Best Spiderman Toys for Kids to Become Their Favorite Superhero

Let’s face it – the Marvel universe is a vast and exciting place where our kids love to get lost. From Captain America to Iron Man, there’s one superhero that has stood out for many years, and has been a popular favorite among kids for much longer than any new-age hero.

I’m talking about Spiderman.

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Since the first film came out in 2002, Spiderman has captured the hearts of children around the world with his bravery, courage and hopeless romance with Mary-Jane.

As soon as my children were introduced to the franchise, they were hooked. So what better way to nurture that love than with an awesome Spiderman toy.

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Some of the Best Spiderman Toys for Endless Hours of Imaginative Playtime

There are so many Spiderman toys out there that it can be hard to know where to begin. Whether your children want to web-swing around your house, fight off Dr. Octopus or solve crimes around the playroom, here are some of the best toys that can help bring the world of Spiderman to life.

1. LEGO Juniors Spiderman Hideout (Marvel Legends)

LEGO Juniors Spiderman Hideout (Marvel Legends) - spiderman toys for kids

As with all superheroes, Spiderman needs a base to rest and watch out for the next crime. What better base to have than the LEGO Juniors Hideout? This awesome little Spiderman HQ set comes with a ton of accessories for all the crime-fighting adventures your children can imagine.

Since this is a LEGO set, your children can build the base itself in whatever way they please, and there are easy-to-read instructions to get your younger children off to the best creative start.

Some of the accessories you’ll find include a Spiderman Helicopter, a police car with a policeman for exciting road chase adventures, and a Green Goblin glider that shoots pumpkin discs.

You’ll also find target practice accessories, including traffic lights and newspaper stacks which give your children something safe to shoot at.​

What’s Great About It: On top of all these fun-filled accessories, my children personally love the fact that this set is made of LEGO. This means your children can play with this LEGO set on its own or it can be used with other LEGO Junior sets, creating truly unlimited opportunities for playtime.


  • As this is a lego set, you can ignite the fire of creativity in your little one with its help. 
  • Accessories like traffic lights and newspaper stacks are there for safe shooting practices.
  • Easy to understand instructions. 


  • Slightly complex lego piece attachments and children can find it difficult to attach the lego pieces to build the model.
  • The product’s price is somewhat higher than other lego sets available. 

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2. Marvel Ultimate Spiderman Hero Mask

Marvel Ultimate Spiderman Hero Mask - spiderman toys for kids

There’s no better way to nurture a child’s love for their favorite superhero than letting them actually become the hero they love. Roleplaying games are so beneficial for children, and getting a mask, such as this awesome Spiderman mask is a great introduction.

The mask is designed with your children in mind and has a ton of comfortable features so it can be fully enjoyed.

These features include super-comfortable, padded eye-pieces, which are clear for high-visibility as well as adjustable straps to ensure the best fit.

Whether your children are out and about or fighting crime in the comfort of your home, they can get lost in the fantasy of becoming the ultimate Spiderman, keeping everyone they care about safe.​

What’s Great About It: This mask is designed to be really easy to use. This is why the adjustable strap doesn’t contain any fiddley devices, just a simple Velcro strap. This means your children can share the mask or adjust it as they please without any fuss whatsoever.


  • One can put on the Mask quite easily due with the help of the velcro strap attached to it.
  • Your children can adjust the Mask on their own without any use.
  • Feels super comfortable on the face and does not irritate whatsoever.


  • The velcro strap wore out with time.
  • The padded eyepieces don’t look good with the Mask.

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3. Marvel Spiderman Hero FX Glove

Marvel Spiderman Hero FX Glove - spiderman toys for kids

While on the subject of giving your children the opportunity to become Spiderman, why not complete the image and create a truly realistic experience with this awesome FX glove. Now your children can really become the web-slinging hero of their dreams.

The awesome glove fits comfortably over your child’s hand in a one-size-fits-all way that can easily become a part of any Spiderman costume.

On the glove, there’s a small FX device that can be activated using the iconic two fingers that Spiderman uses to shoot his web.

Once the little device is pressed, it will play high-quality web-shooting sound effects that your kids are going to love.

This is great to play with on its own or as part of a set, and works great with the mask listed above. This is an essential toy for any lover of the Spiderman franchise.​

What’s Great About It: I love how many sound effects are included with this device, which is suitable for all kinds Spiderman action games. There are rapid-fire web sounds, battling sound effects and the traditional ‘thwhip’ sound, allowing bad guys to be fully aware that Spiderman is on his way.


