Best Toddler Table & Chair Sets for All Kinds of Activities

Imagine you were trying to eat your dinner at a table that was far bigger than you were. This would make dinner times such a struggle as you wouldn’t be able to see what you’re doing and it would just be a challenge.

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This is exactly what your toddler goes through while trying to do anything at your table. Even if you’re engaged in some arts and crafts, by not being able to do the basics, it won’t be an enjoyable experience. There’s also an increased safety risk, especially if you’re using scissors and other accessories. However, that’s an easy solution to all these troubles and woes.

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Product Image

Product Name



Tot Tutors Kids Plastic Table & Chair Set

  • Durable plastics

  • Designed to withstand any activity

  • Maximum functionality

Tot Tutors Kids Wooden Table & Chair Set

  • Wooden edition

  • Higher quality

  • 26×22 inch table

Step2 Traditions Table & Chairs Set

  • Ideal for parent-child activities

  • Super cute set is suitable for children

  • Gorgeous wooden effect

Melissa & Doug Solid Wood Table & Chair Set

  • Quality products

  • Highly-functional 3-piece set

  • Adorable

KidKraft Nantucket Table & Chair Set

  • Crafted from long-lasting blend

  • Solid wood

  • Large 23×23 inch table 

5 Awesome Toddler-Friendly Table & Chair Sets for Better Play Times

When trying to create the perfect dedicated play space for your child, it’s worth considering one of these fantastic table-and-chair sets.

1. Tot Tutors Kids Plastic Table & Chair Set

When looking for a table and chair set, you’ll want simplicity, but maximum functionality. This is what this set from Tot Tutors sets out to achieve.

This table set is scaled perfectly for toddlers aged three and above, and is made from durable plastics, designed to withstand any of your child’s activities. This is ideal for any activity you can imagine, such as painting, drawing, tea parties and more.

Your children will enjoy a 20×20 inch table alongside four brightly colored chairs. Whether your child is playing alone, with friends, siblings or even mom and dad, there’s always enough space for everybody to get involved.​

What’s Great About It: I love that fact that this set has been made using the brightest colors. Each chair is 10-inches high and has its own color, and you’ll find that your children will soon find their favorite.

2. Tot Tutors Kids Wooden Table & Chair Set

If you love the idea for the Tot Tutors set above, but you’re looking for a higher quality set that’s built to last, you should check out the wooden edition of the same set.

Slightly larger than the set above, measuring in with a 26×22 inch table, there’s a ton of space for your children to engage in the activities that they love the most. As this set made of wood, it’s ready for anything that your children could get up to.

This could include tea parties, eating dinner, reading books, any form of arts and crafts, and more – your child’s imagination is the limit.

There are multiple color schemes to choose from, allowing you to be sure that you can find one that your children will love. And thanks to the polished surface, each item in this set is so easy to clean.

What’s Great About It: No parent likes to fuss around trying to piece together a toy while their children gather round, eager to get started. This is why Tot Tutors has made assembly as easy as possible using tried and tested construction methods that allow your table to be assembled with ease.

3. Step2 Traditions Table & Chairs Set

I personally adore the Step2 Traditions Set. Despite only having two chairs, it’s still ideal for siblings to play together or parent-child activities.

This super cute set is suitable for children as young as two years old, creating the ideal play space for all kinds of activities and games.

Thanks to the gorgeous wooden effect, no matter what room it’s in, it always looks the part. To set up, simply slot the pieces into place, secure them and your table is ready to go.​

What’s Great About It: All aspects of this set are made using dense yet lightweight plastics so you can easily move it around your house into whatever room your children want to play in.

​4. Melissa & Doug Solid Wood Table & Chair Set

As parents, we always want the best for our children, especially when it comes to quality products. As a leading child-product brand, I expected big things from Melissa & Doug. It’s safe to say that they’ve done it again with this set.

This highly-functional 3-piece set is not just adorable; it’s also one of the most durable table-and-chair sets available. The stained-wooden finish on this table is beautiful, and it ensures that the set looks great, no matter what room in the house it’s in.

Don’t worry if you want to move it though. Once assembled, which is a case of screwing the parts together, the table remains light enough to move around.​

What’s Great About It: There’s also the option of a 5-piece set that comes with two extra chairs. You know what they say – the more, the merrier.

​5. KidKraft Nantucket Table & Chair Set

Crafted from a long-lasting blend of MDF and solid wood, this is one table and chair set that you’ll have for many years to come.

Designed for children aged between 3 and 8 years old, this is a table that will be with your children as they grow. The large 23×23 inch table space is perfect for anything, including school work, arts and crafts, snack times and anything else you can think of.

The level of attention the designers have placed into the visual detail is outstanding. The table is finished with a wainscoting finish, and each chair comes in its own unique pastel color. This ensures that the table looks great in the kitchen, play room, bedroom or any other room in the house.

What’s Great About It: I love how easy this table is to set up. In fact, it’s so easy that you could get your children involved when assembling it. Everything’s color coordinated and it’s simply a case of matching up the holes and screwing it into place.

Things to Look Out for When Choosing Your Table & Chair Set

As you can see, there’s so much on offer when it comes to toddler-friendly table and chair sets. It’s understandable if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed. However, don’t fret. So that you can make the right buying decision, here are a few key points to remember.


The first thing you’ll want to think about is how you and your children will be using the table. If you’re using it for arts and crafts, eating or other potentially messy activities, you’re going to want to look for a table set that’s easy to clean.

For these kinds of activities, a plastic set would be ideal since the smooth surface can be wiped off easily. If you’re thinking about buying a wooden table, check that the table has a professional finish. If you’re painting on a table that doesn’t have a finish, the chances are that it will become stained.


The next aspect that you’ll want to consider is the size of the table. Firstly, think of how much space you have in your home and where you’ll be using the table most often. Measure this space to see if your chosen table will fit.

In most cases, toddler table sets are lightweight and are designed to be moved from room to room at your will. You’ll also want to think about what activities you’re going to be playing and how space-consuming they’ll be.

If you’re doing arts and crafts, you may have lots of different materials laid out in front of you. On a small table, things are going to get messy and unorganized quickly. The more people you have using the table, the more space you’re going to want.


As with any toddler-related product, safety is the main concern. When assembling your table, check to ensure there are no splinters or split wood. Also check that all the screws are fixed tightly into the frames or have screw covers.

If you’re not completely happy with the quality of your product, always use your warranty for a replacement.

However, that’s the main safety concern. The average chair will sit around 10-inches high, so there’s minimal risk of injury if your child falls off it.​


It’s important to choose a table set that’s fun, inviting and looks great. This will help your children to fall in love with the set and will make them want to use it all the time. As you can see from my list, many of the sets, especially those with four chairs, come in a variety of colors.

This helps your children to pick a chair that they love, after which it will be known as their chair, inviting them to enjoy the table set.

Ease of Assembly

There’s nothing worse than looking at an instruction guide while trying to assemble a child’s product. Children get excited easily, so the chances are that they’re clambering over everything, waiting for you to finish.

This is why it’s important to choose a set that’s easy and quick to set up. Most companies have this in mind, but it’s worth checking before you buy.​


I hope this guide has managed to help you in making your decision on which table and chair set is right for you. These sets are such a worthwhile investment, especially if you plan on using it with your children during play times. It can so easily become a hub for entertainment and something the whole family can enjoy.

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