Picking the Best Sit and Stand Stroller – Comprehensive Buyers’ Guide

Taking a small child out on errands or trips to the park can already be an undertaking lots of parents tend to struggle with, so just imagine the struggle of being a parent of two young kids. Even with the help of a stroller to rein in an energetic toddler, you might still have an excited school age kid that might just be too thrilled to be out and about with everyone. Both kids will certainly be a handful, but with the right baby gear, you can definitely make it through.

If you’re thinking about how hard it will be to balance a double stroller with kids of different sizes as passengers, you’re not exactly wrong. Even the finest ones that can deal with weight imbalance will still be a challenge to maneuver because of its wideness. So a good alternative would be the best sit and stand strollers.

As these products offer ample space to carry two kids comfortably, parents won’t have to struggle to keep their kids nearby while out and about. They also offer easier maneuverability, guaranteeing the children’s safety at all times. If you’re as interested in sit and stand strollers as we are, make sure to keep reading.

Sit and Stand Strollers: Make Outings Easier with these Double Duty Rides for Your Babies

Want to get to know some of the best sit and stand strollers in the market today? Here are 6 of our top picks that you might just find helpful in your own search for the right unit for your little ones.

1. Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller

Suitable for: Up to 50 lbs for each seat

The Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller is said to be the very unit that started it all. It’s said that that this model made the sit and stand trend happen, offering great convenience for parents who need to herd two kids at once on outings with the little ones. So being the original sit and stand stroller, you can bet that you can rely on this product to move around town with your kiddos with great ease.

Parents will love a lot of things this product can offer. Its roominess is its major draw, however. It offers ample space for both kids to get comfortable in, which is important to ensure that both kids’ needs are catered to properly. One of the major worries about sit and stand strollers is that the older child may have little room to move in, but for this unit, you don’t have to fret about them feeling squeezed into their seat.

Equipped with a five-point harness, reclining seat, padded back seat, large canopy, a snack tray, parent console, a large basket, wheel locks, quick-fold mechanism, and parking brakes, it has everything you need to easily and conveniently cart your kids around. It also offers a very smooth ride, so your little ones won’t have any complaints while you take them to do errands and other trips out of the house.​

What's Great About It: Aside from its convenience, lots of parents also appreciate just how versatile this product is. You can actually configure it in so many ways that you can always try something new to help you bond and entertain your children while you’re out and about. As it’s also travel system ready, you can easily strap in your infant car seat right into the front stroller seat or above the backseat. You can even use it with two car seats in one go, making it earn its “tandem” title.

2. Graco Roomfor2 Click Connect Stand and Ride Stroller

Suitable for: Up to 50 lbs for each seat

Hailed as one of the most popular sit and stand strollers in the market today, the Graco Roomfor2 is also an excellent option for your little ones. If you already have a Graco infant car seat, this product will be the perfect choice for you as it is travel system ready, giving you more bang for your buck.

While this item and the Baby Trend Sit n Stand have lots of similar features, a good deal of buyers says that what made them choose this Graco product is its easier maneuverability. Pushing sit and stand strollers are a challenge with two kids in it, so if a unit makes it easier to move around, that can be a solid deciding factor for many.

What's Great About It: Made with the busy parent in mind, this product is also loved for how easy it is to configure. Its one-hand fold makes it very easy to stow away, even as you carry your little one in one arm. Both seat cushions are also removable and machine washable so you won’t have to spend hours cleaning up in case an accident took place while your little one is in the stroller.

3. Joovy Caboose Graphite Stand On Tandem Stroller

Suitable for: Up to 45 lbs for each seat

Noted for being the most compact sit and stand stroller in the market today, the Joovy Caboose can be your top choice if you’re not too fond of carrying bulky strollers, even when they’re already folded. It’s also a few inches shorter than its competitors, so it’s easier to control even with heavy cargo on board.

While it still has the same basic design as other sit and stand strollers, this product actually differs from the rest because of its extras. You can get a front facing rear seat addition, known as the “Too”, for this unit so you can turn it into a tandem stroller if your little ones aren’t the kinds to enjoy standing while being carted around just yet.

Of course, its oversized canopy is another strong feature as well. This is actually a main feature all Joovy products have, so if you want the best coverage for your little one, this brand is really worth a shot.​

What's Great About It: What really makes the Joovy Caboose a fantastic option is its four-wheel suspension. Not a lot of sit and stand strollers have this feature, so it’s a major plus for this entry-level model. It guarantees a smoother ride for your little ones, ensuring that they’ll be comfortable while they’re on the stroller.

