Best Scooters for Toddlers Who Love to Ride! 2017 Version

Ride on toys are some of the most important playthings for children. They’re great addition to your little one’s roster of knick knacks as they offer more than just brain stimulation – they can also provide much-needed exercise that is essential for their growth.

Kick scooters are popular options, mostly because of their ease of use. Most kids can quickly master this ride in just an hour or two, especially if they can balance their bodies well and if they have a good teacher. Even toddlers can play with these toys with relative safety.

Our Selection of the Top Toddler Scooters to Get!

If you’re thinking of getting one for your child, here are twelve of the best scooters for toddlers.

1. Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter

Suitable for: Ages 3 and Above

Razor is one of the household names that you can turn to when it comes to riding toys for young children. This is why it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find their Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter to be a part of this list. This product, in particular, is the perfect option for pre-schoolers as it offers stability, challenge, and durability.

What's Great About It: Because of its single front wheel design, we only recommend this product to older toddlers as they’ll be more capable of balancing. However, its wide base ensures stability, so you don’t have to worry about this being too challenging for your child. I also like that it has a slip-resistant deck as it adds an extra safety feature for your little one.

2. Micro Kickboard Micro Mini Kick Scooter

Suitable for: Ages 2 to 5 Years

This Micro Kickboard product is one of the more interesting options in the list as it doesn’t just teach your child to balance, but it might be a great way to introduce them to surfing. Touted as a “Swiss-engineered surfboard on wheels”, it can veer directions by leaning left or right. This can be a tricky concept for young kids to learn, though, but with prolonged use, they’ll surely get the hang of it.

What's Great About It: The lean-to-turn steering is definitely the best feature of this unit as it can prevent mishaps from sharp turning handlebars. However, I also like that it has two front wheels, offering stability and making the unit rideable for two-year-olds. While this units is undeniably well-built, it has a weight limit of only 44 lbs which can be pretty limited. The handlebar doesn’t fold or adjust as well, which can be a few deal breakers for some parents.

3. Micro Kickboard Micro Maxi Kick Scooter

Suitable for: Ages 3 and Above

For those who live in apartments and only get to ride their kick scooters on trips to the park, portability is an important feature for an outdoor toy to have. For this, the Micro Maxi Kick Scooter with T-bar is an excellent alternative for the Micro Mini Kick Scooter. It offers the same quality and stability the Micro Kickboard brand is known for with a good amount of handy extras that city-dwellers will appreciate.

What's Great About It: Aside from its sturdy construction using heavy-duty materials, this kick scooter’s handlebar folds into itself making it very easy to transport. Its height is also adjustable, so you can easily tweak it to better fit your child’s size. With its 110-lb weight limit, you can be sure that your little one will be able to enjoy this product for quite a while. But what really makes this product one of the best scooters for toddlers is not the fact that it’s made with quality materials, although, that’s a very good thing about it. It’s the fact that every part is replaceable, so if you break anything, repairs and replacements can be done. This promises even further longevity, which is something you can’t expect from a lot of toys nowadays.

​4. Radio Flyer My First Scooter Sport

Suitable for: Ages 2 to 3 Years

The most fun part about shopping for kiddie items is their cute designs. Take this Radio Flyer product, for example. It’s styled in a retro-futuristic manner, making it utterly adorable in its cartoonish gray and red coloring with a curvy silhouette. You can just easily picture it with a chubby toddler.

What's Great About It: Its wide base is definitely worth noting as its deck and front wheelbase are both designed to guarantee stability. It also has a 50-lb weight limit, making it ideal for younger users. Unfortunately, the handlebar can’t be folded, so it’s not exactly a portable option. However, if you just want something for your child to play with in your yard, this can still be an excellent choice.

​5. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Scooter

Suitable for: Ages 1 to 3 Years

While this is more of a ride on toy than a folding scooter like the ones listed above, this product will still require riders to kick to propel themselves forward. It’s ideal for younger toddlers as it doesn’t require a child to be able to balance their bodies or even stand up.

What's Great About It: We love its Vespa-inspired look but what really made us choose this product as one of the best scooters for toddlers is its additional learning features. As it is a part of the Smart Stages line of Fisher-Price, it is also equipped with songs, sounds, and phrases that will teach young kids various things about colors, numbers, shapes, and more. It also has a motion sensor that will activate learning content as your little one scoots along.

​6. OxGord Deluxe 3 Wheel Glider with Kick n Go Scooter for Kids

Suitable for: Ages 3 and Above

Offering great value is the OxGord Deluxe 3 Wheel Glider. This product has everything you’ll want in a great scooter, but with its friendly price, it’s been a top choice for many households.

