Boy’s Quad Roller Skates

This is a very well-made pair of roller skates, but what your boy will notice first is its very sporty look. It does look cool with the black for the boots and the orange for the wheel, and the toe stop is in black too. The boot comes with a high cut for ample ankle protection, and that also has its own strap. young men's preferences.

The toes have special extra protection as it has strong plastic covering the toe portion of the boot. The lace-up also has its own Velcro strap for greater security. The wheels are made with premium-quality urethane and the professional-grade bearings ensure that the wheels will always roll smoothly.

What's Great About It: This is available in small sizes, which is great for very young boys. What’s great for you as a parent is that you won’t have to keep buying a larger pair too soon after buying this one. It can be adjusted to fit 4 sizes.

​5. Roller Derby Zinger Girl’s Roller Skate

Every girl likes to look special—they want to look good, but they don’t like to look like everyone else. This should suit their needs since it really looks girly and yet also unique.

It uses the colors white, “preppy” pink, and lime green to great effect so that there’s no mistaking this for a subtle design. In fact, the pink sides of the boot and the white ankle portion also feature cute cartoonish designs. The colors stand out since they’re all spread out. Look at the wheels—at the front you have pink on the left and lime green at the right, and at the rear you have the colors reversed.

What's Great About It: While your daughter may notice the design right away—it’s very unique after all—what you’ll notice as a parent is that you won’t ever hear her complain how some part has broken down on the roller skates. The wheels and the bearings are excellent, and they’re very reliable. That’s to be expected though, as this brand has been making roller skates for the past 80 years or so.

​6. XinoSports Adjustable Inline Skates for Kids

Now let’s take a look at the inline skates. Actually, that’s not hard to do with this XinoSports skates, since it’s been designed to attract attention. That’s because the 2 front wheels actually light up brightly—and there’s no need for batteries.

Even without these illuminating wheels, this pair of skates is great. The design and the colors look very sharp, and the high cut protects the angles from turning awkwardly. The ankle cover comes with extra padding and a Velcro strap, the lace-up front also comes with a Velcro strap, and the blue wheels go nicely with the durable aluminum frame.

It’s tough and yet also lightweight. The bearings also work well, as they’re designed for high performance. As a parent, you’ll also appreciate that it comes in adjustable sizes so boys can still use this as their feet grow larger.

What's Great About It: Hands down, those illuminating wheels are uber-cool. If you have extroverted boys, then this is the perfect pair of skates for them. They won’t have to do daredevil stunts to get some attention!

7. Roller Derby Boy’s Laser Speed Quad Skate

Now let’s get back to the traditional roller skate design, though this pair looks modern enough. It comes with a mid-cut protection for the ankle, and the lace-up is also strengthened by a large Velcro strap. The collar is amply padded and it also features a heel stabilizer.

It looks good too, especially for boys. It features a mostly black boot with fine details in white, while the wheels and the toe stop are in dark green.

It’s very sturdy, easy to balance in, and kids can get control of it with no problem.

What's Great About It: This is geared towards beginners, and it’s good that it’s available in small sizes for young boys. It’s very comfy, and it won’t take long for you son to go zooming along wherever he goes.

​8. Chicago Skates Boys’ Rink Skates

Chicago Skates like to offer very basic designs for their shoes. That’s because these designs stand the test of time and they won’t look outdated after a while. This boys’ version of their skates come in all black for the boot, but the wheels and toe stop are in blue.

With the high top, the ankles get plenty of protection. It’s very comfy as well. The wheels and bearings work as intended, and the rides are smooth and nice. They’re lightweight as well, so it’s doesn’t impede the motions of the feet.

What's Great About It: Despite the seemingly basic features, boys just love using these skates. There’s just something about it that makes children wear them all the time. Whether it’s the comfortable fit, the flawless performance of the wheels, or the subtle look—who cares? When your kids love something you buy for them, your job is done and it’s been done well.

​9. Firestar Boys’ Roller Skate by Roller Derby

The boot is designed like your prototypical mesh shoe, with a high top and large Velcro strap for the ankles. The colors may not seem like much—it’s in black and white for everything—yet it looks sporty. It looks good without trying too hard to garner attention.

These are very sturdy skates despite the use of the mesh, however. It’s lightweight and easy to use, and beginners will appreciate the level of control it offers. They’re very comfortable too.

What's Great About It: Don’t worry for your floors if your kids love this pair of skates so much that they skate around the house. The wheels don’t seem to damage the wooden floors at all. That’s one advantage of plastic wheels.

​10. Boys’ Trac Star Adjustable Roller Skate by Roller Derby

These are the skates that make boys go “whoa” when they see it. It just looks fantastic and even professional. The wheels, toe stop, and the ankle support are red, while the tongue and the “armor” for the foot part of the boot is silver gray.

There aren’t any laces at all. You have a Velcro strap for the ankle and another one for the tongue, and that’s that. But that’s not really true, because aside from adjust the entire boot you can also adjust the toe part and the heel part. This is the noted Roller Derby 3-part adjustment system that can make virtually any foot to fit in snugly and comfortably as long as it’s no longer than the base of the boot.

This is extremely lightweight due to the special design of the base plate. The bearings are ultra-premium grade as well, so that they ensure smooth rolling every time. You can also detach the inner lining so you can wash them more easily.