  • The glove’s several sound effects, like rapid-fire web sounds and battling sounds, make it exciting for a kid to use.
  • The FX device is small and lightweight, so your child’s hand will not feel heavier after putting it on. 
  • The output sound is of high quality, which makes the experience more authentic.


  • Some users complain about the size fit issue with the glove.
  • The Press button of the FX device is not easy to press by making the iconic two-finger Spiderman gesture.

​4. Marvel Spiderman Titan Hero Series Figure

Marvel Spiderman Titan Hero Series Figure - spiderman toys for kids

As a parent, you’ll already know how much your children love playing with dolls. Dolls are great for any kind of playtime adventures because they put your kids directly in control of the action.

And this is exactly what this awesome Spiderman figure does. Standing proud at 12 inches tell, this Spiderman doll is one of the most detailed superhero dolls I’ve ever seen, and it looks just like the real crime-fighting hero from your children’s favorite films or comics.

The figure is designed with one hand ready for web-slinging and one ready to handle everything else, meaning this doll is ready to go, no matter what adventures your children want to take it on.

This Spiderman figure has been meticulously tested for its quality and durability, and it comes from the official Spiderman range, meaning it’s ready for your children to put it through its paces.​

What’s Great About It: As you would expect from an awesome figurine, this Spiderman toy is highly customizable. This means that your children can move the arms and legs individually, creating a very realistic playtime.


  • You will get this toy at a comparatively lower rate than other superhero figures. 
  • Your child can easily customize the figure due to the movable joints. 
  • Detailing the figure has been done with perfection.


  • No electronic device is attached to the figure. So children might find it a little boring to play with it as this Spiderman will not make any sound while on an adventure.
  • This spiderman figure is slightly shorter (12 inches) than other superhero figures available in the market.

​5. Marvel Spiderman Ultimate Pillowtime Pal

Marvel Spiderman Ultimate Pillowtime Pal - spiderman toys for kids

There is no better way to give your child the perfect night’s sleep than them knowing that they’re being protected each night by their favorite superhero – Spiderman.

As part of the official Marvel range, allowing us parents to be sure of the safety, quality, and durability of this plush toy, these pillowtime pals are perfect for encouraging a stress-free bedtime.

As parents, you’ll already know how difficult bedtime can sometimes be, so why not take the hassle out of this time of the day and make things easier for everybody? A Pillowtime Pal, such as this one, is sure to bring fewer tears and screams when it comes to bedtime.

This plush toy is made from 100% polyester fabrics, creating a soft and swishy play doll that’s ideal for cuddling, allowing for the perfect night’s sleep.

These plush toys are easy to look after and can be washed easily in the washing machine so you can maintain the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene for your child.

What’s Great About It: What I love about this plush set is the fact that there are so many different plush toys to choose from. There’s also matching bedding, pillows, and travel pillows. This all means that you can create a full Spiderman sleeping environment that will help your children fall asleep smiling every single night.


  • You can wash this play doll in a washing machine when it gets dirty.
  • The pillow buddy is ideal for children of all ages.
  • It is wholly made with polyester, so that your little champ enjoys cuddles with it at bedtime


  • The disproportionate stuffing inside of the toy. 
  • The stitching quality on the sides is not up to the mark.

​6. Superhero Little Boy’s Zip-Up Fleece Hoodie with Mask

Superhero Little Boy’s Zip-Up Fleece Hoodie with Mask - spiderman toys for kids

As we mentioned above, there’s nothing more entertaining than giving your children the opportunity to become their favorite superhero, and there’s no better way to do this than with a full hoodie outfit that is designed to be exactly like Spiderman.

This 100% polyester is a great multi-functional piece. Not only will you be able to keep your children warm while they’re out and about, but there will also be no stress putting it on since your child will be becoming their friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

This is a fully designed hoodie, meaning that every single aspect is designed with Spiderman in mind, not just a badge or a logo here and there. This hoodie is designed with quality in mind and has a professional YKK zipper, and a soft, comfortable internal layer.

With your ease in mind, the hoodie is 100% suitable for machine washing and is available is a full range of styles and designs.​

What’s Great About It: What my kids love most about this cool hoodie is the mesh mask that comes with the hood. This means that when your child puts it on, they can pull down the breathable mesh mask which completely covers their face while allowing them to clearly see where they’re going. This protects their secret identity while they’re out and about.


  • The attached mesh mask with the hoodie makes the outfit look fantastic.
  • There are accurate patterns on both the front and the rear side to match the superhero suit.
  • The YKK zipper is highly durable. 


  • The mesh mask has some breathability issues. 
  • Some users experience irritability issues with the inner lining of the jacket.

