Best Skateboards for Kids Who Want Grind, Flip & Freestyle

There’s nothing more entertaining than watching a talented skater shred and freestyle. Skateboarding has become one of the most popular hobbies around the world.

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You can see people skating in cities and towns everywhere, from flips and bar grinds to ollie’s and ramp work, there are always new skills and tricks to practice and explore.

Encouraging your child to take up this hobby can quickly turn it into one of the most beneficial activities your child will do. Skateboarding helps your child to stay active, keeping them physically engaged while they develop their social skills with other skaters.

There are also a ton of social benefits that go hand-in-hand with skateboarding, as your child can skate with their friends and meet new people, whether they’re playing outside your house or down their local skate park.

The market is overflowing with skateboard options, from low-end boards designed to suit any budget to high-end premium skateboards that are packed with features that your child will love. To give you a helping hand, below you’ll find my favorite skateboards, perfect for your child, whether they’re experienced boarders or trying out their skills for the first time.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for when trying to find the perfect skateboard, my step-by-step buying guide to children’s skateboards will give you all the information you need to make the most educated decision for your child.​

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My 5 Favorite Handpicked Skateboards for Children Who Love to Shred

Here you’ll find a collection of some of my favorite skateboards specially designed for children.

1. Skatro Mini Cruiser Retro Style Skateboard

If you’re looking for a high-quality skateboard that delivers a high level of performance that gives your child everything they need for the best skateboarding experience, the Skatro Mini Cruiser may be for you.

This board prides itself on its patented Skatro Flexy Technology, giving it an optimal level of flexibility. This slight bend adds to the durability of the board while providing your child with the opportunity to safely and effectively learn new skills and tricks.

This limited-edition board is lightweight and produced to the highest quality, boasting 59mm wheels and gold aluminum bearings, helping to make it one of the most durable boards on the market. The board itself is produced using the highest quality materials, ensuring every ride is stable and safe.

What’s Great About It: Included with this Skatro board, you’ll find a matching gold T-tool. This tool allows your child to customize and personalize their board with ease, changing the board or the wheels to suit their riding style as they become one with their skateboard.

2. Rimable Complete 22” Skateboard

If you’re looking for a visually engaging skateboard with its own personality that your child will love, the Rimable Complete Skateboard could be ideal for you. Available in eight vibrant graphic designs, your child can choose the perfect board for them based on their personality.

This highly durable board is made from condensed and refined plastics, giving your child optimal levels of quality and stability with every ride.

At the base of the board, you’ll discover super-smooth PU wheels that are securely fastened to the board using high-speed ABEC-7 bearings, enabling your child to achieve the high speeds necessary to achieve jumps and perform expert tricks.

At 22 inches long, this board is ideal for children of all ages; it’s even suitable for you to have a go yourself. Whether your child is trying out skateboarding for the first time or just looking for a new board to call their own, this board is ideal.

What’s Great About It: Fastened to the board itself, you’ll find a solid 3-inch aluminum truck. This truck is used to increase the already high levels of durability while supporting a maximum weight limit of 200lbs, allowing this board to be safely used by all members of the family.

3. Merkapa 22” Complete Skateboard for Children

If your child is a beginner to the world of skateboarding, you may want to look into finding a skateboard that’s ideal for newbies, so your child can have the best possible start when exploring the hobby.

Available in six vibrant and attractive colors, this skateboard will arrive at your house fully assembled, allowing your child to start riding immediately. The highly durable design is produced using optimal quality PP plastics, enabling the board to withstand weights up to 180lbs, making this board ideal for both children and teenagers.

The base of the board boasts state of the art ABEC-7 high-speed bearings, allowing your child to achieve an optimal level of speed to achieve tricks and stunts while riding around your neighborhood.

The board is securely fastened to a 3.25-inch, high-quality aluminum base that adds to the levels of durability, resulting in an ideal board that’s long-lasting and gives your child everything they need for the most enjoyable experience possible.

What’s Great About It: Built into the wheels of this skateboard, you’ll find a collection of vibrant LED lights. Available in a variety of colors, these lights add a personal touch to your child’s board, giving them another level of engagement while providing an awesome effect when riding at night that your children will simply adore.

​4. Powell Golden Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

Suitable for riders of all experience levels, this skateboard is packed with features and high-quality product specifications that allow this board to give your child a complete skateboarding experience.