​4. Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller

Suitable for: Up to 45 lbs for each seat

Another great sit and stand option from the Joovy brand is the Caboose Ultralight. This model shouldn’t be confused with the Caboose as the Ultralight is a step up from the former. It shares most features with the Caboose, however, so if you liked that product, there’s a high chance that you’ll love this, too.

A lot of parents are willing to spend extra for this unit not just because of its lighter weight but also because it readily comes with some accessories that are separately sold for the Caboose. This model is sold with the parent console, a larger canopy, a universal adapter, and a three-position recline, most of which are truly worth the few extra bucks.

What's Great About It: As its name suggests, it’s lighter by a few pounds from the Caboose, making it a solid choice for those who can’t handle too much weight even if they only have to push it around. Thanks to its use of aircraft-grade metal, it’s capable of shedding a few pounds without sacrificing durability. Being the lightest unit in the list, you can be sure that it’s a good option if you don’t want anything unnecessary to weigh you down and make moving around with your kids harder than it already is.

​5. Chicco BravoFor2 2-Passenger Double Stroller

Suitable for: Up to 40 lbs for each seat

If you’ve fallen in love with how stylish Chicco’s Bravo stroller is, then you’ll also love the BravoFor2 for your adorable kids. This sit and stand stroller took the classic Bravo and made some tweaks to accommodate a second rider, making it a more practical option for bigger families without having to compromise their aesthetic choices. It looks great and offers a good deal of extras, which makes it a great investment for most growing households.

Compatible with the Chicco KeyFit and KeyFit 2 car seat, this unit is also very ready to double duty as a travel system. All you need to do is to push the stroller seat forward and place the car seat behind and it will automatically lock into place with an audible click ensuring that it will sit there safely as you cart both kids around with ease.

What's Great About It: What will make you choose this product over other options is the fact that it is designed to offer quite a few amenities to your bigger child as well. The oversized canopy extends back so your older child can also get some coverage on a sunny day. The back seat can also fold up when not in use, so your child won’t have to feel squeezed into his standing space when they don’t want to sit down.

​6. Joovy Big Caboose Graphite Stand On Triple Stroller

Suitable for: Up to 40 lbs for two front-facing seats, up to 45 lbs for rear seat and standing platform

Taking things up a notch is the Joovy Big Caboose. Designed to carry three kids around, it’s definitely one of the top choices you can go for if you have three young children in around the same age. Great for twins and an older sibling or three young kiddos in different ages, this stroller guarantees to make outings with multiple children more manageable.

Designed with two front-facing seats and one rear seat and platform, the Big Caboose can handle a total of 125 lbs. It will be a lot to push around, but it will be easier to do than having to push a stroller with one hand and hold another child with the other.

What's Great About It: Aside from its capacity to hold more kids, it’s also very versatile as both stroller seats can accommodate compatible car seats without a hitch. You can configure it in so many ways that you won’t have a hard time finding a comfortable fit for your little ones.

It’s also very easy to maneuver. All four wheels have sealed bearings so even if you have to deal with a heavy load, you don’t need to worry about actually moving around. It also helps make the ride smoother, so even if it’s a hulking thing to push around, your babies will still find it a very comfortable way to move about.

Buying Guide: All the Details You Need to Get Down Pat on Sit and Stand Strollers

Also referred to by some users as tandem strollers, the sit & stand strollers are definitely some of the most interesting kinds of strollers in the market today. They offer more than what your regular strollers can, so growing families will certainly find them very convenient to have.

For the uninitiated, however, this kind of baby gear can still be pretty confusing. So, we’re breaking down the facts to the barebones to help you get to know these products better.

3 of the Most Important Tips for Sit and Stand Stroller Shopping

While there are tons of different options when it comes to sit and stand strollers, you can still make the whole task easier by sticking with these tips:

1. Look for safety features.

As these products will carry your most precious cargo, you have to make sure that your little ones will be safe at all times. Opt for units with a 5-point harness, easy to engage brakes, and high-quality materials so you can be guaranteed of your little one’s safety.

2. Be very particular about the weight limit.

Sit & stand strollers are designed to carry two kids at once so naturally, it should have a high weight limit so both kids can ride safely. Look for units that are capable of carrying weights of 100 lbs and above so your kids can get a lot of use out of it.