What's Great About It: We like that this product is made of high-grade aluminum and carbon steel alloy. This makes it very durable, so it makes sense that it has an adjustable handlebar as your child will surely be able to use it for a few years. It also has a folding mechanism, so you don’t have to worry about storage or transportation.

7. Globber 3 Wheel Adjustable Height Scooter

Suitable for: Ages 3 and Above

The best thing about a kick scooter is that if you happened to buy one that’s made with a high weight capacity and an adjustable handlebar, your kid can already use it until they finally outgrow it, hopefully around their pre-teens. This is exactly the case of the Globber 3 Wheel Adjustable Height Scooter as it has a 110-lb weight capacity and an adjustable handlebar.

What's Great About It: To ensure its durability, the deck of this kick scooter is even reinforced with a steel plate so it won’t easily buckle under your child’s weight. Aside from this, we also love its Secure Direction Button Lock feature as it locks the handlebar so it won’t steer in a different direction while your child learns how to balance. It makes mastering the ride a lot simpler as they can get used to balancing first before having to bother about steering.

​8. Radio Flyer Scoot-About

Suitable for: Ages 1 to 3 Years

Another excellent ride on toy is Radio Flyer’s Scoot-About. Unlike Fisher-Price’s feature loaded product, though, this one is very basic. In fact, it’s just a kiddie trike sans pedals. Your child will only have to kick the ground to propel the bike forward.

What's Great About It: The Scoot-About is the perfect first bike for young kids, especially those with older siblings that can already ride around on their own bikes. This one looks like a classic bike, complete with handlebar tassels and a bell.

​9. Little Tikes Push & Ride Racer

Suitable for: Ages 9 months to 3 Years

This product is a ride on toy that also doubles as a push walker, making it a multifunctional option for a lot of parents. It’s a cute, car-themed item, offering your child some mobility mostly inside the home.

What's Great About It: We love the low clearance design of this toy, making it stable, safe, and easy for babies to get in and out of. We also like that it doubles as a push walker as it extends the usability of the product as a child develops their motor skills. It’s back seat design is worth mentioning as well because it can comfortably seat a plush toy, giving the rider a companion as they scoot around.

​10. Little Tikes Lean to Turn Scooter

Suitable for: Ages 2 to 4 Years

Another product from Little Tikes that made our list is their Lean to Turn Scooter. This is made specially for toddlers that are just starting to learn how to ride a kick scooter as it comes with a non-turning handlebar, making it easier to learn to balance before anything else.

What's Great About It: I love the two large front wheels for this product as this design guarantees stability. Aside from this, its concave-shaped deck is also very noteworthy. This design makes it possible for your child to lean to turn, thus the product’s name. If you’re worried about your child’s foot slipping, though, fret not, as it has a rubberized logo print at the highest part of the deck, providing grip for your little one’s foot.

​11. Huffy Princess Scooter

Suitable for: Ages 3 and Above

Got a little one who loves Disney princesses and running around outside? Huffy’s Princess Scooter can be the perfect gift for them! This kick scooter is embellished with the Disney Princesses and accessorized with tassels on its handles and a storage bag, making it a cute option for any child who loves anything princess-y.

What's Great About It: Aside from its eye-catching pink and purple coloring, we also liked how the deck is shaped, offering stability. While this will require a good deal of balancing, it shouldn’t be a major issue with older children.

12. Razor Kixi Mixi Scooter

Suitable for: Ages 3 and Above

Designed for parents who want to constantly challenge their little ones’ abilities without having to keep on replacing their toys, the Razor Kixi Mixi Scooter is a highly versatile unit. It can actually transform from a 3-wheel kick scooter to a more challenging 2-wheel variety in a jiffy.

What's Great About It: Aside from its versatility, this unit is also made with aircraft grade aluminum, making it sturdy and durable. We also love that its handlebars can fold in, making it portable and easy to store.

How We Chose Our Top 12 Scooters for Toddlers

Choosing a ride on toy has its challenges, especially when if the products are for toddlers. Safety is always our major criterion, so if there’s anything that this list can promise, it would be that the products are safe for your little one’s use.


To make sure that each of the product on this list is safe for a toddler to use, we looked for units that come with a wide base to ensure stability. Young kids will still need to practice their balancing, so it’s important to give them a steady base to work with. This way, they won’t have to struggle harder and will get a good grip on standing on a moving board in no time.


Quality is another important factor because these are ride on toys that will have to carry your child’s entire body. If it buckles under their weight, there’s a high chance that your child will get hurt or even injured. By looking for high-quality products, we can be sure that these toys are reliable and safe for young kids to use.


The construction and design of the kick scooter are also important in determining its stability. It should be maneuverable without being wobbly so a young child can easily operate and ride the unit. It’s also important to be lightweight so toddlers will be able to push it around with ease.


