Best Toddler Shoes for Kids with a Spring in Their Step

Picking the right shoes for your toddler can be a challenge, and that’s on a good day. If you’ve ever been in the position where you’ve gone to a shoe shop and tried to get your child to try on a pair of shoes, you will know that children are quite resilient, and the chances are that it wasn’t your favorite trip to the shop.

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Which is why you are now reading this and trying to shop for the perfect shoes for your children online. You’ll want a nice and attractive design that they’re going to love and you’ll want a shoe that you know is going to fit properly without any hassle.

Don’t worry; I have been in your position and I’m here to help you.

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A Collection of Some of the Best Toddler Shoes Available This Year

To help you get started, I have searched far and wide to narrow down some of the best shoes available that have been specially designed for toddlers, which can help to take the traditional stress out of shoe shopping.

1. Hinzer LED Light-Up Shoes

When I discovered the Hinzer Light Up shoes, I just knew that they were the ones for my child. These shoes are a tasteful blend of fabric and synthetic materials that look cool and are going to be loved by your toddlers.

The most obvious feature of these shoes in the vibrant, light-up LED sole. When your child is walking, the soles will light up with a striking blue, red, green or white light, perfect for walking around during both the day and the night. In fact, you’ll probably have more of a struggle trying to get your children to take them off than getting them on.

This light-up feature has ten unique settings which include slowly fading colors, quick change, and flashing. The shoes can be charged easily using a standard micro USB charger, like the one for your smartphone, and a 2 to 3 hour charge will give you around 8 to 11 hours of light-up fun.

Regarding the shoes themselves, the fabric is made using breathable materials and mesh with a sturdy and supportive PU leather upper and comfortable rubber soles.

What’s Great About It: On top of all of these amazing features, there’s also no worries that you won’t be able to find a size that fits your child. There are ten sizes to choose from and, if inclined, the shoes are even available in adult sizes, so you and your children can match.

2. COODO Toddler’s Kid’s Lightweight Sneaker Shoes

Available in a collection of over 19 different and unique styles and designs, you can be sure that you’re going to be able to find a pair of shoes that your children are going to love. There are styles for both boys and girls, ranging from vibrant blues and striking reds to plain black and subtle pinks.

The top half of the shoe is made from breathable mesh and comfortable fabrics, ensuring that your child has the most comfortable fit while they’re walking around at home or while they’re out and about.

Most importantly, these shoes are made to be as lightweight as possible. This means your children can run around freely without the hassle of dragging heavy shoes along with them.

What’s Great About It: What I love the most about these shoes is the ease of use. The days where you will have to spend ages trying to get your child’s shoes onto their feet will be gone with these shoes. Instead, there’s a simple strap and hook feature which makes it really easy to put the shoes on and take them off again.

3. Saucony Jazz Sneakers

Available in an incredible 25 different designs, you can definitely be sure that you’ll find a pair of shoes that your children are going to love. Whether you’re shopping for your boy or a girl, there are so many styles, and you’ll probably find that you’re stuck with the decision of which style you love the most.

Unlike some shoes, these sneakers pride themselves on being relatively low-profile and boost a beautiful wavy design that has been proven to be loved by kids.

The rubber sole will make sure that your children are always supported and have a proper stance when walking, while the mesh sock liner makes sure that your children are comfortable every step of the way.

What’s Great About It: To make things really easy, these shoes have the tried and tested strap and hook system. This means there are no laces to fiddle around with, just a simple Velcro strap which makes it easy to put the shoes on or take them off.

​4. New Balance Infant Running Shoes

Specifically designed for your children to run around and have fun in, these New Balance running shoes are perfect for kids who have a ton of energy and can never seem to stop running and moving around.

These beautiful shoes are available in nine unique designs and styles, and there are color schemes for both boys and girls. This is definitely a plus if you have both a boy and a girl and you don’t want either to become jealous of the other.

These shoes are made from durable rubber soles with a comfortable blend of fabric and synthetic material for the top half, making this one of the most comfortable toddler shoe brands out there.

What’s Great About It: Just to make sure that you’re able to choose the right size, these shoes are available in over 30 different sizes, all the way from extra small to large and extra wide. With these shows, you can be sure that you’ll find the perfect fit for your little one.

​5. Converse Kids’ Chuck Taylor 2v Ox

Converse has been a leading shoe brand for decades now, so it comes as no surprise that they have their own toddler range. Converse shoes are renowned for being extremely comfortable, super stylish and made to last, making them a perfect choice for your toddler.

One of the main selling points when it comes to Converse shoes is the fact that they’re made from canvas materials. This helps to make the shoes lightweight and breathable, which ensures that your children’s feet don’t get too hot when they’re running around.