3. Check recalls before anything else.

Recalls are not very rare when it comes to strollers, so you have to be on the lookout for such. Especially if you’re planning to buy a second-hand unit, try to know first if the model has already been recalled by manufacturers before paying for it. This way, you won’t be risking your little one’s safety in any way.

Sit & Stand Strollers vs. Double Strollers

The first thing that comes to mind when someone looks for a stroller for two kids is a double stroller. As they’re designed to seat two, it’s just natural that they’ll be the easy solutions to such a need. However, as most units seat kids side by side, there will be a serious imbalance if one of the kids weighs nearly double of the other one. This can result in difficulties in maneuvering and can even cause falls in case the heavier one likes to move a lot in their seat.

Of course, this can be easily solved by opting for double strollers that seat kids one in front of another, but with the limited access to the sights around, the child in the backseat can easily get fussy and throw a fit. To keep the unit stable, you’ll also need to put the bigger child in the backseat, which can mean restricted movements and higher risks of tantrums.

With a sit and stand, however, you get to have the option to cart around your bigger child without compromising their freedom and your little one’s safety. Both kids’ weights are put in the center of the unit as they sit back to back. Even when your bigger child chooses to stand, the platform is found near the ground, so dangers of tipping can be minimized. So in theory, sit & stand strollers can be a safer option if you have kids with a relatively wide age and weight gap.​

What to Expect from a Sit and Stand Stroller

Considered as a quick solution for carting two kids around, sit and stand strollers still have its own pros and cons. So, to before you decide whether it’s a good pick for you, it’s important to take note of the following considerations:

All-Terrain Varieties aren’t Easy to Find

If you want to take your kids on outdoor adventures in these strollers, it can be quite hard to find units that can handle different kinds of terrains. Stability can be an issue as two kids are just very heavy to be pushed around, so if your unit isn’t made for traversing uneven paths, don’t risk it.

Maneuverability can be a Challenge

Like in double strollers, controlling a pushchair with a very heavy load can be a challenge. It’s going to take some getting used to and a bit of strength training to push these things with two kids on board but it can be done so you don’t have to worry.

Limited Perks for the Bigger Child

As these units aren’t exactly designed to provide the same features for both riders, you can expect that your older child will have to manage without having a sun shade while he sits or stands. Their seating space will also be pretty limited, especially when the smaller one’s seat is reclined, so things can be challenging if they want to nap. If you opted for units that are also travel systems, you should also note that your bigger child might not be able to sit down when the car seat is on board depending on the unit’s design.

Available in Easy Fold Designs

These units are designed to lend a hand to parents with multiple kids, so you won’t be hard pressed to find units that fold very easily. Some are even considered as umbrella strollers as well with a single step folding mechanism that offers utmost convenience to parents.

Different Sizes Available

Being able to cart around two kids in one pushchair unit is already a lifesaver for most parents but if you have three kids, a need for such is even more pressing. A sit and stand stroller for three kids can work better than a triplet stroller, especially you have young kids close in age but still greatly varying in weight. Luckily, you’ll be able to find a few three-seater sit and stand strollers in the market today, so you won’t have to worry about handling toddlers if you need to run an errand alone.

Safety Tips When Using a Sit and Stand Stroller

  • Lay down the rules to your older child. As they’re heavier and can already push the whole unit off, they have to be aware that recklessness can cause serious injuries. Explain to them that they can’t be too fidgety while riding the stroller, they can’t fiddle with the snaps and other things on the unit, and that they have to be careful when getting on and off it. This way, you can minimize the potential dangers of sit and stand strollers.
  • Don’t leave your kids unattended in the stroller. There are lots of accidents that can take place when kids are put in mobility gear, so you should be extra attentive to your little ones while they’re in a single stroller.​
  • Be careful when you fold the stroller. These things can trap little fingers and limbs, so make sure that your kids are away from the unit when folding it for storage.​
  • Use the storage baskets properly. Don’t place anything heavy on the handlebar as that can easily throw off the stroller’s balance, especially with your older child standing by the handle. This can cause your stroller to tip over and hurt your little ones, so just stick with the under seat storage if you need to stash your essentials.​


Just like when shopping for other kinds of baby gear, choosing the best sit and stand strollers should be done with great care and consideration. While there are not as many options as other kinds of strollers, picking just one can still be an overwhelming task, especially with your child’s safety to think about. With our quick guide and top rated suggestions, however, we hope you were able to narrow down the field and found a few great options to go for.

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