I also believe that kick scooters need to be portable. This way, you can just keep it in the trunk of your car and take it with you wherever open space you might find yourself in.

In the end, we’ve found these twelve products to be some of the best scooters and ride on toys available in the market today. We hope you can make good use of our selection and that it can bring lots of fun times to your family.

Why Let Your Toddler Get in a Scooter at Such a Young Age

Kick scooters, like bikes, are widely popular leisure rides all over the world. They’re ideal for riders of all ages, provided that they get an appropriately-sized unit. As these products come in all kinds of sizes, it’s not very hard to do. In fact, even your toddler can benefit from having one.

We know what you’re thinking: isn’t your toddler too young to hop on a scooter? The answer here is no, not really. Once they can already walk and run, they can pretty much balance their bodies, so riding a kick scooter won’t be too difficult for them to master.

You might be worried about their coordination and how well they can maneuver their ride, but with safety gear, close supervision, a controlled play area, and the best toddler scooter, you can easily prevent serious accidents from taking place.

Kick scooters for babies are basically ride on toys, except some of them require your child to be in a standing position. They can let your child enjoy some independence, especially after being carried around for the longest time. Any inexhaustible child will love to get their hands on one of these things as they’re just downright entertaining.

But if you’re the type of parent who wants to get the most out of their little one’s playtime, you might have second thoughts about this toy not having any other benefit aside from being fun. In this case, you might want to know that there are actually tons of benefits your child can enjoy with a kick scooter.


For one, they can really get a good exercise by playing with a kick scooter. All the standing up and kicking, even with just one leg, can really get their blood pumping. Breaking a sweat isn’t too difficult with this toy as well, especially after a few minutes of riding in an open field. This, of course, is excellent for their health.

The physical activities your child engage in while riding a kick scooter is also great for their physical development. Your child’s gross and fine motor skills will greatly benefit from this ride as it will strengthen their muscles as well as teach them how to balance properly. Their coordination will also be challenged and refined as they will need to know how to propel themselves forward and go to the direction they want to go while staying on top of their scooter.

Excellent Toys​

Kick scooters are also excellent toys to help your child become more confident. Operating these things are very easy that your toddler will surely know how to use it in just minutes. Once they can fully ride their scooters, they’ll feel more capable and surer of themselves. This can help them develop a sense of competence so they won’t have to shy away from the new challenges they face.

As a confident child can be more willing to try new things, they’ll be more susceptible to learning. They’ll also have a healthy self-esteem because they know that they can do different things on their own.

Cognitive Boost​

Your toddler’s cognitive development will also benefit from their scooter rides. How? Letting them ride a scooter is basically letting them make small decisions for themselves. They can turn left or right on their own accord, which can be a great way for them to exercise some independence, no matter how limited it may be.

It can also be a way to implement their ideas, so being able to do so will make them more confident of being capable of making things happen. Small successes can are major achievements for little children, so it’s best to provide them many opportunities to achieve such.

Outdoor Playtime​

Kick scooters will also let your little one spend some time outside. While most parents want their kids to stay indoors to avoid anything bad from happening, it’s still a must to let them play outside where they can get dirty and even bruised from time to time.

This doesn’t just provide them an opportunity to engage in physical activities, but it can also allow them to explore. Being able to roam around in a kick scooter might be able to take your child to more places since they won’t be as tired as they would be while walking. This can open them up to new experiences, which can enrich their knowledge by seeing new places and feeling new things.

Establish the Need for Safety​

I particularly like scooters because they can quickly establish the need for safety. Some kids may be averse to having to wear a helmet or knee and elbow pads. However, after a few falls, they’ll quickly understand why they need protective gear.

Getting hurt may really upset your child, but since toddlers already understand the basics of the cause and effect relationships, they’ll learn a valuable lesson from their fall. This can lead to your child making sure of avoiding doing the same thing that can lead them to getting hurt again.

While it may be a bit stressful for parents to see their child falling down and getting hurt, it’s honestly a part of the process. We can’t always keep them from getting hurt, so experiences of this kind are essential and helpful for both parents and children. What you can do as a parent is to make sure that your little one is protected. Getting the best safety accessories is always a must as well as keeping a close eye on toddlers while they play outside.

All of these things can prove that riding a kick scooter is not just about your toddler having fun or getting hurt. It offers more benefits, outweighing the possibility of injuries. Besides, with the right safety gear, the best scooter, and close supervision, you can easily prevent them from getting in any major accidents. This should be able to assure you that these toys are good for your little one.


We hope our top 12 best scooters for toddlers help you out in choosing the right one for your child. With so many benefits your little one can enjoy from these toys, they shouldn’t miss out on such an excellent toy.

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