What's Great About It: This truly offers a comfy fit. The hinged cuff, the cam-level buckle lock system, and the various adjustments will all ensure it. Of course, for your boys its impressive look is also a significant plus.

​11. Boys’ Fun Roll Adjustable Roller Skate by Roller Derby

Young kids have different ideas about how a fun boot should look, and they have different skating needs as well. All these different preferences and needs are addressed by this Fun Roll skates, and it really looks different.

Let’s start with the wheels. You don’t have wheels of the same size here. This time the rear wheels are about 3 times the size of the front wheels. What’s more, the width of the rear wheels is wider. All these makes for a superbly stable platform for very young tots just learning to skate. It’s like the trike of the roller skates industry.

The look is also vastly different. It’s like a rainbow exploded here with the range of colors, and you even have lots of cartoon graphics too. The foot part of the boot is reinforced with hard mesh plastic and the high cut with the Velcro strap protects the ankle. It’s very comfy as well.

What's Great About It: Very young kids can get discouraged easily when they fall a lot as they try to learn how to skate. This is the pair of roller skates that can help minimize that kind of problem. The stability it offers your kid is amazing.

12. Unisex Adjustable Quad by Chicago Skates

While Chicago Skates offer skates that are specifically for boys or girls, this one is for both. The color scheme is manly enough for boys, but it’s not too masculine that it will turn off feminine sensibilities. You have silver gray and black along with a blue foot part and orange highlights.

What this means is that if you have at least 2 kids and the older one outgrows this pair, the next kid can inherit the skates and the color scheme would still be okay.

It offers various adjustable options, such as loops, bands, and padding. It can really protect the feet as well. The bearing work very efficiently and smoothly for a great ride through the rink or the streets.

What's Great About It: These skates are adjustable, which means that they can accommodate the feet even as they get bigger. You may find that though you need to buy bigger shoes for your kids as they get older, you won’t have to buy bigger skates for a while yet.

​13. Chicago Girls’ Rink Skates by Chicago Skates

Again we have that classic design by Chicago Skates for girls. It offers an all-white look for the boot and the pink wheels and toe stop are decidedly feminine.

The wheels offer great traction, and the tough bearings offer a nice smooth roll. The wheelbase is wide to boost the stability, and it’s eminently comfortable. The truck on the base plate is adjustable too so even beginners can control the skates very well.

What's Great About It: It offers a classic look with excellent function and durability. It’s not surprising that the women’s version is basically a larger model of this exact model.

​14. Girls’ Tracer Adjustable Inline Skate by Roller Derby

Who says your girl can’t look feminine and yet imposing as well? This look combines tough and cute very well, like a girlie hockey goalie with pigtails. It’s mostly white for the boot with some design details, while the wheels of the inline skates are in dark red.

Kids feel very comfortable in these, and they offer excellent control.

What's Great About It: This is superb for beginners, even though it doesn’t look like it. Even complete newbies will appreciate how these skates feel, and they can easily gain the confidence and skills they need for inline skating. They look good too.

​15. Roller Derby Tracer Adjustable Inline Skate for Boys

The Tracer also has a boys’ version, and this time it’s in black and blue. The molded shell is adjustable and it also features locking cam lever buckles over the ankle and the tongue. The liner inside is detachable so you can clean it easily enough.

It’s very comfy, and your kids may find themselves skating for hours with no trouble. It’s designed for beginners, and yet it can last for a long time with its excellent durability.

What's Great About It: This is extremely adjustable, and you only need to push a button to adjust it. So, even as their feet get bigger, the skates can still accommodate them.

Roller Skates Buying Guide

How do you pick the right roller skates? It shouldn’t be just about the price, although no doubt that’s important too. Here’s a handy checklist of factors that you should consider as well:


Buying roller skates is like buying shoes on wheels, and shoes have to comfy on your feet. So first this should come at the right size for your feet. However, some models are adjustable so that they can feet a range of foot sizes.

There should also be enough padding inside so it’s soft and cushy.

Safety features

These can include safety for your ankles in the design. It should also be well balanced. Some are so safe that they’re great for beginners.

Quality of the Skating Features

Some wheels roll very smoothly. There are also models that allow you to adjust the speed at which the wheels roll. However, you may find roller skates that have really terrible wheels and bearings so they don’t roll all that smoothly.


These come with moving parts, so there’s always the risk that they will fail and stop working. On the other hand, they’re also meant to be used in direct contact to the ground, so they have to be very durable. You can check the length of the warranty as well as customer reports regarding how long a particular pair of roller skates can last.

The Hip Factor

As any sneaker collector will tell you, shoes are fashion items. That means its look is important. It’s not just how it functions that’s important. It should have colors that the wearer and their social peers will appreciate.

The colors aren’t for the shoe part. The look of the wheels is important as well. Some even have flashing colors or lights!


It’s said that the historical popularity of the roller skates tends to match the state of the economy. When money is good, people feel carefree and they start roller skating. When times are bad, they buckle down and they tend to keep the roller skates in the closet.

What that means is that roller skates will never go completely out of style. They’ve been with us since the Roaring 20s, and they will never truly go away. That makes your investment in roller skates worthwhile.

Besides, it’s fun to roller skate! That’s a good enough reason to have one. Sometimes an entire family or group of friends can go roller skating at a rink, and kids can really enjoy themselves if they have the best roller skates that’s comfy, easy to adjust and use, safe, and just plain cool to look at.

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