From the bottom of the board, the skateboard prides itself on its hand-cast polyurethane wheels that provide a high level of rebound, perfect for jumps and safe, stable landings.

The board itself is covered in a high-density rubber grip, ensuring your child can enjoy the highest level of stability no matter what terrain they’re riding on. Measuring an impressive 31 inches, this high-quality skateboard is ideal for adults and children alike, letting the whole family get involved for some action-packed quality time together.

What’s Great About It: One of the leading features of this durable skateboard is the visually appealing design found on the underside of the board. As the name suggests, you’ll find a stunning dragon graphic that children will love, especially when performing tricks that allow them to show off the design to all their onlookers and friends.

​5. Playshion Freeride Freestyle Drop-Through Longboard

Priding itself on its unique design, the Playshion Freestyle Longboard is 39 inches long and crafted using 8 plies maple material, packing it full of quality and durability. On the top side of the board, you’ll find high-quality grip tape, giving your child the stability and security they need when trying out a board for the first time.

In addition to riding well, this board looks great thanks to the heat-printed graphic that is both simple and stylish.

Regarding the build of the board, you’ll find 70mm diameter high-density wheels that provide optimal levels of grip, no matter the terrain your child is riding on. These wheels are securely fixed to the board using market-leading ABEC 9 bearings that let your child to achieve the desired speeds needed to practice every kind of trick and skill effectively.

Delivered fully assembled and ready to go straight out the box, your child can instantly get outside to start enjoying the board as soon as it arrives.

What’s Great About It: Longboards are perfect for riders of all experience levels. Slightly longer than traditional skateboards, your child can still enjoy the same benefits, such as speed and flexibility when it comes to performing tricks. Longboards tend to boast better levels of control with casual riding, making this the perfect board for commuting to school, a friend’s house or just out and about around the town.

​6. Krone Rookie Complete Skateboard

Professionally crafted from the highest quality Canadian maple, this traditional skateboard is everything your child needs. At 31 inches long, this is an affordable skateboard solution that prides itself on its simplistic design which focuses on giving the highest level of performance possible.

Designed for beginners making their first steps into the skating world, this board is easy to control and provides optimal levels of grip thanks to the black grip tape that covers the entire top side of the board.

The board features four 52mm Urethane patented Krown wheels that help promote a stable ride over any skating terrain, while the 5-inch aluminum trucks help to hold the board together securely, guaranteeing endless hours of skating fun on a board that is built to last.

What’s Great About It: To give your child a board that they will completely fall in love with, the Krown Skateboard is available in six vibrant and visually stimulating designs that will make your child the envy of all their friends.

7. Puente Pro Cruiser Complete Skateboard

This beautiful board is ideal for children who want something that they can be proud of. This 31 inch masterpiece is made from high-quality 7-ply maple wood that helps to make this one of the most durable boards on the market, resulting in hour upon hour of skateboarding fun with minimal risk of breaking.

Thanks to the reliable quality of the board, the maximum weight limit exceeds 200lbs, making this the ideal board for the whole family to enjoy.

Your children can benefit from the increased levels of exercise that this board enables them to partake in, benefitting them physically and mentally. Furthermore, with over eight beautiful designs to choose from, your child can enjoy a board that perfectly suits their personality.

Each pattern is heat-printed onto the board, as opposed to being a sticker, meaning the design will last as long as your child needs it to, keeping the board clean, tidy and always looking like new.

What’s Great About It: One of the best features of this skateboard is the quality of the build. This highly durable board boasts ABEC-9 high-speed precision bearings as well as soft PU bushings. These features combined make for a precision-perfect ride that’s both stable and comfortable, allowing your child to achieve the high speeds necessary to perform a range of tricks and stunts.

​8. Ancheer Junior Caster 360° Skateboard

My final board is slightly different from the rest. This new-age board boasts full 360° caster trucks. This allows your child to perform an original carving motion as they move, marketed as surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding all rolled into one.

This board allows your child to perform a variety of tricks that are otherwise impossible on a traditional board. This provides your child with the freedom of a completely revolutionary style of skating.

The deck itself is covered with non-slip platforms that give your child the support and confidence they need, especially if they’re trying skateboarding for the first time. The board is made using the highest quality plastics that are produced using advanced methods that are also environmentally friendly.