The sole of the shoe is made from durable rubber materials, which make these shoes great for casual day to day use, formal events or even fast action activities.

What’s Great About It: What I love most about these shoes are the styles that they are available in. Converse shoes are renowned for their styles and designs. In fact, it’s safe to say that the Converse style is iconic. With this range, there are around 18 designs to choose from, making it easy for you to choose the one that your children like the most.

​6. DADAWEN Baby/Toddler Sneaker Shoes

Designed with your babies and younger toddlers in mind, if you’re looking for a comfortable, easy-to-use and stylish pair of shoes, you may not need to look any further. I personally love these shoes and my children do too.

What really sets these sneakers apart from the rest is the way that they’re designed. The top half is made from super breathable materials to help your children’s feet to stay cool, regardless of whether they’re walking around on a hot day or running around and playing.

This breathable material also makes sure that these shoes are super comfortable and can absorb and expel any sweat with ease, resulting in shoes that always smell nice and are free from odor.

With quality in mind, these sneakers excel. The stitching that holds these shoes together is simply unparalleled, and you can be sure that this is a pair of sneakers that will stand the test of time.

What’s Great About It: I love the flexibility that you get with these shoes. When it comes to design, you’ve got over 12 unique color schemes to choose from, which are suitable for both girls and boys. You’ve also got a complete range of sizes to choose from, guaranteeing that perfect fit for your little one.

7. Sketchers Kids Twinkle Toes Shuffles Sweet Steps Light-Up Sneakers

Try saying that title three times quickly – yes, that is just where the fun begins. When you think of toddler shoe brands, one of the first to pop into your head is going to be Sketchers. This brand has been around for decades and had become a household name.

They have become a household name for a good reason. These beautiful sneakers have over 25 designs to choose from, with styles mainly for girls, and are everything you could possibly want.

The shoes are made from a traditional blend of breathable fabric and durable synthetic materials and also have the easy-to-use Velcro strap and hook feature so your toddler can put the shoes on or take them off on their own.

However, what really sets these shoes apart from the rest is the light-up toe cap. These caps are covered with sparkly glitter and sequins which your daughter is bound to fall in love with.

What’s Great About It: Allowing your toddlers to wear their favorite shoes in the house, the soles of these shoes are made with a no-marking outsole. This means that the bottom is smooth and flat, and won’t cause any costly marks on the floor of your home.

How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Toddler Shoes

As we mentioned in the introduction, picking the right pair of shoes can sometimes be a challenge, especially when your little bundle of joy doesn’t want to play ball. However, to make sure you don’t forget anything important; follow the comprehensive buying guide below.


To help narrow down your search, you’ll want to pick either Velcro shoes or shoes with laces. Velcro makes it far easier to take the shoes on or off, which is especially important if you’re running late. Of course, your toddlers will need to learn how to tie their own laces at some point, but if your children are young, stick with Velcro so that they can put the shoes on and take them off by themselves.

Breathable Materials

This point is an essential one to remember. Always opt for shoes that have breathable mesh or are made from lightweight materials. In short, avoid any stiff leathers that are going to make your children’s feet smell and sweat.

Size Matters

If you choose a pair of shoes that are too small, your toddler won’t be able to put their feet into the shoes. If they manage to, and the shoes are too tight, your toddler is going to be seriously uncomfortable throughout the day, and it can even cause damage to their feet and walking ability in the long term. The same goes for if the shoe is too big.

Always make sure your child tries on their shoes before they start using them. When they’ve got their shoes on, you should be able to put the width of your pinky finger between their feet and the back of the shoe.

Likewise, you should be able to put the width of your thumb between the end of their toes and the front of the shoe. You can also try squeezing the shoe when it’s on, and you’ll be able to feel whether it’s too tight or not. Always remember to ask your child if it fits okay. You’ll be able to tell the truth from their expression.

Check for Damage

Adults need to break in their shoes when they first get them, but you shouldn’t have to do this too much for your toddler’s shoes. However, they will need to get used to them. When they first come through the door, let your child wear them around the house and garden. Maybe have a game in them to get them going.

After a few minutes, take the shoes off again and check your child’s feet to see if there are any problems or irritated areas.

Check the Soles

The soles are one of the most important areas of the shoe because it’ll need to last for a prolonged amount of time while giving your child comfort and support when they walk and run. If you buy a pair that’s too cheap, the chances are that they’ll just start to fall apart after a couple of uses.

To check the soles, bend them when you first get them. A good sole will be flexible and will have some grip, but not so much that the sole becomes stiff.

Final Thoughts

It’s about time that we took away the stress and hassle that comes with buying new shoes for our toddlers. By taking your time to make sure that you pick the best and most comfortable pair, you’ll instantly start thinking why it ever had to be any other way.

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