Best Soccer Cleats (Shoes) For Kids & Youth

In soccer, the feet are the primary means of moving the ball and scoring a goal. For this reason, the choice in the best soccer cleats for kids and youth should be given careful consideration — the more suitable the cleats for the user’s feet, the better the chances of scoring a goal in the game.

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The cleats, which are the protrusions under the sole of a pair of athletic shoes, provide additional traction for the user, especially when playing on slippery or soft surfaces.

Indeed, soccer shoes are a must when playing soccer, regardless of the type of surface that the game is played on. Otherwise, the risk of injuries from slipping and sliding can increase, not to mention that running becomes more difficult on grassy or muddy surfaces.

My Top 10 Picks for the Best Soccer Shoes for Young Players

1. Dream Pairs Kids Lace-up Indoor/Outdoor Cleats

Dream Pairs Kids Lace-up Indoor/Outdoor Cleats

Suitable for: Toddlers, Little Kids, and Big Kids

These shoes feature rubber molded cleats designed for maximum traction on damp, soft, and even muddy fields.

The lightweight, yet durable, upper has a supple quality that contributes to better comfort, especially in following the feet’s contours. The cushioned collar and insole hug the feet, while still giving it a snug feel, a must for kids who play active soccer.

Even the fold-over tongue has its purpose — it will keep the laces as flat as possible so there’s no need for your kid to constantly tie them up.

What’s Great About It: The stitching looks tight as a ship, the material looks sturdy, and the shoes feel light, all of which means the pair can be used for as long as your kid’s feet fit well. You can also buy a larger pair in case he outgrows the older pair. Your kid can even use them as everyday shoes because of the softer and shorter rubber cleats.

2. Dream Pairs Kids Lace-up Outdoor Cleats

Dream Pairs Kids Lace-up Outdoor Cleats

Suitable for: Toddlers, Little Kids, and Big Kids

These rubber cleats are designed with rotational traction arrangement for better grip on grassy playing fields, even slightly muddy ones.

The soft synthetic sole contributes to the shoes’ lightweight feel, while the cushioned insole provides better support for the feet, which parents appreciate because their kids don’t complain too much about sore feet after a game.

The premium material used on the upper is easy to clean, too, with just a water-and-soap mixture and brush.

What’s Great About It: The variety of sizes means that each one of your soccer-loving children can choose a pair that fits him/her well, yet they will have identical-looking shoes, a convenience when kids want the same shoes that others have. Plus, the shoes’ sturdy construction will likely hold up to daily soccer games, whether in the backyard or on the field.

3. Vizari Infinity FG Soccer Cleats

Vizari Infinity FG Soccer Cleats

Suitable for: Toddlers, Little Kids, and Big Kids

The anti-stretch lining in these cleats adds to its durability, as is the case for the fine, yet sturdy, stitching on the shoes from the front part to the upper material. The rubber sole has cleats that grip any surface well, which means it can be used for the entirety of a kids’ soccer season.

What’s Great About It: I like the bright color combos, especially on the synthetic upper and rubber outsole. Your kid will likely say that it has a lightweight, snug, and nice feel to it, allowing him to handle the ball better. You can also choose from several sizes so the shoes can grow with him, so to speak.

4. Nike Jr. MercurialX Victory VI CR7 (TF) Cleats

Nike Jr. MercurialX Victory VI CR7 (TF) Cleats

Suitable for: Little Kids and Big Kids

The Nike cleats are best used for turf games, although it can also be used for other surfaces, such as slightly muddy fields. The collar provides a secure fit from the ankles to the feet, while still allowing for the movement needed for ball manipulation.

The cleats grip the ground, yet the shoes have a lightweight feel, allowing for fast running, a combo that aids in better game performance. The cushiony feel reduces the risk of blisters on the feet, too.

What’s Great About It: Your child will love that it’s from Nike, an athletic brand known for the quality of its shoes, not to mention the prestige of wearing the swoosh-emblazoned shoes. You, on the other hand, will appreciate that it has been designed with an aspiring professional soccer player in mind.

5. Adidas Performance Kids’ X 16.4 Cleats

Adidas Performance Kids' X 16.4 Cleats

Suitable for: Little Kids and Big Kids

The three stripes-emblazoned cleats are designed for use on hard ground, as well as on natural and artificial grass. Such versatility means that you, the parent, can get the best value for your money, while your kid will only have to carry one pair of shoes to his practices and games.

The lightweight shoes can enhance speed and improve ball manipulation, aside from their strong and sturdy construction — it’s Adidas, after all.

What’s Great About It: These cleats are among the most durable and versatile in the market, so they can be used by kids almost every day for a few years. You have the assurance that it will hold up to the abuse, while also giving your kids confidence and a sense that they are great soccer players.

6. Vizari Stealth FG Cleats

Vizari Stealth FG Cleats

Suitable for: Big Kids and Youth

These cleats are best for use on firm ground, which includes natural and artificial grass, as well as hard ground. Slipping and sliding are more likely in slippery, soft, and muddy ground, so I suggest asking kids to use another pair of cleats that is appropriate for that surface.

The stitched upper material combined with the molded rubber material for the outsole ensures rough-and-tough cleats for nearly daily use. The padded heel not only provides optimum comfort, but maximum support for the ankles, too.

What’s Great About It: The anti-stretch lining and fine stitching around the shoes reduces the risk of the cleats opening up in the middle of a game. Your child will love the extreme traction on firm ground, which will make him less prone to slipping and sliding.

7. Under Armour Boys’ UA Spotlight DL FG-R Cleats

7.Under Armour Boys' UA Spotlight DL FG-R Cleats

Suitable for: Little Kids and Big Kids

The high-performance materials used in these cleats are apparently the same ones used on professional soccer cleats. The synthetic upper was designed for an improved feel of the ball that, in turn, contributes to better ball manipulation.