Additionally, the board features ABEC-7 bearings for the fastest and smoothest ride, giving your child everything they need in a skateboard in one convenient package. The board comes already assembled so your child can start riding straight away.

What’s Great About It: The advanced steel torsion bar through the middle of the board is a unique design that allows your child to manually accelerate the board without having to push off like you would a traditional skateboard. This movement is achieved by twisting the two platforms simultaneously, a technique that’s easy to master by both children and adults alike.

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My Definitive Step by Step Guide to Finding the Perfect Skateboard

As you can see from my list above, there are so many skateboards currently available on the market, each with its own set of features and specifications. With so much to choose from, it’s no surprise that most parents find it overwhelming when trying to find the perfect skateboard for their children.

To help you make the right decision, here are my comprehensive guidelines providing you with everything you should consider when choosing the skateboard that’s right for your child.

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Traditional Board

This refers to the classic design of the board. This is a long, thin oval shaped board with the wheels positioned under the board by molded framework known as trucks. This is the most popular kind of skateboard that can be found around the world.

The most noticeable feature is the rounded edges, making it easy for tricks to be performed and control to be managed. This makes it ideal for beginners who are learning to skate.

When shopping for your ideal skateboard, consider the skill level of your child. These classic boards are ideal for riders of all experience levels, especially beginners. The boards are typically not too long or too short, and the ideal size is around 26 inches.


Also known as retro styled boards, these skateboards are typically not suited for beginners due to the method for making the board move. This is typically not by pushing your feet to the ground but rather swerving your body to build momentum. The balance is also renowned for being more difficult than a traditional board.

However, it’s worth noting that children who have used a skateboard before will have little trouble in picking up this technique. Once achieved, your child will be able to enjoy a range of benefits including a new set of tricks and stunts and easier mobility. This makes longboards ideal for commuting or casual riding.


Skateboards go through a lot of wear and tear through regular use. When your child is using their board, it’s inevitably going to suffer from some knocks and bumps. With this in mind, especially with children who are new to the sport, you’re going to want a high-quality board that won’t fall apart with the first knock. This will also make the board long-lasting, giving them years of entertainment.

When choosing the ideal board for you, look for a board that’s crafted from high-quality plastics or wood. If you decide on a plastic board, you’ll be able to enjoy many benefits such as the board being lightweight enough to carry around with you wherever you go and easier acceleration for younger children.​

Alternatively, if you choose a wooden board, you’ll experience a heavier design that prides itself on higher levels of durability and a higher quality design, depending on the ply of the wood. As a general rule of thumb, always choose a wooden skateboard.​

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Kids love toys that are visually engaging, and this couldn’t be truer for skateboards. The graphics found on skateboards are a vital aspect to get right. It symbolizes the rider and states their personality everywhere they go. There are skateboards that are specially designed for both boys and girls with unisex options available.

There are two types of graphics to choose from. Firstly, a board could come with unique stickers. These are usually high-quality graphics that can sometimes peel off the board, allowing your child to use and position them as they please. However, if these stickers come into contact with water or after a few months of regular use, these stickers can fade and begin to peel off.

Alternatively, the other form of graphic is a heat-printed design. These images are specially applied to the board, providing you with a high-quality vector image that is designed to last. These are usually the safest designs to go for as there is a minimal chance of them fading in the sun or peeling off with regular use.​

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The trucks of a skateboard are typically used for connecting the wheels to the board itself. It’s vital that these trucks are of the highest quality as any forceful impact, such as landing a jump or a sharp turn, may result in the truck breaking, rendering the board useless.

As with any product, the cheaper the board, and the cheaper the materials, the more brittle these trucks will be.

One of the most common materials used to design a high-quality truck is aluminum. This helps to create a sturdy truck that won’t break during the hardest of landings.​


Grip is an important feature to consider no matter what skill level your child is. This is typically achieved using black grip tape. This provides a rough surface that stops your child’s shoes slipping on the board, a necessity when it comes to performing tricks. With some cheaper, low-end boards, you may find the board has minimal grip tape which can make using the board rather difficult.

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Taking up a new sport like skateboarding may seem like a daunting feat for your child. By investing in the right board for them, you can be sure you’re giving them the best start possible, allowing them to fully engage with and enjoy the sport, a skill that can stay with them for the rest of their life.

What’s more, with a high-quality skateboard, the whole family can get involved in the fun, showing your child that you have an interest in their new hobby while being able to spend some quality time with your family.

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