7. Delta Spiderman Children Chair/Desk with Storage

Delta Spiderman Children Chair/Desk with Storage - spiderman toys for kids

Sometimes, all you want from a toy is something that’s entertaining, fuels your child’s love for their favorite superheroes, and has a practical and educational use. You know what it’s like trying to get your children to do their homework – nightmare.

However, by having a Spiderman desk, your children will be more than happy to do their homework, or any other creative tasks, like drawing and painting.

This fully wooden desk is durable and made to the highest quality, creating a stable working area with all the extras you could want or need.

The desk itself sits fairly low to the ground for easy access, and has an incredibly helpful cup holder for safely storing drinks, cups or art supplies. To protect the desk, there’s a child-safe scratch-resistant coating, meaning your children can go wild, without the risk of damaging the desk.

All aspects of this superhero-themed desk have met or exceeded all of the safety standards set out by the CPSC, allowing us as parents to get on with our day without any concern for our children at this desk.​

What’s Great About It: I love the under-seat storage that you get with this desk. It’s a large, easy-to-use drawer that has enough room to store all of your children’s drawings, paintings, and art equipment. It’s really easy to keep all of your child’s belongings in one tidy place, so that’s one less tidying-up job for Mom.


  • The desk has a scratch-resistant coating to prevent any damage to it. 
  • You can keep some items close to your child in the drawer. 
  • Premium-quality, durable material is used to make both the desk and the chair.


  • You may find difficulties in assembling it as there are no clear directions attached to the package.
  • The chair sitting area uses hard materials, which makes an unpleasant sitting experience.    

What to Consider While Buying Spiderman Toys?

Selecting the ideal toy for your apple of the eye can become complicated if you don’t think about it properly before making the purchase. There are several factors that you need to take into consideration before buying spiderman themed toys for a child. 

  • Age of the kid: Irrespective of age, a child will enjoy playing with a spiderman toy. Consider buying only the toys which are appropriate for your child. Some toys include small pieces that might be a choking hazard for your child. No matter how appealing the toy looks or how excited your kid gets by seeing it, that is, if it is suitable for your little one’s age. 
  • Quality of the toy: Quality is another crucial aspect you must consider while purchasing a toy. The toy should not cause any irritation to your child while they play with it. To ensure that the toy is comfortable enough for your child, read the description and the customer reviews before buying.
  • Design: The mindset of the children varies with age, and every single child has different preferences. Spiderman toys have never lost their popularity among children. There is a vast range of toys that are available in the market. Some of them have intricate details, whereas others have some cartoonish features in them. Buy toys according to your child’s taste and preferences. 
  • The interest of the kid: Just like the mindset, the interest of the kids also differs. Researches show that a particular group of kids enjoy collecting live-action figures of Spiderman, whereas others enjoy playing with stuffed toys. Your little one may be into buying pieces of clothing having favorite superhero designs. Keep your child’s interest in mind while purchasing spiderman-themed items.

Why are Spiderman Toys So Beneficial for Kids?

best spiderman toys for kids

This is a question I get asked a lot – why get a Spiderman toy for my kid? After all, isn’t it just a toy? When you look into it, it’s not about the toy, it’s about all the rest of the benefits that your children will be able to enjoy.

Whether it’s Spiderman, Grandpa or Dad, children always have role models, and they can be very impressionable to them. These role models are an essential part of your child’s development.

Of course, the primary role models that children have are their parents but, as your children grow up, they’ll start to explore other role models from whom they can learn something from.

These are usually fictional characters since they live in an exciting fantasy world where the laws of physics are defied.

This may seem unrealistic, but it’s the personality traits that these role models have that can be extremely beneficial. These are traits that parents would love to show their kids but rarely, if ever, have the opportunity to.

With Spiderman, his constant struggle between good and evil and him being aware of the decisions he makes and the consequences of those decisions are what define him.

Spiderman also has a huge emphasis on the impact of responsibility in regard to Peter Parker and those around him.

This is why these toys are perfect for children as they can develop these roles within themselves, re-enacted from the movies or television series, where they are now the main character.

It’s also hugely entertaining for children to re-enact these superhero abilities, whether with a toy, costume, mask or playset.

As children grow up, they realize that people like Spiderman are unrealistic in the sense that they can’t fly around a city, but the personality traits remain. This can help your children to be positive, educated and well-developed while helping them to be better children and make smarter, more thoughtful decisions.​

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Final Thoughts

Spiderman is easily one of the oldest and most loved of all the superheroes. By giving your child a realistic opportunity to engage in imaginative playtime and live out their fantasies as their favorite hero, you can bring a new edge to playtime while helping to mentally develop them in the best way possible.

Let the crime-fighting begin!​

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