The lace-up design makes it easy to adjust the laces based on your child’s comfort level, while the sock-liner adds to the snug feel for his feet.

What’s Great About It: Your child will love the studded outsole because the studs provide a good grip on firm ground, yet the shoes have an overall lightweight feel ( 8 ounces). The colorful design is also part of its appeal.

8. Nike Youth Mercurial Victory VI FG Cleats

8.Nike Youth Mercurial Victory VI FG Cleats

Suitable for: Little Kids and Big Kids (US sizes from 10c to 6y)

​These soccer cleats feature a contoured nylon plate, which combines the benefits of being lightweight, yet robust enough to withstand abuse on firm ground games.

The studs on the outsole provide a very firm grip on the ground, while the anti-skid cloth increases traction between the feet and shoes. The synthetic leather material also makes the shoes unique.

What’s Great About It: The double traction features from the studs and the anti-skid cloth are enough reasons to try out these Nike cleats. I also like the horizontal ridges, which every child will love because they can help improve control over the ball.

9. Adidas Performance Messi 15.3 J Cleats

9.Adidas Performance Messi 15.3 J Cleats

Suitable for: Little Kids and Big Kids

The bright colors on these Messi cleats aren’t likely to fade away after one soccer season, while the materials themselves hold up well to playing for an hour or two nearly every day.

Plus, the shoes have a fashionable look that blends in well with soccer uniforms. The shoes also have synthetic materials that can be easily cleaned — and keeping them clean is necessary to prolong their useful life.

What’s Great About It: These come in sizes suitable for kids between 4 and 12 years old. You can buy them for kids in a team with different ages and get the Adidas assurance of high performance in all of the pairs.

10. Adidas Performance X 15.3 FGAG J Cleats

10.Adidas Performance X 15.3 FGAG J Cleats

The synthetic lining makes for a snug feel, while the mesh upper allows for better air circulation, yet provides close-fitting support for the feet.

The X-claw arrangement of the studs aid in faster speed and cuts so your kid can improve his ball handling skills with fewer worries about his cleats giving out under the pressure. The cleats can be used on artificial grass and firm surfaces, too.

What’s Great About It: The shoes can accommodate wider feet yet, still provide enough room for the toes. You will also like that it’s from Adidas, a brand known for its high-performance athletic shoes.

Tips on Getting Your Kids on Soccer

When should kids start playing soccer? As with all sports, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, since parents have to let their children decide on this matter.

Parents shouldn’t force their children to take up a sport since every sport, whether it is figure skating or soccer, requires dedication and determination for success, especially to reach the professional arena.

But there’s also the case for keeping your kids active with a combination of play and physical exercise. Kids can easily become hooked to electronic gadgets, particularly video games and social media, which partly contributes to the growing public health concern of childhood obesity. The importance of getting children engaged in outdoor games cannot be overemphasized for this reason.

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Again, parents should be careful about introducing their children to early sports programs. The emphasis should be on fostering a non-competitive atmosphere, encouraging children with praise, and promoting safe practices, including the use of proper equipment.

Where do you start? It depends on the age of your child, with experts suggesting the following general guidelines:

  • Preschoolers (3-5 years) are best taught at home, usually as part of their playtime activities. Soccer should be fun, so just kicking the ball around and shooting into a homemade goal (e.g., a small bucket) should be enough.
  • Children between 5 and 7 years old will benefit from participation in a local youth soccer association, such as a community club. Soccer games have more structure (i.e., rules and regulations), but the emphasis is still on the games being more recreational.
  • Kids between 7 and 12 years old will appreciate the more structured atmosphere of competitive games in school or in the local youth soccer association. They will improve their more advanced skills with more professional instruction from coaches.

Indeed, soccer is an exciting and exhilarating game for kids of all ages. Both parents and coaches can teach their kids about the necessary skills for soccer, many of which are also essential for developing life skills like teamwork, communication, and coordination.

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Tips on Choosing the Best Cleats for Kids

I must first emphasize that cleats aren’t the be-all, end-all of being the best player, but just like in case of basketball shoes, these specialized shoes are necessary for being any kind of a soccer player. As experienced soccer players say, it’s about the player; it isn’t about the cleats.

However, when you choose the best cleats for your amateur soccer player, you will see improvements in his game, especially when you add coaching sessions and regular practice to the mix. Here are my tips on choosing the best pairs for kids.

  • Always get the right size for your kid’s feet. Comfort is as important as support, performance, and sturdiness in cleats.
  • Choose cleats based on the user’s playing style. For example, aspiring goalkeepers need cleats that offer excellent traction and quick lateral movements, while forwards will benefit from cleats offering clean strike zones. Since younger kids usually play a variety of positions, the best bet is all-around soccer shoes.
  • Select cleats depending on the playing ground. Soccer shoes are usually designed for use on specific surfaces, such as firm ground (natural and artificial ground with a hard feel), soft ground in areas with frequent rain, and hard, dry ground. There are also turf shoes, indoor shoes, and artificial turf shoes to choose from.
  • Consider the materials used for the upper, which can be kangaroo leather, natural leather, or synthetic leather, as well as synthetic and mesh. The cleats on my list usually have the last two materials for their sturdiness, ease of cleaning, and bright colors.

Be sure to ask the kids about the feel of the cleats on their feet, especially the fit around the ankles and toes, as well as the weight when worn. As your kid improves on his game, you must also consider other factors including control, speed, and power


The best soccer cleats for young players should always be part of their safety gear. These will not only reduce their risks of accidents, but also make them look and feel like professional soccer players!

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